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Meeting in emergency session Saturday, the 15-member Peace and Security Council expressed concern at ongoing developments in Tunisia, and urged an end to all acts of violence. 非盟和平与安全理事会15个成员国的代表星期六举行紧急会议,对突尼斯目前的事态发展表示关注,并敦促结束一切暴力行为。AU Peace and Security Director el-Ghassim Wane says the Council indicated its satisfaction with news that Tunisia's Constitutional Court had named the national assembly speaker as interim leader pending elections.理事会主席韦恩说,安理会对突尼斯宪法法院任命国会议长在选举前担任国家临时领导人的决定表示满意。"Yesterday the prime minister announced he was taking charge of the situation on the basis of Article 56," said Wane. "We just learned that the Constitutional Court has decided that they should rather follow Article 57, and we believe, at least the interpretation of counsel is that so far the Tunisians have been acting within the framework of their constitution."他说:“突尼斯总理昨天宣布,根据宪法第56条,他接管了领导责任,处理当前局势。我们刚刚得知,宪法法院决定他们要遵循宪法第57条。我们相信,至少法律顾问的理解是,突尼斯人至今为止是在宪法的框架内行事。”In cases where a leader is ousted without elections, the Peace and Security Council often suspends the country's AU membership. But Wane said in this case, President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali's ouster was considered legitimate, and no action would be taken.在一个国家的领导人未经选举就被罢免的情况下,和平与安全理事会一般会暂停这个国家的非盟成员国身份。但是,韦恩说,就突尼斯的情况而言,推翻本·阿里总统被认为是合法的,所以不需要采取任何行动。"No effect, in the sense that the transition was done in accordance with the constitution," added Wane. "The speaker of the national assembly was designated to lead the transition, and that is in line with the relevant provisions of the constitution of Tunisia."他说:“目前的过渡是符合宪法规定的,所以从这个意义上而言,不会产生任何影响。突尼斯国会议长被指定为过渡期的领导人,这与突尼斯宪法的有关条款是一致的。”201101/123745

England will finally win the World Cup after 44 years of pain if City boffins are to be believed.European champions Spain will be runners-up with the Netherlands winning the third place play-off, according to J.P. Morgan quantitative analysts who issued their findings on Tuesday ahead of the World Cup (June 11-July 11) kick-off.They predict world number one team Brazil will fall short in South Africa because of a tougher route through to the final than their main rivals.The quantitative analysts at J.P.Morgan used information such as FIFA ranking, historical results and its J.P.Morgan Team Strength Indicator to come up with a mathematical model to predict match results, they explained.However, they warned "this report should be taken with a pinch of salt" and that it is an exercise to "light-heartedly explain quantitative techniques and demystify the typical quant framework."The analysts usually use these kind of mathematical models to help predict stock market winners with millions of dollars hanging on their calculations.England last won football's biggest prize in 1966 when the Beatles topped the charts with Yellow Submarine and Harold Wilson was Prime Minister.In the latest official FIFA rankings, England were in eighth position and Spain were second.201006/105762

Thousands of Congolese Refugees Flee to Uganda, Rwanda数千刚果难民逃往乌干达卢旺达 The UN refugee agency reports thousands of Congolese refugees have fled to Uganda and Rwanda in the past few days seeking safety from escalating fighting in North Kivu province. Rebel forces loyal to renegade leader Laurent Nkundu have made serious inroads into territory previously held by the Congolese army of President Joseph Kabila around the eastern town of Goma. 联合国难民署报告说,几千名刚果难民在过去几天逃到乌干达和卢旺达,寻求安全庇 护地点 ,躲避北基伍省日益升级的战斗。忠于叛军 头目恩孔达的反对派军队大举入侵了以前由卡比拉总统的刚果军队占有的东部城镇戈马附近的领地。The UN refugee agency reports more than 8,500 Congolese refugees have crossed the border into Uganda since the latest round of fighting started in August - some 2,500 of them over the past few days.  联合国难民署报告说,自从最新一轮战斗在今年8月爆发以来,8千5百多刚果难民穿越边境进入了乌干达,其中大约有2千5百人在过去几天里进入乌干达。UN refugee spokesman, Ron Redmond, says many of the refugees said they had walked for more than 20 hours from the Rugarama area in Congo. This is about 17 kilometers from the Uganda border. 联合国难民署发言人雷德蒙德说,许多难民说他们从刚果的卢加拉马地区走了20多个小时。这里离乌干达边境大约17公里远。He says most of the Congolese refugees in Uganda are dispersed in a dozen villages along the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo. 雷德蒙德说,大多数在乌干达的刚果难民被安置在刚果民主共和国边界一带的十几个村庄里。"They are accommodated by host families, friends and relatives," said Redmond. "They are in fairly good condition. But, we fear that the situation could soon deteriorate if medical, water and sanitation facilities are unable to cope with rapidly increasing needs. Logistics are difficult. It is a very remote area. In addition, the food supplies in that part of Uganda generally depend on local imports from DRC." 雷德蒙德说:“接待他们的家庭、朋友和亲戚为他们提供食宿。他们的情况相当好。但是,我们担心,如果医疗、水和卫生设施无法应对迅速增长的需求的话,局势可能不久会恶化。后勤很困难。这是一个非常偏远的地区。另外,在乌干达那个地区的食品补给一般靠从刚果民主共和国进口。”Meanwhile, Redmond says some 1,200 other Congolese refugees, who fled to Rwanda earlier in the week, were staying in a school in Gisenyi. He says they did not want to be registered by UNHCR and transported to the transit center.  与此同时,雷德蒙德说,这个星期早些时候逃到卢旺达的另外大约1千2百名刚果难民住在吉塞尼的一个学校里。他说,他们不希望在联合国难民事务高级专员署进行登记,也不希望被运往临时中心。He says many of the refugees have since returned to Goma to check on their properties and families left behind. Many others, he says, have moved in with relatives in Gisenyi or crossed the border to Uganda. 他说,许多难民后来回到戈马,看看他们留在身后的财产和家人。他说,另外许多人搬到吉塞尼的亲戚家里,或者越过边境进入乌干达。Redmond says the UNHCR is going to have to set up new sites to accommodate the growing number of refugees and displaced people. 雷德蒙德说,联合国难民事务高级专员署打算设立新地点,安置越来越多的难民和逃离家园的人。"It is clear we are going to require more resources, more funding to cope with the new needs," he said. "Working with the UN system and our partners in the UN as well as NGO partners, we are going to need to rapidly distribute tarpaulins, blankets, sleeping mats, jerry cans, buckets, mosquito nets. All of the aid items that are absolutely essential in a situation like this where people have fled with nothing."  雷德蒙德说:“很明显,我们打算要求更多物资、更多资金来应对新的需求。通过和联合国系统、我们在联合国的夥伴机构以及非政府夥伴机构进行合作,我们打算要迅速分发防水帐篷、毛毯、睡袋、罐头食品、水桶和蚊帐。所有这些援助物资对于一无所有逃离家园的人是绝对重要的。”The UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres, is renewing his appeal to all sides in the conflict to respect humanitarian principles and to ensure the safety of civilians and those trying to help them. 联合国难民事务高级专员署专员古特雷斯再次呼吁冲突各方尊重人道主义原则,确保平民和试图帮助他们的人的安全。He says hundreds of thousands of people who have aly suffered far too much are in danger and in desperate need of help. 他说,成千上万的已经生活在水深火热中的人目前处于危险之中,急切需要帮助。The UNHCR reports more than a quarter of a million people have fled their homes since August. Altogether, it estimates there are more than one million internally displaced people in North Kivu. 联合国难民事务高级专员署报告说,从8月份以来,已经有25万人逃离了家园。难民署估计,在北基伍省里,总共有1百多万人流离失所。200811/54783

Investment banks' squeezed Ladenburg Thalman's managing director sees weak bank earnings for 1-2 years during the change to a commercial-bank model. You have been in this industry for a while, uh, through a lot, this is certainly a shocking time. Why do you think that Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley would make an announcement like this, with this timing?Well, I think there were a few reasons. The first one was that last week they couldn’t refund their debt. In other words, because so many investors questioned the value of their assets, the people who were supposed to roll over their debt wouldn’t do it. They just didn’t have confidence in the companies. And therefore, the companies needed assistance immediately from the ed States Treasury, which I believe is forthcoming with Mr. Paulson’s new plan. Second point was that they knew that they were gonna be regulated, because virtually, every person in Congress has indicated pretty clearly that they want to regulate the investment banking business, you know, when the next Congress comes to meet. Thirdly, they wanted to show stability, they wanted to show that they US government was controlling them, that they had deposits that would be backed by the FDIC. In other words, they wanted to show some degree of solidity, so they took the step to do what was inevitable, in my estimation.Dick, was this the only option really facing Morgan and Goldman, I mean, Would we have seen a run on the bank within a week or two if this hadn’t happened?I think so. Well, I think you were seeing a run on the bank, and I think that the actions that the Treasury took is what stopped the run on the bank, as oppose to, you know, their declarations of being bank holding companies. I think because they are bank holding companies, it makes it easier for the Treasury to buy assets from them, which probably wouldn’t have been that easy if they remained strictly investment banking companies.This has to lower/ their risk-reward profile, so when we look ahead to quarterly earnings reports, I mean, are we going to see shrinking profit for these stocks because of that?Well, yeah, I mean, you are gonna see the fact that, but this would have happened anywhere, right? In other words, the companies are de-leveraging, they are getting smaller and smaller because people don’t want to give them money. Alright, so that another fact is / when you de-leverage a balance sheet, your earnings are gonna be substantially less. Also, you’re in a cycle which is very negative at the present time, which means that there just isn’t business out there. You can’t do IPOs, you can’t bring in new private equity deals, prime brokers business, you’re shrinking, you can’t do mortgage deals, so earnings are gonna be very weak for at least a year, maybe two years for these companies, whether they are bank holding companies or not. The fact that they are bank holding companies, I think, creates a little bit more stability to their earnings but they’re just not gonna have good earnings for quite some time. 200811/54673

This tannery is infamous as the foulest-smelling place in all of Fez, Morocco. Tanning hides may be dirty and smelly work, but somebody has to do it. Every day, 17-year-old Mousin must wind his way through the ancient alleyways of Fez. He is following in the footsteps of countless generations who have labored before him in this 600-year-old tannery.After just three years here, Mousin's tenure has been relatively brief, but his father Abdul has been breathing in the tannery stench for more than three decades. Each delivery of skins, fresh from the slaughter, means the start of the stinking, wet, filthy process. Of all the foul tasks Mousin must do, few are worse than washing the animal skins. And there's no other way to do it than to climb right into the tub—a fetid sewer of animal hides, flesh, hair and bacteria. Exposure to the filth makes Mousin and his co-workers more susceptible to infections, particularly if they would have any open sores or cuts. While Mousin rinses his lambskins, others prepare pelt hides for tanning, scraping the leftovers into the same near-stagnant pool. Nothing about this job is for the faint of heart, but Mousin has learnt to appreciate its benefits.The reward for carrying out this unappealing job brings beginning tanners just a day, and very experienced ones about . Much of the tannery's odor comes from its potent and pungent secret ingredient- pigeon droppings. Mousin gathers the droppings from the rooftops of Fez. Then he's y for the dirtiest and smelliest job of all: wading into a vat of excrement. The stench is overpowering, but Mousin must keep his head and be sure to add just the right amount of water to the pigeon droppings. The perfect mix will help make a skin supple but not too soft."The pigeon droppings have a burning quality, so when you put it on the skin, it bites into it and softens it, and then the skin becomes like a piece of cloth."But to transform this raw hide into leather clog requires Mousin to get down and dirty. Shoeless, he can use his toes and heels to knead the skins over and over. For almost three hours, he tromps around the vat. Even apart from the smell, it's a difficult chore requiring strength and endurance. Finally, the skins are soft enough to please the expert- his father Abdul."This is a very good job. Just look at what we produce, it's beautiful. My son made this."It's a product to be proud of. And few who end up wearing this leather on their feet would ever know that it was crafted in one of the foulest-smelling places on Earth.12/93047

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