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The identity of Elena Ferrante, the elusive author (and subject of a series of essays in the current issue of T) who has never been photographed, interviewed in person or seen in public, is a matter of intense debate thanks to her sharp, autobiographical novels, which explore female friendship in the context of Italian society. On the eve of the publication of “Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay,” the third volume in Ferrante’s Neapolitan series, we offer a short history of literary masks, from Jonathan Swift to J.K. Rowling.埃琳娜·费兰特(Elena Ferrante)是一个难以捉摸的作家(本期的T杂志中也有若干文章是关于她的),她的照片从未公之于众,从不接受个人访谈,也从不在公众中出现,她那些犀利的、自传性质的小说以意大利社会为背景,探索女人之间的友谊,引发了激烈的争论新书《离开的和留下来的(Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay)是她的那不勒斯系列小说的第三卷,在这本书出版前夕,我们来盘点一下那些隐姓埋名的作家们——从乔纳森·斯威夫特(Jonathan Swift)到J·K·罗琳(J. K. Rowling) 3363。

  • On a mission tobecome the first to document all 39 species of birds of paradise, thephotographer Tim Laman and ornithologist Ed Scholes have spent nearly a decadesleeping in tents and dangling from the rainest canopy.为完成记录所有39种天堂鸟第一人的任务,摄影师蒂姆#86;拉曼和鸟类学家埃德#86;斯科尔斯已经花了将近十年一直睡在帐篷里或悬挂在雨林的树冠层中Greater bird ofparadiseVictoriaRiflebird bird of paradiseBlue bird ofparadiseAdult male Kingof Saxony bird of paradiseGoldie bird ofparadiseRed bird ofparadise-wired bird ofparadiseWilson bird ofparadise 670。
  • Its slogan says it’s “the very first Chinese mainland TV series that focuses on interpreters”. But those who expect Les Interpretes (亲爱的翻译官) to be an inside look at the translation industry may be disappointed. The hit drama is, rather, a mulaic romance.《亲爱的翻译官的宣传口号是“这是中国大陆第一部聚焦口译员的电视剧”,然而期待这部剧集可以挖掘翻译行业内幕生活的观众可能要失望了这部热播剧,其实是一部程式化的爱情剧Les Interpretes is based on a popular online novel. Qiao Fei (Yang Mi), an undergraduate majoring in French, aspires to be an interpreter. The show begins with Qiao encountering Cheng Jiayang (Huang Xuan), a translator, during her semester as an exchange student in Zurich, Switzerland. But wait a second: Why is a French major studying in Zurich, a city where the primary language is German?《亲爱的翻译官以一部大受欢迎的网络小说为基础,乔菲(杨幂)是一名法语专业本科生,她立志成为一名口译电视剧由乔菲和翻译程家阳(黄轩)的相逢开始,当时乔菲作为交换生在瑞士苏黎世学习等一下:为什么一个法语专业的学生在苏黎世学习?苏黎世的主要语言是德语啊~Loopholes like this are easy to spot in the show. An interpreter told Beijing Daily that it’s unlikely Qiao is able to do simultaneous interpreting with her eyes closed and no pen in her hand. “I’ve never seen any simultaneous interpreters successfully complete their job without taking notes,” she said.这部剧中像这样的漏洞屡见不鲜一名口译员在接受《北京日报采访时表示,像乔菲那样闭上眼睛、手里不拿笔而进行同声传译是不太可能的她表示,“我从来没见过有同传译员可以不记笔记还能成功完成工作的”Nevertheless, as the chemistry gradually sparks between the two protagonists, the show’s ratings have soared. It also continues to top the trending lists on Chinese social media.然而,随着男女主人公两人感情的升温,剧集的收视率也在飙升,并且持续霸占中国社交媒体热搜榜It’s another Mary Sue story that chronicles the inevitable love between a finicky woman and a bossy man. We are offered the familiar tricks of romantic dramas: love triangles, family impediments, fatal illness, a car crash and an abortion. Interpretation here works as another glittery backdrop to make the show’s characters appealing. It’s a mark of prestige and desirability, just like Cheng’s wealth and appearance.这又是一部“玛丽苏”式的故事,即霸道男总裁和挑剔女之间命中注定的爱情故事这部剧中有各种我们熟悉的套路:三角恋,家庭阻碍,绝症,车祸以及堕胎口译在这里仅仅作为一个高大上的背景,让主角更具魅力口译在这里代表着名誉和加分项,就如同剧中程家阳的财富和颜值一样Les Interpretes is not alone in weaving a story around a certain occupation. Recently, Dragon TV’s Women Must be Stronger《女不强大天不容focuses on the struggles reporters face in the internet era. Jiangsu TV’s To Be a Better Man《好男人revolves around a three-star Michelin chef.《亲爱的翻译官并不是唯一一个把故事建立在特定职业上的电视剧最近东方卫视播出的《女不强大天不容关注互联网时代记者的拼搏奋斗江苏卫视播出的《好先生则围绕着一位米其林三星厨师展开故事These TV series have, to some extent, broadened the popularity of the professions they feature. But compared with critically acclaimed shows created by TVB and US production companies, they lack professional accuracy and end up feeling unsatisfying.某种程度上,这三部电视剧让剧中职业的受欢迎程度大大增加但是与广受好评的TVB以及美国出品的行业剧相比,这三部电视剧中有关职业的准确性不高,让人不甚满意By watching this genre of drama, viewers hope not only to be entertained but also to be educated. Take Grey’s Anatomy (-) example: In , Madisyn Seyferth, a -year-old American girl, saved her mother’s life after learning CPR from the show.在观看这类电视剧时,观众不仅仅希望有的一面,还希望自己可以学到东西拿《实习医生格蕾(-至今)举例:在年,岁的美国小姑娘Madisyn Seyferth通过看电视剧学到的心肺复苏术,挽救了母亲的生命That’s the kind of insight we are expecting from a TV series of this genre.这才是我们希望从这类电视剧中看到的 90。
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