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Larry和李华在谈论他们的朋友Dave。 Dave的老板刚刚给他加了一大笔工资。李华今天要学会两个新的习惯用语,live large和a hoot. LL: It is a good thing that Bob got such a big raise. He likes to live large! LH: Live是生活,你说live large那是什么意思呀? LL: By living large, I mean Bob likes to buy expensive things, wear the best clothes, and eat out at fancy restaurants. LH: 谁不喜欢那样生活奢侈呀?买贵的东西、穿最好的衣、下高级饭馆?I like to live large too。 LL: Right. And Bob does live large. The minute after he heard about his new raise, Bob went out and bought a brand new Mercedes. LH: Wow,他可真够大手大脚的,钱还没拿到手就已经花出去了。 一辆Mercedes至少要几万美金吧。不过,喜欢live large的人还挺多。教我英国文学的史密斯教授最近买了一座豪宅,里面有六个卧室, 四个洗澡间,还有一个马厩。 LL: Wow, maybe someday, I'll be able to live large, too. LH: 我不知道你, 反正我是没有希望了, 靠教中文这点收入连做梦也不会live large. LL: I don't earn that much at my job either. I will need more than one big raise to be able to live large. I'll need several raises! LH: 要加薪好多次才能过上奢适的生活, 那要等到什么时候啊。 不过Larry,过不上那种日子也没关系,我并不羡慕那种生活。 LL: What do you mean? You don't want to live large? LH: 生活奢适是要付出代价的, 比如,保养和维修奔驰车要花很多钱。 大房子也要费时间打扫。 LL: Those are good points, but it sure is fun to dream about living large. LH: 过不了那种生活光是梦想有什么好玩的呀! Larry,如果你有了钱,可以挥霍地生活, 你想作什么呢? LL: Well, I would first buy my own private jet. LH: 买一架私人飞机? That would be living large. LL: And then I would fly my jet to my own private island in the Caribbean. LH: 你还想开着飞机到自己在加勒比海买的一个岛上去!你真是在做梦! ****** LL: I loved your reaction when I told you I wanted to buy my own private island in the Caribbean. It was a hoot! LH: "A hoot"是猫头鹰的叫声。你说我刚才的反映是猫头鹰的叫声?你这是什么意思呀? LL: No, that's not what I meant. You looked so amazed I thought it was really funny. Something that is really funny is a hoot. LH: 我刚才听你说要买一个私人岛屿是让我非常惊讶!想像你在加勒比海的私人海滩上悠闲地喝着果汁,那情景很可笑的哟。 LL: Say, you know what else was a real hoot? Did you see that show on the comedy channel last night? LH: 你是指昨天晚上那喜剧节目频道播出的节目吗?我当然看了。 LL: Yes! Wasn't it the funniest thing you have ever seen? I thought it was such a hoot. LH: 我也觉得很有趣。 有个人模仿总统,模仿的真好笑。 都快把我笑死了。 He was a hoot! LL: Hey, I hadn't really thought about this before, but doesn't our friend Bob look like the guy who impersonated the president? LH: 是啊, 模仿总统的人很像我们的朋友Bob 。真有趣 - What a hoot! LL: Speaking of Bob, did I tell you that he took me out for a drive in his new Mercedes? LH: Bob开着崭新的奔驰车带你去兜风了? 下回我也要让他带我去兜风。 LL: Well, you wouldn't believe what happened. We were stopped behind a garbage truck at a stoplight when all of the sudden the truck dumped trash into the Mercedes all over me and Bob! LH: 什么, 垃圾车突然把垃圾倒出来,把你和Bob弄得全身都是垃圾?Larry,那卡车司机把你们当成了垃圾场了。 这真可笑 - It's really a hoot! 今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是live large,意思是生活挥霍。还有一个是hoot,意思是可笑、有趣。 /200809/50505作为英语爱好者,如果你想全面了解如何用英语去用谈情说爱的话,电影“恋爱假期”可以说是相当不错的选择。影片横跨英伦和北美,寻觅爱情的男女主角们用地道的美国英语和正统的英国英语碰撞,从单恋到失恋到热恋,几乎所有情感遭遇都在片中展现得淋漓尽致,妙语连珠、温情浪漫。《恋爱假期》凯特·温丝莱特片头独白:莎翁及世间爱恋种种 I've found almost everything ever written about love to be true. Shakespeare said "Journeys end in lovers meeting." What an extraordinary thought. Personally, I have not experienced anything remotely close to that, but I am more than willing to believe Shakespeare had. I suppose I think about love more than anyone really should. I am constantly amazed by its sheer power to alter and define our lives. It was Shakespeare who also said "love is blind". Now that is something I know to be true. For some quite inexplicably, love fades; for others love is simply lost. But then of course love can also be found, even if just for the night.我发觉世间描述爱情的种种都是千真万确的。莎士比亚说过:“漂泊止于恋人相遇。”真是神来之笔。虽说我个人不曾有过一丁点儿这样的体验,但我愿意相信这是莎士比亚的经验之谈。也许我对于爱情的探究比起常人要多得多。这足以改变我们生活、赋予我们生命全新意义的力量,常常使我觉得不可思议。同样是莎士比亚,还说过:“爱情是盲目的。”这一点上,我很清楚他说的没错。有的爱情与日消退;有的爱情待成追忆;而有的爱情只在蓦然回首间,纵然只是一夜缠绵。 /201002/96475Jade: do you remember where you were for the terrorist attacks on 9-11?Sam: yes, I was in my apartment in Beijing. Where were you?J: I was at home with my parents in New York City.S: really? Did you see the hijacked planes crash into and destroy the twin towers?J: I didn't see the crash itself, but I did see the smoke and everything afterwards from my parents' apartment building. S: that must have been horrible. Did you go out at all that day to see what was going on?J: no, we decided to stay in our apartment. With all the buses out of service and the underground trains at a halt, many people had no choice but to walk home. It was utter chaos.S: did you know anyone who worked in the World Trade Center?J: yes, my uncle's firm had an office in one of the towers.S: did he survive?J: unfortunately, he wasn't able to evacuate in time. He ended up dying in the tower.S: I'm sorry. That must have really been a nightmarish day for you and your family.J: it was. The hijackers didn't have any respect for human life not even their own.S: terrorist acts are deliberate and deadly and can affect every walk of life. /201004/102778

试着勇敢一点1) Cheer up! 振作起来!(鼓励别人)cheer:欢呼,喝!Cheer uppull yourself together! /200805/40250

新东方口语词汇一招鲜 1 新东方口语词汇一招鲜文本下载 /200709/17975

spring chicken 年轻人,缺乏经验的人   lame duck 不中用的人  是指春天孵出的小鸡和瘸腿的鸭子吗?当然不是,读一读下面这两句话,猜猜它们的意思吧。(1)The woman said, over forty, so I'm not a spring chicken any more。  The governor of our state ended up as a lame duck when he lost the election. He still has six weeks left in office but there's nothing to do except to pack up his papers。  实际上,spring chicken意为“年轻人,缺乏经验的人”,lame duck是指“竞选连任失败、即将卸任的官员”,也用来指“不中用的人”。任何美国官员——从市长、州长、参议员到总统——都有可能因无能而被称为lame duck。 /08/82477描述熬夜状况:I will stay up late to finish my paper. 为了完成报告我打算熬夜不睡。He takes time to speak. 他讲话慢吞吞的。 /201109/152471

资料内容和音频选自《一句话喷倒老美》经典语句Come over and chew the fat. 要不过来一起闲聊?喷倒老美假期快到了,Jane在和朋友们讨论去哪里玩,大家你一句我一句,有的提议去爬山,有的提议去泡温泉,隔壁的同学跑来说道:“Come over and chew the fat.”,虽说Jane的身材还不错,但是她还想保持身段的,于是说道:“I can’t eat fat.”想聊就聊Wendy: How do we spend our holiday? Do you have any good idea?温迪:我们怎么度假?你们有什么好主意?May: Come over and chew the fat. We can enjoy to our hearts’ content.阿美:要不过来一起闲聊?我们可以尽情地聊天。知识点津chew the fat是一个俗语:表示“非正式的谈话或讨论”,也就是“几个朋友,同事或一些熟人做在一起随便聊天”,如: I was chewing the fat with my roommate. 我正和室友闲聊。 /201010/115963164. 三个臭皮匠,顶个诸葛亮。 [误] Three cobblers equal Zhuge Liang. [正] Two heads are better than one.注:此类中文典故很难通过直译讲清楚,加上一大堆注释又无法传神,所以还不如用英文对应的习惯表达呢。 /200808/46329365天英语口语(Flash版):叫醒某人 相关专题:新东方英语900句英语口语日常口语会话120分钟 /200810/53525

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