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青岛激光雀斑费用青岛做重睑最好的地方Follow the rules and you wont get chewed out.遵守规定你就不会挨批。get chewed out直译过来就是:“被嚼碎了”,这个短语的正确意思是:“被训斥,挨批”。因此,当美国人说;Follow the rules and you wont get chewed out.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;If you follow the rules, you wont be criticized.;、;Follow the rules and nobody will find faults with you.;.情景对白:Terry: My boss turned back to get his passport and found me playing computer games. So he roundly criticized me.泰瑞:老板折回来拿护照,发现我在玩电脑游戏,很严厉地批评了我。Benjamin: Follow the rules and you wont get chewed out.本杰明:遵守规定你就不会挨批。搭配句积累:①Yes,sir. I got it!是的,先生。我知道了!②Ive learned a lession this time.我吸取这次的教训了。③I wont get late next time!下次不会迟到了。④I will be careful from now on.我以后一定注意。单词:1. find fault with sb. 挑某人的错You have no reason to find fault with him.你无理对他挑剔。Some persons are prone to find fault with others when they should be blaming themselves.有些人当他们应当责备自己的时候却对别人吹毛求疵。2. roundly adv. 直截了当地They roundly denounced him for quitting.他们严厉地斥责他擅自离去。I choose rather to hesitate my opinion than to assert it roundly.我宁可犹疑地表示我的意见而不愿直率地断言这件事。 /201210/205494青岛李沧哪纹眉好 Asking a co-worker for helpA: Hi, Carlos. What are you doing this afternoon?B: Working. Why?A: Well. I was just wondering if you would come by and give me a hand with the fliers for next week’s party.B: I’m sorry, Melissa. I really can’t today. I’ve just got too much going on. Maybe tomorrow.请同事帮忙A:嗨,卡洛斯。今天下午你做什么?B:工作。什么事?A:嗯。不知道你能否过来帮我做做下周聚会用的传单。B:对不起,梅丽莎。今天的确不行。我要做的事太多了。也许明天可以。 /200705/13013青岛半导体激光脱体毛哪家医院好

青岛市汉口绣眉哪家好Farewell before retiringA: Well, I guess that’s about it. Everything’s packed and y to go.B: It’s hard to believer you’re really retiring. What are you going to do with yourself?A: Have fun! I plan to spend some more time with my grandkids, and I might even go back to school.B: Well, good luck. Give me a ring sometime, and let me know how you are.退休告别A:好啦,我想就这些了。东西都包好了,该走了。B:很难相信您真的要退休了。您怎么安排自己的生活呢?A:享受生活!我打算多花点时间和孙子们在一起。还有可能回学校上学呢。B:那好,祝您好运。有空打个电话给我,告诉您怎么样了。 /200704/12328青岛玻尿酸丰鼻翼费用 (一):The company has become a focal point that draws people at all times of the day and year. 贵公司成了时刻吸人眼球的焦点。A: The company has become a focal point that draws people at all times of the day and year.甲:贵公司成了时刻吸人眼球的焦点。B: Yes, and we successfully challenged for market share in Southeast Asia.乙:是的,并且我们成功争取到了东南亚的市场份额。成为焦点:the most strikingeye-catchingdrag in more viewers(二):The temptation in a downturn is to let prices slide to increase market share.在经济减速的情况下,通过降价提高市场份额的方法很诱人。A: How do you like our proposal?甲:您觉得我们的提议怎么样?B: The temptation in a downturn is to let prices slide to increase market share.乙:在经济减速的情况下,通过降价提高市场份额的方法很诱人。 提高市场份额:enjoy a vast expansion of marketgrab an increasing share of the marketgain market share /201409/325493青岛长痘痘要怎么办

青岛吸脂瘦脸手术哪家医院好Mark:Can you drive?Xia Dan:Yes, I have adriving license.Mark:Are you willing to drive yourself if the job requires?Xia Dan:Sure.Mark:One more thing, if you are wanted in this position, you must prepare to travel aboard frequently.Xia Dan:Thats fine with me.Mark:Would you mind relocating?Xia Dan:As long as it isnt too far from this city, I dont mind.Mark:It’s quite far away, though its located in another part of the city. Are you planning to find a boarding house nearby?Xia Dan:I think I can commute that far without any trouble.Mark:Good. Do you have any particular conditions that you want us to take into consideration?Xia Dan:No, nothing in particular. Thank you.Mark:Then youll need to know its a hard job. Youll often have to work overtime or even on weekends.Xia Dan:Yes, but I dont mind working hard.重点讲解:license许可相关词汇:driving license 驾照例句:The policeman asked to see his driving license. 警察要求看他的驾驶执照。business license 营业执照export license出口许可off license 便利商店;买酒执照 /201107/145711 for a rainy day 以防不时之需(成语)英文释义For a future period of unexpected financial need; for a time when a person has less money that required.例句 My parents taught me to save some money for a rainy day, so if I lose my job, I can survive for a while until I find a new one.父母教导我,要存些钱以防不时不需,所以如果我失业了,我有能力维持生活,直到找到新工作。 /201403/279103青医附院做抽脂手术多少钱青岛红蓝光治疗痤疮价格



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