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泉州市哪个最好的妇科医院安溪县妇幼保健院人流要多少钱泉州新阳光医院引产价格 It is a truth universally acknowledged that every woman is in search of her own Mr Darcy, but one author claims to have unearthed the original man who inspired Jane Austen romantic hero.这是一个举世公认的真理:每个女人都在寻找属于她们的达西先生但是有位作家表示,她已经找到了那个激发简·奥斯汀构思这位浪漫男主角的人物原型Dr Susan Law says she has uncovered documents and letters which prove that the character of Fitzwilliam Darcy was inspired by John Parker, the 1st Earl of Morley.苏珊·劳士表示,她已经发现了一些文件书信,可以明菲兹威廉·达西这个人物源于第一位莫雷伯爵——约翰·帕克Like Mr Darcy, Parker was tall, dark and brooding and also became embroiled in a sex scandal after it was discovered that his first wife had been unfaithful to him.与达西先生一样,帕克也是“高大,黑发,性情忧郁”同样地,第一任妻子出轨后,帕克深陷一桩性丑闻事件Dr Law says the new evidence shows that that Austen stayed at the Earl country home Saltram House in Plymouth, Devon, in the early 1800s when Pride and Prejudice was written.劳士说,这些新据明,在19世纪早期奥斯汀创作《傲慢与偏见的时候,她正待在位于德文郡普利茅斯的萨尔特伦宅邸,也就是这位伯爵的乡村住宅A series of letters also show that Austen was also good friends with Parker second wife, Frances Talbot, who was herself a known author, and that the two often exchanged writing.一系列的信件表明,奥斯汀还是帕克第二任妻子弗朗西斯·泰尔波特的好朋友弗朗西斯本人是一位知名作家,她和奥斯汀经常互通书信In fact, shortly after Pride and Prejudice first appeared anonymously, Dr Law says it was believed that Frances was the author, as the character of Mr Darcy fit her husband profile so closely.劳士说,事实上,《傲慢与偏见首次以匿名的形式出版不久,外界一度认为作者是弗朗西斯,因为达西先生这个角色长得非常像她的丈夫Dr Law, 5, an author and historian from Knielworth, Warwickshire, said: The physical similarities in them are obvious but there is also so much evidence to suggest the Earl was Mr Darcy.劳士来自(英国)沃里克郡涅尔沃斯,是一位作家兼历史学家,现年5岁她说,他们两人的外貌显然很相似,而且不仅如此,还有很多据能明帕克伯爵就是达西先生When Jane Austin published her two novels Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility, she did so anonymously.“当年简·奥斯汀是匿名出版的《傲慢与偏见和《理智与情感这两本小说”The Earl second wife Francis, who was well known in literally circles, was widely thought to be the author of those novels.“伯爵的第二任妻子弗朗西斯在文学领域享有盛名,当时各界广泛认为她是这两部小说的作者”The Earl was tall, dark, handsome and slightly brooding. There is a picture of him in 18 image in his militia unim and another in the library. He looks very intense.“伯爵身材高大,头发乌黑,长相英俊,还有一丝忧郁气质有一张他18年穿军装的照片,还有一张在图书馆的(照片中的)他看起来非常多愁善感”The Earl himself became mired in scandal after it was revealed that he had fathered three illegitimate children with his married mistress, leading his first wife, Lady Augusta Fane, to elope with a family friend bee the two divorced in 18.在那起丑闻中,伯爵本人也是被指责的对象,因为据透露,他与已婚情妇有三个私生子,这才导致他的第一任妻子奥古斯塔·费恩夫人跟一位家庭朋友私奔了伯爵与夫人后来于18年离的婚It was aly thought that the Earl messy love-life likely provided the inspiration Mansfield Park, but Dr Law now believes he likely inspired Mr Darcy as well.已有的观点认为,伯爵糜烂的私生活很可能是《曼斯菲尔德庄园的素材来源,但劳士现在认为,伯爵可能也是达西先生的原型Dr Law says she spent five years travelling the country unearthing old newspaper cuttings, diary entries, letters and other documents to prove Parker was Austen inspiration. 劳士说,她花了五年时间在英国各地旅行,寻找旧剪报、日记、信件以及其他可能明帕克是奥斯汀灵感来源的资料She added: We dont have the concrete evidence but I have discovered there were a lot of rumours about at the time and it is a convincing argument.她补充道:“虽然我们没有确凿的据,但当时就有大量相关传闻,这也是一个有说力的依据”There is a massive intriguing web around it. It is clear that Jane Austen had very close links with the family. She sent Francis one of the first editions of Emma - when she only had printed.“关于此事虽然众说纷纭,让人好奇心大增,但可以明确的是,简·奥斯汀与这家人关系密切她首印《艾玛时只印了本,其中一本就给了弗朗西斯”Jane Austin brother Henry was also a university friend of the Earl of Morley. They were contemporaries and he then become a banker to his regiment and later the domestic chaplain to the Earl of Morley family.“简·奥斯汀的兄弟亨利还是莫雷伯爵上大学时的朋友他们是同龄人,亨利随后在伯爵所在的机构从事财务工作,后来又到莫雷伯爵家当家庭牧师”We know how close Jane Austen and Francis were. She never came out and said your husband was Mr Darcy - so we can not say that 0 per cent.“我们都知道简·奥斯汀与弗朗西斯的关系很亲密奥斯汀从来没有公开说过‘你的丈夫就是达西先生,所以我们不能完全确定那么说”It can be very frustrating and it is like trying to piece together a jigsaw. It has been fascinating and I have been longing to find that cast iron bit of evidence.“这会令人非常沮丧,就像在拼图但这同时也是迷人的,促使我一直渴望找到确凿的据”But after spending so long on it, I am pretty convinced.“但经过这么长时间的研究,我很确信他就是达西了” 373879Tiger Woods and his Swedish-born wife officially divorced Monday, nine months after his middle-of-the night car crash outside their home set off shocking revelations that the world's most famous athlete had been cheating on her through multiple affairs.  本周一,“老虎”伍兹和他的瑞典籍妻子正式离婚九个月前,伍兹在住处附近发生的一场午夜车祸爆出惊人丑闻:这位世界著名运动员与多名女子有染,一直对妻子不忠"We are sad that our marriage is over and we wish each other the very best the future," Woods and Elin Nordegren said in a joint statement released by their lawyers.伍兹和艾琳#86;诺德格伦在通过律师发表的一份联合声明中称:“我们的婚姻结束了,我们感到很难过,希望彼此未来都能生活得很幸福”  The divorce was granted in Bay County Circuit Court in Panama City, Fla., about 375 miles away from their Isleworth home outside Orlando. The couple had married in October in Barbados and have a 3-year-old daughter, Sam, and a 19-month-old son, Charlie.  伍兹和艾琳的离婚案是由佛罗里达州巴拿马市海湾县的巡回法庭办理的,此处距离两人位于奥兰多艾尔沃斯的住所大约375英里两人于年月在巴巴多斯结婚,育有3岁的女儿萨姆和19个月大的儿子查理  The marriage was described in court documents as "irretrievably broken" with no point in trying to reconcile. Terms of the divorce were not disclosed, except that they will "share parenting" of their two children.  离婚判决书称这段婚姻“完全破裂、无可挽回”,没有必要尝试调解有关离婚协议的具体条款并未公布,但两人将“共同抚养”两个子女 71泉州丰泽区妇科医院

泉州丰泽区哪家医院看不孕泉州公立三甲医院是公还是私 Hollywood had one of its best summers ever at the domestic box office, but it was a sharply lopsided victory. Studios either thrived or withered, an outcome that reflects the winner-take-all nature of the mass-appeal movie business.今年夏天,好莱坞的国内票房可以跻身史上最佳之列,但这却是一个极为不平衡的胜利制片公司不是大赚特赚,就是大赔特赔,这个结果反映出迎合大众的电影业赢者通吃的本质Ticket sales at North American cinemas rose an estimated . percent, to $.8 billion, the period between the first weekend in May and Labor Day, from the same period a year earlier, the analytics firm Rentrak said on Sunday. Hollywood’s summer, which was one week longer this year because of a calendar quirk, has historically ed up to 0 percent of annual domestic ticket sales.星期日,统计公司Rentrak宣布,从5月第一个周末到劳动节(9月的第一个星期一——译注)期间,北美影院票房比去年同期约增长.%,达到.8亿美元由于历法巧合,今年好莱坞的夏天在统计上要长出一个星期,这段时期的国内票房达到全年国内票房0%,创下了历史记录But the strong season was overwhelmingly owing to movies supplied by just two of Hollywood’s six major studios. Twelve movies took in more than million in the ed States and Canada, and eight of them were from Universal Pictures, a division of Comcast’s NUniversal, and Walt Disney Studios. Together, Universal and Disney controlled 60 percent of the market, Rentrak said.但这强势的一季主要应归功于好莱坞六大制片公司中的两家部影片在美国和加拿大贡献了超过一亿美元的票房,其中八部来自康卡斯特的N环球(Comcast’s NUniversal)旗下的环球影业(Universal Pictures),以及迪士尼公司(Disney Studios)Rentrak称,环球与迪士尼控制着60%的市场Universal’s “Jurassic World” was the No. 1 draw, taking in nearly million, a global total of .65 billion, and Imax theaters did particularly well.环球的《侏罗纪世界(Jurassic World)位居票房首位,国内票房近6.7亿美元,全球票房.5亿美元,Imax影院票房表现尤佳“Avengers: Age of Ultron,” from Disney’s Marvel division, was second, selling .8 million (. billion worldwide).迪士尼漫威部门的《复仇者联盟:奥创纪元(Avengers: Age of Ultron)位居第二,国内票房达.578亿美元,全球票房达亿美元Third place went to one of the few original movies to hit big: “Inside Out,” from Disney’s Pixar , took in . million ( million worldwide).第三名是少有的原创电影大片《头脑特工队(Inside Out),来自迪士尼的皮克斯公司,国内票房达3.8亿美元,全球票房达7.亿美元But almost every other film studio struggled.但其他公司就几乎都不大妙了The once rock-solid Warner Bros. found hits in “San Andreas” and “Mad Max: Fury Road” but mostly suffered dud after dud, including “Magic Mike XXL,” “Entourage,” “Hot Pursuit,” “Vacation” and “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” After a stellar summer last year, th Century Fox had a major flop this time around with “Fantastic Four.” Sony Pictures was barely in the game at all.曾经强劲稳定的华纳兄弟公司推出的《末日崩塌(San Andreas)和《疯狂的麦克斯:狂暴之路(Mad Max: Fury Road)表现出色,但大多数影片一部不如一部,诸如《魔力麦克(Magic Mike XXL)、《明星伙伴(Entourage)、《别惹得州(Hot Pursuit)和《秘密特工(The Man From U.N.C.L.E.)经历了群星荟萃的去年夏季,世纪福克斯公司今年带来的《神奇四侠(Fantastic Four)彻底失败索尼影业几乎没什么值得一提的影片There are two major lessons from all of this, analysts say, one involving Hollywood as a whole and one concerning specific film companies.分析师们从中总结出两个教训,一个是关于整个好莱坞的,另一个是关于个别电影公司的 years, Hollywood has pursued event-style movies intended to play to everyone — old and young, male and female, domestic and eign. (“Old” is defined by the studios as anyone over the age of 35.) But some of these offerings have grown so colossal that other movies, even very expensive and heavily marketed ones that receive decent reviews, are having a hard time getting noticed.多年来,好莱坞追求大片类型的电影,希望能吸引所有人——无论男女老幼,无论国内国外(对于制片公司来说,“老”意味着35岁以上)但是这类影片当中,有些变得过于庞大,导致其他影片就算投入高昂成本、进行大量市场宣传,口碑也不错,但还是不太受人关注“We’re not seeing as many doubles and triples, and those movies are the ones that really keep the box office healthy,” said Paul Dergarabedian, a senior analyst at Rentrak. “It was an extremely top-heavy summer.”“我们没看的影片是已看的两三倍,正是这些影片让票房保持健康,”Rentrak的高级分析师保罗·德加拉贝迪安(Paul Dergarabedian)说“今年夏天的票房实在是太头重脚轻了”Last summer, nine of the top movies in North America collected roughly Scarlett Johansson is pregnant with her first child.斯嘉丽·约翰逊怀了她的第一个孩子The 9-year-old is expecting with fiancé Romain Dauriac, according to a Monday report from People.美国《人物杂志周一报道,这位9岁的女演员和未婚夫罗曼·达瑞克即将迎来他们的第一个孩子The French journalist proposed to the The Avengers actress over six months ago with a vintage Art Deco diamond engagement ring.这位法国记者六个月前以一枚钻石戒指向出演过《复仇者联盟斯嘉丽·约翰逊求婚The Her actress is about five months along, according to TMZ, which cited sources close to the couple.还有与这对情侣关系亲密的来源爆料,斯嘉丽·约翰逊已经怀五个月了斯嘉丽还出言过电影《她As recently as mid January the Lost In Translation star told Good Morning America she had not yet put together her nuptials to the Paris-based Dauriac.早在一月中旬,这位《迷失东京女演员就告诉《早安美国她还没有和未婚夫举办婚礼的打算Im not doing any wedding planning, the Her actress admitted. She also told People, Im happy, he my buddy.“我还没有做任何结婚的打算”这位女演员承认说她告诉《人物杂志“我现在很开心,他是我的小伙伴”She added that the big day was far off in her mind. Johansson was married to Ryan Reynolds from to .她还补充说那个重大的日子现在在她心中还“很远”约翰逊年-年和“绿灯侠”瑞安·雷诺兹有过一段婚姻But she said she been open to having children, the mer child star confessed. I would like to have my own family, that would be nice, she told Daily Mail in December .但是她也承认,不排除先有孩子她在年月告诉《每日邮报,“我也希望有自己的家庭,这感觉很好”They say it never the right time and I am sure that true, but I think you have to plan it like anything else.’“他们说这不是正确的时机,我也这么觉得,但是你必须要像计划其他事情一样计划” 788 million or more in ticket sales. This year, only four movies did that: “Jurassic World,” “Age of Ultron,” “Inside Out” and Universal’s animated “Minions.”去年夏天,在北美票房前名影片中,前9部都得到了亿美元以上的收入而今年,只有部影片取得了这个成绩,分别是《侏罗纪世界、《复仇者联盟:奥创纪元、《头脑特工队和环球影业的动画片《小黄人大眼萌(Minions)“Jurassic World” ranked first or second five weekends in a row. Universal’s “Straight Outta Compton” was No. 1 three weekends straight. Because of the continued popularity of those films, some competing movies faced a limited chance to play in the biggest theaters, including those operated by Imax and a screen network known as Premium Large mat, both of which charge more tickets.《侏罗纪世界一连五周保持在票房第一或第二的位置环球影业的《冲出康普顿(Straight Outta Compton)连续三个周末保持票房第一因为这些影片持续流行,同期竞争影片在大影院上映的机会就受到限制,包括那些由Imax运营的影院,以及提供优质大画幅(Premium Large mat)的影院系统,二者都要收取更高票价It may only get worse: In the summer of , instance, Disney has new installments from its “Toy Story,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Star Wars” franchises opening back to back. That lineup is expected to leave little room anything else to bloom.这种局面可能会变得更糟:比如说,到年暑期,迪斯尼将持续推出《玩具总动员(Toy Story)、《加勒比海盗(Pirates of the Caribbean)、《护卫队(Guardians of the Galaxy)和《星球大战(Star Wars)等系列大片的新作估计这一系列影片给其他影片留下的空间会非常小The summer season that just ended also reflected specific problems at certain suppliers. Warner, instance, has been struggling through a lingering shaky period resulting from upheaval in , when the studio’s movie chief departed in a broader management overhaul.刚刚结束的暑期放映季也反映出某些公司的特殊问题比如华纳公司,年,公司经历了人事动荡,电影部门的主管在管理层的大改组中离开如今公司仍在艰难地克动荡期的余波“Our business is cyclical, and we had a transitional summer,” Dan Fellman, Warner’s president of domestic distribution, said. “The good news is that Greg Silverman and his team are really lining up a series of movies that look to be huge box office hits,” including “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Mr. Silverman is Warner’s president of movie production.“我们的经营有自己的周期,今年夏天是一个过渡,”华纳公司国内发行部总裁丹·菲尔曼(Dan Fellman)说“好消息是,格里格·席尔瓦曼(Greg Silverman)和他的团队正在组织一系列既可能成为票房大片的电影,”这其中包括了《蝙蝠侠大战超人:正义黎明(Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice)席尔瓦曼是华纳电影制作部门的总裁Sony, which as recently as found major warm-weather hits in “Men in Black 3” and “The Amazing Spider-Man,” had the most difficult summer of all. The studio did not have a single film among the season’s top 5 permers, according to Box Office Mojo, a database. “Pixels,” starring Adam Sandler, was Sony’s biggest draw, taking in roughly .3 million in North America.索尼公司上一次在夏季取得成功的大片还要追溯到年的《黑衣人3(Men in Black 3)和《神奇蜘蛛侠(The Amazing Spider-Man),今年夏天,它的日子比谁都难过根据电影票房数据库Box Office Mojo统计,该公司没有一部电影跻身本季票房前5之列亚当·桑德勒(Adam Sandler)主演的《像素大战(Pixels)是索尼最成功的一部影片,在北美获得7330万美元票房Sony, which declined to comment this , brought in a new movie chief, Thomas E. Rothman, in February. Mr. Rothman, who had been working to revive Sony’s TriStar label, replaced Sony’s longtime movie picker, Amy Pascal, who was edged out because of a shortage of hits and the fallout from last year’s cyberattack on the studio.索尼公司拒绝了采访要求,今年月,公司迎来了新的电影部门主管托马斯·E·罗斯曼(Thomas E. Rothman)罗斯曼曾令索尼的TriStar品牌起死回生,他取代了索尼长期以来的电影主管艾米·帕斯卡(Amy Pascal),她离职是因为没能推出足够多的票房大片,此外还受到去年公司受黑客攻击带来的影响The fall promises to be better Sony, which will release the next James Bond film, “Spectre,” on Nov. 6. Sony also got a bit of box-office help over the weekend. Its religious drama “War Room” took in about . million from Friday to Sunday, first place.今年秋季,索尼可能会有些起色,月6日,它将推出0新片《0:大破幽灵危机(Spectre)这个周末,索尼在票房上也有不少收获,关于宗教的新片《战争房间(War Room)刚一上映,就在周五到周日的这段时间里获得了90万美元的票房 3985晋江人民医院妇科预约

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