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Hi-Tech Fabric Charges Devices On The Run - Literally!衣化身充电器Over the past few years, researchers have come up with many innovative ways to use human kinetic energy - from powering soccer fields to playgrounds and classroom lights. Now some scientists want to take it to the next level with a new fabric that harnesses everyday motion to power personal devices!过去几年,从尝试自发电球场和操场到教室灯控,科学家一直致力于找出利用人自身运动产生能源的新方法。现在,一些科学家想进一步研究出可以通过日常活动给电子产品充电的新布料。The brainchild of a team of scientists from South Korea#39;s Sungkyunkwan University and Australia#39;s University of Wollongong, the electricity producing fabric takes advantage of the Triboelectric effect (TNG). Also known as friction energy it is the electricity created when two different kinds of surfaces rub against one another.韩国成均馆大学和澳大利亚乌龙岗大学的科学小组共同开启此研究课题,发电的布料主要靠的是擦生电原理,即由不同的两面互相擦产生电力。While this sounds complicated, it is something we have all encountered. Remember the age-old trick of rubbing your head on a balloon to make your hair stand up? That is the triboelectric effect.As the surfaces rub together, the electrons move from one surface to the other. This leaves one object negatively charged (balloon) and the other positively charged (hair). Since opposites attract, the electrons in the hair ;leap; toward the balloon causing it to ;stand up.;虽然听起来难了点,我们平时生活中都遇到过。还记得那个用气球在头上擦后会使你头发立起来的小把戏吗?那就是擦生电原理。当两面擦时,电子从一面传到另一面。就导致了一个物体是负电极(气球)而另一个是正电极(头发),由于异性相吸,头发上的电子就朝着气球“跳“过去,然后就导致发丝直立。The WNTG not only eliminates the need for batteries, but also looks and feels like a regular fabric. An issue was that repeated wear or a trip to the laundry machine would wash away the silver and zinc coating. The researchers solved this problem by covering the layers with a thin film of plastic. In their laboratory trials they were able to use the fabric for more than 12,000 cycles.科学家研究的这种可穿戴擦发电布料不仅代替了电池,看起来也和常规的布料没什么两样。就是经常穿或者洗涤后,表面的银和锌的涂层会慢慢掉下来。为解决这个问题,研究者们用了很薄的一层塑料来覆盖布料外层。他们实验过这种布料大概能重复使用12000多次。Sang-Woo Kim and this team who reported their invention in the March ACS journal say that the fabric#39;s use goes beyond charging personal devices. They believe it could also be useful in a range of biomedical and other personal healthcare gizmos that need a reliable power source.Sang-Woo Kim和他的团队在三月的ACS周刊上报道过他们的发明,上面说这种布料用处远非局限于给个人电子用品充电,他们相信在需要稳定电源的生物医疗和其他个人健康小装置上都能大展身手。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201507/386083

Apple Inc. on Monday unveiled a new smartphone and a new tablet both having smaller screens in its efforts to retool its product lineup of iPhones and iPads.苹果公司于本周一发布了新款的小屏智能手机和平板电脑,以此来更新其iPhone和iPad产品线。At an event held at its headquarters in Cupertino, California, the Silicon Valley technology company also announced a series of upgrades to its hardware products, including Apple TV and Apple Watch, and software services, such as iOS.在位于加利福尼亚库比蒂诺的总部举行的产品发布会上,这家硅谷科技巨头还宣布了包括苹果电视和苹果手表硬件的一系列更新,此外还有例如iOS等软件务方面的更新。The new phone, named iPhone SE, has a 4-inch screen, same as the iPhone 5 series initially released in 2012 and smaller than the iPhone 6 series rolled out about a year ago. iPhone 6 and 6s have 4.7-inch screens, and iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus have 5.5-inch screens.本次推出的新款手机命名为iPhone SE,屏幕大小为4英寸,和2012年最初发布的iPhone 5系列产品一样大,比1年之前发布的iPhone 6系列产品要小一些。iPhone 6和6s的屏幕大小为4.7英寸。而iPhone 6 Plus和6s Plus则是5.5英寸。The 4-inch iPhone SE has the same processing and graphics performance of the larger iPhone 6s, the firm said, and can capture 4K .苹果方面表示,4英寸的iPhone SE的处理和图像性能与尺寸较大的iPhone 6s无异,能够拍摄4K视频。Greg Joswiak, head of iPhone marketing, explained that Apple has witnessed that its 4-inch devices still have a huge market, and therefore has packed into iPhone SE functionalities as powerful as those in iPhone 6s.iPhone产品营销总裁格雷格·乔斯维亚克表示,苹果公司发现,4英寸屏幕的设备仍然有巨大的市场,因此公司把和iPhone 6s一样强大的功能也都注入到了iPhone SE这款手机当中。With a starting price of 9, the new iPhone is the ;most affordable; handset Apple has ever released, Apple said.苹果公司表示,起售价399美元的iPhone SE是苹果有史以来发布的;最便宜;的iPhone。The new iPad Pro will have a 9.7 inch screen - the same size as the original iPad. It would be available in three different storage sizes with an extra large 256GB version for the first time.此外,新款iPad Pro的屏幕大小与第一代iPad一样是9.7英寸,共有三种储存容量版本可选,首次新增了256GB超大容量版本。The Chinese mainland is among the initial batch of 12 markets where the new iPhone SE and iPad Pro will be released on March 31.iPhone SE和新款iPad Pro将于3月31日正式发售,12个首发市场中包括中国大陆。 /201603/433445

  From the outside it looks like an art gallery. But this is a gallery of toilets, brought to the residents of Shanghai by Roca, the Spanish bathroom people. It has loos disguised as stacks of books and conveniences that flush with grey water from the sink. The best seller is a sleek commode designed by a former Audi stylist, with a leather seat made by the people who supply BMW with motorcycle perches.从外面看上去,这像是场艺术展,但实际上它是西班牙卫浴品牌乐家(Roca)为上海市民带来的一场卫浴展。其中有外形像一堆叠在一起的书本的马桶,还有用洗手池中的污水冲水的一体式马桶。最畅销的是一款奢华时尚的马桶,设计者为前奥迪(Audi)设计师,它的真皮垫圈由宝马(BMW)托车座椅供应商打造。The best-selling colours? A striking deep red, viewed as lucky, and a deliciously understated champagne gold known as tuhaojin, or “nouveau riche gold”. Roca’s China manager says the tuhaojin toilet became popular after Apple launched a golden iPhone in China last year. “People apparently wanted a toilet like their iPhone,” he says.最畅销的颜色呢?是醒目的深红色(象征幸运),以及一种低调而悦目的香槟金色(即所谓的“土豪金”)。乐家中国的管理人员表示,苹果(Apple)去年在华发布金色iPhone后,土豪金马桶就开始走红了。他说:“看样子人们想要一个跟他们的iPhone颜色一样的马桶。”Nothing would be easier than to caricature China’s golden water closets as symbols of a civilisation in decline. But that’s not what I see in them. Because development is always, when it comes right down to it, about just such everyday intimacies: is the loo half a football field away or right next to the bedroom? Does it reek or sit there quietly conserving water? Does it open automatically, play music and let you trade stocks from the comfort of its heated surface? Proper pundits mutter darkly about rule of law and universal suffrage, shadow banking and debt defaults. But I prefer to tell a tale of toilets.将中国的金色抽水马桶讥讽为文明衰落之象征,是一件再容易不过的事情,但我却不这么看。因为真正说起来,发展总是要落实到这类日常生活的舒适感受上:厕所是离卧室有半个足球场那么远,还是紧挨着卧室?是臭气熏天,还是静音又节水?能否自动翻盖,播放音乐,让你舒地坐在加热马桶垫圈上炒股?真正的专家们严肃地讨论着法治和普选、影子和债务违约,我却宁愿讲一个关于马桶的故事。When I first came to live in China in 2008, mainland loos said “developing country” loud and clear. On our first train journey, to the home town of my then eight-year-old adopted Chinese daughter Grace, the rail car’s potty ponged so much that we could not stomach our picnic.2008年,我第一次来到中国内地生活时,内地的厕所响亮而清楚地宣告着自己“发展中国家”的身份。我们第一次乘火车去我的中国养女(当时8岁)格雷丝(Grace)的老家时,列车上的厕所臭到我们连盒饭都吃不下去。But very soon all that began to change. The train loos stopped stinking. Prefabricated stainless steel commodes showed up on all newer rolling stock, complete with staff to sluice them down at regular intervals. The only odour on Chinese trains these days is freshly brewed coffee from the dining car.但这一切很快就发生了改变。火车上的厕所不再臭气熏天,所有比较新的列车上都装了带盥洗台的预制不锈钢马桶,列车员会定期冲刷。如今在中国的火车上,唯一的气味就是餐车飘来的现煮咖啡味。Closer to home, there was “Pipi Road”, the nickname we gave to the lane just next to our house, where dozens of Shanghai taxi drivers would every day choose to relieve themselves, after dining at one of the neighbourhood dumpling emporia. The stench nearly put me off moving there in the first place. In winter the wet patches froze and in summer they steamed.我家附近有条“尿尿路”,这是我们给紧挨着我家的那条小巷起的绰号。每天都有几十个上海出租车司机在附近饺子馆用过餐后,到这条小巷里解手。臭气让我一开始差点不想搬到那儿。冬天尿液在地上冻成一块一块,夏天空气里散发着尿骚味。And then one morning, a spanking new government porta-potty turned up on Pipi Road. It was staffed from 5am to 10pm every day by a government sanitation worker charged with keeping it smelling like a Swiss meadow. Who said you need democracy to have responsive government? I can’t think of anything more responsive than putting a public convenience where it’s needed. Pipi Road has had to be rechristened.后来在一天早晨,“尿尿路”上出现了一个崭新的移动公厕。它配有专人打扫,每天从凌晨5点到晚上10点,一名环卫工人负责让它闻起来总是像瑞士的草坪一样芬芳。谁说要有民主才能有积极响应民众需求的政府?我想不出有什么比在民众需要的地方设立公厕,更能体现出政府积极响应民众需求的了。“尿尿路”现在必须得改名了。Even motorway service areas have done their bit for the toilet uprising. On a long bus journey back in 2011 I withdrew to a loo on one of eastern China’s newest superhighways, to find a room with one long ceramic trough for use by all females in need. But on a family road trip on the same motorway last month I found stalls with doors, and even loo roll. Travelling in China just isn’t what it used to be.就连高速路务区都完成了自己的厕所革命。2011年我经历过一次长途汽车旅行,在中国东部的一条崭新的高速公路的务区,我下车去方便,结果发现厕所里有一条长长的陶瓷槽,所有需要方便的女性都在那里解决。但上个月我们全家自驾出行,就在同一条高速公路上,我发现务区的厕所不但是单间,有门,甚至还有卫生纸。在中国出行已经跟过去完全不是一回事儿了。Back at the Roca bathroom gallery, the marketing manager Guillem Pages Giralt says he’s seen big changes in how private customers buy water closets too: “Five years ago a customer would just come in and say ‘which is your most expensive toilet’.” That doesn’t happen any more, he says, though Chinese shoppers do like to lie down in Roca’s bathtubs or sit on its commodes for 20 minutes or so before buying, “to make sure it doesn’t hurt the back of their legs”. But the sheer fact that they have 20 minutes (and up to Rmb30,000, or ,900) to spend making a loo purchase is good news in itself, surely. Only those who no longer worry about the necessities of life can take the time to worry about buying golden ones.再回到乐家卫浴展的话题上,营销经理吉列姆#8226;帕赫斯#8226;希拉尔特(Guillem Pages Giralt)表示,他也见了个人客户购买抽水马桶的巨大变化:“五年前顾客只会走进来问,‘你们最贵的马桶是哪个’。”他说,如今再也见不到这种事了,现在中国消费者倒是挺喜欢在购买之前,先在浴缸里躺上个20分钟,或者在马桶上坐上个20分钟之类的(“以确定他们的腿后面会不会硌到”)。当然,他们能腾出20分钟(也能拿出最多3万元人民币,合4900元美金的钱)来购买马桶,本身就是个好消息。只有那些无须再为生活必需品操心的人,才会花时间去操心购买金色马桶的事。So call me puerile, and unworthy of the pundit’s pen for pointing it out, but this is the stuff that revolutions are really made of. In my six-plus years in Shanghai, China has undergone an economic, social, cultural and technological transformation, in the water closet. A trifle, in the grand sweep of history. But it’s the trifles that count.所以,说我幼稚也好,说此事不值得费笔墨书写也罢,但这才是革命的真正组成元素。我在上海生活了六年多,在抽水马桶这件事上,中国经历了一场经济、社会、文化和技术的变革。在历史的长河中,抽水马桶只是件小事,但小事才是重要的事。 /201501/352210



  One of China’s largest mobile app makers is expanding in the US just as many of the country’s other internet companies say they are heading back to the mainland.在多家中国互联网公司计划回归中国之时,中国最大的移动应用开发商之一猎豹移动(Cheetah Mobile)正在美国扩张。Cheetah Mobile, a spin-off of Kingsoft, China’s largest software maker, on Wednesday announced plans to hire a US-based chief technology officer and base its research and development in the country.这家从中国最大的软件开发商金山软件(Kingsoft)拆分出来的公司周三宣布,将任命一位常驻美国的首席技术官,并在美国建设研发基地。The group said it would “significantly expand” the number of US employees from 50 over the next two years, with Xu Ming, Cheetah’s president, adding that the company “must succeed in the US because the US is the beachhead for the world”.猎豹表示,未来两年将“大力扩充”美国员工数量(目前为50人)。该公司总裁徐鸣还表示,猎豹“必须在美国取得成功,因为美国是全球市场的桥头堡”。Cheetah is unusual among Chinese internet companies because it generates most of its sales from outside the country: overseas revenues accounted for m of its total 8m turnover for the third quarter of 2015.在中国互联网公司中,猎豹与众不同的地方是,该公司的大部分销售额来自中国以外:2015年第三季度,在该公司1.58亿美元的总收入中,海外收入占8400万美元。The company’s apps are ubiquitous in China. They include Clean Master and CM security, popular cleaning and security apps, while Piano Tiles 2 was the most downloaded free game on Google Play in September in the US and fifth globally, according to the company.该公司的应用在中国很有市场。其中包括两款清理和安全应用——清理大师(Clean Master)和安全大师(CM security)。而据猎豹称,去年9月,《别踩白块儿2》(Piano Tiles 2)是谷歌应用商店Google Play全美国下载量最多的免费游戏,在全球位列第五。In spite of seeing third-quarter revenue jump 110 per cent year on year, Cheetah’s share price has fallen 25 per cent over the past 12 months to , down from a peak of last year.尽管2015年第三季度收入同比增长110%,但猎豹股价在过去12个月累计下跌25%,至15美元,去年曾达到35美元的峰值。One concern for investors is Cheetah’s business model, whereby free apps are used to tempt consumers to play games. This process works in China, but rival Qihoo holds most of the market for such apps. In the west “trying to use apps as a back door to gaming is unproven”, said a bank analyst.猎豹的业务模式是投资者担忧的因素之一:利用免费应用吸引消费者玩游戏。这种模式在中国行得通,但竞争对手奇虎360(Qihoo)占据这类应用的大部分市场份额。一位分析师称,在西方“试图把应用作为玩游戏的后门的模式尚未得到明”。Many Chinese companies have become disenchanted with the US market, with some announcing plans to delist from the country because they felt Chinese companies were unfairly penalised. But Mr Xu said he was undaunted.很多中国企业已对美国市场不抱幻想,一些企业宣布计划从美国退市,因为它们认为,中国企业在美国受到不公平对待,处于劣势。但徐鸣并不气馁。“Although Chinese companies may not be receiving the best valuations from US markets today, we believe over time a good company with a good product will get a fair valuation,” he said.他表示:“尽管中国企业现在可能没有从美国市场获得最佳估价,但我们认为,假以时日,一家有着优秀产品的优秀企业将得到公平估价。”In China, price-earnings ratios for the sector, though dented by sell-offs in 2015 and 2016, remain above multiples in the US. Social dating app Momo and search engine Qihoo, both of which are listed in New York, said last year they would seek to go private, possibly in preparation for relisting elsewhere.在中国,互联网行业股票的市盈率尽管因2015年和2016年的抛售潮而有所下降,但仍高于美国。社交应用陌陌和搜索引擎奇虎都在纽约上市,但它们去年均表示寻求私有化,可能是准备在其他地方重新上市。Baidu, the Chinese search engine, has set up an artificial intelligence lab in the US. Robin Li, chairman of Nasdaq-listed company, recently announced an offer to buy Baidu’s business for .8bn, with some reports suggesting it could lead to an IPO in China.在纳斯达克上市的中国搜索引擎公司百度(Baidu)已在美国成立了一个人工智能实验室。百度董事长李彦宏(Robin Li)最近宣布出价28亿美元收购百度的视频业务,一些报道称,这可能促成该业务在中国上市。 /201602/427254

  Everybody loves disruption, except the people who are being disrupted. As Uber, the app-based ride-hailing service, has sp rapidly from its San Francisco home to cities around the world, it has repeatedly faced resistance from incumbent taxi operators, who are often politically influential. Regulators and legislators from Brussels to Beijing have moved to restrict Uber’s operations.每个人都热爱破坏,除了那些受到破坏影响的人。随着基于应用的叫车务优步(Uber)迅速从其大本营旧金山扩张至全球各地,它也不断面临来自通常拥有政治影响力的现有出租车运营商的抵制。从布鲁塞尔到北京的监管者和立法者已开始对优步的运营加以限制。Some of the fiercest opposition has come in Europe, where the culture clash between the remorseless competition of the US tech industry and the locals’ respect for tradition and deference to established interests is especially stark. While Uber’s operations give rise to legitimate questions about safety and congestion, the public interest issues used as pretexts for cracking down on the company are often spurious. The proposed new restrictions in London, which would put Uber at a competitive disadvantage against the city’s black cabs, are a case in point.优步面临的一些最强烈的反对来自欧洲,在那里,美国科技业的冷酷竞争与当地对传统的尊重和对既得利益的顺从之间的文化冲突尤其明显。尽管优步的运营引发了关于安全性和交通拥堵的合理问题,但那些被用作打击优步之借口的所谓公众利益问题常常站不住脚。伦敦新提出的限制就是一个典型的例子,这些限制使优步相对于伦敦的“黑色”出租车陷于不利的竞争地位。Uber has often not helped its own cause. Concerns about the company’s use of data on customers’ movements, allegations that an executive had talked about smearing unfriendly journalists and complaints about its tax planning have made it harder for Uber to win the battle for hearts and minds.优步却常常自毁长城。人们对该公司利用顾客出行数据的担忧、关于一名高管谈论搞臭不友好记者的指控、以及对其税务筹划的抱怨,使优步更难在这场人心争夺战中取得胜利。It has been seeking to bolster its soft skills by hiring experienced political operators and has sharpened up how it presents its arguments. London is a chance to show that the investment has been worthwhile.优步一直在努力通过雇佣老练的政治操手提升自己的软技能,并已改进了提出论点的方式。伦敦是一次明优步的这些投资物有所值的机会。As in other cities, the proposals of Transport for London, which regulates the city’s taxis, are dressed up as measures to protect public safety. The details of the measures reveal how flimsy those justifications are.与其他城市一样,管理伦敦出租车行业的伦敦交通局(Transport for London)的提议被粉饰为保护公众安全的措施。措施的具体细节表明了这些理由是多么不堪一击。For example, one idea is to make riders wait at least five minutes before being picked up after hailing a ride through Uber or another similar service, even if there is an available driver close by, an obstruction that will provide nothing but irritation for passengers. Another suggestion is that drivers should be allowed to use only one ride-hailing app, which would impede one of the most effective checks on any abuses by Uber: competition between a number of different services.例如,其中一个主意是让通过优步或其他类似务叫车的乘客在被接上之前至少等待5分钟,即使可提供务的司机就在附近。这种障碍除了激起乘客的愤怒什么作用也没有。另一个建议是司机只应被允许使用一种叫车应用,这只会使遏制优步的任何过度行为最有效的方式之一——让多种不同叫车务展开竞争——受到阻碍。In this somewhat random set of ideas, it is hard not to see an attempt by Boris Johnson, London’s mayor, to restore relations with the city’s black cab drivers. Many of them backed him when he was voted into office in 2008, and plenty are natural supporters of his Conservative administration, but his perceived reluctance to clamp down on Uber has led to angry protests against him.在这套或多或少有些随意的想法中,不难看出伦敦市长鲍里斯约翰逊(Boris Johnson)试图与该市出租车司机修复关系的想法。2008年约翰逊当选伦敦市长时很多出租车司机投票持他,而且很多司机是其保守党政府天然的持者,但约翰逊却给人以不愿打压优步的印象,结果招致了愤怒的抗议。Transport for London has opened a consultation on its proposals, and may not adopt any of them. For an ostensibly pro-market Conservative administration, it will be hard to justify restraints on innovation simply because it creates losers as well as winners. Uber has right on its side — consumers, not regulators, should decide which transport options are best for them — but that may not be enough. Its campaign to block the proposals has started well: an online petition had by this weekend received more than 132,000 signatures. But while its business relies on a technological solution for navigating a city’s streets, there is no such fix for finding a route through its politics.伦敦交通局已经就其提议启动了咨询,但或许不会通过其中任何一条提议。对于表面上为亲市场派的保守党当局来说,很难找到合理的理由仅仅因为创新同时产生了赢家和输家就加以限制。优步手握一定的正义——应该由消费者(而非监管者)来决定何种交通方式是最好的——但这或许不够。优步阻挠这些提议的活动已经打下了很好的开局:一项网上请愿到上周末已经收集到了逾13.2万个签名。但是,尽管优步的业务依赖于提供城市街道导航的技术解决方案,但它没有同样的解决方案为自己提供“政治导航”。If it wants to continue to grow in London and around the world, Uber needs to be able to persuade politicians that it is worth facing down the established taxi operators who are resisting change. If vested interests prevent its innovations in service from reaching their full potential, it would count as an enormous missed opportunity.要想在伦敦及全球各地继续增长,优步需要说政客相信,挫败那些抵制改变的现有出租车运营商是值得的。如果既得利益最终阻止优步的务创新实现其最大潜能,优步将错过一次巨大机遇。 /201510/403312




  One problem facing the companies that make virtual-reality technology, such as Facebook-owned Oculus VR, is a lack of true “presence.” When you strap on VR goggles and drop into a digital environment, you can’t see or interact with your real-life hands.以Facebook旗下Oculus VR公司为代表的虚拟现实技术公司面临的一大问题是,这种技术难以带来真正的“现场感”。当你戴上虚拟现实头盔,并不知不觉地沉浸到数字世界之中,你是无法真正看到其中的事物,或者用双手与之互动的。At this year’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Sony Computer Entertainment, the tech giant’s game division, showed off its solution. The latest version of its Morpheus VR headset works in coordination with PlayStation Move controllers to allow the wearer to use his or her hands.在今年的旧金山“游戏开发者大会”上,索尼电脑公司展示了自己的解决方案。该公司的最新款“梦神”(Morpheus)虚拟现实头盔可与PlayStation Move体感控制器协同工作,允许穿戴者使用自己的双手。Sony has been experimenting with virtual reality technology for years, long before Oculus founder Palmer Luckey put together his first Rift prototype. Sony used its PlayStation Eye and PlayStation 3 console to test head-tracking technology in the mid-2000s and later built prototype head-mounted displays, known as HMDs. One of the reasons why Sony has been able to commit to an early 2016 release date for its consumer VR product is because of its extensive research and development in the field.早在Oculus公司创始人帕尔默o拉基组装自己的首台Rift原型机很久以前,索尼公司就开始探索虚拟现实技术了。2000年年中,索尼用自己的PlayStation Eye和PlayStation 3测试了头部位置追踪技术,随后就推出了头盔式显示器原型机,即大家熟知的HMD。索尼敢于承诺到2016年初就推出消费级虚拟现实产品,凭借的正是该公司在这一领域深耕多年的底气。But key to the company’s VR bid is achieving adoption among its existing customers—those that own PlayStation gaming consoles. Instead of competing with that revenue stream, Sony would rather bring virtual reality technology to customers by creating an experience that marries the two.不过,这一计划的关键在于,索尼能否促使自己的现有用户,也就是那些已拥有PlayStation游戏机的玩家,尝试虚拟现实技术。索尼并不打算让这种设备与游戏机争抢收入,而是希望通过两者结合所创造的体验,将虚拟现实技术带给用户。“We don’t believe that VR is necessarily going to replace the conventional games that people have been playing and developers have been making for over 25 years,” says Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios. “VR will give developers another way to entertain people. You’ll see even more variety of gaming experience by having the VR option.”索尼电脑公司全球工作室总裁吉田修平称:“我们并不认为,虚拟现实技术一定会取代过去25年来玩家一直玩、开发商一直制作的传统游戏。虚拟现实技术只不过是开发商取悦玩家的另一种方式。有了虚拟现实技术,大家就会看到更多不同的游戏体验。”Its demonstrations at GDC were a preview of that strategy. Two games—London Heist, about a diamond robbery gone bad, and The Deep, which pits you mano-a-mano against a shark with only a cage for protection—showed off experiences that prompted the VR wearer to stand up, sit down, and lean. Sony says it has worked with partners as diverse as NASA and automakers to explore different virtual-reality gameplay experiences.索尼在游戏开发者大会上所展示的两款游戏,只是这一战略的预演。其中一款名为《伦敦抢劫》,讲的是一个钻石大盗末路狂奔的故事,另一款名为《深海》,让仅有一个铁笼护体的玩家与鲨鱼贴身肉搏。它们会让玩家时站时坐,有时还要侧身躲避。索尼称,该公司已和美国宇航局及汽车厂商等机构建立了合作伙伴关系,共同探索各种虚拟现实游戏体验。Sony is also betting that a plug-and-play approach will help spur adoption of its VR bundle among console owners. “When you buy a Morpheus kit and connect it to your PS4, it just works without needing to set up any drivers or download anything,” says Richard Marks, senior director of research and development at Sony Computer Entertainment. “We want people to have a very easy gameplay experience. Since everybody’s PS4 is exactly the same, it’s easier for developers to make sure that the games and experiences they create are great for all consumers.”索尼还大胆预计,即插即用的方法会促使其游戏机用户购入虚拟现实产品包。索尼电脑公司高级研发总监理查德o马克斯声称:“如果买一台‘梦神’套装,把它联上PS4游戏机,无需设置任何驱动或下载任何东西就能用。我们希望玩家能很轻松地获得这种游戏体验。鉴于所有人的PS4都一模一样,开发者就更容易打造让所有消费者都满意的游戏和体验。”There is still much work to be done as Sony heads toward a global consumer launch for Morpheus. The company continues to refine its VR headset—the latest version carries a 5.7-inch OLED display—and it is collaborating with game developers to invent new experiences with the technology. “VR is such a new medium that developers have to learn how to design around the new paradigm to create great experiences,” Yoshida says. “That requires a lot of learning and communication with developers.”要向全球玩家推出“梦神”,索尼还有大量工作要做。该公司正在继续完善其头戴式设备——最新款搭载了一块5.7英寸的OLED屏,并正与游戏开发商合作,希望利用这项技术创造全新体验。吉田称:“虚拟现实技术是一种全新的媒介,开发者必须学会如何围绕这种新范式来打造绝佳的体验。这需要开发者大量学习,深入沟通。”And consumers. A key factor in selling virtual reality? Unless you physically try it, it’s a technology that’s hard to wrap your head around.消费者是虚拟现实技术能否大卖的重要因素。你很难将这种技术设备套在消费者的头上,除非他们愿意亲身尝试。“Getting millions of people to understand how amazing VR experiences are is a big challenge,” Yoshida says. “We start with events like GDC where we let people try it, get excited about it, and tell their friends.”吉田表示:“要让成千上万玩家都明白虚拟现实体验是何等迷人是一大挑战。所以我们要从游戏开发者大会这样的活动入手,让玩家体验它,明白它多么激动人心,再口口相传告诉朋友们。” /201504/369355

  More than 82 millions phones are damaged each year after being dropped down the toilet, into swimming pools or lost at the beach.每年都有超过8200万部手机因为掉进厕所、泳池或在海滩上丢失而损坏。A number of waterproof handsets have been released to solve this problem, but Comet takes it to the next level.手机厂商发布了多款防水手机来解决此类问题,但Comet则在这个基础上将防水功能升级。Not only is the Android handset IPx7 water-resistant, it has been designed to float meaning owners don#39;t have to fish it out from the bottom of the sea, or stick their hand into a toilet basin.这款安卓手机的防水等级为IPx7,更能浮在水面,这意味着手机用户再也不用从海底或是将手伸进马桶的便盆里捞手机了。Comet was designed by California-based Prashanth Raj Urs who has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund production of the device.Comet手机由加利福尼亚州的普拉桑特·拉杰·乌尔斯设计,他在Indiegogo网站发起了众筹活动,来筹集生产该设备的资金。Comet has a 4.7-inch screen, 16MP camera and runs Android. It additionally has LED notification lights, similar to those on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.Comet手机采用安卓系统,搭载了4.7英寸的显示屏,1600万像素的摄像头。此外还配有与三星Galaxy S6 Edge手机类似的LED通知灯。Other features include 4GB of RAM, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, 2GHZ octa-core Processor and a 2800 mAh battery said to last a #39;full day of work, party and excitement.#39;这款手机拥有 4GB 的运行内存,配置了主频2GHz 的高通骁龙 810的八核处理器,2800毫安时的电池容量,据称能满足“全天工作和”的需求。While a #39;mood recogniser#39; uses biometric sensors to detect a person#39;s body temperature to gauge how happy they are.此外,该手机的“情绪识别器”能利用生物传感器来检测用户的体温,衡量他们的快乐程度。The LED lights will then display different colours to suit these different moods.LED灯将相应地改变颜色,来适配他们的心情。Comet additionally features an encryption tool called Qlock.除此之外,Comet手机还配置有加密工具Qlock。The campaign describes it as #39;military grade encryption to protect your privacy when you call or text your friends who also uses a Comet smartphone.#39;众筹活动的页面称,“Qlock是军用级别的加密工具,如果你朋友也用此款手机,Qlock能在你给对方打电话、发信息的时候保护你的个人隐私。”It is designed to shield calls and texts between Comet handsets to make it difficult for anyone to track or spy on users.它的功能还包括保护Comet手机用户间的电话和信息,令任何想追踪和监听的人难以得逞。Early Bird prices for the phone start at 9 for a 32GB handset, and the first devices are expected to ship to campaign backers in April.先行购买的优惠价为32G的版本279美元,第一批手机预计明年四月向众筹持者发货。A 64GB model is available for 9.64G版本的定价则为289美元。Both models are available in black, white and gold.两种机型都有黑、白、金三色可选。Mr Urs is hoping to raise 0,000 and the campaign has currently received more than ,300.乌尔斯先生希望众筹款项能达到10万美元,目前已筹得超过13300美元。 /201509/401217

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