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新疆维吾尔自治区肿瘤医院祛除腋臭多少钱乌鲁木齐整形美容医院打瘦脸针多少钱石河子大学医学院第一附属医院打溶脂针多少钱 The shuttered banks of Greece represent a profound failure for the EU. The current crisis is not just a reflection of the failings of the modern Greek state, it is also about the failure of a European dream of unity, peace and prosperity.希腊最近关闭了,这标志着欧盟的重大失败。当前危机不仅反映了现代希腊国家的缺陷,也反映了追求团结、和平与繁荣的欧洲梦的破碎。Over the past 30 years Europe has embraced its own version of the “end of history It became known as the European Union[TWEAK WORDING? SOMETHING LIKE: “IT CHOSE THE NAME EUROPEAN UNION]. The idea was that European nations could consign the tragedies of war, fascism and occupation to the past. By joining the EU, they could jointly embrace a better future based on democracy, the rule of law and the repudiation of nationalism.过去30年,欧洲迎来了自己版本的“历史的终结”。它成了广为人知的欧EU)。人们认为,欧洲国家能够将战争、法西斯主义和占领等等悲剧留给历史。通过加入欧盟,欧洲国家可以共同拥抱基于民主、法治以及摒弃民族主义的更美好未来。As Lord Patten, a former EU commissioner, once boasted, the success of the union ensured that Europeans now spent their time “arguing about fish as or budgets, rather than murdering one another欧盟委员European Commission)前委员彭定康勋爵(Lord Patten)曾说,欧盟的成功保了欧洲人如今把时间花在“争论配额或预算,而不是相互残杀”。When the Greek colonels were overthrown in 1974, Greece became the pioneer of a new model for Europe in which the restoration of democracy at a national level was secured by a simultaneous application to join the European Economic Community (as it then was).1974年,希腊军政府被推翻后,希腊成为欧洲一种新模式的先驱——在国家层面恢复民主,与此同时,希腊也提交了加入欧洲经济共同体(EEC,欧盟的前身)的申请。Greece became the 10th member of the European club in 1981. Its early membership of an EU that now numbers 28 countries is a rebuke to those who now claim it has always been a peripheral member.希腊1981年成为这个欧洲俱乐部的第10个成员。希腊在欧盟中(如今包括28个国家)的早期成员国资格可以用来反驳那些声称它一直是成员国的人。The model first established in Greece democratic consolidation, secured by European integration was rolled out across the continent over the next three decades. Spain and Portugal, which had also cast off authoritarian regimes in the 1970s, joined the EEC in 1986. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, almost all the countries of the former Soviet bloc followed the Greek model of linking democratic change at home to a successful application to join the EU.这种首先在希腊建立的模式——欧洲一体化保障下的民主巩固——在后来30年间被推广到整个欧洲大陆。同样在上世0年代摆脱威权体制的西班牙和葡萄牙,于1986年加入了欧共体。柏林墙被推倒后,几乎所有前苏联国家都效仿了希腊模式——将国内民主变革与成功申请加入欧盟结合起来。For the EU itself, Greek-style enlargement became its most powerful tool for sping stability and democracy across the continent. As one Polish politician put it to me shortly before his country joined the EU: “Imagine there is a big river running through Europe. On one side is Moscow. On the other side is Brussels. We know which side of the river we need to be on.”对欧盟自身来说,希腊式的扩大成为其在整个欧洲大陆推动稳定和民主的最强大工具。波兰即将加入欧盟之前,该国一位政治家对我说:“想象一下,有一条大河贯穿欧洲。一边是莫斯科,另一边是布鲁塞尔。我们知道自己需要到河的哪一边。”That powerful idea that the EU那种强大的观念——欧盟代表好的政府和稳固的民主——一直在现代欧洲流传。这就是为什么乌克兰示威014年推翻维克托#8226;亚努科维Viktor Yanukovich)的腐败政府时挥舞着欧盟旗帜的原因。represented good government and secure democracy has continued to resonate in modern Europe. It is why Ukrainian demonstrators were waving the EU flag when they overthrew the corrupt government of Viktor Yanukovich in 2014.当前的危险是,过去在民主转型与欧洲一体化相联结方面扮演开拓者角色的希腊,如今亦可能成为一个新的危险进程——欧盟解体——的象征。当前的危机很容易导致希腊退出欧元区,并最终退出欧盟。这将破坏欧盟的根本命题,即加入这一欧洲俱乐部是对未来繁荣和稳定的最佳保障。The danger now is that, just as Greece was once a trailblazer in linking a democratic transition to the European project, so it may become an emblem of a new and dangerous process: the disintegration of the EU. The current crisis could easily lead to the country leaving the euro and eventually the union itself. That would undermine the fundamental EU proposition: that joining the European club is the best guarantee of future prosperity and stability.即使一个愤怒和贫困的希腊最终留在欧盟,欧盟和繁荣之间的联系也会被切断。人们逐渐明白一个可怕的事实:欧盟不仅未能兑现其关于繁荣和团结的承诺,通过把希腊和其他欧盟成员国捆绑在一个失败的关于欧元的经济实验之中,欧盟反而在主动摧毁财富、稳定和欧洲的团结。Even if an angry and impoverished Greece ultimately remains inside the tent, the link between the EU and希腊的地理位置具有高度战略意义,就更加突显了这种危险。希腊的南面是混乱的正在上演流血冲突的利比亚,北面是动荡的巴尔干地区,而东面则是愤怒和复兴的俄罗斯。prosperity will have been ruptured. For the horrible truth is dawning that it对于欧盟似乎打算放任希腊走向失败,了解这一切的巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)政府越来越不敢置信。在华盛顿的一些人看来,欧洲人似乎忘记了在冷战期间学到的关于希腊重要性的战略教训。is not just that the EU has failed to deliver on its promises of prosperity然而,这种看法对欧洲人来说是不公平的。面对华盛顿方面的指责,欧洲人的回应是,欧盟之所以能够运作,只是因为这是一个法律和相互义务的共同体。如果你允许像希腊这样的单个国家藐视这些法律和义务——比如在债务上违约——那么这个俱乐部无论如何都会开始分崩离析。相较之下,如果你把希腊踢出去,还有一线机会把损害限制在一个国家之内。and unity. By locking Greece and other EU countries into a failed economic experiment the euro it is now actively destroying wealth, stability and European solidarity.这场危机对民主也有深远的影响,民主正0年前吸引希腊进入欧盟的原始凝聚力。希腊总理亚历克西#8226;齐普拉斯(Alexis Tsipras)现在认为,欧盟不仅没有确保希腊的民主,反而变成了希腊的敌人,践踏了希腊人民的意愿。The dangers of that process are all the more pronounced because Greece is in a highly strategic location. To the south lies the chaos and bloodshed of Libya; to the north lies the instability of the Balkans; to the east, an angry and resurgent Russia.当然,事实上这是一场不同民主授权的冲突,是希腊选民的意愿与其他欧盟成员国选民(及纳税人)的意愿之间的较量,前者希望摆脱紧缩,而后者则希望看到他们的贷款得到偿还,不愿意让一个没有改革的希腊继续受益于欧盟的资金。Knowing all this, the administration of Barack Obama is increasingly incredulous about the EU’s apparent willingness to let Greece fail. To some in Washington, it seems as if the Europeans have forgotten all the strategic lessons learnt during the cold war about the country’s importance.在下周日的全民公投上,这两种民主意愿或许将痛苦地调和。如果希腊人投票决定接受欧盟债权人的要求——他们的政府刚刚拒绝了这些要求——希腊或许将继续留在欧元区和欧盟之内。但那将是一个受到胁迫、愤愤不平的国家做出的决定。希腊还将是欧盟的一员,但它的欧洲梦将破碎。来 /201507/383872SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Police in China have arrested 60,500 people for drug-related crimes and seized 11.14 metric tons of narcotics in a vast,multi-city sweep, the official Xinhua news agency reported.上海(路透社)——新华社报道说,在一次广泛的多城市的扫毒行动中,中国警方因毒品相关的犯罪已经逮捕0500人以及缴获了11.14吨的麻醉毒品。Police handled 52,800 drug crime cases from late September to December during a campaign dubbed ;Ban drugs in hundredsof cities;, it said, ing the Ministry of Public Security. The campaignwill last until April.在去月到12月所进行的“百城禁毒”行动期间,警方处理2800个毒品犯罪相关的案例,新华社援引公安部的说话。这个行动将持续到今月份。The ministry said earlier that around180,000 drug users had been punished by mid-December, with 55,679 sent to compulsory rehabilitation centers.公安部早些时候说2月份中旬为止已经80000毒品使用者受到惩罚,其中55679人被送到强制康复中心。Illegal drugs, especially syntheticsubstances like methamphetamine, ketamine and ecstasy, have grown in popularity in Chinain tandem with the rise of a new urban class with greater disposable incomes.随着新的都市阶层拥有更多的可配收入,非法毒品,尤其是合成物质,比如bingdu,氯胺酮以及摇头丸越来越受到人们欢迎。Authorities have stepped up efforts to combat drugs, teaming up with Laos,Myanmar and Thailand to try to stem the flow of drugs from Southeast Asia, even arresting a string of celebrities ondrug charges to bring publicity to the issue.当局已经加大打击毒品的力度,与老挝,缅甸以及泰国合作以阻止毒品从东南亚进入中国,甚至还逮捕了一些吸毒的名人来引起人们的注意。Earlier this month a Beijing court sentenced Jaycee Chan, son of kung fu movie star Jackie Chan, to six months in prison and fined him 2,000yuan on drug charges.本月早些时候,北京法院以毒品指控判处成龙儿个月监禁并处罚金2000元。来 /201501/355176阿拉尔去除鱼尾纹多少钱

新疆维吾尔自治区维吾尔医医院治疗腋臭多少钱U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of the northeastern state of Vermont says he will seek the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination.来自东北部佛蒙特州的美国联邦参议员伯尼·桑德斯宣布竞争2016年民主党总统候选人提名。Sanders revealed his plans in interviews with the Associated Press and USA Today. He will hold a press conference Thursday to further outline his plans.桑德斯在接受美联社和今日美国电视节目采访时透露了他的计划。他星期四举行记者会,进一步介绍他的计划。The 73-year-old self-described socialist is a registered independent, but has been part of the Senate Democratic caucus since he was first elected in 2006. Along with Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, Sanders has become a favorite in the Democratic Partys emerging left wing for his stands on such issues as alleviating income inequality, strengthening Social Security, imposing tougher regulations on Wall Street and opposition to free trade deals, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership currently being negotiated by President Barack Obama.73岁的桑德斯自称是社会主义者,是不正式加入民主共和两大政党的独立人士。不过,006年当选参议员以来,一直参加参议院民主党党团的活动。桑德斯在一些问题的立场使他成为新兴民主党左翼的最爱。这些问题包括缩小收入差距,加强社会保障,对华尔街实行更严格的管理,以及反对自由贸易协定,其中包括奥巴马总统正在谈判的跨太平洋伙伴关系。Sanders is considered a longshot against former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, the only other declared candidate for the 2016 Democratic nomination, but his entry into the race could force Clinton to adopt views similar to those of Sanders.此前民主党内只有前国务卿希拉釷克林顿宣布竞选民主党总统候选人提名。有人认为桑德斯不是克林顿的对手,但他的竞选可能会迫使克林顿靠近桑德斯的观点。来 /201505/373164博乐做永久脱毛多少钱 Somebody born in Lviv in 1914, who died in 1992 and never moved out of the city, would have lived in five different countries during the course of a lifetime. In 1914, Lviv, then called Lemberg, was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire; by 1919 it was part of Poland and became Lwow; in 1941 it was occupied by the Germans; after 1945, the city was incorporated into the Soviet Union; and then in 1991 it became part of newly independent Ukraine.如果一个人1914年出生在利沃夫,1992年去世,一生中一直在这个城市生活,那么这个人一生中已经个不同的国家中生活过了914年,利沃Lviv)还叫伦贝Lemberg),是奥匈帝国的一部分;到1919年,这个城市已成为波兰的一部分,名称也变成了利沃夫(Lwow)941年,这个城市被德国占领;1945年后,这个城市被并入苏联;然后,991年,这个城市又成为新独立的乌克兰的一部分。Most of these changes were accompanied by warfare and bloodshed. So when it was suggested last week that, a few years ago, Russian president Vladimir Putin had proposed to Donald Tusk, then Polish prime minister, that Ukraine should be partitioned once again with Russia claiming the eastern territories, and Poland Lviv and other parts of western Ukraine there was an uproar.这些变化的发生大多伴随着战争和流血。正因如此,不久前的那个消息才会引发轩然,该消息称,俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)几年前曾向当时的波兰总理唐纳#8226;图斯Donald Tusk)建议,应再次瓜分乌克兰,东部的领土归俄罗斯,利沃夫和西部的其他领土归波兰。The details of the Putin-Tusk conversation and indeed whether it ever really took place were swiftly made murky by denials and clarifications on all sides. But the furore over the idea of a partition of Ukraine was still telling. For it revealed the deep and justified fear in Europe that national boundaries might shift once again, across the continent, with all the dangers that implies.有关各方都表示否认并出面澄清,普京与图斯克那次对话的具体情况随之变得扑朔迷离,的确,就连那次对话是否真的发生过也成了一个谜。但瓜分乌克兰的构想引发了公愤,这本身仍然很能说明问题,因为这揭示出,对于欧陆版图再次遭到重划的可能性及其必将带来的种种危险,欧洲感到深切和有理由的恐惧。The dismemberment of Ukraine has, in a sense, aly begun with Russia’s forcible, but largely bloodless, annexation of Crimea this year. Since then thousands have died in fighting in the east of Ukraine, parts of which are now controlled by Russian-backed separatists. Even though Ukraine held elections at the weekend, the occupied parts of the country were unable to vote.俄罗斯今年强行吞并了克里米亚(不过整个过程基本上没有流血),意味着对乌克兰的瓜分在某种意义上已经开始。自那以后,已有数千人在乌克兰东部的战斗中丧生,该地区如今已局部由俄罗斯持的分裂主义者控制。即便乌克兰不久前举行了选举,但分裂主义者控制区域的选民无法投票。There are influential voices within the EU urging the Ukrainians to “accept reality Rather than waging a draining and losing war to win back all of the east then having to rebuild its devastated cities they are advised to concentrate on making a success of the large majority of the country that they still control. They can deny the legality of Russian control. But they should accept its reality.在欧EU)内部,有重量级人物敦促乌克兰人“接受现实”。他们建议乌克兰人专注于搞好仍然在自己控制范围内的大部分国土,而不要试图通过打一场旷日持久、又不可能成功的战争以求赢回东部的所有国土,然后不得不重建那些沦为废墟的城市。乌克兰人可以声称俄罗斯对那些区域的控制是不合法的。但他们应接受这一现实。That is the “realistcase for partition. But there are other influential voices who think that even tacitly accepting that Europe’s borders can once again be redrawn by military force would be a disastrous mistake.这是对领土被瓜分的“现实主义”看法。但还有一些重量级人物认为,即便是有策略地接受可以用武力重划欧洲的版图,也是个灾难性的错误。Carl Bildt, who has just stepped down as Sweden’s foreign minister, puts it bluntly: “The borders of Europe are more or less all drawn in blood through centuries of brutal conflict.Allowing these borders to be redrawn, he thinks, would be an invitation “for the blood to start flowing again刚刚卸任的前瑞典外交大臣卡尔#8226;比尔Carl Bildt)直言道:“欧洲的版图或多或少都是用鲜血划成的,在这个过程欧洲经历了几个世纪的血腥冲突。”他认为,允许重划欧洲版图,无异于鼓励“鲜血再次横流”。The most obvious risk is that the Russian government would redeploy the argument that it used to justify the annexation of Crimea that these are lands that are historically and culturally Russian and use it to justify seizing the roughly one-quarter of Ukraine that the Kremlin now habitually calls “Novorossiya That part of the country includes all of the Ukrainian coastline, and losing it would in effect cripple Ukraine as a nation.最明显的风险在于,俄罗斯将再次搬出它用来明吞并克里米亚有理的那个理由,即这些土地在历史上和文化上都属于俄罗斯,并用这个理由来占领如今已被克里姆林宫习惯性地称为“新俄罗斯Novorossiya)的乌克兰约四分之一国土。这块区域包含了乌克兰的全部海岸线,失去海岸线将严重削弱作为一个国家的乌克兰。If the dismemberment of Ukraine began in earnest, others might be tempted to join in. Viktor Orban, the prime minister of Hungary, referred to in some other EU capitals as a “mini-Balkan Putin has made clear he regards the loss of two-thirds of Hungarian land after the first world war as a tragedy. Parts of historic Hungary now lie across the border in Ukraine as well as in Slovakia, Serbia and Romania. If Ukraine really began to fall apart, even some Poles might be tempted by the idea of the return of Lviv.如果对乌克兰的瓜分真正开始,其他国家或许也会忍不住加入。在某些欧盟国家素有“小巴尔干的普京”之称的匈牙利总理维克#8226;欧尔Viktor Orban)已明确表示,他认为匈牙利在一战后失去了三分之二的国土是个悲剧。一些曾经属于匈牙利的土地如今有的在乌克兰境内,有的在斯洛伐克、塞尔维亚或罗马尼亚境内。如果乌克兰真的开始分裂,就连波兰都可能有人忍不住想要收回利沃夫。The German government, although often accused of being soft on Russia, is particularly adamant in arguing that all talk of redrawing borders within Europe must be banished. It was only in 1970 that Germany dropped all claims to the lands it had lost to Poland and Russia after the second world war. Some of these regions were at least as central to German culture as Crimea is to Russia. The area that is now the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, for example, was once K#246;nigsberg capital of Prussia and home of the great German philosopher, Immanuel Kant.尽管德国政府常常被批对俄罗斯太软弱,但德国政府特别坚定地主张禁止谈论一切重划欧洲版图的话题。直970年,德国才放弃对二战后被划归波兰和俄罗斯的领土的主权要求。那些区域与德国文化的亲近程度,至少不亚于克里米亚与俄罗斯文化的亲近程度。比如说,现在为俄罗斯飞地的加里宁格勒,曾经叫柯尼斯堡,是普鲁士的首都,也是伟大的德国哲学家伊曼纽尔#8226;康德(Immanuel Kant)的故乡。It was Kant who argued that the morality of an action can be judged by what would happen if it became “a universal law Or to put it another way: “What if everybody did that?That rule explains why an apparently pragmatic acceptance of Russia’s annexation of parts of Ukraine contains so many dangers. If Europe once again allowed countries to start claiming bits of their neighboursterritory on historic or ethnic grounds the process could convulse the continent.正是康德提出,判断一种行为是否道德,方法之一就是假设这种行为成为“普遍规律”,看看会发生什么。换句话说就是,“假设每个人都这么干,会怎样?”这一定律解释了为何接受俄罗斯吞并乌克兰部分领土貌似务实,但实则非常危险。如果欧洲再次允许各国以历史或民族为由,开始对邻国的某些领土要求主权,整个欧洲大陆将陷入动荡。The Russians argue that it is actually the west that started this dangerous process with Nato’s intervention in the Kosovo war of 1999, and the subsequent recognition in 2008 of Kosovo as an independent state.俄罗斯方面辩称,实际上是西方开启了这一危险的进程,因为北约(Nato)999年介入科索沃战争,随后在2008年承认科索沃为独立国家。That process remains controversial, even within the EU. But Kosovo, unlike Crimea, was not incorporated into a neighbouring country. It was a province of the former Yugoslavia that sought independence. Within that process, the border between Serbia and Kosovo remained unaltered. The Kosovo war also took place in the context of the many years of fighting that followed the break-up of Yugoslavia.科索沃独立的过程确实仍有争议,即便在欧盟内部也是如此。但跟克里米亚不同的是,科索沃并没有被某个邻国吞并,而是作为前南斯拉夫的一个省争取独立。在整个过程中,塞尔维亚和科索沃之间的边界没有变化。此外,科索沃战争是在南斯拉夫解体后多年战乱的背景下发生的。However, the Balkan wars of the 1990s are relevant to Ukraine in one sense. They revealed how much blood can flow once Europe’s borders begin to crumble.然而,上世0年代的巴尔干战争在一种意义上对乌克兰仍有借鉴意义,那就是,巴尔干战争揭示出,一旦欧洲版图开始破碎时,场面会变得多么血腥。来 /201410/339455阿图什开个眼角多少钱

伊宁市去眼袋多少钱Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi made an unannounced visit to the Sinai Peninsula Saturday to pay tribute to what he calls military ;heroes; who are standing up to Islamic extremist violence.埃及总统塞西星期六去到西奈半岛访问,缅怀他称之为英雄“的那些勇于反击极端恐怖组织“伊斯兰国的官兵。塞西此次访问西奈半岛,之前并没有对外公布消息。Wearing army fatigues for the first time since stepping down as military chief and into the presidency, Mr. Sissi told the troops ;to say that everything is under control is not enough. The situation is totally stable.;塞西在访问西奈半岛期间,身著的是迷军装;这是他辞掉埃及军方首席将领一职、出任总统以来,首次身著迷在公众面前出现。塞西对驻守在西奈半岛的埃及官兵表示:“仅仅说军事已经在我方掌控之下,还不完全;目前局势彻底稳定。”The Islamic State affiliate in Egypt, calling itself the Sinai Province, is claiming responsibility for most of the recent attacks on soldiers, police, and civilians on Sinai.在埃及的“伊斯兰国分自称是“西奈省,并称最近一段时间内针对西奈半岛上的埃及官兵、警方人员、以及平民百姓的袭击,多数都是他们所为。This includes Wednesdays massive terrorist strikes on Egyptian army checkpoints that reports said killed dozens of soldiers.上述袭击事件当中,就包括星期三发生的针对埃及军队哨所的大规模恐怖袭击。数十名埃及官兵在那次袭击事件中丧生。The army struck back, killing 100 militants.埃及军方对“伊斯兰国随后进行了还击,并击毙了一百名武装激进分子。Meanwhile, more violence on Sinai killed at least four civilians Saturday, including a child.眼下,西奈半岛上的暴力和冲突仍然在持续。星期六,至少四位平民百姓丧生,其中还有一名儿童。来 /201507/384115 新疆中医学院附属医院去眼袋多少钱新疆生产建设兵团总医院美容整形科



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