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英语日常口语 61:A difficult conversation 难以对话本单元是关于难以对话的对话Helen: Hi Michal, what are you doing on the computer? Let's see ... one ticket to Poland! Michal, what's going on? Michal: Helen, we have to talk about everything! We need to talk about love, commitment, family and about dads.Helen: Dad? What did he say to you in the garden? You've been acting all funny since we got back from that visit. Michal: No, Helen not your dad, my dad. He's had a heart attack. Helen: Oh, that's awful. So that's why you are flying over to visit him. How long are you going for?Michal: Helen, it's a one-way ticket I've booked; I'm going back to Poland for good. Vocabulary:(字汇)commitment (n):(承诺)being y to give a lot of your time, attention or love to something or someone because you believe in the person or thing is right or important a one-way ticket:(单程票)a ticket you use to go somewhere but which you can't use to come back for good:(永远)for ever 本单元的语言点是句子重音,口语英语当中,我们使用句子重音来强调句子里面最重要的部分(整个句子的重点所在)。重音经常落在有含义的字上,举例来说,重音可能放在主要的动词、名词和形容词上,而不是放在冠词或附属动词上。说话的时候,重音部分我们说的比较大声并且比较缓慢。Sentence stressIn spoken English, we use sentence stress to show our listeners which parts of our sentences are the most important (the parts that carry the most meaning).We usually stress content words, for example, main verbs, nouns and adjectives rather than articles or auxiliary verbs.We stress words by saying them slightly louder and more slowly than the other words in the sentence.口语英语当中,我们使用句子重音来强调巨资里面最重要的部分(整个句子的重点所在)。重音经常落在有含义的字上,举例来说,重音可能放在主要的动词上,名词和形容词上,而不是放在冠词或附属动词上。说话的时候,重音部分我们说的比较大声并且比较缓慢。Helen: Have you SEEN the NEW FILM with TOM CRUISE?The words in capital letters (a main verb, an adjective and two nouns) are the ones Helen stresses. 上句中,粗体字 (主要动词、形容词和两个名词)是重音所在的部分。Shifting stressIf we want to contrast or show disagreement with what someone else has said, we use shifting stress. We do this by changing the usual patterns of sentence stress. So in this next example, John knows the conversation is about films and Tom Cruise so he doesn't have to stress those items. Instead he stresses the new or contrasting information:如果要和其它人所说的形成对比或表达不同意,我们就要使用转移语调。方法是改变平常说话的重音语调,在下一个例句中,John已经知道对话的有关于电影和Tom Cruise,所以他不需要在这些部分放重音,他只需要强调新的或相反的信息即可:Helen: Have you SEEN that NEW FILM with TOM CRUISE?John: NO, but I saw the LAST one he was in. It was TERRIBLE! /200707/16065060 HISTORY Words Period century age era colony (civil)war invasion treaty prehistoric evidence ancient ancestor empire leader discover(y) revolution emperor primitive artifact archaeology origin Monument/memorial Phrases Study a period of history Historical figure Historical records Historic event Beginner A; are you interested in history? B: yes, I am. I enjoyed studying it at school, though I had trouble remembering all the dates, so my teacher never gave me good marks. A: I love history, but I’ve always thought that learning the reasons behind events is more important than remembering exactly when they happened. B; I wish you had been my history teacher! I might have got better marks! A; some people say that history repeats itself. B; what does that mean? The same events never happen twice, do they? A: the idea is that the people and dates change, but the reason why things happen stay the same. B: I see . I think I’d agree with that statement. People often seem to make the same mistakes over and over again. Intermediate A; London is such a historic city! There’s history everywhere you look. There’s nelson’s column, built as a monument to one of the Britain’s great admirals and his important victory. He won the battle of Trafalgar in 1805. B: I’m looking forward to seeing Westminster abbey, where many historic figures are buried, like Isaac Newton, the great mathematician and Winston Churchill, the great wartime leader. A: nearby, on the banks of the thames, there’s the statue of Boudicea. She fought the Romans when they invaded Britain. B: women have often played an important role in british history. Queen Elizabeth I built a navy strong enough to fight off the Spanish armada in 1588. more recently, Margaret thatcher transformed british society in the 1980’s. A: she was a very controversial leader. Are we going to visit the famous tower of London later? B: there’s a lot to see there. Perhaps we should go tomorrow. A: I’m looking forward to seeing the famous castle and prison. Many historic figures were imprisoned there in the past. I really want to see the crown jewels too. B: I’ve seen them before. They’re quite incredible. If you want to see historical figures in London , there’s one place you have to go. A; where’s that? On, I know! Madame tussaud’s the waxworks museum. B: there you can see british leaders, entertainers, crimicals, and royalty. A: sometimes, it’s hard to know who belongs in each section of the museum! /200705/13723And I remembered back to about 10 years ago我还记得大约十年前when I a book by Susan Faludi called ;Stiffed: The Betrayal of the American Man;,当我在读苏珊·法露迪的“失信:美国男人的背叛”这本书in which she described how hard the recession had hit men,书中她描述了经济衰退是如何剧烈地影响男人们。and I started to think about whether it had gotten worse this time around in this recession.我于是开始想是否这次经济衰退更糟呢?And I realized that two things were different this time around.然后我意识到了这次有两件事情不同。The first was that these were no longer just temporary hits that the recession was giving men第一件事就是经济衰退带给男人们的不再是暂时的冲击--that this was reflecting a deeper underlying shift in our global economy.这映射出我们全球经济的深层的变化。And second, that the story was no longer just about the crisis of men,第二,这不再仅仅是男人们的危机,but it was also about what was happening to women.还对女人们产生了影响。And now look at this second set of slides.现在请看第二组幻灯片。These are headlines about whats been going on with women in the next few years.这些标题是关于接下来的几年内女性们将发生什么样的变化。These are things we never could have imagined a few years ago.有些事情是我们在过去这些年从未想到过的。Women, a majority of the workplace.女人,劳动力的主体。And labor statistics: women take up most managerial jobs.劳动力统计结果:女性占据大部分的管理层工作。This second set of headlines -- you can see that families and marriages are starting to shift.第二个标题:你可以看到家庭和婚姻正在开始发生变化。And look at that last headline -- young women earning more than young men.再来看看最后一个标题:年轻女性比年轻男性挣的更多。That particular headline comes to me from a market research firm.这个标题来源于一个市场调查公司。They were basically asked by one of their clients他们被一个客户询问who was going to buy houses in that neighborhood in the future.谁将购买那样一个街区的房子。And they expected that it would be young families, or young men, just like it had always been.他们预测将会是年轻的家庭,或者青年,一如既往。But in fact, they found something very surprising.但事实上,他们惊奇地发现It was young, single women who were the major purchasers of houses in the neighborhood.那样一个街区房子的主要买主是一个年轻的,单身女性。And so they decided, because they were intrigued by this finding, to do a nationwide survey.因为他们的好奇心被激起了,因此,他们决定去做一个全国性的调查。201610/471816

1_05 Let’s go. Let’s go. 我们走吧. Let’s jet. 我们走吧. Let’s get out of here. 我们离开这里吧. Where are you going? 你要去哪里? Are you heading home? 你要回家吗? Want to get a bite to eat? 要不要去吃点东西? I’m hungry. 我饿了. I could use a snack. 我有点想吃点心. Let’s go eat. 我们去吃吧. /200705/13648

But it doesnt have to end there.而这个过程可以实现永无止境。This is really exciting.这是令人非常激动的。According to Herodotus, after 18 years the famine wasnt getting better,so the king decided they would play one final dice game.据希罗多德所着,在18年后大饥荒没有任何改善、变好的迹象,因此,国王决定全国人玩最后一次骰子游戏。They divided the entire kingdom in half.他把全国人平均分成两组。They played one dice game,and the winners of that game got to go on an epic adventure.他们一起玩一场骰子游戏,游戏的胜利一方将会踏上冒险的远征行程。They would leave Lydia,and they would go out in search of a new place to live,leaving behind just enough people to survive on the resources that were available,and hopefully to take their civilization somewhere else where they could thrive.他们将会离开Lydia,去寻找一个新地方居住,留下来的人则可以用现存的资源度过饥荒,离开的人则肩负着传播、兴旺文明的重担。Now, this sounds crazy, right?这听起来很疯狂,难道不是吗?But recently, DNA evidence has shown that the Etruscans,who then led to the Roman Empire,actually share the same DNA as the ancient Lydians.不过,最近DNA据显示罗马帝国的祖先—伊楚利亚人和古利迪亚人拥有相同的基因。And so, recently, scientists have suggested that Herodotuscrazy story is actually true.最近科学家们发现,希罗多德的疯狂故事在历史上确有其事。And geologists have found evidence of a global cooling that lasted for nearly 20 years that could have explained the famine.地质学家也寻找到了据表明地球上曾经有过长达20年的全球降温,这就可以解释这次大饥荒的由来了。So, this crazy story might be true.因此,这个看似疯狂的故事兴许是真的。They might have actually saved their culture by playing games,escaping to games for 18 years,and then been so inspired,and knew so much about how to come together with games,that they actually saved the entire civilization that way.他们通过玩游戏保留了他们的文化,并且在游戏中躲避现实长达18年最终得以流传下来,他们早就参悟出了如何通过游戏把人聚到一起,也正是通过这种方式拯救了整个文明。Okay, we can do that.我们也可以通过这种方式做到。Weve been playing Warcraft since 1994.人们从1994年开始就在玩魔兽了。That was the first real-time strategy game from the World of Warcraft series. That was 16 years ago.这是魔兽世界系列里的第一款实时的战略游戏,而这就是16年前的事情。They played dice games for 18 years,weve been playing Warcraft for 16 years.古人玩骰子游戏长达18年,我们则玩魔兽16年。I say we are y for our own epic game.所以我断言,我们已经准备好去接受一个能改变我们生活的游戏了。Now, they had half the civilization go off in search of a new world,so thats where I get my 21 billion hours a week of game-play from.古人通过所掌握的二分之一的文明去寻找新世界,而我们现在则有每周长达210亿小时的玩游戏时间。201606/449391

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