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简易测还能活多久 种预测寿命的方法 -- 00:7:00 来源:   The simple exercise of sitting down and standing up again without holding onto anything, could suggest how long you have to live.  只一个简单的徒手坐下、再站起来的动作就能预测出你的寿命真的么?  This is the belief of a group of physicians, who came up with the ‘sitting-rising test’ to measure their patients’ flexibility and strength.  这是一群医生们提出的“坐-立测试”,他们用这种方法来测试病人身体的柔软度和强度  They developed a scoring system the test and found that people who scored three points or less out of , were more than five times as likely to die within six years, as those who scored more than eight points.  这个测试方法还有一套计分规则,测试的满分是分医生们发现那些得3分或更少的人,在六年内有可能死亡的几率是得分在8分以上的人五倍还多  Claudio Gil Araujo, of Gama Filho University in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was among the doctors who originally developed the sitting rising test (SRT) to quickly assess the flexibility of athletes, but he now uses it to persuade his patients that they need to stay active to maintain their muscle and balance, and live longer, Discover Magazine reported.  克罗迪奥·吉尔·阿劳霍来自巴西里约热内卢一所大学,他是“坐-立测试”的创始人之一他们最初设计该方法是为了快速测试运动员的身体柔软度,但是现在他用这种方法来告诉他的病人,要坚持运动,这样能锻炼肌肉、维持身体平衡,还能延长寿命  As we age, our muscles tend to become weaker and a loss of balance means we are increasingly likely to fall.  随着人们年龄的不断增长,肌肉的力量逐渐减弱、平衡感降低,这都会增加摔倒的几率  Dr Araujo says that anyone can take the SRT because no equipment is needed.  阿劳霍医生说“坐-立测试”不需要使用任何仪器,所以任何人可以随时随地进行  In a study, published in the European Journal of Cardiology, the researchers described how adults aged between 51 and 80 took the SRT at Clinimex Exercise Medicine Clinic in Rio.  在一篇发表在《欧洲心脏病期刊上的研究里,这些研究者们记录了名51岁-80岁的成年人在里约热内卢的Clinimex运动医学诊所内进行“坐-立测试”的过程   They found that patients who scored fewer than eight points out of on the test, were twice as likely to die within the next six years, compared with people with more perfect scores.  他们发现那些测试得分低于8分的人在随后六年内死亡的概率是得分较高的人的两倍  One point was deducted each time a person used their hand or knee support to either sit down or stand up, while half a point was deducted losing their balance.  根据积分规则,测试者坐下或站起来的时候,每使用手或膝盖撑一次扣掉1分,每失去平衡一次扣掉0.5分  The experts found that people who scored three points or fewer, were more than five times as likely to die within the same period.  那些得3分或更少的患者在同样长时期内死去的概率是其他人的五倍还多  They wrote in the study: ‘Musculoskeletal fitness, as assessed by SRT, was a significant predictor of mortality in 51–80-year-old subjects.’  该研究称:“‘坐-立测试’所测试的骨骼肌系统的健康程度,是预测51岁-80岁的被试死亡率的一个显著指标”  The study found that every point increase in the test, was linked to a 1 per cent decrease in mortality from all causes.  该研究还发现,测试得分每增加1分,都意味着会减少1%的死亡率  However, chartered physio-therapist Sammy Margo said that the exercise may be 'quite ambitious' older people in the UK.  但是英国的理疗医生萨米·马戈称这项测试对英国的老年人来说可能会相当困难  This is possibly because of cultural differences, because Britons are not used to regularly sitting on the floor, like in some other cultures. In this way, it may not be terribly accurate at predicting life expectancy.  这可能是文化差异造成的,因为英国人日常生活中很少会像其他国家的人一样坐在地板上,所以用“坐-立测试”预测寿命可能就不准确了  UK physiotherapists tend to prefer another test, where patients stand up from a sitting position and see how many times they can repeat the action in 30 seconds.  英国的理疗医生们更倾向于另一种测试方法,即让病人们从自己坐着的地方站起来、然后坐下,记录30秒内能够重复这个动作的次数  'The "30 second chair test" is more appropriate and is used as a prognostic,' she said.  萨米说:“这个‘30秒椅子测试’更合理,而且常被作为一个预测方法”  'It's simplistic, quick and easy and gives a good indicator falls.'  “它简单、快速、便捷,并且是预测摔倒的几率”  The test measures leg strength and endurance - which are needed to move around without falling - rather than flexibility and agility like the SRT.  该方法测试了腿部力量和忍耐力,这些因素而非“坐-立测试”的柔软度和灵活度,才是频繁走动而不容易摔倒所必须的  Healthy people aged between 60 and 6 are expected to stand and sit more than times women and times men in 30 seconds. A good score a 90 to 9-year-old is siting and standing more than seven times man and four times women.  “30秒椅子测试”对于60岁-6岁的健康人来说,30秒内女性重复次数应不少于次,男性则不少于次而90岁-9岁的老人对应的次数是,男性不少于7次,女性不少于次  While Ms Margo did not recommend the SRT, she said it does 'address everything' in terms of a person's strength and flexibility.  萨米认为“坐-立测试”只通过测量一个人的身体力量和柔软度而预测了整个生命长度,她并不推荐这个方法亚洲百万级富豪傲视群雄 -- ::0 来源: 尽管中国经济增长放缓,日本经济依旧疲软,亚洲的百万级富豪人数仍然实现了增长,超过了北美和欧洲 Asian millionaires now control more wealth than those in North America, Europe and other regions, according to a report from finance firm Capgemini.金融企业Capgemini发布报告称,亚洲百万级富豪掌握的财富总额已经分别超过了北美和欧洲的百万级富豪掌握的财富总额Driven by China and Japan, Asia’s millionaires saw their wealth jump by % in , the firm’s World Wealth Report found.报告显示,以中国和日本的富豪为首,亚洲百万级富豪的财富总额去年增加了%Millionaires held nearly trillion (?0 trillion) worldwide last year, four times higher than 30 years ago.去年全世界的百万级富豪掌握的财富总额接近600万亿美元(00万亿英镑),这个数字是30年前的倍That could rise to 四岁男童爬入猩猩池,动物园射杀大猩猩引争议 --31 :: 来源:chinadaily A 00-pound gorilla named Harambe who was shot dead by Cincinnati Zoo officials just one day after his th birthday has sparked an outcry of emotion as mourners called it a 'senseless death'.一只叫做哈兰贝的00磅重的大猩猩,在岁生日过后的第一天,就被辛辛那提动物园的工作人员一打死了它的死激起了人们的强烈抗议,哀悼者们说这是“无谓的死亡”Many are placing the blame squarely on the parents of a four-year-old boy, who investigators believe crawled through a railing barrier and fell into the gorilla exhibit's moat bee he was dragged by Harambe in the water about minutes.很多人都把责任直接推给一个四岁小男孩的父母,调查者认为,他爬过围栏,掉入猩猩展示区的壕沟,然后被哈兰贝在水里拖拽了将近十分钟The small child said he wanted to get in the water bee the incident, to which the mother, who was also watching several other children, replied: 'No, you're not, no, you're not,' according to one witness Kim O'Connor.据目击者金姆?奥康纳说,发生事故之前,小男孩对他妈妈说他想下水,那位母亲还看管着其他几个孩子,她回答说:“不行,不能下去,不行,不能下去”The zoo's animal response team assessed the 'life-threatening situation' and defended their decision to shoot Harambe rather than tranquilize him, but thousands took to social media to call it a 'murder'.园方的动物应急小组评估了“生命威胁情况”,辩解称他们决定射杀哈兰贝而不是麻醉他的决定是正确的,但是数以千计的人在社交网站说这是一场“谋杀”O'Connor told WLWT she heard the boy talking about getting into the water bee she heard a splash, followed by frantic yelling once onlookers realized he was inside the enclosure.奥康纳对WLWT电视台说她听见小男孩说要下水,然后就听到落水的声音,紧跟着传来疯狂的叫喊声,因为旁观者们意识到小男孩跑到围栏里面了A emerged on Saturday revealing some of the chilling moments Harambe was dragging the boy in the water, although more graphic portions were cut from the footage.周六发布出一个视频,展示了一些哈兰贝在水中拖拽小男孩的惊心动魄的时刻,但是较清晰骇人的片段被删减了According to O'Connor, the gorilla looked like he was trying to protect the boy from panicked bystanders who may have aggravated the tense situation.据奥康纳说,大猩猩看上去像是想保护小男孩,惊恐的旁观者们也许加剧了紧张的局势She said: 'I don't know if the screaming did it or too many people hanging on the edge, if he thought we were coming in, but then he pulled the boy down away further from the big group.'她说:“我不知道猩猩拖拽小男孩是因为尖叫还是太多人趴在围栏上,也不知道他是不是认为我们要进去,但是之后他把小男孩拉下来,远离人群密集的地方”Director Thane Maynard supported the zoo's dangerous animal response team their decision to put down the gorilla.园长塞恩?梅纳德持动物园危险动物应急小组射击猩猩的决定'They made a tough choice and they made the right choice because they saved that little boy's life,' Maynard said.他说:“他们做了个艰难的决定,他们的选择是正确的,因为他们救了小男孩一命”But outraged animal lovers took to social media declaring the western lowland gorilla's life was unnecessarily taken, and more than 1,000 have aly joined the Facebook group Justice Harambe.但是愤怒的动物爱好者们在社交媒体上称,本不必夺走这只西部低地大猩猩的生命,已经有一千多名网友加入“给哈兰贝公平”脸书小组中One Twitter user wrote: 'So a beautiful, innocent gorilla has to die because neglectful parents can't control their kids? Mankind sucks :( #Harambe #CincinnatiZoo'一位推特用户写道:“如此美丽、无辜的大猩猩,就因为疏忽的父母管不住孩子,就必须死去吗?人类太恶心了:( #哈兰贝 #辛辛那提动物园”Another user Chris Dasauchoit tweeted: 'Beautiful animals sadly paying utter human stupidity and negligence with their lives. #Harame #CincinnatiZoo.'另外一个网友克里斯?达萨奥库伊特发推称:“美丽的动物纯粹因为人类的愚蠢和对生命的疏忽而付出代价,令人悲痛#哈兰贝 #辛辛那提动物园”According to Maynard, the gorilla did not appear to be attacking the child, but he called it 'an extremely strong' animal in an agitated situation.据梅纳德说,大猩猩并没有表现出对小孩的攻击行为,但是他说它在焦躁不安的情况下是个“极其强壮”的动物Maynard explained that tranquilizing the gorilla would not have knocked it out immediately, leaving the boy in danger.他解释说,麻醉猩猩并不会使它立即昏倒,小男孩会处在危险之中The child was taken to Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center with serious but 'non-life threatening' injuries following the incident, which was reported around pm.下午四时左右有报道称,事故发生后,小孩被送进了辛辛那提儿童医院医疗中心,受伤严重但“没有生命危险”Zoo director Maynard noted it was the first time the team had killed a zoo animal in such an emergency situation, and he called it 'a very sad day' at the zoo.园长梅纳德提到,这是应急小组第一次在如此紧急的情况下杀死了动物园的动物,他说这是动物园“非常难过的一天”He said in a statement: 'The Zoo security team's quick response saved the child's life.他在声明中说:“动物园安全小组的快速反应拯救了这个孩子的生命”'We are all devastated that this tragic accident resulted in the death of a critically-endangered gorilla. This is a huge loss the Zoo family and the gorilla population worldwide.'“这起悲剧事故导致一头被列为极危物种的大猩猩死亡,我们都十分悲痛这对动物园大家庭和全世界的猩猩种群都是巨大的损失”Jerry Stones, who raised the gorilla, said he was devastated by the news.把这只大猩猩养大的杰里?斯通斯说听到这个消息他都崩溃了'He grew up to be a pretty, beautiful male. He was very intelligent. His mind was going constantly. He was just such a sharp character.'“他长成了一只可爱、美丽的雄性动物他非常聪明他总在不断地思考他就是一个这么机灵的家伙”Vocabularysquarely: 正中地;明确地graphic: 清楚具体的put down: 镇压;杀死knock out: 使失去知觉英文来源:每日邮报译者:实习生孙美真审校#38;编辑:丹妮 trillion by 5, Capgemini said.Capgemini表示到5年这一数字有可能升为00万亿美元Asia’s growth in high net worth individuals - defined as having million in assets -came despite slowing economic growth in China and a weak Japanese economy.尽管中国经济增长放缓,日本经济依然疲软,亚洲拥有百万美元净资产的富豪人数仍在上升’Dominant ce’“统治力”Capgemini found the growth in Asia was driven mainly by financial services, technology and health care industries.Capegemini发现亚洲富豪人数的增长主要集中在金融,科技和健康行业The region’s millionaires held $. trillion of wealth, compared with $.6 trillion in North America, the report said.报告显示,亚洲的百万级富豪掌握了万千亿美元的财富,超过了北美富豪的万6千亿美元"If past growth rates hold, Asia-Pacific is likely to continue to be a dominant ce over the next decade, representing two-fifths of the world’s HNWI wealth, more than that of Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa combined," Capgemini said.“亚太地区如果保持这样的增长率,再过十年仍将保持这样的统治地位亚太地区百万级富豪的人数占到了全世界的五分之二,超过了欧洲、拉丁美洲、中东和非洲的总和”Poor permance in US equity markets slowed growth in North America to .3% last year, although the US still had the highest number of millionaires with .5 million.美国的百万级富豪人数为5万,仍是世界第一,疲软的股票市场令富豪人数的增长率降到了.3%Europe’s millionaires saw a .8% increase in wealth, which was led by Spain despite the country’s record unemployment.欧洲地区百万富豪的财富总额增长了.8%,西班牙的失业率创下历史新高,却无碍该国成为这轮增长的主导力量The UK had the fifth highest number of high net worth individuals, although it only increased 1% to 553,000.英国的富豪人数为55万3千人,增长了1%,排在世界第五Latin American millionaires suffered a decline in net worth of 3.7%, driven by political volatility and a turbulent stock market in Brazil.拉丁美洲政局动荡,巴西股票市场一片混乱,该地区富豪的净资产下降了3.7%Worldwide, the wealth controlled by millionaires grew % last year to .7 trillion (?39.5 trillion).去年全球百万级富豪掌握的财富总额为587万亿美元(395万亿美元),增长了%Earlier this year, Oxfam found that the richest 1% now have as much wealth as the rest of the world combined.前段时间,乐施会发现占世界人口1%的最富有人群的财富总额等于剩余99%的人口掌握的财富总额

不要小看它 这小小的照相机可以帮你拍摄月球 -- ::51 来源: Tiny1相机是世界上最小的天文照相机,并且可以通过增强现实的方式将星图同时显示在屏幕上,方便进行天文摄影 The Tiny1 is a camera from TinyMOS billing itself as the "world’s smallest astronomy camera". It uses a proprietary noise-reduction algorithm the company says will allow improved image quality in low-light environments, and an augmented reality star map that can be overlaid on the touchscreen viewfinder to help identify stars and planets while you’re shooting. TinyMOS claims that these features will lead to better results than using your smartphone, but with a smaller m factor and more ease-of-use than a traditional full-size DSLR rig intended astrophotography.TinyMOS出品的Tiny1照相机是”世界上最小的天文照相机”,它采用了独有的降噪算法,该公司称这种算法可以在低光照的条件下改进照片质量,在相机的触摸式取景器上,可以通过增强现实的方式将星图同时显示在屏幕上,以帮助识别恒星和行星TinyMOS还称这款相机拍摄出来的天文照片要比使用普通智能手机效果好许多,而且它的体积非常小,与传统天文摄影使用的专业单反相机和三脚架组合相比,更方便携带The camera can capture still images, .5K HD , and time-lapses of the night sky with a megapixel sensor. It uses a standard CS-mount lens system to allow most camera lenses or telescopes to be connected, provided you have the right adaptor (if you don’t, TinyMOS has them available as add-ons). It can also be used as a regular camera in daylight hours in a pinch, albeit one with lower specs than most modern-day smartphones. The Tiny1 also has built-in Wi-Fi, allowing photo sharing to social networks directly from the camera, and can connect to Android phones remote control.这款相机配备了00万像素的传感器,可以拍摄静态图像,也可录制.5K高清视频,还可进行夜空延时摄影,它采用了标准的CS接口镜头系统,只要你有转接器,就可以安装大多数符合接口标准的相机镜头以及望远镜,(当然,如果你没有,TinyMOS也提供了转接器附件)在日常生活中,这款相机也可以作为普通相机来应急使用,尽管同目前流行的智能手机相比,它的配置还是低了一些Tiny1还内置了Wi-Fi功能,允许直接将拍摄的照片分享到社交网站上,同时,也可通过与安卓系统的智能手机连接实现远程操控功能The Tiny1 is up now on Indiegogo, with pre-orders going 9 a kit of the Tiny1 camera and a .8mm F1. wide-angle lens. If you’re hoping to take it out on a summer camping trip though, you’ll likely have to wait until next year. The Tiny1 hardware itself is still in the finalization stages in regard to design, and as it’s TinyMOS’s first hardware device, the company’s December shipping estimate is probably optimistic. A demo of the TinyMOS software is aly available on the Play Store, and shows off some of the augmented reality software features of the camera.目前,Tiny1天文相机已经在Indiegogo网站接受预定,预售价格为399美元(约合人民币668元),这个价格包含了一个 .8mm F1.的广角镜头不过,如果你想带上这款相机参加夏天的野外露营活动,那可能需要等到明年才行因为 Tiny1相机的硬件设计目前还处于最终定版阶段,考虑到该款相机是TinyMOS公司第一款硬件设备,乐观的估计,应该能在今年月之前开始出货目前,TinyMOS的一款测试版应用已经可以从应用商店下载,这款应用可以展示Tiny1相机的增强现实功能

生死相依:比利时夫妇决定同时安乐死 -- :6:33 来源: An elderly husband and wife have announced their plans to die in the world's first 'couple' euthanasia - despite neither of them being terminally ill.日前,比利时一对老夫妇宣布将一起进行安乐死,虽然两人都尚未病入膏肓这将成为世界上第一对共同安乐死的夫妻Instead the pair fear loneliness if the other one dies first from natural causes.两位老人之所以这么决定是因为他们担心如果其中一位先离开,剩下的那位会孤单地度过余生Identified only by their first names, Francis, 89, and Anne, 86, they have the support of their three adult children who say they would be unable to care either parent if they became widowed.89岁的弗朗西斯和86岁的安妮育有3个孩子,这3个已经成年的孩子表示父母有一位先去世,他们则无法照看剩下的那一位The children have even gone so far as to find a practitioner willing to carry out the double killings on the grounds that the couple's mental anguish constituted the unbearable suffering needed to legally justify euthanasia.他们甚至已经找到了愿意为父母进行共同安乐死的医生,理由是两位老人的心理痛苦已到了无法承受的地步必须进行安乐死The couple, from Brussels, are receiving regular medical treatment age-related ailments.这对来自布鲁塞尔的老夫妇由于年老,正在进行定期治疗Francis has received treatment prostate cancer years and is unable to spend a day without morphine and Anne is partially blind and almost totally deaf.弗朗西斯由于前列腺癌已经接受了年的治疗,他一天都离不开吗啡,而部分眼盲的安妮也几乎要成聋子了They always go out shopping together because they are both scared that one day the other will not return home.他们经常一起外出购物,因为两人都担心有一天另外一个会回不来They decided that life in a care home was not an option because of their fear they would end up bedridden without the strength to insist on euthanasia.他们不想去养老院,因为他们担心在养老院中卧床不起,连坚持安乐死的力气都没有They planned to commit suicide on February 3 next year, their 6th wedding anniversary, by placing plastic bags over their heads after taking an overdose of sleeping pills.他们之前还打算在明年月3日—他们结婚6周年纪念的那天自杀,他们计划先用过量安眠药,然后把塑料袋套在自己头上'We want to go together because we both fear of the future,' said Francis. 'It's as simple as this: we are afraid of what lies ahead.“我们想要一起离世,因为我们都对未来不报什么希望了”弗朗西斯说:“很简单,我们都害怕接下来要发生的事”'Fear of being alone and above all, fear of the consequences of loneliness.'“其实就是害怕一个人孤孤单单地活着”

  出国留学“物有所值”?多数人这么认为 -- :: 来源: 中国留学生大多数毕业后选择回国,他们可能不再有优势,也得加入到“找工作的大军”,然而,仍有许多人认为留学“物有所值” STATISTICS show that last year, most Chinese students studying abroad who finished their studies chose to return home to pursue their career goals. Beijing Youth Daily commented on Thursday:《北京青年报于周四发表称:据数据显示,去年大多数在国外留学的中国留学生在毕业后都选择回国发展事业The backflow of overseas students, on the one hand, should be able to contribute more intellectual resources to China. On the other hand, it also indicates that against the backdrop of globalization and industrialization of higher education, students who pursue overseas education are no longer rare. They too have to take part in the tight competition jobs and some have lost their elite status in the eyes of many.这种留学生的回流一方面可以为我国带来更多的人才资源,而另一方面,这也说明在全球化和高等教育产业化的大背景下,留学生也不再是凤毛麟角他们也不得不加入到激烈的工作竞争中,甚至在许多人看来,他们已经不再是精英的象征In , among all Chinese students who studied abroad (over ,000), about ,000 returned home after they finished their studies. However, at least 00,000 of the about 53,700 overseas students who graduated by have returned to China.在年,中国留学生超过000人,而只有000人在完成学业后回国然而到年,在53700中国留学生中,至少00000名毕业后回到中国The fact that not all Chinese graduates can guarantee a decent job does not necessarily mean overseas higher education is not worth pursuing. Many Chinese students are still inclined to apply overseas universities further education, because they believe that studying abroad is a worthwhile investment that will benefit them greatly in the near future.所有的中国留学生并不是都可以找到体面的工作,这并不绝对意味着出国留学深造是不值得的许多中国学生认为出国留学是有价值的投资,在不久的未来会有很大的帮助,所以很多学生仍然倾向于选择国外的大学深造Apart from the unbalanced allocation of quality educational resources, students’ higher expectations of college education as a springboard their future have also fueled the studying-abroad fervor in the country. They pursue not only good jobs and decent salaries after graduation, but also opporties to improve their English and way of thinking, as well as expanding their academic horizons while in college.造成中国留学热的原因除了中国的素质教育资源分布不均,还有学生们对上大学抱有很高的期望,他们认为这是他们未来的“跳板”他们在毕业后,不仅追求好工作,高薪酬,还追求可以提高英语,改变思维方式的机会,同时在大学期间扩宽学术眼界In this sense, overseas education’s attraction to Chinese students should prompt the country to make concrete efts to expedite education rem.以此看来,留学对于中国学生的吸引应促使中国努力加快教育改革

  比肩上海迪士尼 首个环球主题公园将落户北京 -- :6: 来源: 筹备了年之久的北京环球主题公园终于在近日获得审批,正式落户北京通州这将是环球影城在全球的第六个、亚洲第三个主题公园1.平方公里的占地面积,将使北京环球影城成为最大的一个该主题公园预计于19年建成   9月5日,北京环球主题公园项目正式获得了国家发改委审批,将由家国有企业共同设立的北京首寰文化旅游投资有限公司(以下简称首寰投资)和康卡斯特N环球公司旗下的环球主题公园及度假区集团合资拥有   Universal Studios will open its first .3bn (£bn) Chinese theme park after years of trying to enter the booming entertainment market.   Hollywood director Steven Spielberg will help design the Beijing Universal park, the company said on Monday.   The park is being developed with local state firm Beijing Tourism Group.   Universal is the latest US firm to enter China's fast-growing entertainment sector after rivals Walt Disney and DreamWorks Animation.   The company did not say when the theme park would open, but reports say it will be in 19.   Both Disney's $.bn theme park and DreamWorks' .1bn entertainment complex with Chinese partners are expected to open in in Shanghai.   Film studios are in a big rush to build theme parks in the world's second-largest economy as a rapidly-growing middle class is spending more money on entertainment and travel.   In April, Disney said it was increasing investment in its Shanghai Disney theme park by another 0m after striking a deal with a Chinese joint venture partner.   Growth in China's entertainment and media market is expected to more than double from to bn by , according to a PricewaterhouseCoopers global study.。

  Adele歌手生涯未受到英国脱欧影响:在美国开演唱会 -- :57: 来源: 英国脱欧成功并未影响阿黛尔的职业生涯,美国人欢迎阿黛尔来美国开演唱会 British singer Adele opens a series of shows in the ed States this week in the small city of Saint Paul, Minnesota.本周,英国歌手Adele在美国明尼苏达州小城圣保罗进行了一些列表演Three hundred thousand people live in Saint Paul.But it is part of a larger metropolitan area that is home to more than 3 million people.It is on the east side of the Mississippi River, across from Minneapolis.The two are often called the “Twin Cities.”圣保罗有30万居民但它也是拥有300万居民大城市的一部分圣保罗位于密西西比河东侧,与明尼阿波利斯市相望这两座城市通常被称作是“双子城”The city of Saint Paul has recognized the importance of Adele’s visit.It took this chance to make fun of the competitiveness between the two cities.圣保罗已经意识到Adele到来的重要性把握住此次机会拿两城之间的竞争来取乐The Saint Paul Visitors and Convention Bureau produced a marketing using Adele’s song “Hello,” but with different lyrics.The singers in the urge people to visit the “east side” of the river.They describe all the fun things that people can do there.圣保罗旅游局用Adele的歌曲《你好(Hello)制作了营销视频,但用了不同的歌词视频中的演唱者鼓励人们到密西西比河东岸参观他们描述了人们在那里能做的所有趣事The tickets the concert and the rest of Adele’s tour, however, sold out last December.Adele will play again in Saint Paul July 6.Then she leaves Minnesota three permances in the big city of Chicago, Illinois.去年月份,演唱会及Adele接下来行程的门票已经卖光7月6日,Adele会再次在圣保罗进行演出之后,将离开明尼苏达州,前往伊利诺斯州的大城市芝加哥进行三次演出Adele’s most recent album “5” was released in November of last year. It spent weeks at the top of Billboard magazine’s list of best-selling albums.Now, Billboard reports the album is climbing the charts again after its June release on streaming services.Industry experts expect the album to sell as many as 37,000 digital copies by June 30. That would put it back in the top .去年月份,Adele发布了最新专辑《5连续周,一直位于《公告牌杂志最畅销专辑之列《公告牌杂志表示,6月号在流媒体上发布该专辑之后,该专辑在排行榜上又开始攀升行业专家希望到6月30号,能够卖出37,000份电子版专辑这将使专辑重回前十的位置Several of the album’s songs, including “When We Were Young,” were released as singles on streaming services earlier this year.今年,流媒体上发布了该专辑收录的几首单曲,其中包括《当我们年轻时(When We Were Young)Adele is an expert “breakup” songwriter.She told the New York Times newspaper that she knows she has written a good song when it makes her cry.But other people’s songs make her cry, too. In a People magazine interview, Adele told about the songs of heartbreak that move her.Adele是有关“感情破裂”的出色歌曲作家她接受《纽约时报采访时表示,若歌曲能引人落泪,便一定是好的歌曲但其他人的歌曲也能够让她落泪在接受《人物杂志采访时,Adele谈到了那些让她动容的悲伤歌曲One is, “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” from Bonnie Raitt’s 1991 hit album “Luck of the Draw.”Raitt sings: I can’t make you love me if you don’t you can’t make your heart feel something it won’t.其中一首是Bonnie Raitt 1991年主打专辑《抽签运(Luck of the Draw)中的《我不能让你爱上我(I Can’t Make You Love Me)Raitt唱道:“如果你不爱我,我便不能让你爱上我你不能勉强内心感受到它不喜欢的东西”Adele will perm in more than U.S. cities during her tour in the country.She spends the most time in Los Angeles and New York.Her last appearance will be in Houston, Texas in November.Adele此次来美国还将在其他个城市中进行表演在洛杉矶和纽约待的时间最长此次演唱会最后一次表演将于月份在德克萨斯州的休斯顿闪亮登场

  上海毕业生艰难找房住 --9 :3: 来源: 随着毕业季的到来,更多的大学毕业生更愿意继续留在上海这样的大城市打拼,初入社会的他们如何承担高昂的住房费用,合租似乎成了一种共识 While graduates in Shanghai yearn independence, a recent survey by the Youth Daily revealed that 60 percent of them have to share accommodation and many wind up sharing apartments with strangers.在上海毕业生期待着毕业走向独立的时候,由《青年报最近做出的的一项调查显示,60%毕业生不得不选择合住,当中很多人得与陌生人合租房子The Youth Daily online survey involved 6 respondents from college graduates working in Shanghai.《青年报网上调查了6名在上海工作的大学毕业生Of those sharing apartments, 0 percent live with friends. Shanghai University graduate Li explained: "Renting apartments with friends can save money and we can help each other sometimes. All things being equal I enjoy living with my friends."合租的人当中有0%同朋友合住上海大学毕业生李同学解释说:“和朋友合租房子能省钱,有时还能互相帮助我们的东西都是公平划分的,我很享受与朋友合住”While sharing apartments saves money and is sociable, finding suitable people can be difficult. And the minute a good roommate gets a new job or leaves Shanghai, the hunt a replacement begins all over again. The survey showed that percent of these young tenants share apartments with strangers they have contacted online. And another 9 percent live in subdivided accommodation where flimsy walls have been erected to create extra rooms.合住虽然经济省钱,但找到合适的人很困难一旦室友找了新工作或离开上海,就又得重新找合适的室友调查显示,%的年轻租户与网上找到的陌生人合租房子另有9%的人住在隔断间,这种是用隔断墙来划分房子制造更多房间This style of accommodation is cheap and that was the main attraction Wu, a graduate of the University of Shanghai Science and Technology. With no experience at renting and not wanting to pay real estate agency fees, after scouring the Internet he found he could only afd a subdivided .这种合租方式比较便宜,正是这一点吸引了上海理工大学的毕业生吴同学由于租赁经验不足,也不想付租房中介费,在上网搜寻之后,他发现他只能负担得起一个隔断间Although these places are chancy and illegal the rent they charge is all I can afd, he said.他说:“虽然这些地方有一定风险也不合法,但是只有他们收取的房租是我能付得起的”This survey revealed that none of the respondents lived in apartments owned by family or friends - some respondents suggested this sort of arrangement could easily lead to conflicts.调查结果显示,没有受访者住在家人或朋友的房一些受访者表示原因在于这种住宿关系很容易导致冲突Twelve percent of those surveyed rented specially designed share apartments through websites. Just six respondents out of 6 rented government-backed accommodation and only 5. percent were living in accommodation provided by their employers.%的受访者通过上网找合租的房子,尤其是已经设计好的6名受访者中仅有六人租住在政府提供的公寓只有5.%的人住在由雇主提供的宿舍Of those surveyed .7 percent found accommodation through the Internet. Of these 30 percent believed that the Internet posts offered cheaper rents than the market was offering. However percent of the respondents thought it was dangerous to move in with strangers..7%的受访者通过上网找到了住宿30%的人认为,网上的帖子能提供比市场租金更便宜的房源信息然而%的受访者认为搬去和陌生人合住很危险iPhone7最大的惊喜曝光:将改变苹果手机最大的缺陷 -- :: 来源: 今年晚些时候,苹果公司将发布iPhone 7据报道,苹果公司会解决标志性智能手机最普遍且长期存在的一个缺陷:内存不足虽然iPhone的功能一年比一年先进、一年比一年复杂,但每一代iPhone的起步内存却一直只有GB,这种停滞不前的内存确实令人沮丧 When Apple releases the iPhone 7 later this year, the company will reportedly address one of the most common and longstanding complaints about its iconic smartphone: a lack of sufficient storage. Indeed, even as the iPhone has become more advanced and sophisticated with each passing year, the entry-level storage capacity on each successive iPhone model has remained frustratingly stagnant at GB.今年晚些时候,苹果公司将发布iPhone 7据报道,苹果公司会解决标志性智能手机最普遍且长期存在的一个缺陷:内存不足虽然iPhone的功能一年比一年先进、一年比一年复杂,但每一代iPhone的起步内存却一直只有GB,这种停滞不前的内存确实令人沮丧 some perspective, consider this: every entry-level iPhone model has featured GB of storage since the iPhone s, a device released all the way back in . And while GB might have been adequate five years ago, it’s almost a joke in today’s smartphone era where apps can weigh in by the gig and devices can take high-res photos and record storage-hungry in full K.一些观点认为,我们要考虑到:自从年iPhone s上市以来,每代iPhone的起步内存都只有GB5年前,GB的内存足够用了;但是现在,GB的内存简直就是开玩笑人们手机里的应用程序占据很大空间,高清照片和K分辨率的超清视频使内存更加不足Well, now comes word via IHS Technology analyst Kevin Wang that Apple this year will, at long last, up the storage on its entry-level models iPhone from GB to 3GB.现在,信息管理务技术(IHS Technology)的中国研究总监王阳透露,今年苹果公司将iPhone 7的起步内存升级至3GB.Originally reported by MobiPicker, the publication claims that Wang has provided accurate inmation in the past, thereby leading them to conclude that this particular rumor carries more weight than most.iPhone 7内存升级的谣言最初来自于科技网站MobiPicker该网站称,王阳之前已经提供了精确的信息,所以他们才认为这一谣言非常靠谱If this rumor pans out, it would represent an interesting about-face from Apple. Remember, it was just about a year ago that Apple executive Phil Schiller sat down with John Gruber and defended Apple’s somewhat controversial decision to sell GB iPhones.如果谣言是真的,那么苹果公司前后的大逆转确实很有趣我们记得仅在一年之前,苹果公司高级副总裁Phil Schiller在John Gruber主持的访谈节目中反驳了那些对苹果公司出售GB手机持有争议的说法,并表示GB的手机内存足够用了All that notwithstanding, this is one Apple rumor that we really hope becomes a reality. Interestingly enough, one other iPhone 7 rumor we spotted just a few weeks ago suggests that Apple will make a 56GB storage option available.虽然3GB起步的内存只是一个谣言,但我们希望能够成为现实非常有趣的是,几周之前,我们还听说了另外一个关于iPhone 7的谣言:苹果公司将推出56GB内存的手机河南50岁阿姨坚持锻炼年,身材完爆少女 --9 :: 来源: 来自河南的叶女士今年50多岁了,但她还像多岁的少女一般拥有无暇的肌肤和健美的身材,她说锻炼是她永葆青春的秘密 With her flawless skin, wrinkle-free complexion and super-toned body, 50-year-old Ye Wen from China looks decades younger.肌肤无暇、没有皱纹、身材健美,50岁的叶女士看起来要比真实年龄年轻几十岁The mother-of-one from China’s Henan province puts her youthful looks down to her fitness regime after picking up swimming at the age of 30, reports the People’s Daily Online.据《人民日报报道,叶女士来自河南,是一个孩子的母亲,在30岁那年学会了游泳后她就一直坚持健身,到现在年过去了一直青春永驻After pictures of Ye’s incredible figure become viral online, web users are surprised to find out that she is actually 50-years-old.之前叶女士身材惹火的照片在网上疯传,随后网民们惊讶地发现她其实已经50多岁了Impressive: The mother of an adult son says she took up swimming when she was 30 and enjoyed the sport叶女士的孩子已经成年了,她说自从在30岁那年学会游泳后,她就一直很享受这项运动Working out in the gym: The woman says she swims every day and visits the gym two to three times a week叶女士每天都要游泳,每周去健身房两到三次The woman, who has a son, said she started swimming when she was 30 and became interested in keeping fit.叶女士有一个儿子,她说她在30岁的时候学会了游泳,自那以后就爱上了健身She took her hobby one step further in March, swimming across the straits of Malacca, according to the report.据《人民日报报道,叶女士在这一爱好上做出了一个壮举,今年三月费她游过了马六甲海峡And she is also hoping to swim the Han River in South Korea.她还希望自己能够游过韩国的汉江Ye said she trains daily at her local swimming pool and keeps toned by heading to the gym two to three times a week two hours.叶女士表示,她每天都要在住地附近的游泳池里锻炼,每周都要去健身房两到三次,运动两小时来保持自己身材健美Nice work! The woman posted pictures to her Instagram showing off her incredible figure叶女士在Instagram贴出了自己的照片,展示自己绝佳的身材Work paid off: 50-year-old Ye Wen exercises every day and claims it has helped keep her young叶女士每天都要锻炼,她说运动让她保持年轻Pictures posted online show her working out in the gym and flaunting her toned body on the beach.叶女士在网上贴出了自己在健身房运动的照片,还有在海边沙滩上自己健美的身躯Her hope is that she will be able to keep wearing a bikini even when she is 80.叶女士希望自己到80岁的时候还能够穿上比基尼People have been discussing the woman’s age online.人们在网上热议叶女士的年龄On China’s Twitter-like Weibo, she has had more than three million mentions.在微上,提到叶女士的文已经超过了300多万篇One user wrote: ’I want a good body but I do not want to exercise!’一名微用户说道:“我想要好身材,但是我不想锻炼哇!”While another commented: ’50-year-old woman with a year-old body and full of positive energy’.还有人道:“50岁的女人岁的身材,满满的正能量”And one user said: ’Really beautiful. I admire her perseverance’.一名微用户说道:“真的很美我佩她的毅力”Keeping fit: Ye says she goes to the gym two to three times a week and trains two hours叶女士说自己每周去健身房两到三次,每次锻炼两小时

  浦东机场发生爆炸,嫌疑犯试图自杀 -- :: 来源: 周日下午浦东国际机场,有名男子向值机柜台前投掷爆炸装置,随后试图自杀,其中造成四名乘客受伤 Four passengers were wounded after a man hurled an explosive device at a check-in counter at Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport on Sunday afternoon, bee attempting to kill himself.周日下午浦东国际机场,有名男子向值机柜台前投掷爆炸装置,随后试图自杀,其中造成四名乘客受伤"According to the initial police investigation, a man took out a homemade explosive device in a beer bottle from a bag he was carrying and threw it in front of the check-in counters. After the beer bottle exploded, the man took out a dagger from his bag, slashed his own neck and collapsed on the floor," according to a Shanghai Police press statement.“根据警方初步调查,一名男子从随身携带的包中取出自制啤酒瓶爆炸物丢至值机柜台前啤酒瓶爆炸后,男子从包中掏出一把匕首,划割自己颈部后倒地,”根据上海警方新闻声明The assailant is currently in critical condition and being treated in hospital, police said.该男子目前伤情危急,正在医院接受治疗,警方说Another four passengers at the scene -- including a Filipino national -- were slightly injured by broken glass from the blast and have been hospitalized treatment. The case is under further investigation, the police statement added.现场另有四名乘客——包括一名菲律宾籍——被爆炸产生的碎玻璃片轻微划伤,目前均已送院治疗该案件正在进一步调查中,警方声明补充道The incident happened at around : p.m. local time, the Shanghai Airport Authority that operates the airport said. "Police have taken control of the incident area. Other flight operations at Pudong are not affected," it said in a statement.这起事件发生于当地时间下午点分,运营机场的上海机场说“警方已控制现场浦东的其他航班运行没有受到影响,”一份声明中说道It is not yet clear what the motivation behind the attack was.目前尚不清楚此次袭击背后的动机Pudong is one of China’s busiest aviation hubs, with more than 60 million passengers passing through its two terminals last year.浦东是中国最繁忙的航空枢纽之一,去年有超过6000万名乘客经过它的个航站Beijing blast北京爆炸案In , a wheelchair-bound man set off a homemade explosive inside Beijing Capital International Airport after being prevented from airing a personal grievance.,一名坐轮椅的男子在北京首都国际机场为自己喊冤受到阻止后,引燃自制炸弹According to Xinhua, he was stopped from handing out leaflets "to get attention to his complaints" outside the arrival hall. He then warned people nearby to get away bee setting off the device.据新华报道,他在大厅外分发传单,以得到人们对于他申诉的关注在引爆装置前他警告附近的人离开[]吴亦凡蜡像究竟像不像?明星蜡像PK(双语) -- 18:: 来源:sohu 最逼真蜡像 The most realistic wax statue NO.1 范冰冰 Fan Bingbing 冰冰的蜡像应该是中国艺人蜡像里最受关注的一个了为庆祝中国羊年,旧金山杜莎夫人蜡像馆就已经揭幕展出范冰冰“CHINA瓷”蜡像作为本次展览中唯一东方面孔,此番首次亮相旧金山,很快引来了许多国外游客和媒体的关注众多外媒也对此进行了大篇幅的报道,并称:“如果蜡像是在馆外一个真正的红毯上,一眼看去你很可能误以为这是真正的范冰冰 ” In order to celebrate the lunar calendar 's new year of China in , the Madame Tussauds of San Francisco exhibited the wax statue of Fan Bingbing. Since Fan Bingbing was the only Eastern face in this exhibition, this wax statue received extensive attention from both eign tourists and media. Many eign media wildly reported about her wax statue, and they highly appraised the statue ;if the wax statue was in an outdoor red carpet, you would consider it as Fan Bingbing herself at the first glance. 发图从来不p,说话直肠子的外媒都对范冰冰的蜡像给予了如此高的评价,可见这尊蜡像还是十分逼真的 Fan Bingbing's wax statue in San Francisco 再来看冰冰本人,是不是傻傻分不清楚呢~ Fan Bingbing's wax statue in Shanghai's Madame Tussaud Museum. “上海范冰冰”是不是和“旧金山范冰冰”一样逼真呢? Fan Bingbing's wax statue in Shanghai is also very delicate. NO. 吴亦凡 Kris Wu 比起范冰冰的蜡像,吴亦凡的蜡像可能没那么惟妙惟肖,但也算是众多明星蜡像中相似度较高的一尊了 The wax statue of Kris Wu is not as vivid as Fan Bingbing's statue, but after comparing with other stars' wax statue, it aly can be regarded as a pretty good one. Kris and his wax statue in Beijing Madame Tussaud Museum. 当然,和蜡像比起来,还是本尊更胜一筹 最诡异蜡像 The strangest wax statue 说实话,中国众明星的蜡像,有逼真的,有似像不像的,但其中几个,还真是越看越诡异 To be honest, among the wax statues of Chinese celebrities, some are truly vivid, but some are also truly weird. NO.1 姚晨 YaoChen 你说这是我们可爱的姚大嘴!?原谅我年纪轻轻眼就花了 但不能否定的是,如果你盯着这尊像仔细,仔细看,再仔细看,也许还是能找到一丝姚晨的神韵 But it's undeniable that if you look this statue, closer, closer and closer! You may find out that some features are quite similiar to Yao Chen herself. NO. amp; NO.3 何炅 He Jiong amp; 鹿晗 Lu Han 说到诡异,这两位的蜡像还真是难分高下啊,口说无凭,我们还是上图 要不是何老师背后的快乐大本营logo,我实在不敢相信这是我们青春永驻的何老师 Excuse me? If I did not see that logo behind this statue, i may never be able to figure out who he is! 发型好像塌了,法令纹好像深了,总之牵一发动全身,看着就是说不出的别扭 This statue is so strange that more than words can express. 鹿晗的蜡像,确实能看出来是鹿晗但是真的比本人丑了一些些,眼距似乎有些大 The wax statue of LuHan is more ugly than LuHan himself. 各位快来帮小鹿看看,究竟问题在哪里! Can you find out why his statue looks so weird? 这些只是明星蜡像中的冰山一角,小伙伴要想亲自感受更多蜡像的奇妙之处,还是自己去看看吧目前,杜莎夫人蜡像馆已在北京,上海,武汉开设分馆,其中陈列了不同艺人的蜡像,再也不用长途跋涉去香港看啦~

  各国游客出门都带啥?中国人最爱泡面 --9 :01:33 来源:中国日报 get flip flops and sun tan lotion, it's coffee and ketchup that holidaymakers consider their packing essentials, according to a new study.一项最新研究显示,度假行李中的必备物品根本不是人字拖和防晒霜,而是咖啡和番茄酱While the French favour cheese with more than half (53 percent) squeezing a dairy treat into their suitcase, perhaps unsurprisingly 8 percent of Brits take tea bags with them on a getaway, to make a brew on the move.法国人钟情于奶酪,他们当中有一半以上(53%)的人喜欢把乳制品塞进旅行箱中而不出所料的是,8%的英国人出门会带茶包,以便在旅途中给自己沏杯茶A survey of travellers from 9 countries and regions has revealed the top unexpected items each nationality takes abroad, ensuring that wherever they go they have a taste of home with them.一项针对9个国家和地区游客的调查公布了一些最出人意料的旅行必备品,出去旅行带着它们,确保无论走到哪里都有家乡的味道The study by lowcostholidays surveyed 7,500 people from around the world ensuring that a minimum of 50 locals had been interviewed each country.西班牙旅行公司;低成本假期;调查了7500名来自世界各地的人,并确保每个国家至少有50名当地人接受采访Illustrated in an infographic, the study found that 56 percent of respondents from Japan packed Miso soup while 6 percent of Italians couldn't travel without coffee.根据调查结果绘制的信息图表显示,日本56%的受访者都会带上味噌汤,而6%的意大利人出门离不了咖啡Perhaps fearing that food overseas might need seasoning, ketchup was the essential item 38 percent of New Zealanders, while 1 percent of Indonesians packed hot sauce and 38 percent of Mexicans carried canned chillies.可能担心国外的食物味道不够:38%的新西兰人都会备上番茄酱,1%的印度尼西亚人会带辣椒酱,而38%的墨西哥人会带罐装辣椒Transporting a kitchen essential from home, Australians couldn't bear to be without vegemite (1 percent packed it) while 55 % of South Koreans can be found carrying Kimchi and 39 percent of Chinese mainland travellers pack instant noodles.说到从家里带的厨房必备品,1%的澳大利亚人难以忍受没有维吉麦酱的日子,55%的韩国人喜欢带泡菜,39%的中国大陆游客装的是方便面 Germans with a sweet tooth, 3 percent packed treats in the m of Haribo while 3 percent of Irish tourists squirrel away Silvermints in their suitcase.对喜欢甜食的德国人来说,他们当中3%的人会带上哈瑞宝软糖等零食,而3%的爱尔兰游客会在旅行箱里放几袋薄荷糖Concerned more with entertainment on the road than their taste buds, 37 percent of Russians surveyed travel with a pack of playing cards. While handily, 30 percent of Swiss travellers carry a pocket knife.比之味蕾,俄罗斯人更关心的是,37%的俄罗斯人旅行会装一副纸牌而为了方便,30%的瑞士人会携带一把折叠小刀Interestingly, those from the USA, Hong Kong and Belgium were more pre-occupied with packing essentials that related to grooming and hygiene.有趣的是,美国、香港和比利时的游客更倾向于带洗漱和卫生用品The study found 3 percent of Americans take toilet paper with them on their travels, a staggering 66 percent of Belgians pack Washandjes (wash cloths) and 60 percent of people from Hong Kong carry pocket tissues with them.研究发现3%的美国游客出门会装厕纸,66%左右的比利时人会带洗脸巾,60%的香港游客会随身携带手帕纸Honing in on Brits, after tea bags, marmite was a popular item to pack with percent of respondents taking the sp overseas, along with percent carrying chocolate hob nobs, nine percent Vicks Vapor Rub and just 8 percent plumping coffee.对英国人的进一步调查发现,马麦酱也是受欢迎的必备物品,%的受访者出国会带着它,仅次于茶包还有%的人喜欢带;hob nob;牌巧克力,9%的人会带维克斯薄荷膏,只有8%的人选择了咖啡Vocabularyinfographic: 信息图season: 给;调味;使适应squirrel: 贮藏handily: 方便地;灵巧地plump : 选中;持

  这句常用口语在国外竟这样用 --1 ::3 来源:chinadaily 以下很常见的口语句子,还有很多其他意思~ 1. No problem! 没问题;没关系;不用客气 -国内:没问题 -国外:还用于回答“thank you” 或“sorry” . Appreciate it! 谢谢! 国外经常用来表达感谢和感激,和;Thank you very much;差不多意思小编觉得这个更有腔调~ 3. Go by 过去;经过;依照 可用于自我介绍,“My name is xxx(中文名), and I go by xxx(英文名).” 外国人经常用go by 来介绍自己的昵称例:My name is Cinderella, and I go by Cindy. . Have a good one! 祝你愉快 美国人在互相道别的时候,会经常使用这句话,和;Have a good daynight;意思是一样的 5.I'm good. 我很好;不用了 这句可以用来回答“How are you”,也可以用于委婉的拒绝例: -Do you want some water? -No, I'm good. Thanks. 6.Shoot 射击 除了“射击”这个意思外,在生活中还有以下这些用法: (1)表“发送”,和send一个意思,但比其更口语化例: -You can shoot me an email. ()“冲击”的意思例: -If possible, I will shoot 0. 这里是冲击0分的意思 (3)表示“请讲”,和Go ahead 差不多意思例: -I have to tell you something important. -Shoot. (请讲) 7.Though 尽管,可是 这个单词,我们对它放在句首或句中,表示虽然尽管的意思很了解了,但它还有种可以放在句末的用法 (1)意为“不过还是”例: -Do you want some water? -No, I'm good. Thank you though. (不过还是谢谢你) ()表讥讽的意味例: 一个大男人被一个恶作剧整蛊到尖叫,然后可以说-That scream though(重音在scream) 8.A touch of 一点儿 和a little,a bit of 差不多意思例: -I have a touch of flu and need some rest. 9.Dress updown 穿的正式随意 You have to dress up the dinner.But in the daytime,you can dress down. .Thing 事物 除了“事物”这个意思之外,在口语中还有以下这些用法 (1)“有意思”例: -He has a thing you. 他对你有意思 ()某人最显著的特征例: -Being funny is Chandler's thing and Ross's thing is getting divorced. 出自《老友记,可以让别人想到你就联想起来的东西。

  双语新闻:希拉里.克林顿宣布竞选美国总统 -- :56:55 来源:   mer US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has mally entered the race the White House in a bid to become the first woman US president.  前美国国务卿希拉里·克林顿正式宣布将参加年美国总统大选,如果成功她将成为美国历史上的第一位女总统  She launched her campaign website on Sunday, telling Americans she wanted to be their "champion".  希拉里于上周日开放了自己的竞选网站,并告诉美国民众她想成为他们的“捍卫者”  Mrs Clinton ran the Democratic presidential nomination in but lost to Barack Obama.  年希拉里就曾参与民主党总统候选人的角逐,但输给了奥巴马  In a on her website, Mrs Clinton declared: "I am running president".  在竞选网站里的视频中,希拉里宣布:“我准备参与总统大选”  "Americans have fought their way back from tough economic times," she said, "but thedeck is still stacked in favour of those at the top.  “美国人民在经济不景气时期依然奋力拼搏扭转了局面,但是天平还是向着塔尖上的少数人倾斜”  "Everyday Americans need a champion and I want to be that champion," she added.  “每天美国民众都需要一个捍卫者,而我希望成为这个捍卫者”  The features a number of Americans talking about their hopes and aspirations.  视频中很多美国人谈到他们的希望与决心  It ends with Mrs Clinton saying: "So I'm hitting the road to earn your vote because it's your time and I hope you'll join me on this journey".  最后,希拉里说:“所以我已经整装待发争取你们的选票,因为这是属于你们的时代,希望你们能与我一起踏上征途”  Mrs Clinton's team said would spend the next few weeks building up grassroots support in the early Democratic primary states; she tweeted that she is on her way to Iowa.  希拉里的竞选团队表示接下来的几周他们会首先在民主党的初选州赢取基层持,希拉里在推特上也称她已经在去爱荷华州的路上了  She is expected to hold her first rally, officially kicking off her campaign, in mid-May.  预计五月中旬希拉里及其竞选团队将会开启正式的竞选活动   Hillary Clinton - her Washington career so far  希拉里·克林顿的政治生涯  Tried to rem US healthcare during husband Bill's first term as president (1993-1997) but her plan never reached a vote in Congress  1993-1997年克林顿担任美国总统期间希拉里曾尝试改革美国的卫生保健措施但未得到国会的持  Stood by her husband when his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky was exposed, 1997-98  1997-1998年克林顿被爆出与莱温斯基的性丑闻时希拉里选择持丈夫  Elected as Democratic senator New York, 00  00年当选为纽约州的民主党参议员  Voted in favour of the Iraq war in but later distanced herself from the war  年表示持伊拉克战争但随后与战争保持距离  Ran the Democratic nomination in but conceded in favour of Barack Obama  年参与民主党候选人角逐但不敌奥巴马  Served as US secretary of state -  -年任美国国务卿  Embroiled in controversy over the attack on a US consulate in Benghazi, Libya in   年美国驻利比亚班加西大使馆遭袭,希拉里卷入争议之中  Investigated by the State Department her use of a private email server, circumventinglegal requirements  因违反规定使用私人电子邮件务器而被美国国务院调查

  特朗普高颜值女儿花式炫父(附:跑步歌单) --30 18:: 来源:sohu 关注我们的小伙伴们肯定知道,特朗普已经正式成为美国共和党总统候选人 传送门→[国际] 高颜值大长腿: 新晋美国第一家庭?(双语) 周四,在共和党全国代表大会上,特朗普发表了演讲 看看现场这人山人海! 在一个多小时的演讲中,特朗普说了很多... Trump covered issues including law and order, national security, immigration, trade, tax-cutand the threat of terrorism. 他还表示他代表了美国人民的声音 He then proclaimed that ; I am your voice; to the American people. 但看完整场演讲的小编表示,他那高颜值闺女Ivanka Trump的演讲更有借鉴意义 她演讲的题目翻译过来就是《论如何花式夸奖自己的爸比从中学到的技巧,明年父亲节你们肯定用的上! BTW, Ivanka的出场音乐很好听,求歌名! 讲真,共和党大会上用的音乐简直就是运动必备歌单: 1.We are the Champions by Queen .Happy Together by Turtles 3.My Sharona by The Knack .Eight Days A Week by The Beatles 5.Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison 6.Roll with the Changes by Reo Speedwagon 7.Buy me a boat by Chris Janson 8.Limelight by Rush 看完歌单,也来看看Ivanka Trump 的“炫父”演讲吧! 演讲文稿: Good evening. Thank you. One year ago, I introduced my father when he declared his candidacy. In his own way, and through his own sheer ce of will, he sacrificed greatly to enter the political arena as an outsider. And he prevailed against a field of very talented competitors. (APPLAUSE) more than a year, Donald Trump has been the people’s champion, and tonight he’s the people’s nominee. (APPLAUSE) Like many of my fellow millenials, I do not consider myself categorically Republican or Democrat. More than party affiliation, I vote on based on what I believe is right, my family and my country. Sometimes it’s a tough choice. That is not the case this time. As the proud daughter of your nominee, I am here to tell you that this is the moment and Donald Trump is the person to make America great again. (APPLAUSE) Real change, the kind we have not seen in decades is only going to come from outside the system. And it’s only going to come from a man who’s spent his entire life doing what others said could not be done. My father is a fighter. When the primaries got tough and they were tough, he did what any great leader does. He dug deeper, worked harder, got better and became stronger. (APPLAUSE) I have seen him fight his family. I have seen him fight his employees. I have seen him fight his company. And now, I am seeing him fight our country. It’s been the story of his life and more recently the spirit of his campaign. It’s also a prelude to reaching the goal that es us all. When this party and better still this country knows what it is like to win again. (APPLAUSE) If it’s possible to be famous and yet not really well done, that describes the father who raised me. In the same office in Trump Tower, where we now work together, I remember playing on the floor by my father’s desk, constructing miniature buildings with Legos and Erector sets, while he did the same with concrete steel and glass. My father taught my siblings and me the importance of positive values and a strong ethical compass. He showed us how to be resilient, how to deal with challenges and how to strive excellence in all that we do. He taught us that there’s nothing that we cannot accomplish, if we marry vision and passion with an enduring work ethic. (APPLAUSE) One of my father’s greatest talents is the ability to see potential in people, bee they see it in themselves. It was like that us to growing up. He taught us that potential vanishes into nothing without eft. And like him, we each had a responsibility to work, not just ourselves but the betterment of the world around us. Over the years, on too many occasions to count, I saw my father tear stories out of the newspaper about people whom he had never met, who were facing some injustice or hardship. He’d write a note to his assistant, in a signature black felt tip pen, and request that the person be found and invited to Trump Tower to meet with him. He would talk to them and then draw upon his extensive network to find them a job or get them a break. And they would leave his office, as people so often do after having been with Donald Trump, feeling that life could be great again. (APPLAUSE) Throughout my entire life, I have witnessed his empathy and generosity towards other, especially those who are suffering. It is just his way of being in your corner when you’re down. My father not only has the strength and ability necessary to be our next President, but also the kindness and compassion that will enable him to be the leader that this country needs. (APPLAUSE) My father has a sense of fairness that touches every conviction he’s hold. I worked along side of him now more than a decade now at the Trump Organization and I’ve seen how he operates as a leader. Making important decisions that shape careers and that change lives. I’ve learned a lot about the world from walking construction jobs by his side. When run properly, construction sites are true meritocracies. Competence in the building trades is easy to spot and incompetence is impossible to hide. (APPLAUSE) These sites are also incredible melting pots, gathering people from all walks of life and ing them to work towards a single mission. There have always been men of all background and ethnicities on my father’s job sites. And long bee it was common place, you also saw women. (APPLAUSE) My father values talent. He recognizes real knowledge and skill when he finds it. He is color blind and gender neutral. He hires the best person the job, period. (APPLAUSE) Words and promises, no matter visionary they sound will only get you so far. In our business, you’re not a builder, unless you’ve got a building to show it, or in my father’s case, city skylines. Most people strive their entire lives to achieve great success in a single industry. My father has succeeded in many on the highest level and on a global scale. One of the reasons he has thrived as an entrepreneur is because he listens to everyone. Billionaire executives don’t usually ask the people doing the work their opinion of the work. My father is an exception. TRUMP: On every one of his projects, you’ll see him talking to the super, the painter, the engineers, the electricians, he’ll ask them their feedback, if they think something should be done differently, or could be done better. When Donald Trump is in charge, all that counts is ability, eft and excellence. (APPLAUSE) This has long been the philosophy at the Trump Organization. At my father’s company, there are more female than male executives. Women are paid equally the work that we do and when a woman becomes a mother, she is supported, not shut out. (APPLAUSE) Women represent 6 percent of the total U.S. labor ce, and 0 percent of American households have female primary bwinners. In , women made 83 cents every dollar made by a man. Single women without children earn 9 cents each dollar earned by a man, whereas married mothers made only 77 cents. As researchers have noted, gender is no longer the factor creating the greatest wage discrepancy in this country, motherhood is. As President, my father will change the labor laws that were put into place at a time when women were not a significant portion of the workce. And he will focus on making quality childcare afdable and accessible all. (APPLAUSE) As a mother myself, of three young children, I know how hard it is to work while raising a family. And I also know that I’m far more tunate than most. American families need relief. Policies that allow women with children to thrive should not be novelties, they should be the norm. Politicians talk about wage equality, but my father has made it a practice at his company throughout his entire career. (APPLAUSE) He will fight equal pay equal work, and I will fight this too, right along side of him. (APPLAUSE) Americans today need an economy that permits people to rise again. A Trump Presidency will turn the economy around and restore the great American tradition of giving each new generation hope brighter opporties than those of the generation that came bee. In Donald Trump, you have a candidate who knows the difference between wanting something done and making it happen. When my father says that he will build a tower, keep an eye on the skyline. Floor by floor a soaring structure will appear, usually record setting in its height and iconic in its design. Real people are hired to do real work. Vision becomes reality. When my father says that he will make America great again, he will deliver. (APPLAUSE) We have a chance this year, to reclaim our heritage as a country that dreams big and makes the impossible happen. tunately, Donald Trump is incapable of thinking small. When I was a child, my father always told me, Ivanka if you’re going to be thinking anyway, you might as well think big. As President, my father will take on the bold and worthy fights. He will be unafraid to set lofty goals and he will be relentless in his determination to achieve them. To people all over America, I say, when you have my father in your corner, you will never again have to worry about being let down. He will fight you all the time, all the way, every time. (APPLAUSE) Maybe it’s the developer in him, but Donald Trump cannot stand to see empty main streets and boarded up factories. He can’t bear the injustice of college graduates who are crippled by student debt, and mothers who can’t afd of the childcare required to return to work to better the lives of their families. Other politicians see these hardships, see the unfairness of it all, and they say I feel you. Only my father will say, I’ll fight you. (APPLAUSE) The hard working men and women of this country identify with my father. He is tough and he is persevering. He is honest and he is real. He’s an optimist and he’s a relentless believer in America and all of her potential. He loves his family and he loves his country with his heart and his soul. Politicians ask to be judged by their promises, not their results. I ask you to judge my father by his results. Judge his values by those he’s instilled in his children. Judge his competency by the towers he’s built, the companies he’s founded, and the tens of thousands of jobs he’s created. He is the single most qualified serve as chief executive of an trillion economy. My father will call upon the best and brightest people from all spheres of industry and both side of the aisle. A new set of thinkers, to face our countries existing and future problems with fresh perspective and brave new solutions. Come January , all things will be possible again. We can hope and dream and think big again. No one has more faith in the American people than my father. He will be your greatest, your truest and your most loyal champion. (APPLAUSE) This is the fighter, the doer that you have chosen as your nominee, in ways no one expected, this moment in the life of our country has defined a mission and given it to an extraordinary man. He is y to see it all the way through, to speak to every man and every woman, of every background, in every part of this great country. To earn your trust and to earn your vote. He earned that and much more from me a long time ago. I’ve loved and respected him, my entire life. And I could not be more proud tonight, to present to you and to all of America, my father and our next President, Donald J. Trump. 演讲看完,留点感想吧!别忘了小编求歌名


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