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The operators of a glass-bottomed walkway clinging to a cliff 3,500 feet above sea level in central China want to reassure visitors that they are quite safe.Despite the cracks in the glass.建造于中国中部海拔3500英尺的悬崖上的一条玻璃栈道的运营者,试图让游客相信,这条栈道非常安全。尽管栈道玻璃已经开裂。The fractures appeared on part of the 1,300-foot-long see-through walkway just over two weeks after it fully opened, but they were no cause for alarm, said the administration of the Yuntai Mountain scenic park in Henan Province.这条1300英尺长(约合400米)的玻璃栈道刚刚完全对外开放两周,就在部分地方开裂,但河南省云台山风景名胜区表示,不必为此惊慌。;This has no impact on safety,; the administration said in a statement on Tuesday, after word sp online that one of the glass panes had cracked.But comments online resounded with skepticism about a nationwide vogue for walking, wobbling or crawling along glass-bottomed bridges and walkways at vertiginous heights. Some cited China#39;s chronic problems with shoddy construction and ineffectual crowd control and argued that the boom in see-through scenic walks lacked transparency.;这不对安全构成影响,;在一份声明中表示。这条栈道其中一块玻璃破裂的消息在网上传开以后,该机构于周二发布了这份声明。但是,对于在高度令人眩晕的玻璃桥和玻璃栈道上行走、蹒跚或爬行这一流行中国的风潮,网上回荡着一片质疑之声。一些人指出了中国长期存在的低劣建筑质量和糟糕的人群控制等问题,并称这股景区透明设施游风潮缺乏透明度。;This is no joke,; said one of the thousands of comments about the cracks that were published on Weibo, a popular microblog site. ;Tourism is taking your life in your own hands. No more of these glass walkways. Just too scary.;;这真不是开玩笑的,;发布于热门微网站新浪微上的一条文讲到,该网站上有关这次玻璃开裂事件的文数以千计。;冒着生命危险去旅游啊。以后还是别弄玻璃栈道了。真的太吓人了。;Many news reports shared a description that appeared to set off alarms about the walkway in Henan.不少有关此事的最新报道,似乎都包含了引发人们对河南这条玻璃栈道的安全性产生担忧的一个描述。;We were near the end point when suddenly there was a giant #39;crack#39; sound and shaking beneath my feet,; said the account that first appeared on Weibo, Southern Metropolitan Daily, a popular tabloid, reported.;就在快到终点的位置,突然#39;砰#39;的一声巨响,脚下一震,;据热门报纸《南方都市报》报道,最先在微上描述此事的微账号如此讲道。;The piece of glass at my feet had shattered,; it said. ;At that moment, everyone screamed, and I yelled, #39;It#39;s really broken, really broken.#39; Then everyone ran, pushing the people in front of them.;But the Yuntai Mountain administration gave a milder account.;我脚下的那一块玻璃碎成花了,;该微账号写道。;那一瞬间,所有人都在尖叫,我大喊#39;真的碎了,是真的碎了!#39;然后推着前面的人就跑。;但根据云台山风景名胜区的描述,情况没那么严重。On Monday afternoon, it said, safety inspectors were conducting a routine patrol when they came across some small cracks in a pane of glass. The inspectors determined that a sharp object had cracked one of the three layers of glass on the walkway. Some news reports said a dropped metal flask may have caused the cracks.该机构表示,周一下午,安全员在正常巡查时,发现玻璃栈道的一块玻璃有少量裂纹。经调查,该机构确认玻璃裂纹系由尖锐物体带来的外力造成的,栈道玻璃为三层特制钢化玻璃,其中一层出现裂纹。一些新闻报道称,这些裂纹可能是掉在玻璃栈道上的不锈钢杯子造成的。;To ensure that tourists can have 100 percent confidence in their safety, we have decided to temporarily halt receiving visitors on the glass walkway,; the administration said.;景区为确保游客100%安全放心,决定暂停玻璃栈道接待游客,;云台山风景名胜区表示。 /201510/402927

US proven oil reserves last year rose to their highest level since 1975, official figures have shown, in the latest sign of how the shale revolution has transformed the country’s energy supply outlook.官方数据显示,去年美国已探明石油储量攀升至1975年以来的最高水平。这一数据又一次显示了页岩革命如何改变了美国的能源供应前景。Proven reserves — oil that is expected to be recoverable with existing technology at current prices — were in decline in the US up until 2009, when companies began experiments with producing oil from the Bakken shale of North Dakota.已探明储量指的是预计可以用现有技术、在现有油价下开采的石油储量。直到2009年,美国已探明储量始终在下降。2009年,多家企业启动了从北达科他州巴肯(Bakken)页岩中开采石油的实验,从而扭转了下降势头。Rising reserves are an indication that higher US oil production, which has risen about 80 per cent since 2008, can be maintained in the longer term, although the recent slump in oil prices is expected to lead to cutbacks in activity and a slowdown in output growth over the coming months.虽然最近油价的暴跌预计会导致石油开采活动萎缩,并在之后几个月内导致石油产量增长放缓,然而不断攀升的石油储备仍然表明:美国石油产量能在较长时期内维持在较高水平。自2008年以来,美国石油产量已增长了大约80%。Crude has fallen nearly 40 per cent since June, on the back of surging US production combined with slowing global oil demand. Brent, the international benchmark, fell 18 per cent last month alone as Opec, the producers’ cartel, decided not to cut output. Brent was trading just below a barrel on Thursday afternoon.由于美国产量的激增,再加上全球石油需求的放缓,原油价格自今年6月以来已经下跌了近40%。石油输出国组织(Opec, 简称欧佩克)决定不缩减产能,作为国际基准的布伦特(Brent)原油仅上个月就下跌了18%。周四下午,布伦特基准原油的价格略低于每桶70美元。Last year companies in the US produced about 2.7bn barrels from their reserves, but added 5.5bn in new discoveries, according to the government’s Energy Information Administration.根据美国政府能源情报署(Energy Information Administration)的数据,去年石油企业在美国的石油开采量大约为27亿桶,而新发现的储量则为55亿桶。As a result, the US ended 2013 with about 36.5bn barrels of proven oil reserves: a rise of 9.3 per cent over the year, and one of the highest levels ever reported in records that go back to the 19th century.这意味着,2013年底美国已探明石油储量约为365亿桶,全年增长9.3%,是这19世纪以来最高水平之一。The peak came in 1970, when the industry reported proven reserves of 39bn barrels of crude oil.目前,美国已探明石油储量最高的一年是1970年,当时其石油产业报出已探明原油储量为390亿桶。However, the US is today still well behind Russia and Canada in terms of proven reserves, and also behind most Opec members.不过,以已探明储量而言,今日的美国仍然远远落后于俄罗斯和加拿大,也落后于大多数欧佩克成员国。Saudi Arabia’s proven oil reserves, the world’s largest conventional ones, were 266bn barrels at the end of last year, according to the BP Statistical Review.沙特阿拉伯是全球常规石油储量最大的国家,根据《英国石油公司世界能源统计年鉴》(BP Statistical Review of World Energy)的数据,去年底该国已探明石油储量是2660亿桶。The largest additions to US reserves were in the Bakken shale, which gained 1.68bn barrels in 2013, and the Eagle Ford shale of south Texas, which gained 805m barrels.对美国来说,石油储量的最大增长来自巴肯页岩和德克萨斯南部的鹰滩(Eagle Ford)页岩。2013年,前者为美国增加了16.8亿桶储量,后者为美国增加了8.05亿桶储量。The additions in the Bakken are equivalent to the discovery of what would be known in the industry as a “giant” field, and are larger than any single field discovered worldwide in 2013.巴肯页岩带来的储量增长等价于发现一个业内所说的“大”油田,也大于2013年全球发现的任何单个油田的储量。US proven reserves of natural gas also grew strongly in 2013, rising 9.7 per cent to 354tn cubic feet.2013年,美国已探明天然气储量也增长强劲,增长了9.7%,达到354万亿立方英尺。The EIA’s estimates are based on companies’ reports of their proven reserves, which reflect their plans for drilling over the next five years.美国能源情报署的储量估计是基于各公司已探明储量报告得出的,这些报告反映了这些公司未来五年的钻井计划。The 2013 estimate is based on an average oil price of about per barrel for US benchmark crude. Crude’s fall to about this week means that some previously reported proven reserves will become uneconomic.另外,对2013年储量的估值,基于美国基准原油价格为大约每桶97美元的假设。而就在本周,原油价格下跌至每桶67美元左右,意味着此前报出的部分已探明储量的开采会变得不再经济。That fall will have only a “moderate” effect on estimates this year, the EIA said. Companies use average prices when assessing their reserves, and the decline has come only at the end of the year, so the average price for 2014 as a whole will be higher.美国能源情报署表示,油价的下跌只会对今年的储量估计带来“很弱”的影响。石油企业在评估储量时使用的是平均油价,而油价的暴跌只是年底的事,2014年全年平均油价总体上应该会更高一些。 /201412/347011More than 150 enterprises near the Shanghai Disney Resort that pose a pollution threat have been ordered to close by the end of next year by city authorities.上海迪士尼乐园附近150多家存在污染威胁的企业已被政府下令在明年年底之前关闭。Most of the 153 enterprises have high pollution risks, high energy consumption but low productivity in industries that include machining, metalware production, printing, plastics production and chemical engineering.这153家企业中的大多数都是高污染、高能量消耗、低产出的行业,包括机械加工、金属器皿生产、印刷、塑料制品生产和化学工程。This is according to an announcement on the website of the Shanghai Commission of Economy and Information Technology.此消息来自于上海市经济和信息化委员会网站上的公告。;Seventy-nine enterprises will be shut down in the first half of 2016 and the rest will be closed by the end of next year in an effort to make the zone better serve the needs of Disneyland as well as the Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts Zone,; the announcement stated.“为使此地区更好地符合迪士尼乐园以及上海国际旅游度假区的需要,2016年上半年将关闭79家企业,其余的将在2016年年底前被关闭,”公告如是说。Tourism products with agricultural features will be developed on 10 square kilometers of land in Zhoupu town in Pudong New Area, which is next to the Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts Zone.浦东新区周浦镇有10平方公里的土地将被用来发展具有农业特色的旅游产品,这里紧挨着上海国际旅游度假区。The .5 billion Disney theme park, which is scheduled to open next spring and is Disney’s first on the Chinese mainland, forms part of the resorts zone.这个耗资达55亿美元的迪士尼主题公园计划在明年春天开业,这是中国大陆第一个迪士尼主题公园,也是度假区的一部分。Pan Chunfeng, an information officer with the resorts zone’s management committee, said the decision to close the enterprises is not just to protect Disneyland but is also part of the city’s environmental protection campaign.度假区管委会的一位新闻官员潘春风说,关闭工厂这一决定不仅仅是为了保护迪士尼乐园,同时这也是城市环境保护运动中的一部分。Economic experts said the Shanghai government is using the Disney project to speed up industrial restructuring and to promote the relocation of enterprises with pollution problems.经济专家称,上海政府正在利用迪士尼工程加速产业结构调整,促进污染企业的搬迁。Lu Ming, a professor of economics at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, said, ;When considering the plan to build the Disney resort, the Shanghai government must have analyzed how it would benefit various sectors.;上海交大的经济学教授刘明说,“在考虑建迪士尼乐园这个计划时,上海政府必须分析它是如何使各个行业受益的。”Qigan, a village in Zhoupu, which borders the Disneyland resort to the north, has taken a lead in land reclamation. In 2009, an ecological farm with sightseeing, leisure and entertainment services was opened.周浦旗杆村位于迪士尼乐园南面,其在土地开垦方面发挥了带头作用。2009年,一个集观光、休闲、务为一体的生态农场开放了。Hu Xingdou, an economics professor at the Beijing Institute of Technology, said reducing pollution is to some extent more meaningful than merely closing or relocating enterprises with pollution problems.北京理工大学经济学教授胡兴东说,减少污染,在一定程度上比只是关掉或是迁移有污染问题的工厂,要有意义得多。 /201509/399429

Investec, the Anglo-South African bank, has apologised for publishing a research note headlined “I can’t breathe” — the dying words of Eric Garner, an unarmed black man who was killed in a police chokehold last July — about the US regulatory difficulties of Standard Chartered.英国-南非Investec因发表一份标题为《我无法呼吸》的研究报告致歉,这是今年7月被一名美国警察锁喉杀死的手无寸铁的黑人埃里克#8226;加纳(Eric Garner)临死前说过的话。这份报告的主题是渣打(Standard Ch artered)在美国遭遇的监管问题。Yesterday morning Investec issued the note, giving a “Buy” recommendation on Standard Chartered, and analysing the constraints being placed on the lender by US regulators following its breaches of sanctions.Investec昨日早晨发布这份研究报告,给予渣打“买入”评级,并分析了在渣打违背制裁规定后,美国监管机构对该实施的限制。But the note prompted controversy by citing the phrase that has become the rallying cry for protesters across the US over alleged police brutality and judicial bias against black people. American public figures have been wearing T-shirts with the phrase to protest against a grand jury decision not to indict an officer over Mr Garner’s death.但报告引用了这个美国各地抗议者就警方针对黑人的残酷行为和司法偏见发出的集会口号,此举引发争议。美国公众人物正穿上印有这句话的T恤衫,以抗议大陪审团不起诉杀死加纳的那名警察的决定。Benjamin Lawsky, one of the US regulators who has brought actions against Standard Chartered, said via Twitter: “Terrible. Should be disavowed with apologies by Investec.”起诉渣打的美国监管官员本杰明#8226;洛斯基(Benjamin Lawsky)通过Twitter表示:“真糟糕。应该让Investec致歉予以否认。”The bank later issued a statement which said: “Investec apologises unreservedly for the inappropriate content in this morning’s research note on Standard Chartered, and for any offence caused. The content in question does not represent the views of Investec.”Investec后来发布一项声明称:“Investec对于今晨有关渣打的研究报告中的不当内容以及由此引起的所有冒犯行为真心道歉。这些内容并不代表Investec的意见。”Earlier, the note’s author, Ian Gordon, a London-based banking analyst, told the Financial Times he had originally drawn a more explicit parallel between StanChart’s US regulatory difficulties and the Garner case, which was edited out by the bank’s compliance team. “They are both examples of abuse of power or authoritarian control gone wrong,” said Mr Gordon.早些时候,该报告的作者、驻伦敦的业分析师伊恩#8226;戈登(Ian Gordon)告诉英国《金融时报》,他起初将渣打在美国的监管困境与加纳案进行了更为明显的比较,该的合规团队在编辑时删除了这些内容。戈登表示:“它们都是滥用权力或威权控制出错的例子。”StanChart announced yesterday that it had agreed with the US Department of Justice and the New York County District Attorney’s office to extend by three years, until 2017, the period that it will be subject to intense scrutiny to ensure it complies with sanctions laws.渣打昨日宣布,已与美国司法部和纽约郡地方检察官办公室(New York County District Attorney’s office)达成一致,将把接受严格审查以确保其符合制裁法的时间延长3年,至2017年。The bank is being investigated for failing to disclose some prohibited transactions to investigators in 2012.渣打因在2012年未能向调查人员披露一些被禁止的交易,目前正在接受调查。 /201412/348096A demonstration against a planned waste incineration plant by thousands of residents near China’s scenic city of Hangzhou turned violent on Saturday, with police vehicles set on fire and injured protesters taken to hospital.中国风景秀丽的城市杭州附近数千居民反对一家拟建的垃圾焚烧厂的示威,上周六演变成暴力冲突,警车被人放火,受伤的抗议者被送往医院。Incineration plants have sparked protests in many of China’s wealthiest cities over the past decade, as the amount of waste generated rises.过去10年里,在垃圾数量上升的同时,焚烧厂在中国许多富裕城市引发了抗议活动。About three hundred incinerators are due to be built between 2010 and 2015. The national target is for 35 per cent of household waste to be incinerated by 2015, up from about 18 per cent in 2010.按照计划,全国在2010年至2015年期间要建造大约300家焚烧厂。国家的目标是将焚烧处置的生活垃圾比例从2010年的18%提高到2015年的35%。The district government appeared to back off with an announcement stating that the project would be suspended if it did not gain public “understanding and support” and asking people not to protest any more.当地的区政府似乎作出退让,称如果没有得到公众“理解持”,该项目不会开工,并促请人们不要再抗议。Similar promises have defused public demonstrations against plants producing the petrochemical paraxylene, although in most cases work at such plants has continued.类似承诺曾经化解反对石化产品对二甲苯生产厂的公众示威,尽管在大多数情况下,此类工厂的施工继续进行。On Sunday local authorities posted “Wanted” photos of 15 men suspected of having taken part in the protests. They also closed roads leading to the town of Zhongtai, about 30km from the centre of Hangzhou.周日,当地政府发布15名涉嫌参加抗议活动的男子的通缉照片。他们还封锁了通往中泰乡的道路,中泰乡距离杭州市中心约30公里。“Zhongtai is the nearest rural resort area from the city of Hangzhou, so many people like to go there and a lot of money has aly been spent there to beautify the environment. Common folks will not agree to the decision to build a waste incinerator,” said Wang Fengyao, a resident who did not take part in the protests.“中泰是距离杭州市最近的乡村度假区,所以很多人喜欢去那里,那里已投入大量资金美化环境。老百姓不会同意建设一家垃圾焚烧厂的决定,”没有参加抗议的居民王风耀(音)表示。Videos posted online showed thousands of protesters of all ages wrapped in Chinese flags and chanting: “We don’t want the incineration plant! People of Hangzhou, save us! Chinese people, save us!” Others carried banners showing a skull with a gas mask on.发布到网上的视频显示,数千名分属不同年龄段的抗议者身裹中国国旗,呼喊着:“我们不要垃圾焚烧厂!杭州人民,救救我们!中国人民,救救我们!”还有人举着的横幅上画着戴有防毒面具的头骨。Later photos showed that the march had been broken up by riot police. Official media said 10 protesters and 29 police were injured, although the photos suggested that the toll among protesters was higher.后来发布的照片显示,游行已被防暴警察驱散。官方媒体称,10名抗议者和29名警察受伤,尽管照片似乎表明抗议者的受伤人数更高。The project, by Hangzhou Chengtou Group, a city-owned infrastructure company, would be the largest waste incinerator in Asia if completed. Its first phase would process about 3,000 tons of waste a day, or roughly one-third of the city’s rubbish.由杭州市城投集团(杭州市政府拥有的基础设施公司)承建的该项目,若得以完工,将是亚洲最大的垃圾焚烧厂。第一期工程将每天处置大约3000吨垃圾,占杭州市垃圾总量的三分之一左右。The volume of solid waste generated in Hangzhou is rising by about 17 per cent a year, or twice the national average, according to a 2009 municipal survey. As a result the city has had to halve the expected lifetime of its landfill sites. The planned incinerator near Zhongtai, in the Yuhang District of Hangzhou, would be sited near an existing rubbish dump.2009年的一项市政调查显示,杭州产生的固体垃圾量每年增长大约17%,相当于全国平均增幅的两倍。其结果是,该市不得不将垃圾填埋场的预期寿命缩短一半。在杭州余杭区中泰乡附近拟建的这家焚烧厂,将靠近一个现有的垃圾场。China’s national plan to cut the use of coal near prosperous coastal cities is also spurring energy generation from alternative sources. About five tons of rubbish can generate about the same amount of energy as a ton of coal, and city governments running short of places to bury waste tend to favour the projects.按照中国的国家计划,在繁华的沿海城市周边地区要减少使用煤炭,这一点也推动了替代来源的能源生产。五吨左右的垃圾产生的能源与一吨煤炭相当。由于缺乏垃圾掩埋场地,市政府倾向于持此类项目。Residents near existing incinerators in Hangzhou sometimes complain of smells late at night. “We are worried that the waste incinerator will pollute the air and contaminate the water supply,” said Ai Binke, who lives in the city.在杭州现有的垃圾焚烧厂附近,居民有时抱怨深夜闻得到异味。“我们担心这家垃圾焚烧厂会污染空气,污染水源,”居住在杭州市的艾宾科(音)表示。Hangzhou had tried to calm opposition to the plant after smaller marches by a few hundred people over the past few weeks. Experts at a panel organised by the city last week all spoke in favour of it, and city-controlled media have published a series of positive articles about it.在过去几周发生了有几百人参加的较小规模游行之后,杭州曾试图平息反对意见。在市政府上周召集的一个专家媒体沟通会上,专家们都赞成建厂。市政府控制的媒体也发表了一系列正面评价该项目的文章。 /201405/296871

ZHOUTIE, China — By autumn, the stench of Lake Tai and the freakish green glow of its waters usually fade with the ebbing of the summer heat, but this year is different. Standing on a concrete embankment overlooking a fetid, floating array of plastic bottles, foam takeout containers, flip-flops and the occasional dead fish, Wu Lihong, the lake’s unofficial guardian, shook his head in disgust.中国周铁——到了秋季,太湖散发的恶臭,以及湖面怪异的绿光,通常会随着夏天的热浪一起褪去,但今年的情况有所不同。一处水泥堤坝正对着的湖面上,漂浮着一片恶臭的杂物,有各种塑料瓶、泡沫饭盒、人字拖鞋,以及少量死鱼。太湖的非官方守护者吴立红摇着头,脸上露出厌恶的表情。“If you jumped into this water, you’d shed a layer of skin,” he said one recent afternoon. “The government claims they are cleaning up the lake, but as you can see, it’s just not true.”“要是掉下去,你会脱掉一层皮,”他在最近一天的下午说。“他们说他们在清理了,不过你自己看吧,不是这样的。”Seven years after a toxic algae bloom forced millions of people who depended on the lake to find alternative sources of drinking water, Lake Tai, which straddles two provinces in the Yangtze River delta, remains a pungent symbol of China’s inability to tackle some of its most serious environmental problems.太湖横跨长江三角洲的两个省,是中国的第三大淡水湖。七年前,有毒的蓝藻污染危机爆发,数百万饮用太湖水的居民不得不寻找别的饮用水源。如今,刺鼻的太湖仍然是一个重要的象征,显示出中国无法解决某些极为严重的环境问题。Since the 2007 crisis, which drew widesp domestic news media coverage and prompted a special meeting of the cabinet, the government has spent billions of dollars cleaning up the lake, the country’s third-largest freshwater body. But environmentalists say it has little to show for the money. Hundreds of chemical plants, textile mills and ceramics workshops continue to dump their noxious effluent into the waterways that feed into Lake Tai.中国新闻媒体广泛报道了2007年那次危机,国务院也为此召开了特别会议,自那时以来,政府已经花费了上百亿美元来治理太湖污染。但环保人士说,这些钱几乎看不到效果。数化工厂、纺织厂和陶瓷作坊仍然在将有毒污水排入河道,并最终流入太湖。“Some progress has been made, but we haven’t yet reached a turning point,” said Ma Jun, one of the country’s leading environmentalists. “For many factories, the cost of violating the rules is lower than the cost of compliance.”“治理工作取得了一些进展,但是还没有达到拐点,”中国知名环保人士马军说。“对于很多工厂而言,违规成本低于守法成本。”Also unchanged is the persecution of Mr. Wu, 46, a scrappy, self-taught environmentalist who spent three years in jail on what he said were trumped-up fraud charges — punishment, he said, for his dogged campaign against the factory owners and their local government allies, whom he blames for despoiling the lake.吴立红遭受迫害的境遇也没有改变。吴立红现年46岁,是自学成才的环保人士,行动果断的他曾经坐过三年牢。他说当局为了惩罚他而编造了欺诈罪名,原因是他顽强地与工厂老板及其在当地政府的保护伞做斗争。吴立红说,太湖就是被他们毁掉的。Since emerging from prison in 2010, Mr. Wu has continued his advocacy work, prompting a predictable response from the authorities. He is subjected to periods of confinement at his home in Zhoutie, a village on Lake Tai. His cellphone is monitored by the police and he is barred from traveling beyond Yixing, the township in eastern Jiangsu Province that includes Zhoutie.2010年出狱之后,吴立红继续投身环保倡导活动。结果不出所料,他时常被软禁在周铁镇的家中,手机遭到警方监听,除了宜兴之外哪里也不能去。周铁是太湖边上的一座小镇,属于江苏省东部的宜兴市。Plainclothes police officers often accompany him on shopping excursions, and surveillance cameras line the narrow road to his home. Vengeful officials, he said, have even stymied his efforts to find a job by warning away would-be employers. “If it wasn’t for the garden in front of my house, I’d probably starve,” said Mr. Wu, a short, pudgy-faced man who often sounds like he is shouting, even when indoors.他出门购物时,经常有便衣警察跟踪。在通往他家的狭窄道路上,安装着一排监控摄像头。他说,官员们怀恨在心,甚至警告有意向的雇主不要聘用他,让他找不到工作。“我家前面的菜园里种了点儿菜,要不我就饿死了,”吴立红说。他个子不高,脸部圆胖,即使在室内讲话,也会声音洪亮,仿佛是在喊叫。Reached by phone, an employee of the Zhoutie public security bureau denied that it curtailed Mr. Wu’s freedom.在接到采访电话时,周铁镇的一名公安人员否认限制了吴立红的自由。The experiences of both Lake Tai and Mr. Wu speak volumes about the Chinese government’s often contradictory approach to environmental protection. Confronted by public anger over contaminated air, water and soil, the ruling Communist Party has sought to shutter obsolete steel mills, restrict the number of license plates available to big-city drivers, and recalibrate the economic-growth-at-all-costs criteria used to evaluate local officials. This year, Prime Minister Li Keqiang “declared war” on pollution in a speech to the national legislature.太湖和吴立红的经历,明显体现了中国政府对待环保时,常常自相矛盾的态度。由于公众对空气、水和土壤的污染表达了愤怒,执政的共产党寻求关闭落后的钢厂,在大城市对车辆按尾号限行,并调整了考察地方官员政绩时,不惜一切代价保障经济增长的标准。今年,李克强总理在全国人大开幕式上表示,要向污染“宣战”。But some local officials oppose policies they fear could close factories and eliminate jobs. They also prefer to deal with environmental problems their own way, if at all, which is why Mr. Wu ran into trouble with officials in Jiangsu, a relatively wealthy slice of coastal China that has prospered from its fecund, well-watered landscape but even more from industrial development, which has fouled the region’s rivers and canals.但是,一些地方官员反对某些环保政策,因为他们担心这些政策可能会导致工厂停工,就业岗位减少。而且即使真的想治理环境,他们也只愿意以自己的方式来处理问题,这也正是吴立红在江苏遇到麻烦的原因。江苏是个比较富裕的省份,它的繁荣不仅源自土地丰饶、水源充沛,更重要的是受到了工业发展的推动。但工业发展对这片区域的河流和运河也造成了污染。Beginning in the mid-1990s, when he began noticing a sickly rainbow hue in the once-pristine creeks near his home, Mr. Wu began a campaign to name and shame polluting factories in Zhoutie. He collected water samples in plastic bottles, wrote letters to high-ranking environmental officials and invited television reporters to film how factories secretly discharged their wastewater at night.90年代中期,吴立红开始注意到,他家附近一条曾经清澈的小溪,呈现出了虹一般的怪异色。于是他发起了一项活动,曝光周铁那些排放污染的工厂。他用塑料瓶收集水样,写信给高级环保官员,并邀请电视台记者拍摄这些工厂在夜间偷偷排放废水的情景。In 2001, after local officials drained and dredged a canal that had been polluted by a dye plant in advance of an inspection tour from Beijing, Mr. Wu exposed their ruse — which included dumping carp into the canal and dispatching villagers with fishing rods to complete the Potemkin image of ecological recovery. In the years that followed, he became something of a media celebrity; in 2005, the National People’s Congress named him an “Environmental Warrior.”2001年,北京派人来视察时,当地官员提前准备,对一条被染料厂污染的运河进行了排水和清淤处理。为了制造生态已经恢复的假象,他们还把鲤鱼倾倒进这条运河,安排村民拿上鱼竿,而吴立红揭露了他们的伪装。在随后的几年里,他成为了媒体名人,2005年,全国人大授予了他“十大环保人物”称号。Back in Yixing, which earns 80 percent of its tax revenue from local industry, officials were furious. In 2007, as he was preparing a lawsuit against the environmental bureau, Mr. Wu was arrested and charged with trying to blackmail a company in exchange for withholding accusations of wrongdoing. During his interrogation, Mr. Wu said, he was whipped with willow branches, burned with cigarettes and kept in solitary confinement with little to eat. “The abuse was more than I could take, so of course I signed the confession they had drawn up,” he later said.但是宜兴的官员们怒不可遏。当地80%的财政收入来自工业税收。2007年,正准备状告环保局的吴立红遭到了逮捕,检察部门指控他企图把一家公司的不当行为当作把柄,向其勒索钱财。吴立红说,审讯时有人用柳条抽打他,还用点燃的烟头烫他,他被单独关押,几乎没有东西吃。“打得我受不了,那他们叫我签什么我就签什么嘛,”他后来说。Elizabeth Economy, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and author of “The River Runs Black: The Environmental Challenge to China’s Future,” said environmental activists in China must walk a fine line, knowing when it is safe to push and when it is best to keep quiet. “Wu is a maverick, prone to say exactly what he thinks without considering the political consequences,” she said. “That is not the type of political participation that Beijing desires, even if he is right.”易明(Elizabeth Economy)是对外关系委员会(Council on Foreign Relations)的高级研究员,著有《一江黑水:中国未来的环境挑战》(The River Runs Black: The Environmental Challenge to China’s Future)。她说,中国的环保人士必须有所折衷,知道什么时候施压比较安全,什么时候又最好保持缄默。“吴立红是个特立独行的人,心里怎么想嘴里就怎么说,完全不考虑政治后果,”她说。“即使他占理,这种人也不是北京喜欢的那类政治参与者。”That summer, shortly before he was put on trial, the industrial effluent flowing into Lake Tai from the 2,000 factories in the region reached a tipping point, prompting the algae bloom that forced officials in the nearby city of Wuxi to cut off water to two million residents.那年夏天,就在他的案子审理之前不久,该地区2000家工厂排入太湖的工业废水量达到了临界点,导致蓝藻危机爆发,附近的无锡市的官员不得不切断了200万居民的供水。Under the glare of a national spotlight, Jiangsu officials said they would spend more than billion to clean up the lake and vowed to address the problem of toxic algae blooms within five years.此事引起了举国关注,江苏省的官员在压力下表态,他们将投入1000亿元资金治理太湖,并发誓在五年内解决有毒藻类泛滥的问题。But the money, government researchers acknowledge, has had a negligible impact. According to the Lake Tai Basin Authority, 90 percent of water samples taken from the lake this summer were considered so toxic that contact with human skin was ill-advised. Wuxi, in the meantime, has found an alternative source for its drinking water.不过,政府研究人员承认,这些资金投入收效甚微。太湖流域的资料显示,今年夏天取自太湖的水样中,90%存在严重毒性,不宜接触人类皮肤。同时,无锡也找到了饮用水的替代来源。In a recent interview with Xinhua Daily, Zhang Limin, deputy director of the Lake Tai Water Pollution Prevention Office, said the flood of contaminants had begun to level off, although it is still more than three times as much as the lake can absorb without killing most aquatic life.张利民是太湖水污染防治办公室的副主任。近期在接受《新华日报》采访时,他表示,太湖水质呈现稳中向好态势,但污染物排放总量仍然超过环境容量,为不会造成大多数水生物死亡的水平的三倍多。Flushing the lake with water from the Yangtze River has improved water quality somewhat, though critics say it simply pushes pollution further downstream. These days, many polluters have built pipelines to centralized waste-treatment plants that are incapable of handling the flow. Others simply pipe waste directly into waterways through underground conduits that allow them to avoid detection.引长江水入太湖的工程令水质有所改善,但批评者表示,这只会把污染冲到下游。如今有很多排污单位修建了管道,把污水输送到集中处理的工厂,可是这些地方并不具备相应的处理规模。另有一些排污单位则通过隐蔽的地下管道,直接把废水偷偷排入水道。But environmentalists say there is reason for hope. In April, the central government revised the nation’s environmental law for the first time since 1989, imposing steep fines on polluters and requiring companies to disclose pollution data. The regulations, which take effect in January, will also allow environmental groups to file public interest lawsuits against factories that break the law.一些环保人士觉得还有希望。今年4月,中央政府自1989年以来首次修订了《环境保护法》,大幅提高了对排污单位的罚款标准,并要求企业披露污染数据。这些监管规定将于明年1月份生效,届时环保团体也可以对违规工厂提起公益诉讼。Mr. Ma, the environmentalist, said the new measures include important tools for cleaning up Lake Tai and other ailing bodies of water, but the key would be enforcement. “All it takes is the mayor or the head of a county saying, ‘You can’t touch this factory. It’s too important to the local economy,’ ” he said.环保人士马军表示,《环境保护法》的新增内容为太湖等受污染水体的治理提供了重要工具,但关键在于执行。“只要市长或县长说一句,‘不能动这个厂,它对地方经济太重要了,’就会执行不下去,”他说。Mr. Wu said he was less hopeful, noting how little has changed in recent years despite intense pressure from Beijing and the billions of dollars spent. “A lot of that money ends up lining the pockets of local officials,” he said.吴立红说自己抱的希望不大,他指出,最近几年,尽管有来自北京的重压,还花费了上千亿,但并没有什么成效。“好多钱都被当官的给贪了,”他说。His outspokenness has taken a toll on his family, who have also been subjected to frequent harassment. Last year his daughter, Wu Yunlei, went to the ed States on a tourist visa and promptly requested political asylum. “When I was younger, I didn’t understand what my father was doing and I was often angry about the trouble it caused us, but now I’ve come to appreciate it,” she said in an email.他的刚直已经给家人惹来了麻烦,令他们也经常遭到骚扰。去年,他的女儿吴韵蕾持旅游签抵达美国后,马上申请了政治庇护。“小时候,我不理解父亲的做法,经常生他的气,因为那给我们带来了麻烦,但现在我认同了,”她通过电子邮件接受采访时写道。Once content to focus on the environment, Mr. Wu now believes that healing his beloved lake requires more sweeping change. “If with all their wealth, the Communist Party can’t clean up this lake, it tells you the problem is much bigger,” he said. “I’ve come to realize the root of the problem is the system itself.”吴立红原先只关注环境问题,但现在,他认为,要让心爱的太湖恢复原貌,就需要进行更加彻底的改变。“如果说花了那么多钱,共产党还是治理不了太湖的话,那就有更大的问题了,”他说。“后来我就意识到,这是体制的问题。” /201411/345208

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