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内蒙古医学院第三附属医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱内蒙古医科大学附属医院胎记多少钱栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201605/431402内蒙古永泰整形医院光子脱毛手术多少钱 Vaccines for children and programs aimed at maternal and child health have dramatically reduced death among young children.儿童疫苗和为妇幼保健拟定的方案极大地降低了幼儿死亡率。But what about adolescents? The World Health Organization says their health is being neglected.但青少年呢?世界卫生组织表示,人们都忽略了青少年的健康问题。;When you look at adolescents, by that I mean the age group 10 to 19, we#39;re finding that 1.2 million die each year.“把目光放到青少年身上,我是说10到19岁年龄段之间的孩子。我们会发现,他们当中每年都会有120万人死亡。That#39;s 3,000 deaths a day, that#39;s, you know, 10 jumbo jets.;也就是每天都有3000人离开人世。相当于十台巨型喷气机所能承载的乘客数量。”Here a family mourns the death of a 14-year-old girl, a WHO study finds most of the adolescents#39; deaths could be avoided.这个家庭正在哀悼一位刚刚14岁,生命却已戛然而止的女孩子。世卫组织在一项研究中发现,大多数的青少年死亡本是可以避免的。The report says more than 2/3 of the deaths occur in sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia.报告指出,超过2/3的死亡案例都发生在撒哈拉以南非洲和东南亚地区。This is the funeral of a child bride in Afghanistan.这是阿富汗一个少年新娘的葬礼。Of all deaths, traffic injuries top the list, most kids are struck by a car while walking or riding a bicycle.在所有的死因当中,交通事故位居榜首。大多数孩子都是在路上走着或者骑自行车的时候被汽车撞倒。In India, for example, there are 90,000 deaths on the road each year; many of those are adolescents and children.“比如在印度,每年都有9万人死在路上,其中很多都是儿童和青少年。”The causes of death differ by gender, age and region.青少年的死因随性别、年龄还有地区的不同而有所差异。Boys between the age of 15 and 19 are more likely to die from traffic injuries than girls or younger boys.15到19岁之间的男孩,比起女孩子或者更小一点的男孩子更有可能死于交通伤害。Girls are more likely to die in childbirth, their body are not y to have babies.而女孩则更有可能死于分娩之时,因为她们的身体条件还没有准备好迎接孩子的到来。This play in Kyrgyzstan is meant to discourage the practice of child marriage.吉尔吉斯斯坦的这部话剧意在抵制童婚。Girls between 10 and 14 are at risk from respiratory infections like pneumonia that they get breathing in fumes from cooking fuels.如今10到14岁之间的女孩子们都面临呼吸道感染的危险,例如患上肺炎,因为她们总会吸入烹饪燃燃烧产生的烟雾。Teens who abuse alcohol or drugs, or those with mental health issues often cannot get the care they need to save their lives.酗酒、嗑药以及有精神健康问题的青少年,很多时候都得不到自己所需要的照护,来挽救处在深渊中的生命。The WHO wants governments and health agencies to develop plans to improve the health of adolescents.世卫组织希望各国政府和卫生机构制定多项计划,从而改善青少年的健康状况。Governments have got to invest in young people.“政府必须得给年轻人投资。I mean, what#39;s the countries#39; richest asset? It#39;s the young people, it#39;s the children, actually, because they#39;re the future.;我是说,一个国家最富有的资产是什么?是年轻人,是这些孩子们。因为他们才是国家的未来。”Governments could create and enforce speed limits and make using seat belts mandatory.各国政府可以制定并实施限速政策,同时强制使用安全带。Health agencies could encourage adolescents to develop healthy life styles.卫生机构可以鼓励青少年培养健康的生活方式。The roots of diabetes, of heart attacks, of strokes, of lung cancer, the root of that lies in the adolescent years,“糖尿病、心脏病发作、中风和肺癌的根源就在青少年时代,how adolescents approach nutrition, and diet and exercise, whether they start to smoke or not, or abuse other substances.;他们的营养、饮食和运动情况如何,是否已经开始抽烟或者滥用其他药物,这些都会为日后埋下祸根。”Improving the physical, mental and sexual health of adolescents could result in significant economic returns,改善青少年的身体、精神和性健康情况可能会带来巨大的经济效益,according to a study published in The Lancet in April.《柳叶刀》在四月份发布的研究中指出。The study reports that an investment of .60 per person per year would yield more than 10 times as much in benefits to society.研究报告称,每人每年得到4.6美元的投资,未来社会福利的收益就能高出十多倍。For VOA correspondent Carol, I#39;m Steve, VOA News.VOA新闻,VOA记者卡罗尔撰稿,斯蒂夫为您播报。 Article/201706/514704土默特左旗切割双眼皮哪家好

呼和浩特微整哪里好I think that everyone in the world could be a math person if they wanted to.我认为只要大家想成为数学家 任何人都能成功The keyword though, I want to say, is if they wanted to.然而我想强调的是如果他们愿意That said, I do think that everyone in America could benefit from having that mathematical简言之 我真的认为每个美国人都能因有一定的数学背景而受益匪浅background in reasoning just to help everyone make very good decisions.理由仅仅是它可以帮助人们做出更好地选择And here I#39;m distinguishing aly between math as people usually conceive of it,在此我已经区分了通常情况下人们理解的数学的意义and decision making and analysis, which is actually what I think math is.和我认为的数学,即数学是用来做决策和分析的So, for example, I don#39;t think that being a math person means that例如我认为数学达人并不意味着you can recite the formulas between the sines, cosines, tangents and to use logarithms and exponentials interchangeably.你能够背诵正弦余弦正切之间的切换公式和对数和指数的互换公式That#39;s not necessarily what I think everyone should try to concentrate to understand.我认为没必要每个人都要理解那些公式The main things to concentrate to understand are the mathematical principles of reasoning.我们需要集中精力去理解的是数学的推理原则But let me go back to these sines, cosines and logarithms.但让我们回到正弦余弦和对数Well actually they do have value.它们确实有它们存在的价值What they are is that they are ways to show you how these basic building blocks of reasoning它们很重要的原因在于它们给我们展示了基本的推理模块can be used to deduce surprising things or difficult things.是如何推理出令人惊讶的或复杂事物的方法In some sense they#39;re like the historical coverages of the triumphs of mathematics,从某些方面它们很像是数学成功的历史保障so one cannot just talk abstractly about “yes let#39;s talk about mathematical logic”,所以人们不能仅仅是抽象地说 好让我们来谈论一下数学逻辑吧it#39;s actually quite useful to have case studies or stories, which are these famous theorems.这些着名的定理真的是非常有用的研究案例或故事Now, I actually think that these are accessible to everyone.现在 我觉得这对大家来说是可以理解的I think that actually one reason mathematics is difficult to understand is actually because of that network of prerequisites.我认为数学很难理解的真正原因在于它网状的预备知识You see, math is one of these strange subjects for which the concepts are chained in sequences of dependencies.数学是按概念相关性顺序被连接起来的奇怪学科之一When you have long chains, there are very few starting points—very few things I need to memorize.当你有很长的网链时出发点就会很少 需要记住的东西也会非常少I don#39;t need to memorize, for example, all these things in history such as “when was the war of 1812?”我不需要记忆 例如 所有这些东西从历史的角度来说就好比1812年的战争是什么时候发生的Well actually I know that one, because that#39;s a math fact—it was 1812—but I can#39;t tell我当然知道 因为这是一个数学事实 就是1812年啊 但我不能告诉你you a lot of other facts, which are just purely memorized.一些别的什么事实 这只是单纯的被记住了In mathematics you have very few that you memorize在数学中你需要记忆的东西很少and the rest you deduce as you go through, and this chain of deductions is actually what#39;s critical.其余的都是你通过推理得出的 这个学习链的简化实际上是至关重要的Now, let me contrast that with other subjects like say history.现在 让我来将数学和其它学科对比一下 譬如历史History doesn#39;t have this long chain, in fact if you fully understand the war of 1812历史没有很长的网链关联 事实上如果你完全了解1812年的战争that#39;s great, and it is true that that will influence perhaps your understanding later of the women#39;s movement,当然很好也许你后来才了解到它确实影响了女权运动but it won#39;t to be as absolutely prerequisite.但这并不是绝对的先决条件In the sense that if you think about the concepts I actually think that history has more concepts than mathematics;在这个意义上如果你考虑概念 事实上我觉得历史的概念多于数学it#39;s just that they#39;re sp out broader and they don#39;t depend on each other as strongly.只是历史的概念流传更广 而且它们不像数学概念一样概念之间的相互依赖性很强So, for example, if you miss a week you will miss the understanding of one unit,例如你错过一节历史课 那么你只是理解不了这个单元but that won#39;t stop you from understanding all of the rest of the components.这并不会影响你理解历史的其它模块So that#39;s actually the difference between math and other subjects in my head.所以那就是我所理解的数学与其他学科之间的不同之处Math has fewer concepts but they#39;re chained deeper.数学较其他学科概念较少 但是概念之间的联系更加密切And because of the way that we usually learn when you had deep chains it#39;s very fragile由于我们通常的学习方法的问题 当你对数学的学习进入到深层次的关联理解时 这个环节是很脆弱的because you lose any one link—meaning if you miss a few concepts along the chain you can actually be completely lost.因为任何一个环节的丢失 也就是说如果你漏掉了链中很小的一个概念你就完全跟不上进度了If, for example, you#39;re sick for a week, or if your mind is somewhere else for a week,例如如果你生病了一个星期或者你一个星期上课都心不在焉you might make a hole in your prerequisites.你的预备知识就可能有一个大漏洞了And the way that education often works where it#39;s almost like riding a train from a beginning to an end,教育的方式就好比在驾驶一辆火车well it#39;s such that if you have a hole somewhere in your track the train is not going to pass that hole.就好比如果你的轨道中有了一个窟窿火车就无法通过这个窟窿了Now, I think that the way to help to address this is现在 我认为处理这个问题的方法就是to provide a way for everyone to learn at their own pace and in fact to fill in the holes whenever they are sensed.使每个人以他们自己的学习进度学习 一旦他们发现哪儿有漏洞就要及时填补上And I actually feel like if everyone was able to pick up every one of those prerequisites as necessary,我想如果每个人都能捡起每一个必需的预备知识filling in any gap they have, mathematics would change from being the hardest subject to the easiest subject.填补他们有的每一个漏洞 数学将会从最难的学科变成最简单的学科I think everyone is a math person, and all that one has to do is to go through the chain我认为每个人的数学都可以很棒 我们所要做的就是将链子串起来and fill in all the gaps, and you will understand it better than all the other subjects actually.填补所有漏洞 这样你就会发现实际上它比任何学科都好学 Article/201706/512652呼和浩特最好的祛疤整形医院 Emily Mortimer and myself, we hail from the U.K., where we pride ourselves on having a Stiff Upper Lip.艾米莉·莫迪默和我从美国发来问候,我们正在这里玩一个叫做木头人的游戏We are raised to be unflappable and keep our emotions in check.我们从小就被教育遇事要保持冷静,控制住自己的情绪But we now live in America now and we want to put our emotional resolve to the test.但我们现在都在美国,我们想测试一下自己控制情绪的能力Ladies and gentlemen, we will now attempt the most emotional challenge imaginable.女士们先生们,我们即将尝试的是我们所能想到的最能引起情绪波动的场景To test if we can keep a stiff upper lip, we will exchange our wedding vows!为了测试出我们是否能很好地控制自己,我们将会宣读婚礼誓言Hello, I am father Reggie Watts from our lady of funk, perpetual funk.你们好,我是雷吉·沃茨。一个脾气暴躁的天主教神父We are gathered here today to join two of my favorite people in the universe.我们今天聚集在这里,是为了见我最喜欢的两个人的结合Mr. James Corden, leader of the LLS Show on CBS.詹姆斯·柯登先生,CBS深夜秀的主持人Emily, everything that you have done has been absolutely incredible.艾米莉,你的所有表演都令人惊叹I will say that HBO#39;S Doll and Em couldn#39;t exist without you.HBO的《俩好》若是没有了你,将不复存在So without further ado, with my powers invested who I am.那么话不多说,藉着上帝赐予我的权力James, would you like to begin? Thank you.詹姆斯,你先开始可以吗?好的Emily, I love you.艾米莉,我爱你You are the light of my life. You are the light of my life.你是我的生命之光。你是我的生命之光You are the reason for me getting up—I can do this. I can do this.你是我振作的理由——我能做到的。我能说完Nothing is more important—没有什么比——Nothing is more important—没有什么比——Keep it together. Keep it together.冷静。冷静Stiff upper lip. Stiff upper lip.不要有情绪波动。不要有情绪波动God, this is hard. Since the day—since—天,这太难了。自从那天——自从——OK. All right. All right. Just take a breath.行了。差不多了。可以了。深呼吸Emily, please, then you would.艾米莉,到你了James, you are the best person I have ever met.詹姆斯,你是我遇到过的最美好的人I love you so much. I love everything...I love everything about you.我深爱着你,我深爱着...我深爱着你的一切I love—I love the way you make me feel. I love the way you make me think.我爱——我爱着你带给我的感觉。我喜欢你让我联想到的一切I love the way you make me laugh!我喜欢你逗我开心Sorry. It#39;s OK. It#39;s fine. It#39;s fine. I got it.抱歉。好了,好了,没事。让我来Take a deep breath. Stiff upper lip. Stiff upper lip. Stiff upper lip.深呼吸,保持冷静,保持冷静,保持冷静James. Yeah. OK. Stiff upper lip. Stiff upper lip. OK.詹姆斯,好。冷静,冷静,好了Emily. Yes?艾米莉。嗯I promise to always take care of you.我承诺我会永远照顾你I promise to be strong for you.我承诺我会永远保护你I promise to be there for you because you#39;re my rock.我承诺我会永远守护你,因为你是我的依靠Please. Please. No, no, no, no. Please.好了,好了,停停停停,差不多了I think that it is obvious that these two love each other so dearly, so very much that很显然,这两人都如此深切地爱着对方,那么it is at this point that I would like to say with great privilege,此刻藉着上帝赐予我的权力,by the powers invested in me—by the power invested—I can#39;t.我庄严地——藉着上帝赐予——我做不到Ladies and gentlemen, Emily Mortimer!女士们先生们,今天的嘉宾是艾米莉·莫迪默That was Stiff Upper Lip. We#39;ll be right back.以上是我们的木头人游戏。精马上回来 Article/201706/513901呼和浩特祛疤的医院

呼市二附院打溶脂针多少钱 One of the key problems for the British pupils has been the large mixed ability class.对英国学生来说,最严重的问题是,不同能力的学生们身处在同一个大班级里Most British schools put pupils in different sets according to their performance,大部分英国学校会将学生按照成绩分不同班级but not in China.但中国不会Yes, we#39;re doing trigonometry!太好了,我们要上三角函数No! Oh, my God, you#39;re the most frustrating person on the earth.不!老天,你真是这世上最扫兴的人So, what is trigonometry?所以,什么是三角函数Dicking around with triangles.瞎研究各种三角形Angle. This is the relation between angle and sides, right?角度。这是角和边的关系,对吗The hand-out, the consolidation paper.发给你们的讲义是巩固练习Mr. Zou has been setting extra homework for the higher-performing students,邹老师一直在给成绩好的学生布置额外的家庭作业and they seem to be relishing the Chinese style of teaching.他们似乎很享受中式教育Cos that, that#39;s two and that#39;s two.这是二,这也是二Do two times two and then not divide it by two, because you#39;ve got two triangles.二乘二,然后不除二。因为有两个三角形Or you can do four times two, divided by two.或者也可以四乘二,再除以二Both ways, you get the same answer.两种方法,算出来的结果是一样的What I#39;m doing is try to encourage and enforce,我所做的是想试着鼓励和强调;You are very talented in maths.;;你在数学上很有天赋;I provide challenging homework for you.我给你布置有挑战性的作业You do more, and you learn more.你做的越多,学的就越多And then you can keep on being the top, on the top.你就可以一直保持领先的优势So that#39;s a way to build confidence.这是一种建立自信的方式This is adjacent. What you need to do is label the sides.这是邻边。你们要做的就是弄明白这些边是哪条边Zero minus two degree.负2度I think his style of teaching suits a very small number of clever and determined people.我觉得他的教学方式只适合很小一部分聪明努力的人How do we explain seven three?我们要怎么解释(7,3)I try my best to listen in his maths lessons.我很努力地去听他的数学课But he doesn#39;t really stop to think about you, he just keeps going through his boring lesson.但他不会为了你停下来,他只是继续上他那无聊的课Centre, scale factor.中心,比例系数At Bohunt, Rosie is in one of the lower sets for maths.在航特,罗茜是数学差生之一Sir, I don#39;t get it.老师,我不懂Let#39;s...one by one, OK? Can you get the first one?我们一个个来,好吗,第一题懂吗Yeah. I just don#39;t know what I#39;m doing, at all.不懂,我完全不懂我在做什么You can get the first one. Look at that.第一题你会做的,看Yeah, but I#39;m not going to learn if I keep copying. I don#39;t know what I#39;m doing.如果一直让我抄笔记,我根本什么都学不会,我不懂我在写什么Just use the definition.套定义就好It#39;s really difficult to sit there and have to listen to people tell you what you find hard is easy.我真的难以坐在那里,听别人告诉你,你觉得难的东西很简单And that you should get it, when you don#39;t.你应该能懂的,可是你不懂That is H, A, that#39;s the opposite, so that#39;s O. So now...这是斜边,邻边,这是内角相对的边,所以是对边。所以现在...I get really affected by the fact that when others can do stuff and I can#39;t.别人都会做,但我不会,这个事实让我很受挫I still get so angry with myself.我真的很生我自己的气And it is like, really hard to sit there and have to like,坐在那里听别人讲三角函数listen to them talking about trigonometry when you can#39;t even draw a triangle.而你连三角形都画不来,这真的很难受 Article/201606/448132呼和浩特激光去痣哪里好呼和浩特永泰整形美容医院治疗疤痕怎么样



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