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重庆私处脱毛一般哪家医院好重庆如何彻底脱毛Bill Gates has broken ranks with Silicon Valley in the stand-off between Apple and the US government, saying technology companies should be forced to co-operate with law enforcement in terrorism investigations.在苹果(Apple)与美国政府之间的这场对决上,比尔盖茨(Bill Gates)破坏了硅谷的队形,他表示应强制科技公司协助执法部门的反恐调查。The Microsoft founder took issue with Tim Cook’s characterisation of the government’s order that Apple help break open the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone as a demand for a “back door”, denying that it would set a wider precedent.这位微软(Microsoft)创始人反对蒂姆錠克(Tim Cook)带有个人色的描述,库克将政府让苹果帮助破解圣贝纳迪诺击案凶手iPhone的命令,描述为要求苹果开“后门”。盖茨认为这不会成为一个更深远的先例。“This is a specific case where the government is asking for access to information. They are not asking for some general thing, they are asking for a particular case,” Mr Gates told the Financial Times.盖茨对英国《金融时报》表示:“这是政府要求获得信息的一件个别案例。他们不是为了一般事提出要求,而是为了一个特例而提出要求。”“It is no different than [the question of] should anybody ever have been able to tell the phone company to get information, should anybody be able to get at bank records. Let’s say the bank had tied a ribbon round the disk drive and said ‘don’t make me cut this ribbon because you’ll make me cut it many times’.”“这个问题就好比,任何人都可以要求电话公司提供信息吗?任何人都可以取得记录吗?比方说在磁盘驱动器上绑了一条缎带,然后说‘不要让我割断这条缎带,因为你还会多次要求我割断它。’”Apple has been pulled into a war of words with US law enforcement in the last week, after a judge ordered the company to write software that would enable FBI investigators to unlock Syed Rizwan Farook’s iPhone. Mr Cook, Apple’s chief executive, has called the request a “chilling” example of “overreach” by the US government that would set a “dangerous precedent that threatens everyone’s civil liberties”.由于法官下令苹果编写软件帮助美国联邦调查局(FBI)调查人员解锁赛义德里兹万法鲁克(Syed Rizwan Farook)的iPhone,上周苹果与美国执法部门陷入一场论战。苹果首席执行官库克称这一要求是美国政府“伸手过长”的一个“可怕”范例,将会建立“一个危险的先例,威胁着每一个人的公民自由。”Mr Gates’ stance sets him apart from the rest of the tech industry, including the company he founded. Satya Nadella, Microsoft chief, has not publicly commented on the matter, but a spokesperson for the Seattle-based company pointed to a statement by the Reform Government Surveillance organisation, of which it is a member, opposing the order.盖茨的立场有别于科技界其他人士,包括他自己创办的公司。微软首席执行官萨提亚纳德拉(Satya Nadella)没有对此事发表过公开,但这家西雅图公司的发言人表示,微软所在的“政府监管改革”(Reform Government Surveillance)组织已发表声明反对政府的这一命令。Silicon Valley executives including Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook chief; Jack Dorsey, Twitter founder; and Sundar Pichai, head of Google, have all sided with Mr Cook. National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden called the showdown “the most important tech case in a decade”.包括Facebook首席执行官马克丠克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)、Twitter创始人杰克多西(Jack Dorsey)、谷歌(Google)首席执行官桑德尔皮查伊(Sundar Pichai)在内的硅谷高管都站在了库克一边。美国国家安全局(National Security Agency)泄密者爱德华斯诺登(Edward Snowden)称这场对决“是十年来最重要的科技事件。”But James Comey, FBI director, has insisted that the case is “quite narrow”.但联邦调查局局长詹姆斯科米(James Comey)坚持认为此案范围“相当有限”。“We don’t want to break anyone’s encryption or set a master key loose on the land,” Mr Comey wrote in a blogpost on Sunday night.詹姆斯科米周日晚上在一篇文中写道:“我们不希望破解任何人的加密,或释放一把万能钥匙。”Mr Gates told the FT that there were benefits to the government being able to enforce taxation, stop crime and investigate terror threats, but said there must be rules on when the information can be accessed.盖茨向《金融时报》表示这些信息对于政府来说是有利的,能够加强税收、制止犯罪和调查恐怖威胁,但他表示必须对获取信息的时间设定规则。“I hope that we have that debate so that the safeguards are built and so people do not opt — and this will be country by country — [to say] it is better that the government does not have access to any information,” he said.盖茨说:“我希望我们进行这样的讨论,这样就可以建立保障措施,而且这样人们——每个国家都是——就不会去说政府最好不要获得任何信息。” /201602/428245巴中激光祛痘印 The Wooden Pagoda of Yingxian County应县木塔The real name of the Wooden Pagoda in Yingxian County, located in Fogong Temple in the northwestern corner of the county town of Yingxian, is Sakyamuni Pagoda. Since it was built completely of timber, it has been known popularly as the Wooden Pagoda of Yingxian County. It is the oldest wooden structure extant in China, and also the tallest among the ancient wooden buildings of the world. The pagoda was constructed during the Liao Dynasty. The Wooden Pagoda, nearly 70 meters high, is 30 meters in diameter and weighs over 2600 tons. Made up of at least 3,500 cubic meters of wood, the pagoda is octagonal in shape and contains nine floors, with four built-in stories not apparent from the outside. Built without the use of nails, the entire structure is solid, imposing, and elegant. Although built entirely with timber, the pagoda has weathered over 900 years of wind and rain, and withstood numerous strong earthquakes and wars. lts been recorded that there had occurred a strong earthquake with a magnitude of 6. 5 0n the Richter scale 300 years after the pagoda was built. All the buildings around collapsed but the quake merely shook out some shingles from the pagoda#39;s eaves. All this is due to its unique structure. The pagoda#39;s multi-storey structure has given it the kind of stability resembling those in the modern buildings.lts wood texture is very soft, which won#39;t easily twist under the outside pressure.The many layers also reinforce the pagoda. Since the founding of New China in 1949, the government has dispatched many survey groups to conduct an on-site investigation into the pagoda and great efforts have been made to repair and reinforce the structure. During a repair project in 1974 a number of important and valuable cultural relics were found in the pagoda, including a picture of medicinal herbs and some Buddhist scriptures, all belonging to the Liao Dynasty. The scripture scrolls include both hand-written and block-printed ones, some of which are more than thirty meters long when sp out and can date back to as early as the year 990, 1003 0r 1071. They are regarded as rare treasures both at home and abroad, and provide important data not only for the collating of the Buddhist scriptures but also for the research of development of the printing technology and cultural exchanges among different nationalities in China. The temple is also widely extolled as an outstanding example of Chinese architecture.应县木塔地处应县县城西北的佛宫寺内,真名释迦塔。因完全由木料建造,人们一般习惯称其为应县木塔。它是我国现存年代最古老的一座木构建筑,在世界古代木构建筑中也是最高的。木塔建于辽代,近70米高,底层直径30米,总重为2600多吨。整个木塔至少使用木料3500立方米,呈八角形,共九层,其中内有四级暗层,从外部很难看出。整个木塔建筑没有使用一钉一铆,结构坚实、气势恢弘,样式别致。尽管完全由木制建造,该塔却经受住了900多年的风雨侵蚀,多次的强烈地震和战争。据记载,该塔建后300年,该地区曾发生里氏6.5级强震,震塌了周围所有建筑,但却仅仅震落了塔檐的几片木瓦。木塔的多层结构确保了其结构的稳固性,这堪与现代建筑相媲美。所选用的木料质地柔软,在外力作用下不易变形。木塔的多层结构也对其起到了稳固作用。1949年新中国成立后,政府多次派遣勘测组对该塔进行实地勘测,为修复和加固该塔做出了很大努力。在1974年的一次修复工程中于木塔中发现大量珍贵文物,其中包括一幅药草图以及一些佛教经卷,均属辽代。这些卷轴中有写经刻经,其中一些展开后有30多米长,历史可追溯到990年、1003年或1071年,在国内外堪称稀世珍品,不仅为佛教经卷的整理也为中国印刷技术和各民族间文化交流的发展研究提供了重要资料。应县木塔作为中国建筑的杰出典范广为世人称赞。 /201601/419360If you’ve ever attended a technology conference, then you’ve likely seen your share of booth babes. Also known by the more respectable term “promotional models,” they’re the scantily-clad women companies hire in an attempt to lure conference-goers into checking out their Bluetooth headsets, Internet-enabled toothbrushes and yes, even security software.如果你参观过某个科技展会,你很可能已经欣赏过众多“展台宝贝”的倩影。她们还有一个更体面的头衔——“促销模特”。各大公司聘用这些穿着清凉的美女,主要是吸引参会者前往它们的展台,试试蓝牙耳机,联网牙刷,甚至安全软件。From the Consumer Electronics Show to Mobile World Congress, booth babes have become an expected part of the scenery, much like hours-long taxi lines and horrible Wi-Fi coverage (go figure). But some attendees have complained that stripper-like attire—yes, I’m talking pasties—is offensive in a professional environment and that they’d rather engage with actual salespeople who are more knowledgeable about the products they’re trying to sell. (Booth babes are usually temporary hires and therefore not your best bet if you want a deep dive on the latest cryptographic solutions.)从CES消费电子展到全球移动大会,“展台宝贝”已经成为各类科技展会不可或缺的一部分,就像大排长龙的出租车候车队伍和糟糕的无线网络一样。但有些参会者抱怨称,在一个如此专业的场合,她们那无异于脱衣舞女的着装——没错 ,我说的就是胸贴——显得特别突兀。他们宁可和真正的销售人员打交道,因为这些人对自己要卖的产品了解得更清楚。(“展台宝贝”往往都是临时聘用人员,如果你想深入了解最新加密技术的解决方案,她们绝不会是你咨询的最佳对象)。At least one annual tech expo has decided to listen to the complaints. Last week, the organizers of the RSA Conference, an information security event that will take place in San Francisco next month, added a new clause to its exhibitor rules and regulations. Effectively, it’s a booth babe ban.现在至少有一个年度科技展已决定听取这些怨言。上周,信息安全大会(RSA Conference)的组织者在其参展商规则里加了一条新规,实际上就是禁止“展台宝贝”入场。该组织将于下个月在旧金山举办一场信息安全展会。According to the new rules: “All expo staff are expected to dress in business and/or business casual attire… Attire of an overly revealing or suggestive nature is not permitted.” The RSA organizers even list specific examples of such clothing, including tops displaying excessive cleavage, miniskirts, offensive costumes and Lycra bodysuits (apparently that’s a thing).新规规定:“所有参展人员应一律身着正装或商务便装……决不允许穿着过于暴露或具有性暗示意味的装。”展会组织者甚至列举了这类穿着,如过分展现乳沟的上装,超短裙,暴露的装及莱卡紧身衣(这种衣确实撩人)。“I think it’s a long time coming,” Sandra Toms, VP and curator of the RSA Conference, said on a phone call with Fortune. “If you’re an attendee you have a limited time and you want to ask specific technical questions and get your answers. That’s what we’ve heard in our [attendee] surveys.”该展会副总兼策展者桑德拉o汤姆斯在接受《财富》杂志电话采访时表示:“我认为这个规定来得太迟了。如果你是一位参观者,时间有限,你就只会想问一些具体的技术问题,并寻求解答。这是我们从调研中获得的反馈意见。”According to Toms, who has been working on the conference for nearly two decades, conference-goers have also said they are offended by specific clothing worn—or more accurately, not worn—by booth babes. And such criticisms have been lobbed at tech conferences for years.汤姆斯已为这个展会工作了近二十年。她说,参观者也表示,那些穿着特殊,或确切点说,穿得很少的“展台宝贝”让他们很不舒。实际上,多年来,在各类科技展会上,这类批评时有耳闻。The fact that some large, respected companies still use women in body paint to try and draw attention to their wares seems outdated at best—kind of like handing out breath mint containers inscribed with a company logo. (Like mints, booth babes don’t necessarily help vendors generate more leads.) And while it’s not to blame for the overall dearth of women at many of these conferences, it certainly doesn’t promote an atmosphere that’s welcoming to both genders: Let’s face it, these companies are explicitly marketing specifically to men, and in the crudest way possible.事实上,一些颇受尊敬的大公司还在用人体绘来引人关注,这种做法似乎已经过时了——这有点像给参观者赠送印有公司标识的薄荷糖(而且和薄荷糖一样,“展台宝贝”也并不一定能帮参展商引来更多人气)。诚然,这类展会多数都缺乏女性参与,但这种做法并不能营造让男女都喜闻乐见的氛围:大家得直面现实,这些公司摆明了就是针对男性开展营销的,而且就要用这种最裸的方式。In case you were wondering, about 30,000 people attend the annual RSA Conference, but women make up just about 15% of attendees. As far as tech conferences go, that ratio isn’t unusual. RSA has chosen to take a stance with its new booth babe ban, and so far, says Toms, the feedback has been positive.每年有大约三万人参加信息安全大会,但其中只有15%是女性。对科技展会来说,这个比例很正常。这个大会已经旗帜鲜明地要让“展台宝贝”禁入了。而据汤姆斯称,迄今为止获得的反馈都很积极。“We’ve had a lot of support for it,” says Toms. “I think people get it, and they want to be respectful.”她说:“很多人都持我们这个做法。我想大家理解这个新规的意图,他们确实想更尊重女性。”Of course, banning booth babes does have one potential downside—the sad reality is, it could mean even less women at tech conferences. But here’s a novel thought: Technology companies, you can still have women showing off and explaining your products. Just don’t ask them to wear Lycra.当然了,禁止“展台宝贝”参展可能也会带来不利影响——参与的女性更少了。但不妨换个新思路:各家科技公司,你们还是可以请女性来展示讲解产品,只是别再让她们穿紧身莱卡了。 /201504/369349重庆第四人民医院做整形的费用

重庆激光脱唇毛大概多少钱Magic Leap, Microsoft’s HoloLens, and Oculus VR hope to fool our eyes. A small team of designers, engineers, and chefs have cooked up a “gastronomical virtual reality experience” that uses head-mounted displays, 3-D printers, and food science to trick our taste buds.Magic Leap、微软的 HoloLens 还有欧酷拉(Oculus VR)都想欺骗我们的双眼。一小队设计师、工程师和厨师却烹制出了使用头戴式显示、3D打印和食品科学来欺骗我们的味蕾的“虚拟现实美食体验”。Project Nourished combines brightly colored experimental cuisine, crafted from agar and pectin, with VR simulations intended to make those meager morsels seem tastier than they really are. If creator Jinsoo An succeeds, diners will don a virtual reality headset and be transported to a place where the Jello-like wedge placed before them is transformed into a sumptuous slice of apple pie.Project Nourished把用琼脂和果胶制成的颜色鲜亮的实验菜肴与虚拟现实仿真技术相结合,让那些可怜的小块食物看起来更美味。如果发明人安辰浂成功了,食客们将戴上虚拟现实头部套装被传送到一个让那些摆在他们面前的果冻一样的小块食物变成一块奢华的苹果派的地方。Two things inspired Project Nourished. First, a scene in Hook where a grown Peter Pan remembers how to use his sense of imagination to turn bowls of colorful goop into a gourmet meal. Second, An’s stepfather is diabetic and has had to cut some of his favorite foods from his diet. An’s goal is to provide a savory simulation without spiking blood sugar. “Even though the food is completely imaginary, there is a sense of joy, happiness and being part of a family,” says An. “We want this happiness to be the focal point of our experience.”两件事给了 Project Nourished 灵感。第一个是《铁钩船长》中的一个场景。长大了的彼得潘想起了怎样用他的想象力把五浆变成美味大餐。第二件事是,安辰浂的继父患有糖尿病,不得不避免食用一些他喜欢的食物。安辰浂的目标是实现一种不升高血糖的味觉模拟。“尽管食物完全是虚拟的,但这是一种愉悦、幸福和作为家庭一份子的感觉。”安辰浂说,“我们希望这种幸福感是我们这项体验的核心。”Simulating food has an uncanny valley problem, one An decided to design around by making his virtual victuals distinct from the items they’re meant to mimic. “We tackled this by making the faux foods look considerably different from the actual foods, while making it somewhat recognizable,” he says. “This ensured that the users don’t expect the foods to taste and feel in certain way, because it won’t be 100 percent.”仿真食物也面临恐怖谷问题。针对这个问题,安辰浂决定将他的虚拟食品制作得和被仿制的食品不太一样。“我们把仿真食品做得和真实食品看上去不太一样,但又能让人看出来被仿制的食品是什么。我们通过这种办法来解决这个问题。”他说,“这保了用户不会对将品尝的食物产生特定的味道和感觉的期待,因为它不会是100%还原的。”Texture is a critical culinary consideration and An’s team is working to recreate the mouthfeel of sushi, steak, and apple pie using natural, low-calorie ingredients. “Some of our ingredients were inspired by vegan and allergy-free cooking since vegan and food allergy communities have aly done a lot of experiments trying to mimic various types of foods that they are not able to eat,” says An. “For example, we are experimenting with nutritious yeast and shiitake mushroom powder to recreate dry-aged and umami flavors in our faux steak.”质感是烹饪中的重要问题。安辰浂的团队正尝试用天然的低热量配料重现寿司、牛排和苹果派的口感。“我们的有些配方是受素食和防过敏烹饪的启发,因为素食主义者和食物过敏群体已经做了很多模仿他们不能吃的各种食物的实验。”安辰浂说,“比如,我们正在试验用营养酵母和香菇粉来让我们的仿牛排重现干式熟成的风味和鲜味。”Project Nourished isn’t the only team pursuing this goal. Researchers Hiromi Nakamura and Nimesha Ranasinghe have been experimenting with tongue-based interfaces that can simulate sweet, salty, and savory flavors by sending an electrical current into taste buds. “While the research findings were quite extraordinary, we decided to move away from this direction since most people would be freaked out if we told them we are going to send electrical current through their tongue,” says An.Project Nourished 并不是追逐这个目标的唯一团队。中村裕美和 Nimesha Ranasinghe 等研究者也在研究通过向味蕾发送电流来模拟甜、咸、鲜等味道的基于舌头的交互界面。“尽管这些研究成果非常出色,我们还是决定不走这个方向,因为如果我们告诉他们我们将向他们的舌头传送电流,大多数人都会被吓疯。”安辰浂说。An aromatic diffuser is employed to amplify the olfactory elements of the experience, turning scented oils into pleasing aromas. “Close your eyes and imagine yourself walking into a bakery with fresh bs and pies. We want that experience to be replicated in our pie-eating experience,” says An. “So far, we have tried turning beer, broth, herb and fruit-infused water into fine mist, and they worked quite nicely.”一种芳香扩散器被用来提升体验中的嗅觉因素,将芳香油变成怡人的香味。“闭上你的眼镜,想像你正走进一间放着刚出炉的面包和派的面包房。我们希望这种体验能在我们的派品尝体验中重现。”安辰浂说,“到目前为止,我们已经尝试了将啤酒、肉汤、香料和水果味的水制成气雾,它们很成功。”The Project Nourished team loves cooking, eating, and knows it will be a long time before VR can compete with Per Se. But that’s no reason not to push the boundaries. “After experimenting with sous vide and molecular gastronomy, I wanted to see if there are other ways for us to consume food,” says An. “Some of these ideas can be quite scary or seem far out, but I think designers, technologists and culinary professionals should start thinking about these implications so that we can make more conscious decisions down the line. One thing we should never do is to fear.”Project Nourished 团队热爱烹饪和美食,他们也知道虚拟现实要想要和 Per Se 餐厅比拼还有很长的路要走。但是,没有理由停滞不前。“试验过真空低温烹调和分子烹饪之后,我想知道我们有没有其他办法来利用食物。”安辰浂说,“有些想法可能很恐怖或很诡异,但我认为设计师、技术人员和烹饪专家应该开始考虑这些应用,让我们将来能做出更多合理的选择。我们唯一绝对不该做的事就是畏惧。” /201502/360130重庆内双割双眼皮 Following is Axact’s response to a New York Times article published on May 18 asserting that the Pakistan-based company is at the center of a global network of fake online schools offering unaccredited degrees for money.以下是Axact公司对5月18日发表于《纽约时报》的一篇报道的回应,报道指称总部位于巴基斯坦的Axact公司创建了一个虚假在线学校全球网络,通过出售无认学位牟利。The response was originally published on the company’s website here and is copied below.这篇回应最初发表在该公司的网站上,现转载如下。Axact’s Official Response to the defamatory articleAxact公司对诽谤报道的官方回应Axact’s official response to an article published by New York Times reporter in collaboration with its local partner Express Media Group and some other media outlets to hurt the success of BOL (Express Media Group publishes International New York Times in Pakistan).《纽约时报》记者在其当地合作伙伴“快报传媒集团”(Express Media Group)以及其他一些媒体的配合下,发表了一篇报道,以破坏BOL集团的成就,Axact公司为此做出正式回应。(快报传媒集团负责《国际纽约时报》在巴基斯坦的发行)。This is regarding a defamatory article published by New York Times (NYT) regarding Axact.本回应针对发表在《纽约时报》(下称NYT)的一篇诽谤Axact公司的文章。Axact condemns this story as baseless, substandard, maligning, defamatory, and based on false accusations and merely a figment of imagination published without taking the company’s point of view. Axact will be pursuing strict legal action against the publications and those involved.Axact公司谴责这篇毫无根据、不合规范、恶意中伤、诽谤和诬告的报道,它在无端指控的基础上进行了凭空想象,将本公司的角度排除在外。Axact公司将对报章及相关人等采取严厉的法律措施。It is clarified that NYT in Pakistan is partnered with Express Media Group to publish International NYT in Pakistan and receive earnings from the group. Express Group was under a restraining order and contempt of court proceedings by Sind High Court for publishing a defamatory news item and further from publishing anything detrimental to Axact’s reputation. (Click here to view the courts restraining order). Hence Express Media Group to counter the success of BOL and to circumvent the court order has got this story published via its partner NYT in collaboration with some reporter called Declan Walsh.众所周知,NYT与快报传媒集团合作,在巴基斯坦发行《国际版纽约时报》,并从集团获取回报。快报集团曾因发表诽谤新闻而得到信德高等法院(Sind High Court)的禁制令以及藐视法庭的指控,禁制令禁止其进一步发布任何损害Axact公司声誉的内容。(点击此处查看法院的禁制令)。因此,快报传媒集团为遏制BOL的成功,绕过法院禁制令,在名叫德克兰·沃尔什(Declan Walsh)的记者配合下,通过其合作伙伴NYT发表了这篇文章。It should also be noted that a few months back in a registered criminal case by Axact for Data Theft (Criminal case No.561/2015), Police investigations led to Mr. Sultan Lakhani as the ultimate hidden owner of that company involved in Data theft of Axact and other IT companies and his name was included in the interim police Challan. (Click here to see the police challan mentioning Sultan Lakhani). After which Mr. Sultan also tried to transfer the investigations to another Police department of his choice but on 12th May 2015 that transfer was also suspended by Sind High Court and the criminal investigation again started against Mr. Sultan Lakhani. (Click here to view the request for transfer,transfer order and court order suspending the transfer).此外还应指出,几个月前Axact公司向警方报告数据盗窃刑事案件(刑事案件No.561/2015),警方的调查表明,在Axact公司和其他IT企业数据被盗案件中,苏尔坦·拉克哈尼先生(Mr. Sultan Lakhani)是隐藏在涉案公司背后的最终所有人,他的名字被列入警方临时指控记录。(点击此处查看涉及苏尔坦·拉克哈尼的警方记录)。此后苏尔坦先生还试图将调查工作移至另一个自己选择的警察局,但该移交于2015年5月12日被信德高等法院中止,针对苏尔坦·拉克哈尼先生的调查重新展开。(点击此处查看案件移交申请、移交令和法院中止移交的判令)。The story is authored by some reporter Declan Walsh of NYT who was expelled from Pakistan as Persona non-grata by Pakistan Interior Ministry allegedly due to his involvement in damaging Pakistan’s national interests. Even the media group he is affiliated with, the Express Tribune, published a story against him (click here to more). Several other organizations have also written about him (click here to more). This reporter has worked and devised a one-sided story without taking any input from the company. A last-minute, haphazard elusive email was sent to the company demanding an immediate response by the next day to which the attorney for Axact responded. Click here to view the response.这则报道是由一名叫德克兰·沃尔什的《纽约时报》记者撰写,该记者曾作为不受欢迎的人被巴基斯坦内政部驱逐出巴基斯坦,原因是参与破坏巴基斯坦国家利益的行动。即使是他所隶属的传媒集团《论坛快报》(Express Tribune),都发表了一篇反对他的报道(点击此处阅读更多)。还有几个组织也曾发表关于他的文章(点击此处阅读更多)。这名记者在没有从公司获得任何信息的情况下,捏造了一则片面的故事。在报道发出前最后一刻,公司收到一封随意写就、语焉不详的电子邮件,要求公司在第二天前立即作出回复,Axact公司律师回应了这封邮件。点击此处查看回应。Moreover, this reporter has not mentioned the conflict of interest which the NYT has due to its association with Express Media as its revenue source in Pakistan. This necessary disclosure regarding the criminal cases on NYT Partner in Pakistan was deliberately omitted and is an injustice to the er not expected of a publication like NYT.此外,这名记者没有提及与《纽约时报》存在的利益关系,《纽约时报》将其与快报传媒集团的合作视为在巴基斯坦的收入来源。鉴于《纽约时报》的巴基斯坦合作伙伴涉嫌刑事案件,这种利益关系的披露是必要的,但在文中被有意隐去,如此不义之举,不应该是NYT这样的媒体所为。In an exemplary display of poor journalistic skills and yellow journalism, the writer ed references from several imaginary employees to corroborate accusations made out of thin air. None of these accusations have been substantiated with any real proof. Search engines have been used to type ‘fake degrees’ and whatever images have turned up have been portrayed as evidence. Additionally, no proof has been given linking any of these sites and allegations to Axact and widely recognized names such as that of John Kerry have been used to increase the impact of the story. In fact the writer himself admits that when he approached these universities, they denied having any links with Axact. Furthermore, in a glaring display of bias, he didn’t even mention the fact that all these previous published allegations have been more than adequately addressed by Axact earlier in the civil suit 907/2013 filed against GEO and others.作者在文中引用了若干虚构员工的话,以实一些无中生有的指控,堪称蹩脚的报道技巧和黄色新闻写作的典型。所有的指控都没有任何真正的据持。作者在搜索引擎中键入“假学位”,显示的所有图片都被其称为明。此外,没有据表明这些网站和事实陈述与Axact有关。一些大人物的名字也被用来提高故事的冲击力,例如约翰·克里(John Kerry)。事实上,作者承认,当他联系这些大学时,它们都否认同Axact有关系。此外还有一个非常醒目的据明作者具有偏向性:作者甚至没有提到,在此前对GEO及其它公司发起的民事诉讼907/2013中,Axact已经对报道中提及的指控做出了极其充分的阐述。One aspect that stands very clear from all this is that a personal grudge has been displayed by the writer. Parallels laded with negativity have been drawn with the portrayal of positive Pakistan and also including references to the Silicon Valley as if offering world-class facilities to employees is something that we should be ashamed about when it is our pride. This reminds us of the story made by Forbes against NYT reporters of publishing false stories. Click here to more有一点是非常明确的,作者在文中表现出了私人恩怨。文章将此事和巴基斯坦的正面描绘进行了充满负面的对比,还用硅谷(Silicon Valley)作为参照,仿佛为员工提供世界一流环境这样一个引以为荣的事,是我们应该感到羞耻的。这令我们想起之前福布斯(Forbes)的一则报道,指出《纽约时报》记者曾发表假新闻。详情请点击这里For information on Axact Education , it is hereby clarified that Axact provides a comprehensive education management system that benefits diverse bodies of students and caters to all types of educational institutions—online and traditional. It is a 360 degree solution for students and faculty around the globe, available on multiple educational platforms being its core capability. For details on this, click here.关于Axact教育部门的信息,本公司特此澄清,Axact提供完整的教育管理系统,惠及多元化的学生群体,满足各类教育机构——不管是线上还是传统机构的需求。对全球的学生和学校,这都是一个完美的选择。本系统的核心能力是适用于多个教育平台。详情请点击这里Furthermore, Axact’s Online Education Management System is World’s Leader outside North America. And Axact is now collaborating with other renowned education groups in the USA to provide its Education Management System and is poised to be a major player in the online education industry of USA by 2018.此外,Axact的线上教育管理系统,在北美以外的地方是处于领先的。目前,我们正在与美国一些知名教育团体合作创建教育管理系统,准备在2018年时成为美国线上教育产业的主要参与者。All ten business units of Axact are completely legitimate, legal and committed to enhancing the quality of IT services across the world.Axact下属十个业务部门全部是完全正规、合法的,均致力于提高全球IT务的质量。From the very first day of announcement of BOL, certain elements have started campaigning against Axact and BOL. The GEO/Jang group and Express Media Group being direct competitors of BOL (initiated by Axact) have started a defamation campaign and other criminal pursuits since last 2 years accusing BOL of belonging to multiple groups, sometimes establishment, sometimes a real estate tycoon and sometimes other controversial personalities and were coining all kind of conspiracy theories. Now they have planned this story in collaboration with this reporter as evident from the fact that within less than 60 seconds of the publishing of this article, these media outlets started sping this maligning campaign via different means. It is also come to our notice that they are planning with other foreign media groups to publish this story with different angles.从宣布创办BOL的那一天起,一些人就发起了反对Axact和BOL的运动。GEO/Jang集团和快报传媒集团是BOL(由Axact创办)的直接竞争者。两年前开始,它们发起了污蔑BOL的宣传运动,同时还对BOL提起刑事诉讼,指控BOL属于多个集团,有的时候说是权力阶层,有的时候说是地产大亨,有的时候是一些有争议的人物。它们捏造了各种阴谋论。现在它们又跟这位记者一同策划了这个故事。据很明显,这篇文章发表后的60秒内,这些媒体机构就开始在各种渠道散播污蔑的言论。我们还注意到,它们还在计划与国外媒体一起以多个角度刊发这个故事。It should be noted that the announcement of BOL as a positive and pro-Pakistan channel in Pakistan who cares for its employees has shaken these traditional media houses who have promoted hatred, despair, negativity and hopelessness in Pakistan. Axact and BOL have vigorously pursued these elements that are desperate to malign BOL and Axact.需要指出的是,BOL作为一个正面的、持巴基斯坦、尊重其雇员的渠道的声明动摇了这些传统媒体。这些媒体宣传巴基斯坦的仇恨、绝望、消极和无望。Axact和BOL对这些正面信息的积极追求,引来这些媒体的诽谤与中伤。BOL has addressed this in the past and the following link on its website gives details of these defamation and other criminal activities and how Axact and BOL have addressed these legally.BOL在过去也处理过这些问题,点击以下的链接可以阅读关于这些诽谤和犯罪活动的详细信息,以及过去Axact和BOL是如何通过法律途径来解决问题的。 /201505/376343沙坪坝区中心医院属几甲

资阳假体隆鼻价格When economists think about climate change, some think a lot about horse manure. Specifically, they consider the greatmanure crisis of the late 1800s, when the world’s cities relied on horses for transport to such an extent that a public sanitation disaster loomed. Fine minds set to work on a crisis that The Times of London estimated in 1894 was so dire that in 50 years every street in the city would be buried 9ft deep in horse droppings.当经济学家思考气候变化问题时,其中一些人会重点研究马粪。具体来说,他们研究的是19世纪末的马粪大危机。当时世界各地的城市极度依赖马匹作为交通工具,以至于一场公共卫生灾难迅速逼近。1894年,伦敦《泰晤士报》(The Times)估计,50年后这场危机会变得非常可怕,伦敦的每一条街道都将覆盖9英尺厚的马粪,于是一群聪明人开始着手应对这场危机。As it turned out, a simple solution was at hand: not new laws or policies but the motor car, a technical innovation so successful that the equine pollution problem was swiftly overcome.结果,很快就出现了一个简单的解决方法:不是新的法律或者政策,而是汽车。这种非常成功的技术革新让人们迅速解决了马粪带来的污染问题。The lesson is obvious for anyone worried about climate change, say economists such as Steven Levitt. In 2009’s SuperFreakonomics he and co-author Stephen Dubner used the tale to argue that technological fixes are often far simpler and cheaper than doomsayers imagine; and global warming could be addressed by so-called geoengineering, or manipulating the environment to halt rising temperatures.史蒂文#8226;莱维特(Steven Levitt)等经济学家表示,这给任何担忧气候变化的人提供了显而易见的教训。在2009年出版的《超级魔鬼经济学》(SuperFreakonomics)一书中,莱维特和合著者斯蒂芬#8226;杜布纳(Stephen Dubner)利用这个故事辩称,通过技术解决问题往往比末日论者想象的简单得多,成本也低得多;可以用所谓的地球工程来解决全球变暖问题,也就是通过操控环境来遏止温度上升。The dangerous allure of such thinking is a central theme tackled by two other economists: Gernot Wagner, an academic who works for the US Environmental Defense Fund, and Harvard professor Martin Weitzman in Climate Shock: The Economic Consequences of a Hotter Planet.另外两位经济学家认为此类想法具有危险的诱惑力,并作为其著作的主题加以讨论:就职于美国环保协会(Environmental Defense Fund)的学者赫尔诺特#8226;瓦格纳(Gernot Wagner)和哈佛大学(Harvard)教授马丁#8226;威茨曼(Martin Weitzman)合著了《气候冲击:一个变暖星球的经济影响》(Climate Shock: The Economic Consequences of a Hotter Planet)。They are right to do so. Interest in geoengineering ismounting as warming carbon dioxide emissions have continued to rise despite decades of UN climate negotiations, billions of dollars worth of renewable energy subsidies and sporadic attempts to price carbon. The failure of those efforts underlines the fact that climate change is, as the authors point out, the ultimate “free rider” problem. It is hard to get people to limit their own pollution when they bear the costs and the benefits are global.他们这样做是正确的。人们对地球工程的兴趣逐步增长,同时尽管联合国(UN)几十年来一直举行气候谈判,人们投入了数十亿美元为可再生能源提供补贴,偶尔还会尝试碳定价,但造成气候变暖的二氧化碳排放仍在继续上升。这些努力的失败凸显出如下事实:正如两位作者指出的那样,气候变化问题最终是“搭便车”问题。当人们自己承担成本、好处却是全世界共享的时候,他们就很难限制自身造成的污染。Geoengineering, on the other hand, is so cheap that one country alone could conceivably carry out a plan discussed by Levitt and many others: mimic the 1991 eruption of the Mt Pinatubo volcano in the Philippines, which cooled global temperatures by about 0.5C the following year, by shooting sulphur dioxide into the stratosphere to create a giant sunshade.另一方面,地球工程的成本非常低廉,可以说单个国家就能实施莱维特和其他许多人讨论过的一种方案:模拟1991年菲律宾皮纳图(Pinatubo)火山的喷发。那次火山喷发向平流层喷射了大量二氧化硫,制造了一个巨大的遮阳罩,使全球气温在接下来的一年里大约降低了0.5摄氏度。The cost could be lower than that of cutting emissions, say Wagner and Weitzman, while the impact could be huge — which, they argue, means geoengineering turns the standard economics idea of climate change on its head, from a “free rider” to “free driver” problem.瓦格纳和威茨曼表示,地球工程的成本的确可能比减排低,而影响却是巨大的——他们认为,地球工程彻底颠覆了经济学上对气候变化的标准看法,从“搭便车”问题变成了“随便开”问题。But the risks of such geoengineering are myriad — from ozone depletion to fast-rising temperatures should Mt Pinatubo-style techniques ever stop — because the underlying emissions causing warming would continue.但这种地球工程存在诸多风险,从臭氧层破坏到一旦停止皮纳图式的做法就会导致气温快速上升,因为引发气候变暖的潜在排放仍将持续。A further obstacle to reducing emissions is the lack of certainty about precisely how much warming they will cause. This is another theme of Climate Shock, a title chosen to highlight one widely misunderstood aspect of climate change: it is not enough merely to stabilise annual emissions. They have to be slashed to near zero to bring down C02 concentrations, which in 2013 rose to 400 parts per million, well above the 280 ppm of pre-industrial times.减排的另一个障碍是,对碳排放引发气候变暖的程度缺乏明确认知。这是《气候冲击》一书论述的另一个主题。作者之所以选择这个标题,是为了强调一个被广泛误解的气候变化问题:仅仅稳定年度排放量还不够。要降低碳浓度,碳排放量必须被大幅削减至接近零排放的程度。2013年碳浓度已经升至400ppm,远高于工业时代前280ppm的水平。Dissecting the latest scientific findings about how much global temperatures are likely to rise as C02 in the atmosphere doubles, the authors conclude there is about a 10 per cent chance of temperatures eventually exceeding a catastrophic 6C. Homeowners take out insurance policies against devastating fires that are almost always less likely than this.如果大气中的二氧化碳含量翻倍,全球气温可能会上升多少?两位作者仔细分析了最新的科学发现。他们的结论是,现在气温升幅大约有10%的几率最终会超过6度,而气温上升6度就会引发巨大灾难。房主会投保预防毁灭性大火,而实际上出现这种大火的几率几乎总是低于10%。The correct economic solution has been well understood for years, they argue: stop subsidising fossil fuels by about a ton of C02 globally, and create a price of at least a ton. But Climate Shock advises economists to stop demanding a global carbon price and start working on more politically possible solutions, such as fuel economy standards. That sounds dull compared with geoengineering. But it is also infinitely safer.多年来,人们已对经济方面的正确对策了如指掌,他们主张停止在全球征收每吨约15美元的碳税(那样是在补贴化石燃料),碳价至少应提高至每吨40美元以上。但是《气候冲击》一书则建议经济学家不要再制定全球碳价,开始探寻更偏政治的可能解决方案,比如制定燃油经济标准。与地球工程相比,这样的举措听起来有些枯燥,但它也安全得多。This is not a book for people deeply versed in climate policy, few of whom will find its contents remotely shocking. For the intelligent lay er wanting a lively, lucid assessment of the economic consequences of global warming, however, it is well worth ing.这本书不是为那些深谙气候政策的人准备的,他们不会觉得这本书的内容多么令人震惊。这本书对全球气候变暖的经济影响进行了生动而清晰的评估,对于那些想要一览此类内容的聪颖的一般读者,该书非常值得一读。The writer is the FT’s environment correspondent本文作者是英国《金融时报》环境记者Climate Shock: The Economic Consequences of a Hotter Planet, By Gernot Wagner and Martin Weitzman, (#163;19.95, .95)《气候冲击:一个变暖星球的经济影响》(Climate Shock: The Economic Consequences of a Hotter Planet),赫尔诺特#8226;瓦格纳与马丁#8226;威茨曼合著,售价19.95英镑/27.95美元 /201504/368832 Tu Youyou, a Chinese pharmacologist and winner of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, is getting an asteroid named after her.近日,一颗小行星以中国药理学家、2015年诺贝尔生理学或医学奖得主屠呦呦的名字而命名The No.31230 asteroid was named ;Tuyouyou;, according to a statement issued by International Astronomical Union.国际天文学联合会近日发布公报,将第31230号小行星永久命名为;屠呦呦星;。The asteroid was discovered on Jan 18, 1998 by Beijing Schmidt CCD Asteroid Program.;屠呦呦星;由北京天文台施密特CCD小行星项目组于1998年1月18日发现。Tu Youyou discovered the antimalarial drug artemisinin, which has saved millions of lives, especially in developing countries.屠呦呦发现了抗疟药物青蒿素,在全球范围内特别是发展中国家挽救了数百万人的生命。 /201601/419617重庆西南医院做整形要多久重庆整形



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