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TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201606/441518

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201609/466622

Okay... You y? There we go.你准备好了吗?我们开始吧。What colour is that? Brown. Yeah.这是什么颜色?棕色。答对了!Maybe if we take a pencil... and then we make a face...只要我们拿起铅笔...就能画出一张脸...And then we see the life in the eyes.我们可以从眼睛里看见它的生命Life is always in the eyes. There#39;s our monster!因为灵魂就住在眼睛里面...这是我们创造的怪物!How does the story begin?故事该从哪开始说起?With a boy... Too old... To be a kid...从前,有一个男孩...他长大了...所以不能当小孩You#39;re coming to live with me. Don#39;t touch anything.你今后就要搬来跟我一起住了。别乱碰东西Too young... To be a man....却也太年轻了...所以当不成大人I no longer see you. What did he do?你去死吧!他该怎么办?He called... for a monster. Woah. Woah, indeed.所以他寻求怪物的帮助。哇!很壮观,对吧?I know everything about you.我知道所有关于你的一切...The truth that you hide... The truth you dream...包括你隐藏起来的...还有你所渴求的...I#39;m sorry you have to face this... But you have to be brave. Do you understand?我很同情你的遭遇。但是你应该勇敢面对。明白了吗?What shall I destroy next?我接下来要破坏什么?Break the windows. Break them yourself.打破那扇窗户!你来动手吧!It#39;s okay that you#39;re angry. I#39;m angry too.你生气一下是没关系的。我也会生气啊。And if you need to break things... By God, you break them!当你已经濒临崩溃时...就发泄出来吧!I wish I had a hundred years... A hundred years I could give to you. I#39;m afraid.我真希望我能活久一点...就能再和你相处久一点...我好害怕...Of course you are afraid. But you will make it through.你当然会害怕。但是你会克的。For this is why you called me. Come on.所以这就是为什么你召唤我。来吧。 Article/201705/506972

The subtitle of the book is, ;Escape 9-5, live anywhere, and join the new rich.;本书《每周工作4小时》的副标题是“逃离朝九晚五,自由生活,加入新贵族”Uh, a little, perhaps, too good to be true, a little scamy, but is this possible?哦,也许这听上去有点夸张,有点标题党,但是这真的可能吗?Absolutely. How do I know this?当然可能。我怎么知道的?Because I have plenty of friends who do the exact same thing,因为我有很多朋友就在做着相同的事and I could actually do this myself right now,我正在做的也是这样的事granted I wouldn#39;t be able to live in the ed States.而且不需要在美国就可以So is this possible? Absolutely.可能吗?绝对的But, are most people going to be able to do this? Absolutely not.然而,大多数的人都能做到吗?当然不能。But, I feel like a lot of people take that and use it as an argument for why this book sucks,而且我认为很多人会拿这一点来明这本书很糟糕。or why this book isn#39;t good, or why this book is scamy.或不够好,标题党And it#39;s like, look, can you become in charge of your response?其实这个问题是,你能对自己负责吗?So imagine you wake up and you spilled coffee on your favorite shirt in the morning and then you go down to your car and it doesn#39;t start.设想你某天早晨起床后,早餐时把咖啡洒到了自己最爱的衬衫上了,然后出门去开车却发现车打不着火Can you become in charge of the response and still be happy?你能对自己负责保持心情愉悦吗?Of course. Are most people going to be able to do that? No.当然,大多数人能做到这一点吗?不能But, I don#39;t sit here saying, ;Well, you know,当然,我不只是坐在这喷:that means that Viktor Frankl#39;s Man#39;s Search for Meaning sucks“维克托·弗兰克尔的《活出意义来》真差and uh, Stephen Covey#39;s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is a scam.;斯蒂芬·科维的《高效能人士的7个习惯》是标题党“But, with that said, there are certain things that you don#39;t want to be naive about.但是,这样的说法明了你不希望被愚弄And I actually do have plenty of experience with this,事实上,我真的有不少相关经验so I do want to clear some of those things up, so let#39;s get into it.因此我也很想把这个观点给大家说清楚。那让我们开始吧So imagine I come to you and I say, ;Hey, I make ,000 a year.假设某天我说:“嗨,我每年挣3万美元”Here#39;s my friend John. He makes a 0,000 a year.我的朋友约翰,他每年收入15万美元Who is richer? You#39;ll say, ;Well, of course John#39;s richer.那我们俩谁更富有?你会说:“当然是约翰更有钱啦I mean, he#39;s five times richer than you are.;他挣得是你的5倍呢”But is that true? Okay, let#39;s look into that.但真是这样吗?好,我们来研究一下What if I told you, ;I work 10 hours a week, and John works 80 hours a week.;如果我告诉你:“我每周只工作10小时,而约翰每周需要工作80个小时”Ooh, what is it now?噢噢,现在会怎样?Turns out that John actually makes about an hour, and I make an hour.结果就是,约翰其实每小时只挣了36刀,而我每小时收入58刀Starting to get interesting.开始变得有趣了是吧Well, what if I tell you John lives in New York City and that#39;s where his job is.好,接着来,如果我告诉你约翰在大城市纽约生活,这也是他工作的地方He can#39;t live anywhere else because then he won#39;t be able to make that money.他没法去别的地方生活,因为换城市会导致他没法挣出这样的收入But me, I don#39;t have to live anywhere.但是对于我来说,我不用担心在哪生活I could be anywhere around the world and still be making that money.我可以去世界任何地方生活而照样能挣这个钱Well guess what, John#39;s in New York now and he wants to take his girlfriend out to a fine dining place. He#39;s going to pay 0.还有,约翰在纽约,现在他打算请女朋友出去吃顿大餐,他打算花200刀But, in the country that I#39;m in, when I take my girlfriend out, that#39;s only going to cost .但是,我所在的国家里,要请女朋友出去吃饭只需要花20刀Who#39;s richer now? Well, in this case, I#39;m richer than John is.现在谁更富有?是吧,我比约翰要有钱So I really want to emphasize this point, so let me exaggerate it a little bit.我打算强调一下,所以我会夸张一些来说If I told you, ;Hey, come work for me in Bville and I#39;ll pay you M.;如果我说:“嗨,来面包镇为我工作吧,我付你500万美元”You might say, ;Yay, I#39;m going to be making millions!;你也许会说:“耶,我要年薪百万了”But then you come to Bville and a single piece of b costs M,但当你真的到了面包镇时,发现那里一块面包就要一百万美元you#39;re not really rich. So this is really the foundation of the book.其实你是穷人,那么,这就是这本书的基础思想Yes, in absolute income, John is five times richer than I am, but in relative income,是的,按照绝对收入,约翰的收入是我的5倍,但按照相对收入算I can be way richer than John is. So what#39;s the basic idea?我比约翰要富裕的多。那么,这是什么意思?Well, you create a product, and then you sell it - basic entrepreneurship.嗯,生产产品,销售产品,这才是基本的创业企业家行为The idea is that great things happen when you earn in dollars and spend in pesos or bahts.如果挣得是美元,花的是比索或者泰铢,这才是好事So instead of explaining some obscure example of不给你们举某些晦涩的例子了a sketchy supplement that he sold, let me give you an example说个简单的吧that you#39;ll resonate with really easily. So you#39;re watching this right now.这样你好理解。现在你在看我做的视频It#39;s basically an animation about a self-help book.本动画视频主要介绍的是一本成功学的书Take the exact same concept, you don#39;t have to reinvent the wheel,你不用重新发明轮子,使用完全和我一样的概念take this exact same concept, and if you want to know how直接用完全相同的概念,如果你想知道细节you can contact me and I#39;ll be more than happy to help you,可以联系我,帮到你我会很开心but take this concept and apply it to, let#39;s say, philosophy.你可以就用相同的概念,把它应用到,比如,哲学上That#39;s what you enjoy. You know a lot about philosophy.就是你喜欢的方面,你对哲学了解的比较多Take concepts and explain them in a fun and educational way.使用我这里的概念,来用一种有趣和有教育意义的方式来解释哲学I can actually see that becoming a great success.我觉得这一定会收获巨大的成功Grow it a little bit, and then just through ad revenue, just through affiliate marketing一点一点的增长,然后通过广告收入,相关销售the resources that you#39;re getting the information from, and maybe creating a little product,以及你获取的信息源,也许就能创造出一个小产品you can be there. I can actually see that as a great success.一旦你达到这个目标,我认为这就是个巨大的成功Now here#39;s how that#39;s misleading and the book does the exact same thing.这其实是一个误导观点,而本书是这样写的I#39;m not lying, but I#39;m coming from my perspective.我没有撒谎,我只是从自己的观点来说What I have to keep in mind is that the average person doesn#39;t even know how it#39;s possible to make money online.要明白的是,普通人其实连如何在网上挣钱都不知道So when I#39;m coming to you and saying, ;Hey, you could do that in a few months, and I can totally see that becoming a great success,;因此,当我遇到你,我就会说:“嗨,几个月你就能学会,我认为你一定可以获得成功”that#39;s with the experience and knowledge that I have.但那需要掌握我所拥有的经验和知识才行So guess what, for a person who hasn#39;t done that,因此,知道吗,对于没有这样做的人it might be hard to make a product that#39;s going to sell.让他们制造出一个能卖的产品是很困难的Or a person who has no idea how stuff works on YouTube,或者对一个不知道怎么通过YouTube挣钱的人it might take more than a few months to start a successful channel.要建立起一个成功的频道会花掉可不止几个月时间So make sure you#39;re not naive about that, but also realize that there is nothing that I have that you couldn#39;t get to.因此,既不要对此过于乐观幼稚,同时也得建立起信心,我能做到的你一样能做到You could do plenty of research, you could get plenty of experience.你可以做充分的调研,获得足够的经验So yeah, it might not be in six months, but guess what,即使花费了不止六个月时间you start a channel, it takes a year and it#39;s a complete disaster,一个频道花了你一年时间,看上去是个彻底的灾难and you learn so much from it, and then it takes another year for you to build a successful channel.但是你从中学到了很多,于是也许第二年你就创建了一个成功的频道That#39;s two years, even if it was three years, what#39;s the alternative?这花了两年,甚至三年,这会替代什么样的生活?If this is what you want to do, the alternative is working for someone as a slave for 40 years.如果这是你愿意去做的事情,替代的生活就将是为某人像奴隶一样工作40年Now here#39;s the next big thing and a really important part of the book.下面我们将说一个重点,也是本书一个相当重要的部分Things don#39;t take as much time as we think they should.一般来说,某些事物其实不会占用我们自认为的那么多时间So I was actually a part of a well-respected, successful, one of the best organizations in the world.我工作时曾经是一名受人尊重的,成功的,职员,供职于全球最好的企业之一And they would take people and literally have them somewhere for 8 hours这些公司会让人待在公司8个小时and be wasting their time when if they had done that individually,浪费他们的时间,如果这些工作让他们自己独立完成的话they could have done it in a single hour.他们其实会在一小时内完成So two huge things that you want to keep in mind when you want to be effective.因此,记住,如果你想变得高效,有两点非常重要One#39;s elimination and the other one#39;s outsourcing.第一是专注,第二是外包So here#39;s how I could use those two principles我来介绍一下我自己是怎么用这两个概念to turn working on my channel all day for seven days a week into将我维护一个频道一周七天的工作only two hours a week, only two hours a week, and basically the same results.转变成一周只需要两个小时的,每周只要两个小时,而且基本上是相同的结果A big part of the elimination process is the 80/20 principle,“专注”这一观点的重要组成部分是80/20原则and I actually have a whole about that.其实我有个完整的视频讲这个原则的But the idea is very simple... I used to spend hours and hours every day其实概念很简单,我之前每天会花很多个小时becoming a part of every website and everywhere I could put my on,来在每个网站发布自己的视频and then I realized, ;Dude, what are you doing?某天我意识到:“我在干什么?There#39;s only one website that#39;s sending you most of your traffic.;只有一个网站能给你带来最多的流量啊”So literally, I turned something that I did for hours and hours于是,我把每天要花费好几个小时的工作into something that I do in 5 minutes now and I#39;ve kept the majority of the results.变成了只需要5分钟,还能保持住大部分的流量The second part is outsourcing. And the book talks about virtual assistants, basically people第二个原则是“外包” 书上提到的是“虚拟助手”who#39;ll do everything for you, schedule things for you, do your email, all of that.其实就是能帮你完成一切的人,可以帮你做规划,发邮件,这些所有工作And people get really upset about that, ;Well, what about my safety?!但是有人会对这样做产生担忧:“这样我会不会不安全?!What about the security of my information?!;我的信息会不会不安全?!”And it#39;s like, look, first of all, what were you expecting?重要的是,首先,你期待的是什么?Your increasing your reward, so obviously your risk in going to increase.收益在增加的同时,一定会带来风险的增加But even with that, you could do that really smart,即便是这样,你也可以聪明的来做but if you#39;re not going to do that exact same thing,但是如果你不打算做完全相同的事forget the details, think about the bigger picture. Outsourcing. Focus on that.就忘掉这些细节吧,想想更大的场景,去外包,专注于这一点So in my case, the only reason I haven#39;t outsourced the animation process for my s我的情况是,唯一没有外包的就是给视频加动画的过程is because I#39;ve actually enjoyed it.因为我的确很喜欢这个So when I create an animation, the audio recording takes about an hour,我做一个动画视频,录音需要大约一个小时and then the animation takes about ten hours. That#39;s a lot of time.然后制作动画需要花10个小时,这可是很多时间And look, I don#39;t even have to go overseas to outsource that.那么,看 外包这件事我都不用去找海外资源I could outsource that to a kid here that goes to high school that has extra time.我可以外包给个本地的高中生,只要他有额外时间And I could pay him less than 5% of what the is going to generate for me.我只需要付给他,视频给我带来收入的5%以下就可以了And now each only takes me an hour to make.那么现在,每个视频我只需要花上一个小时就够了So if I#39;m going to put out two s a week, that would be two hours of recording那么,如果我打算每周做两个视频,就需要花两个小时来录制and you know, a few minutes of marketing on just one website. That#39;s it.然后,只在一个网站上花上几分钟的时间发布,就这些了But when I first started I had no idea, and I would literally spend all day every day但是,当我最开始做的时候,完全没头绪,我几乎要花上每天一整天的时间doing those things, and I#39;ve kept all of those results做这些工作,现在,结果不变but now it#39;s only going to take me about two hours a week when I start outsourcing.外包后,每周却只需要花2个小时就能完成And get into the habit of outsourcing, even if you don#39;t need it, start doing it.养成习惯把工作外包吧,即便你现在不需要,也应该尽早开始Often times, I#39;ll meet a person, just a fully grown man, a 40-year-old man,我会经常遇到一种人 40来岁的成年男人and he#39;ll brag about how he cut the grass all day yesterday and saved the money.他会和你吹牛说自己昨天花了一整天剪的草坪,然后省了多少钱And I#39;m sitting there thinking, ;So your entire day is worth , that#39;s it?;于是我坐在一旁想:“那么你一整天就只值20美元是吗?”So get into the habit of this even if you don#39;t need it.即便你现在不需要,也应该尽早养成习惯The experience coming from it will be invaluable.从这一点能获得的经验是无价的You#39;ll learn when you outsource it to the wrong person,当你外包给错误的人时,你会学到and well, they#39;re not doing the job right, or they didn#39;t get it done by the deadline.他们没有把事做好,或者没有按时间交活You#39;ll learn so many things but get into the habit of outsourcing things.你会学到很多So in conclusion, this is a great book.总结下,这是一本好书I mean I know a lot about this topic, but I still learned so much,虽然我了解这个主题,但读完仍让我学到很多so I would definitely recommend ing it.非常推荐你们阅读But, don#39;t be naive about, and I#39;ve addressed some of the things that can be a little bit misleading.然而,不要太过于天真,我已经提到了书里某些观点可能会有些误导But, at the same time, don#39;t take that as, ;Well, I can#39;t do it and someone else can.;但是,不要以为说:“这种事只有这样的人可以做,我做不来”You know, is this possible? Absolutely.你知道吗,这件事是可能的吗?绝对的Are most people going to be able to do it? Absolutely not.这是大多数人都做的来的吗?绝对不是Just like most people won#39;t be able to become就像大多数人都不能in control of their response to negative stimuli around them,在负面情绪围绕的时候担起他们的责任actually that#39;s probably harder for most people.其实,对大多数人来说这都是很困难的But, that#39;s not a good enough reason to say why something doesn#39;t have merit.但这不能用来明某件事就没有去尝试的价值 Article/201706/513330

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