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浙江嘉兴哪家医院做双眼皮手术好桐乡市妇幼保健院光子脱毛手术多少钱Rising transport costs and pricey alcohol have earned Singapore the title of the world#39;s most expensive city, according to a new survey.一项新调查显示,交通成本高涨和昂贵的酒精饮料为新加坡赢得了全球最生活成本最高城市的头衔。The Economist Intelligence #39;s #39;The Worldwide Cost of Living#39; survey also found that Tokyo, Japan#39;s notoriously spendy capital, has fallen to sixth place from top spot in its ranking from last year.经济学人智库(Economist Intelligence ,简称EIU)进行的“全球生活成本”调查发现,东京的排名从去年的第一降至第六。Published every March to the public, the study tracks the prices of a basket of goods and services, such food, transport, utilities, alcohol, tobacco, private schools and domestic help as they were in September of the previous year. It then compares them across 131 cities around the world to form an index. The baseline of the index is New York, which has a score of 100. The survey doesn#39;t take into account the price of real estate or income taxes, but it does factor in consumption taxes such as sales tax and levies on alcohol and tobacco.这项调查的结果每年3月公布,追踪的是截至上年9月的一篮子商品和务的价格,其中包括食品、交通、公用事业、酒精饮料、烟草、私立学校和家政务等,然后对全球131个城市进行比较排名并制成指数。纽约被赋值100并被设置为基准指数。该调查未考虑房地产价格或收入所得税,但却将销售税和烟酒税纳入考量。While some question its utility, the EIU says its survey is intended for human resources managers, who use the findings to calculate how to compensate its managers and executives as they move from one city to another across the globe.有人质疑该调查的实用性。对此EIU表示,调查旨在为人事经理提供参考,他们可利用这一调查结果来计算如何为在全球城市间移居的经理和公司高管提供补偿。Singapore, which topped the rankings, earned a score of 130, meaning the cost of living there is 30% higher than in New York, which ranked 26th. The Southeast Asian city-state moved up five spots from last year#39;s survey.新加坡以130分的成绩荣登榜首,这意味着新加坡的生活成本比排在第26位的纽约高30%。和去年相比,新加坡的排名上升了五位。Persistent inflation, especially with regard to car ownership, was one major factor pushing Singapore to the top of the ranking, said Edward Bell, a Hong Kong-based economist at the EIU. Transport costs represent 20% of the overall basket of goods measured in the survey.EIU驻香港经济学家贝尔(Edward Bell)说,持续的通胀,尤其是购车带来的成本是新加坡荣升全球生活成本最高城市桂冠的主要因素。在调查涉及的一篮子商品中,新加坡的交通成本占到20%。Alcohol was another factor propelling Singapore to the top, with a bottle of table wine there costing roughly , almost twice as much as it would cost in Tokyo (around .40).酒精饮料是促使新加坡名列榜首的又一大因素,一瓶佐餐葡萄酒在新加坡的售价大约在25美元,几乎是东京售价(约为12.40美元)的两倍。Paris, with a score of 129, was ranked the world#39;s second most-expensive city, while Oslo (128), Zurich (125) and Sydney (120) ranked third through fifth.巴黎得分为129,是全球生活成本第二高的城市。奥斯陆(得分为128)、苏黎世(得分为125)和悉尼(得分为120)分别排在第三至第五位。Tokyo had a score of 118, as did Caracas, Geneva and Melbourne. Copenhagen, the last city in the top 10, scored 117.东京得分为118,与加拉加斯、日内瓦和墨尔本一样。前十名中垫底的哥本哈根得分为117。#39;You#39;re seeing the impact of the new policies in Japan and their effect on the yen,#39; said Mr. Bell. #39;Tokyo was so consistent in being in the top 3, but to see it fall quite a bit is changing perceptions.#39; He added that #39;it#39;s feeling much easier on the wallet to spend time there,#39; though the city is still #39;not exactly cheap.#39;贝尔表示,从排名中可以看到日本推出新政策后给日圆等带来的影响。他说东京以前总是排在前三,这次排名大幅下滑令外界有了新的认识。他又说现在到东京敢花钱了,虽然东京的生活成本仍然不低。According to the survey, other expensive cities in Asia-Pacific included Hong Kong (No. 13, with 113), Osaka (No. 14, with 112) and Seoul (No. 17, with 108).调查结果显示,亚太地区其他生活成本较高的城市包括香港(排名第13位,得分为113)、大阪(排名第14位,得分为112)和首尔(排名第17位,得分为108)。Chinese cities are moving up in the rankings, a reflection of higher wages, rising inflation and the appreciation of the yuan, Mr. Bell said. Shanghai rose nine spots to rank No. 21 overall. Its score of 101 means it#39;s now 1% more expensive than New York.贝尔说,受薪酬水平上涨、通货膨胀上升以及人民币升值的影响,中国内地城市在排行榜上名次有所上升。上海在此次调查中的排名上升九位,至第21位,得分为101,这意味着上海目前的生活成本比纽约贵1%。Shenzhen (No. 32, with a score of 96), Dalian (No. 42, with 92) and Beijing (No. 47, with 88) were the other top-ranking Chinese cities.深圳(排名第32位,得分为96)、大连(排名第42位,得分为92)和北京(排名第47位,得分为88)也是排名居前的中国内地城市。At the other end of the scale, the cheapest places to live continue to lie in South Asia. The survey concluded that the three least-expensive cities in the world are Mumbai (No. 131, with a score of 39), Karachi (No. 130, with 40) and New Delhi (No. 129, with 43).排名居后、生活成本最低的城市仍然在南亚。调查结果显示,全球生活成本最低的三大城市分别为孟买(排名第131位,得分为39)、卡拉奇(排名第130位,得分为40)和新德里(排名第129位,得分为43)。 /201403/278733嘉兴眼皮去脂肪 On the annual occasion in China for recognizing teachers’ contributions to society, a group of professors and students have called on Chinese education officials and university administrators to take more vigorous action against sexual harassment on university campuses.在中国每年一度表彰教师社会贡献的特殊时刻,一群高校师生呼吁中国的教育官员和大学管理者,为防止校园性骚扰事件的发生采取更有力的行动。On Tuesday, the day before Teachers’ Day, the 256 professors and students signed open letters addressed to China’s Ministry of Education as well as to Zhu Chongshi, the president of Xiamen University.周二,也就是教师节的前一天,256名高校师生分别签署了致中国教育部以及厦门大学校长朱崇实的公开信。In the letter addressed to Mr. Zhu, the group called on him to make public the findings of an investigation into a sexual harassment case that came to light in June involving a history professor who was accused of luring female students into having sex with him. After the allegations surfaced, the university suspended the professor, Wu Chunming, and announced that it had set up a special team to investigate the case.在给朱崇实的信中,他们呼吁公布今年6月曝光的一桩性骚扰案的调查结果。该案涉及一名被指诱奸女学生的历史系教授。在指控浮出水面之后,学校中止了涉事教授吴春明的工作职责,并宣布已成立专门小组调查此案。But after three months, the university has yet to announce the results of that investigation.但三个月过去了,厦门大学仍未宣布调查结果。“We hope that Xiamen University will deliver a just and fair conclusion for the involved parties and the public,” says the letter, which was made available to The New York Times. “But we also learned that before the media got involved in the Wu Chunming case, a number of people had aly filed complaints about Wu, but the complaints were not taken seriously or properly investigated.”“我们期待厦门大学能给当事人和公众一个公正、公平的结论,”这封《纽约时报》所见的信中写道,“不过我们也获知,在媒体介入之前,吴案中的一些当事人早就已经通过组织途径进行了投诉,但却并未得到足够重视与相应调查处理。”“The reason,” continues the letter, which includes some signatures from Chinese studying or working abroad, “is because the colleges and universities in mainland China do not have established anti-sexual harassment mechanisms.”“究其原因,”信中接着说,“在于我国大陆地区高校并未建立反性骚扰机制。”Included in the letter to the Education Ministry was a proposed set of guidelines for establishing nationwide regulations to prevent and respond to sexual harassment on university campuses.给教育部的信中还包含了一份高等教育学校性骚扰防治管理办法的建议稿。While the focus of the letters is on the Wu Chunming case, organizers say they see the case as an opportunity to effect change nationwide.尽管这两封信的关注焦点是吴春明案,发起人说,他们将此案看做在全国范围内促成改变的契机。“The main thing is that we don’t think this is an individual case,” said Luo Ruixue of the Women Awakening Network, a Guangzhou-based women’s rights group that helped organize the letter to the ministry and Xiamen University. “What we really need is a system in place at universities to deal with these kinds of situations.”“主要是,我们不认为这是个案。”新媒体女性网络的罗瑞雪说。这家位于广州的女权组织参与发起了致教育部和厦门大学的这两封公开信。“我们真正需要的,是在高校建立起处理类似情况的制度。”“We hope that Xiamen University can set an example by creating this kind of a system,” Ms. Luo said in a telephone interview.“我们希望厦门大学可以建立起这样的机制,成为全国的典范,”罗瑞雪在电话采访中说。One of the signatories to the letter was a woman who recently completed a master’s degree at Xiamen University.联名信的签署人中包括一名刚刚从厦门大学获得硕士学位的女生。On Wednesday morning, the woman, who uses the pseudonym Xiao Wu to protect her privacy, took part in another, separately organized activity, intended to raise awareness about sexual harassment on campus. In photos circulated on Sina Weibo, Xiao Wu and nine other female students can be seen standing at the entrance of their respective universities, dressed in identical Little Red Riding Hood costumes and carrying swords and shields inscribed with the characters: “Give female students back our freedom and our nights.”周三上午,她参加了另一个旨在提高对校园性骚扰案关注的活动。为了保护个人隐私,她化名为“小五”。新浪微上传播的照片显示,小五和另外九名女生站在各自的学校门口,穿着相同的小红帽装,手里举着剑和盾牌,盾牌上写着:“把自由和夜晚还给女生。”“The traditional understanding is that Little Red Riding Hood was eaten by the Big Bad Wolf because she was not careful, so the moral of the story is often said to be to stay at home and not go anywhere,” said Xiao Wu by telephone from Xiamen. “Every time something happens or a sexual harassment case comes up, there are always voices that come out and say that the female students involved were not careful enough, were not aware enough of their safety.”“传统的理解是,小红帽被大灰狼吃了,是因为她缺乏警惕,所以人们认为,这个故事告诉我们,要待在家里,哪也别去,”小五在厦门通过电话表示。“每次某些事件或性侵案发生时,总是有人说,是因为女学生缺乏警惕,安全意识不够。”“By choosing Little Red Riding Hood and by holding those shields and swords, we are trying to make a statement to say that we aren’t going to be those people who only stay at home and don’t go anywhere.”“我们选择装扮成小红帽,手举剑和盾牌,是想说,我们不打算成为只待在家里,哪儿也不去的人。”In addition to the photos, which were taken at 10 different universities, including Xiamen University, Beijing Foreign Studies University and Fudan University in Shanghai, the Little Red Riding Hood organizers also sent letters to the presidents of 116 of China’s top universities, calling for them to establish systems to prevent sexual harassment.这些照片拍摄于10所不同的大学,包括厦门大学、北京外国语大学和上海复旦大学。除了这些照片,“小红帽”活动的组织者还向中国116所重点大学的校长寄出了公开信,呼吁建立性骚扰防范机制。“The school should be a safe environment,” Xiao Wu said. “Why can men go out but women can’t go out? I think this is very unfair. So we want to hit back against the Big Bad Wolf.”“学校应该是一个安全的地方,”小五说,“为什么男生可以出去,而女生却不能?我认为这很不公平。所以我们想要赶走大灰狼。” /201409/328362In the recordings two people alleged to be Mr Erdogan and his son are heard discussing means of getting rid of large amounts of cash.据英国《每日电讯报》报道,在一份公布的谈话录音里,两位男子商讨从家中转移走一大笔现金的办法,而这两位男子被指是土耳其总理埃尔多安(Erdogan)和他的儿子。The office of Turkey#39;sprime minister has said that recordings of allegedly wiretapped conversations between the Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his son - leaked onto the internet and suggesting corruption - were fabricated.土耳其总理办公室称,在网络上出现的有关总理雷杰普·塔 伊普·埃尔多安(Recep Tayyip Erdogan)和他儿子涉及腐败的谈话内容的监听录音纯属杜撰。In recent weeks, several voice recordings of conversations allegedly involving Mr Erdogan, his children, aides or businessmen have been circulating on the internet.近几周以来,在网络上流传了多个被指是埃尔多安和他的孩子、随从或商人的谈话录音。In the latest recordings leaked on Monday, two people alleged to be Mr Erdogan and his son are heard discussing means of getting rid of large amounts of cash from their home. The conversations allegedly took place Dec. 17, the day that sons of three Cabinet ministers were detained as part of a vast corruption investigation.在2月24日泄露出来的一份最新录音中,两名男子商讨如何将一大笔现金从家中转移出去。这两名男子被指是埃尔多安和他的儿子。谈话的时间发生在2013年12月7日,而同时,土耳其三名内阁部长的儿子在一起重大腐败案件调查中被拘。Media reports said Mr Erdogan met with Turkey#39;s intelligence chief soon after that tape began to circulate on the internet and that his office later issued a statement saying that the recordings were ;immorally; fabricated and ;totally unreal.; It said the prime minister would take legal action against the recordings.据媒体报道,录音开始在网络上流传后,埃尔多安立即召见了土耳其情报部门负责人,而总理办公室随后发表声明,称监听录音是“不道德”的造假和“完全失实”。该办公室称,总理将对此采取法律手段回应。Turkey#39;s main opposition party held an emergency meeting to discuss the latest leaked recording and called on Mr Erdogan to resign, insisting that his government had lost its legitimacy.土耳其主要反对党就最近流传的录音事件召开了紧急会议,呼吁埃尔多安下台,并称土耳其现政府已丧失了执政的法律基础。Mr Erdogan insists that the corruption probe which forced him in December to dismiss four Cabinet ministers is a conspiracy to discredit his government before local elections in March and a presidential election in August. He says the investigations were orchestrated by followers of a moderate Islamic movement led by US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen, who have allegedly infiltrated Turkey#39;s police and judiciary.埃尔多安坚持认为,2013年12月迫使他解除4名内阁部长职务的反腐调查是一起阴谋,意图在3月份地方选举和8月份总统选举到来前败坏他所领导政府的威信。埃尔多安称,驻美国法士拉·葛兰(Fethullah Gulen)宗教团体领导下的温和伊斯兰运动组织已经渗透到了土耳其的警察机构和司法部门,是该组织的追随者们精心策划了这起反腐调查。Last month, the leader#39;s 33 year-old son, Bilal Erdogan, was questioned by prosecutors investigating the allegations.在1月,埃尔多安33岁的儿子比拉·埃尔多安(Bilal Erdogan)曾遭调查此反腐案件检查官的询问。 /201403/278208嘉兴永久性脱毛要哪家医院好

嘉兴市做狐臭手术多少钱A sunset like this one in California’s San Gabriel Mountains might await visitors to the newest U.S. national monument, designated by President Obama on October 10.欧巴马总统宣布加利福尼亚州(California)圣加布里埃尔山脉(San Gabriel Mountains)为美国国家纪念园。Obama used his authority under the ed States’ Antiquities Act to permanently protect 140, 093 hectares of national forest land in Southern California’s San Gabriel Mountains, whose peaks frame the Los Angeles skyline. The action increases access and outdoor opportunities for visitors to the popular recreation destination, which offers hundreds of kilometers of hiking, mountain biking, motorized vehicle and equestrian trails, as well as campgrounds.欧巴马总统根据美国文物法(Antiquities Act)授权宣布南加利福尼亚州圣加布里埃尔山脉140,093公顷的国家林地受到永久保护。在圣加布里埃尔山脉错落有致的峰峦衬托下,洛杉矶(Los Angeles)的城市风景线如同镶嵌在镜框中的图画。从此,四方游客可以得到更多的途径进入著名的休闲景点,也能够从事更多的户外活动。这里有蜿蜒数百公里的小道,供人们从事徒步远足、山地自行车运动、托车越野、骑马活动等,也可以就地野营。The area is rich in history, with more than 600 archeologically and culturally significant sites, such as the Aliso-Arrastre Special Interest Area, which features rock art and cupules that exemplify more than 8, 000 years of Native American history. It is also home to the Mount Wilson Observatory, where Edwin Hubble discovered galaxies beyond the Milky Way and Albert Michelson provided the first modern measurement of the speed of light.这个地区的历史内涵十分丰富,有600多处具有重要人类学和文化意义的景点,例如艾利索-阿拉斯特特色区(Aliso-Arrastre Special Interest Area)以岩石艺术和凹穴岩画为特征,充分反映了美洲原住民8,000多年的历史。这里还是威尔逊天文台(Mount Wilson Observatory)的所在地。在这里,埃德温·哈布尔(Edwin Hubble)发现了(Milky Way)以外的宇宙,阿尔伯特·迈克尔逊(Albert Michelson)第一次以现代手段测量光速。Since President Theodore Roosevelt designated Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming in 1906, the Antiquities Act has been used by 16 presidents to protect unique natural and historic features in America, including the Grand Canyon, the Statue of Liberty and Alaska’s Admiralty Island National Monument. President Obama has previously used his authority under the act to create or expand 12 other national monuments, including, in September, the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument in the south-central Pacific Ocean — the world’s largest marine reserve that is completely off-limits to commercial resource extraction.自西奥多· 罗斯福(Theodore Roosevelt)总统于1906年宣布怀俄明州(Wyoming)魔鬼塔国家纪念园( Devils Tower NationalMonument )以来,已经有16位总统行使这项权力保护美国独特的自然和历史风貌,如大峡谷(Grand Canyon)、自由女神像(Statue of Liberty)和阿拉斯加州(Alaska)阿德默勒尔蒂岛国家纪念园(Admiralty Island National Monument)。With his designation of the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument, Obama has protected more than 105 million hectares of land and water, more than any other president since the Antiquities Act became law in 1906.圣加布里埃尔山脉(San Gabriel Mountains)成为美国国家纪念园以后,欧巴马总统宣布的受保护区域已达1.5亿公顷的陆地和水域,超过了自文物法生效以来任何其他总统宣布的受保护面积。 /201411/343389嘉兴光子脱腋毛价格是多少 嘉兴整形疤痕

嘉兴激光脱毛手术一般多少钱China#39;s May economic data brought some pleasant surprises, with the government#39;s #39;mini-stimulus#39; measures credited with producing a modest turnaround after the sluggish start to the year.中国5月份的经济数据给市场带来一些意外惊喜,因为政府的微刺激政策促使经济在年初开局不利后略有起色。Many analysts said the data show signs the economy is stabilizing, but others said there#39;s trouble ahead and that more support for the economy - on top of the stepped-up tax breaks and railway spending aly announced - will be needed. The biggest risk to growth is the sagging property sector.许多分析师们表示,数据显示出经济正在企稳的迹象,但是其他人则认为未来还有麻烦,需要出台更多经济扶持政策,而之前政府已经加大了对小微企业的税收扶持力度并宣布了铁路投资项目。中国经济增长面临的最大风险就是房地产行业滑坡。#39;The worst is not over, we believe,#39; Standard Chartered economists wrote in a note to clients. #39;We maintain our call that actual activity growth is likely to slow further in the third quarter.#39;渣打集团(Standard Chartered)经济学家在研究报告中表示,他们认为最糟糕的时期尚未过去。他们依旧认为实际的经济活动可能在第三季度进一步放缓。China#39;s industrial output grew 8.8% year over year in May, up slightly from 8.7% in April. Growth in electricity output also gathered pace, rising 5.9% year over year after a 4.4% gain in April. Nominal retail sales were stronger, and there was an uptick in the official manufacturing Purchasing Managers#39; Index.中国5月份工业增加值同比增长了8.8%,增幅略微高于4月份的8.7%。发电量增幅也扩大,由4月份的4.4%增加至5.9%。名义零售额增幅扩大,此外官方制造业采购经理人指数(PMI)也上升。Barclays BARC.LN -0.92% economists wrote they were raising their second quarter growth forecast to 7.4% - from 7.2% previously - noting #39;upside risk#39; to their full-year prediction of 7.2% growth. Meanwhile, Nomura raised its economic growth forecast for the year to 7.5% - in line with the government#39;s target - from an initial forecast of 7.4%.巴克莱(Barclays)的经济学家写道,他们把中国第二季度经济增长率预期由之前的7.2%调高至7.4%,并称他们的全年增长率预期7.2%有上调的可能性。此外野村把中国今年的经济增长率预期由最初预计的7.4%调高至7.5%,与政府的目标一致。China#39;s saw first-quarter gross domestic product growth of 7.4% year on year, down from 7.7% in the last quarter of 2013.中国第一季度国内生产总值(GDP)同比增长了7.4%,增幅低于2013年第四季度的7.7%。#39;The slight improvement in the activity data in May was mainly due to the mini-stimulus,#39; Lu Ting, economist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, wrote in a note to clients. #39;We expect Beijing to roll out more targeted measures in the coming months.#39;美银美林(Bank of America Merrill Lynch)经济学家陆挺在研究报告中表示,5月份经济活动数据略微改善,主要受惠于微刺激政策。他还表示,他们预计中国政府未来几个月将推出更多有针对性的措施。Barclays noted that the #39;Li Keqiang Index#39; - a set of indicators the Chinese premier reportedly thinks give a truer picture of the economy than GDP - also suggests growth bottomed in March and is improving now. The index tracks new loans, electricity production and railway cargo.巴克莱指出,“李克强指数”(据报道是中国总理李克强认为比GDP更能真实反映经济状况的一系列指标)也表明经济增长状况已经在3月份见底,现在正在改善。该指数追踪新增贷款、发电量和铁路货运量。In addition to the rail spending and tax breaks, Beijing has warned local governments to spend money that has been allocated for approved projects - or risk losing it.除了铁路投资和税收优惠外,北京方面还警告地方政府把拨给已批项目的经费花出去,否则可能收回预算。Local governments #39;must speed up spending on infrastructure construction projects and make spending materialize as soon as possible,#39; the Finance Ministry said last month.财政部上个月称,地方政府必须加快基建工程及其资金进度。Government spending was up 24.6% in May from a year earlier, the Finance Ministry said. In April, fiscal spending rose 1.1% from a year ago, according to calculations by The Wall Street Journal based on official data.财政部称,5月份政府出较上年同期增长了24.6%。据《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal)根据官方数据计算,4月份财政出同比增长了1.1%。The central bank also has told some banks they could lend more of their deposits, letting city commercial banks and rural financial institutions hold less of their deposits in reserve. The move pointedly omitted the big five banks.中国央行也告诉一些,它们可以把更多存款用于放贷――央行下调了城市商业和农村金融机构的存款准备金率。这一举措刻意地遗漏了五大。On Monday, Industrial Bank and China Minsheng Bank - both among China#39;s top 10 financial institutions - said they had been approved for a cut in their reserve requirement, signaling that more than just the smallest financial institutions have been included in the easing measure.周一,均在中国前十大金融机构之列的兴业(Industrial Bank)和民生(China Minsheng Bank)双双表示,它们获准下调了存准率,这表明宽松措施覆盖的不只是最小的那些金融机构。#39;They#39;ve done quite a lot so far,#39; said Tim Condon, economist at ING, referring to government measures to boost the economy.荷兰国际集团(ING)经济学家康登(Tim Condon)谈论政府提振经济的举措道,他们迄今为止已经做了许多。He called it #39;very encouraging#39; that Beijing seems to have averted a more pronounced slowdown in economic growth. But that can#39;t be said for the property sector, which he described as in #39;a pretty cold shower.#39;他说北京似乎已经避免了经济增长出现更大幅度的放缓,称这非常鼓舞人心。但对于房地产业却不能这么说,他称房地产业洗了一个冷水浴。Analysts suggest that more loosening measures may be aimed at this key sector, which is an important driver of growth and accounts for 16%-25% of GDP if related industries like steel and cement are included in the tally.分析人士表示,政府可能针对这一重要行业采取更多的放松措施。房地产业是经济增长的重要推动力,如果将钢铁和水泥等相关产业都计算在内的话,房地产业占GDP的16%至25%。China currently is seeing a correction in its housing market, which is plagued by excess supply in many cities outside Beijing and Shanghai, and tighter credit.中国的楼市目前正在进行调整,并且面临信贷收紧。北京和上海以外的很多城市都存在供应过剩的问题。Property sales were down 7.8% year over year in May, after falling 6.9% in April. That dragged fixed asset investment down on the month: It grew 17.2% over a year ago, its slowest gain since January 2002 and down from 17.3% in April.5月份房屋销售面积较上年同期降7.8%,4月份降6.9%。房屋销售下滑拖累了当月固定资产投资:5月份固定资产投资较上年同期增长17.2%,为2002年1月以来的最低增幅,低于4月份的17.3%。The central bank aly has told commercial banks to make funds available for mortgage lending.中国央行已经要求商业为抵押贷款投放提供资金。Local governments also have started to relax some of the curbs on purchases of multiple homes imposed as part of an effort to keep prices from spiraling higher. The city of Shenyang in the northeast quietly told real-estate agencies that it will not enforce curbs on home purchases in certain parts of the city - though officials have been shy about formally confirming their stance.地方政府也开始放宽对购置多套房的部分限制措施,限购措施是防止房价飙升的努力的一部分。沈阳市悄悄告诉房地产中介,将不会对该市部分地区的购房实施限制,不过官员们一直不愿正式实他们的立场。#39;Moderation in property investment will remain as the major threat to the country#39;s recovery,#39; said Zhang Fan, economist at CIMB Securities. Otherwise, he said, the economy appears to be stabilizing.联昌国际券(CIMB)经济学家张帆表示,房地产投资的放缓将依然是中国复苏面临的主要威胁。他说,除此之外,经济似乎正在企稳。#39;We expect more local governments will soften their restrictions for the property sector,#39; he said.他说:“我们预计更多地方政府将放松对房地产业的限制。” /201406/306067 MOSCOW — With the latest round of sanctions against Russia, the ed States Treasury Department said it had “increased the cost of economic isolation for key Russian firms,” like the state oil company Rosneft and the banking arm of the natural gas giant Gazprom.莫斯科——随着针对俄罗斯的最新一轮制裁出炉,美国财政部表示,此举已“提高了俄罗斯关键企业经济孤立的代价”。这些企业包括:国有油企俄罗斯石油公司(Rosneft,简称俄油),以及天然气巨头俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司(Gazprom,简称俄气)旗下的。The isolation, though, does not extend to the companies’ growing reliance on Chinese lending, a trend in the Russian natural resources industry that will blunt the effect of sanctions aimed at the finances of Russian oil companies.不过,这种孤立并未触及这些企业对中国贷款越来越深的依赖。在俄罗斯自然资源行业中出现的这一趋势,将削弱针对该国油气企业融资能力的制裁的效力。Energy companies form the backbone of the Russian economy. If oil and gas are taken together, they export more energy than Saudi Arabia, and that money props up the military of President Vladimir V. Putin. Rosneft is the world’s largest publicly traded oil company, pumping about 4.1 million barrels daily.能源企业构成了俄罗斯经济的中流砥柱。该国油气合计的能源出口量超越了沙特阿拉伯,而由此带来的收入撑了总统弗拉基米尔·V·普京(Vladimir V. Putin)的军力。俄油是世界上最大的上市油企,日产量约为410万桶。Given the gigantic outlays for drilling wells and building pipelines in the Siberian wilderness, such companies rely deeply on cheap sources of capital. The Chinese have been willing to oblige.考虑到在西伯利亚荒野之中钻井及铺设管线的巨额成本,这些企业严重依赖廉价的资金来源。在这方面,中国人一直乐于配合。“We absolutely don’t expect any impact on the operations or finances of Rosneft or Novatek,” another Russian energy company hit with sanctions on Wednesday, said Pavel Kushnir, an oil and gas analyst at Deutsche Bank in Russia.德意志(Deutsche Bank)驻俄罗斯油气分析师帕维尔·库什尼尔(Pavel Kushnir)表示,“我们认为,俄油或诺瓦泰克(Novatek)的运营和融资绝不会受到任何影响。”诺瓦泰克是周三列入制裁名单的又一家俄罗斯能源企业。“There is a possibility the Chinese banks will try to increase the cost of financing to take advantage of the situation, but this is just speculation,” he said. “I think it will have no impact.”“有一种可能性是,中国的会利用当前局势来试图抬升融资成本,不过这只是猜测而已,”他说。“我想,不会有任何影响。”The sanctions were so narrowly focused that some financial analysts in Moscow saw them as largely symbolic. The broader significance, they say, was mostly an implied threat of broader measures to come, should the crisis drag on.制裁措施针对的范畴十分有限,因此莫斯科的一些分析人士认为,它们在很大程度上是象征性的。他们表示,更大的意义基本在于,发出隐含的威胁信号:倘若危机拖延下去,更多制裁将接踵而至。“What is most important is the sentiment,” said Vladimir Tikhomirov, chief economist with S Financial Group, a Moscow brokerage firm. “If the situation doesn’t improve around Ukraine, which doesn’t seem very likely, there could be another sanction. That will affect risk premium around all new debt issues.”“最重要的是市场情绪,”莫斯科经纪公司S金融集团(S Financial Group)的首席经济师弗拉基米尔·蒂霍米罗夫(Vladimir Tikhomirov)说。“如果乌克兰局势没有改善——似乎不太可能——就还会有新的制裁。那样就会影响到与所有新债务问题有关的风险溢价。”The third round of sanctions did cross a new line by focusing on large publicly traded enterprises in major sectors of the Russian economy. The latest measures prohibit American banks and investors from proffering loans with a maturation of more than 90 days to four Russian companies — Rosneft, Novatek, Gazprombank and VEB, the state foreign trade bank.第三轮制裁的确有所突破,针对的是俄罗斯主要经济部门的大型上市企业。这些最新的制裁措施规定,禁止美国及投资者向四家俄罗斯公司提供期限超过90天的贷款。这四家企业分别是:俄油、诺瓦泰克、俄罗斯天然气工业(Gazprombank),以及该国的对外经贸——开发与外经(VEB)。The move weighed broadly on Russian stocks. Shares in Rosneft were down 4.3 percent. The Russian Micex, which had climbed back from its losses after the first round of sanctions in March, was off 2.6 percent.此举重创了俄罗斯股市。俄油的股价下跌了4.3%。俄罗斯Micex指数本已从首轮制裁后的低谷恢复元气,但此次下挫了2.6%。And the fallout could prove substantial for some on the new list. Among the eight military industrial companies banned from doing business with Americans was the Kalashnikov Concern, the maker of AK assault rifles and their civilian variants, called Saigas, which are popular in the ed States. In recent years, about 30 percent of the factory’s output has been sold in the ed States, the world’s largest civilian gun market.对新制裁名单上的一些公司而言,后果可能会相当严重。在禁止与美国进行业务来往的八家军工企业中,就有卡拉什尼科夫集团(Kalashnikov Concern)。该公司是AK突击步及其民用版本赛加(Saiga)的生产商。后者在美国市场上颇受欢迎。近些年来,公司产量的30%左右销往美国这一世界第一大的民用市场。The Kalashnikov factory’s parent company, Rostec, issued a statement lamenting the sanctions’ “negative effect on cooperation between a number of Russian and American companies, and threat to tear apart the common trust.”卡拉什尼科夫集团的母公司俄罗斯技术集团公司(Rostec)发表声明,抱怨制裁“对多家俄罗斯与美国企业之间的合作造成负面影响,并可能撕裂双方的互信”。While the latest sanctions are not likely to inflict deep pain, Rosneft and other Russian energy companies may have to get more creative about their financing needs. China, for one, has proved a good source of funds in the past.尽管最新一轮的制裁不太可能造成巨大的痛苦,但俄油等俄罗斯能源企业或许不得不在满足自身的融资需求上更富创意。比如,中国过去已明是个不错的资金来源地。Rosneft has repeatedly turned to Chinese lending during periods of tension with the West including taking a billion loan from the Chinese in 2005 to buy Yukos assets. At the end of the first quarter this year, Rosneft reported billion in commercial debt owed to mostly Western banks and billion in funds received as prepayment for future oil deliveries, of which analysts estimate about billion is Chinese financing.在与西方关系紧张的时期,俄油曾反复转向中国借贷。比如2005年,俄油从中国贷款60亿美元(当时约合490亿元人民币),来收购尤科斯石油公司(Yukos)的资产。今年第一季度末,俄油通报欠有410亿美元(约合2540亿元人民币)的商业债务,债主多数为西方,另有250亿美元为石油预付款。分析人士估计,其中约有200亿美元是来自中国的融资。Rosneft has not disclosed details of the Chinese prepayment agreement, or its upper limit. But Mr. Kushnir, the Deutsche Bank analyst, noted that last fall Rosneft retired some Western bank debt with prepayment funds most likely from Chinese sources, suggesting the terms are at least competitive with commercial loans.俄油没有披露与中国之间的预付款协议的细节,或是其金额上限。不过,德意志的分析师库什尼指出,去年秋季,俄油用预付款偿还了欠西方的部分债务,而这些预付款很可能来自中国。这表明,预付款的条件至少与商贷差不多优惠。During a state visit of Mr. Putin to China in May, Novatek, the other energy company placed under sanctions on Wednesday, secured Chinese financing to build a liquefied natural gas plant at Sabetta on the Yamal Peninsula in the Arctic Ocean, intended to supply Asian markets by crossing thawing Arctic shipping lanes. During that visit, Gazprom also negotiated a prepayment for future sales to China.普京今年5月对中国进行了国事访问,期间诺瓦泰克与中方达成协议,将利用其资金在北冰洋亚马尔半岛的萨贝尔港建造一座液化天然气工厂。这座工厂意在利用北冰洋逐渐融化的货运航线来向亚洲市场供气。本周三,诺瓦泰克成为被列入制裁名单的又一家能源企业。在普京的那次访问期间,俄气也与中国谈成了一项未来供气的预付款协议。If sanctions widen, though, Rosneft and others may find their position more challenging.然而,假如制裁进一步扩大,俄油等企业或许会发现自身的处境愈发艰难。Rosneft, Mr. Tikhomirov said, will inevitably pay higher rates if European banks follow the cue from the ed States and the company is eventually cut off from the dollar bond market, the most liquid globally.蒂霍米罗夫认为,倘若欧洲的按美国的指示行事,俄油又最终被全球流动性最强的美元债券市场排除在外,它就不可避免地要付出更高的利息。That could complicate a number of Rosneft’s major projects in the works, like plans to drill in the Arctic, and to buy Morgan Stanley’s oil unit. “It will have to manage its balance by either cutting costs, or deciding not to pursue projects,” Mr. Tikhomirov said.那样的话,可能会让俄油正在进行的多个大型项目复杂化,包括在北冰洋钻探和收购根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)石油部门的计划。“俄油将不得不保障自身的收平衡,要么削减成本,要么做出停止项目的决定,”蒂霍米罗夫说。 /201407/313183嘉兴腿部吸脂哪家医院好嘉兴市中医医院去胎记多少钱



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