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Lesson One第一课Inming Guest of Special Mail通知客人取特殊邮件R:Good morning,Mrs.Clark.接待员:早上好,Clark 太太This is Receptionthe Front Desk.这是前台接待处,We have a registered letter you.有您的一封挂号信,You can pick it up at your convenience.方便时您可以随时来取G:Okay,thanks.Ill be down in a couple of minutes to get it.旅客:好的,谢谢我在两三分钟之后下来取Lesson Two第二课Guest Receives a Package Notice客人接到包裹通知R:We have a package notice from the post office you.接待员:我们有邮局给您的一个邮包包裹通知单G:Oh,great.Ill be right down to get it...Hi.You have a package me?旅客:太好了我马上下去取......您好,有我的邮包吗?R:Not exactly.接待员:实际上不是邮包,We have a parcel notice from the post office you.我们接到了邮局的包裹通知单The post office has a package you.邮局有您的邮包,You should go there to pick it up within three days您必须于三日之内去邮局领取,or you may have to pay a small fine.否则要付一些延期的罚金G:Oh,you mean I have to go to the post office to pick it up?旅客:你的意思是说我必须亲自去邮局取R:Yes,or you can have a clerk from the post office in the basement接待员:是的,或者您可以让底层邮局的务员get it you a thirteen yuan service fee.替您去取,你得交十三元务费G:That okay.I can just go downstairs and get it myself.旅客:那好吧,我可以下楼自己去取R:Oh,Im afraid your package isnt at the post office on B-1;接待员:恐怕您的邮包不在底层的邮局,it at another post office not far from here.而在另外一个不远处的邮局G:Oh,I see.How far is it?旅客:我知道它有多远?R:Just five minutes by bike.接待员:骑车只用五分钟G:All right.It a nice day and I need some exercise.旅客:好的,今天天气很好,我正好需要做些锻炼Can you tell me how to get there?你能告诉我怎么去吗?R:Sure.It not difficult.接待员:当然可以,这很简单Go down the street,您下楼之后,through the market and continue two more blocks until the road ends in a T.穿过市场,走过两个路口,直到一个T字型路口,Turn left and go one block to a very big,open intersection.向左转,就走过一个路口再到达一个大的、宽阔的交叉口The post office is on the corner on the right.邮局就在拐角的右边G:Okay.I think I can get it.旅客:可以,我想我能找到R:By the way,youll need to show your passport and this notice,接待员:顺便说一下,您需要出示护照和这张通知单,and pay a small fee,probably about three yuan.并需付一些费用,大约三元G:Okay.Thanks.旅客:好的,谢谢R:Oh,excuse me,could you please sign here the parcel notice?接待员:劳驾,您能在这里签字明您已领取通知单了吗?Lesson Three第三课Guest is Looking a letter客人查找一封信G:Im expecting an important letter from England.Has it come yet?旅客:我在等一封从英国来的重要信件来了吗?R:Just a moment,please.接待员:请稍等,Let me check...Im sorry,we havent seen it.让我看一下......对不起,我们还没有看到G:Is there any way you can check on it me?旅客:有什么办法帮我查找一下吗?R:How was it sent? Was it sent by Express Mail?接待员:是怎么寄来的?是快件吗?If it was sent by Experess Mail,you can check with the post office on B-1.如果是快件您可以到底层的邮局查一下If it was sent by DHL,you can check with the DHL office on the second floor.如果是国际快递,可以去二楼的国际快递办事处查一下G:Can you check it me?旅客:你能为我查一下吗?R:Im sorry.Im afraid not.接待员:对不起,恐怕不行You must check it yourself.您必须自己去查 3081.What kind of room would you like(prefer)?您希望要什么样的房间?8.Would you like a room with a front view or a rear view?您是要窗户临街的房间,还是要背街的房间?83.Do you want a single room or a double room?您是要单人间还是双人间?8.Would a double room do?双人间可以吗?85.Would you like breakfast in our hotel?您要不要在饭店吃早餐?86.In whose name is the reservation made?是以谁的名义订的房间?87.How do you spell your name,please?请问您的名字怎么拼写?88.I’m sorry,but we don’t have any record of your reservation. 对不起,我们这里没有您预订的记录89.I’m sorry,we have no record of a reservation in your name. 对不起,没有以您名字预订房间的记录90.Do you have a letter or fax confirming the reservation?您是否收到过确认您订房的信件或传真?91.Who made the reservation,please?请问是谁预订的房间?9.From which country?从哪个国家预订的?93.Do you remember the name of the reservation clerk?您是否记得预订员的姓名?9.When did you make the reservation?你是什么时候订的房?95.What was the date of the reservation?请问您预订房间的日期? 96.Would you like Full American Plan or Continental Plan? 您希望是美国收费方式还是欧式收费方式?97.How long do you plan to stay?您计划住多久? 98.How long will you be staying?您将要住多久?99. how many nights?您要住几个晚上?0. how long?您准备住多长时间?1.How many guests will there be in your party altogether?你们一起有几个人?1.I can book you a single room the th and th . 我可以为您在日、日两天订一个单人房间1.We can confirm a room the th and th. 我们可以确认您日、日订的一个房间1.It’s all right the th ,but not the th. 日的订房没问题,但日恐怕不行1.Just a moment,please. I’ll check the room availability. 请稍等,我去查一下房间预订情况1.Thank you waiting,sir. 先生,谢谢您耐心等待1.Sorry to have kept you waiting,sir. 对不起,先生,让您久等了1.Untunately we are fully booked July,th. 遗憾的是我们7月日客房已全部订满1.I’m sorry,I can’t book you a room July,th. 对不起,我无法为您订7月日的客房1.We are fully booked all types of rooms on that night. 我们酒店那天的客房已全部订满1.We won’t be able to guarantee you a room July th. 我们不能保7月日有房间给您1.If there isn’t any room,we can get you on the waiting list or we can find you a room in another hotel. 如果没有空房间,我们可以将您放入等候名单中,一旦有空房就马上给您安排,或者为您在其他饭店找个房间入住1. a single room,the price would be 30 USD. 单人房间的价格是30美元1.The total cost would be 0 USD. 全部费用是0美元1.There is a percent reduction drinks. 饮料减价%6.I’m sorry,we don’t have connecting double rooms,but we have large adjoining rooms. 对不起,我们没有相通的双人房间,但我们有大的相邻房间7.I’m sorry,we don’t have saunas in our hotel,but we have massage service. 对不起,我们没有蒸汽浴,但我们有务8.Would you like us to send you a brochure?我们给您寄一份介绍我们饭店的小册子好吗?9.May I have your name and initials,please?请问您的姓名的首写字母?0.Who’s the reservation ?您为谁预订房间?1.Gould you give me your address and telephone number,please? 请问您的地址和联系电话?.How will you be paying the bill()?您将如何付款?3.You’ll have to send us a deposit of 50 USD. 您需要寄给我们50美元的押金.Is the company willing to cover all the expenses?公司是否愿意付所有的费用?5.When will you be arriving?您将何时到达?6.Will you be coming by plane?And the flight No. please?您将乘飞机来吗?航班号是多少?7.May I have the airline flight number and arrival time?我可以问您航班号和到达时间吗?8.We look ward to seeing you(serving you). 我们期待着您的光临(或:为您务)9.The room may have been reserved in the name of the person who made the reservation. 也许您的房间订在为您预订的那个人名下了0.Our hotel has a fine view of the city. 从我们饭店可以看到城市的优美景色1.Our hotel overlooks one of the main avenue in the city. 从我们饭店可以俯瞰城市中的主要大道之一.Our hotel is beautifully situated. 我们饭店环境优美3.Our hotel is located in the centre of the city. 我们饭店位于市中心1.This is the peak season. I’m sorry,but could you call us again later on this week?We may have a cancellation. 现在是旅游旺季,很抱歉,您在这周后几天再打电话过来好吗?也许会有人取消预订5.We don’t have any single room available. Would you mind a double room instead?我们没有单人间了,如果是个双人间您介意吗?6.I’m afraid we have no credit arrangements with your company. We will need an advance deposit by bank draft or in cash bee the reservation date. 抱歉,我们与贵公司没有信用合同,所以希望您再这个预订日期前以汇票或现金形式付给我们一笔保金7.Good afternoon,we warmly welcome you to our hotel. 下午好,欢迎光临 198Check term 商定条款A: We’d like to buy 00 tons of rice from your company. Can you give me an indication of your prices? B: With pleasure. You’ll find that we have given you the most favorable price in our business. A: OK, let me have a look. We shall be glad if you will e us the best discount cash off your list price cash this quantity. B: Please feel assured that we will give you the best discount we can give.A: Thank you very much. I also want to know how long it will take to make delivery.B: Three months. Would you accept delivery sp over a period of time? A: Yes, we normally do. A: 我们想从贵公司买00吨大米,可以了解下你们公司的大概价格吗?B: 我非常愿意给您提供信息您会发现我们给您提供的是最优惠的价格A: 好的,让我看一下对这样数量大又是现金付的货物来说,如果贵方能再给些优惠的话我们会很高兴的B: 请放心,我们一定会给您提供我们所能给的最大的折扣A: 非常感谢我还想了解一下你们通常要多久才能交货B: 三个月不知你们能否接受在一段时间内分批交货?A: 是的,我们通常接受 5

A: I would love to rent out your apartment.B: That’s great.A: How much is the rent?B: The rent each month is $.A: That’s a lot of money.B: Did you have a better price in mind?A: What about 0?B: That’s way too low.A: I can’t pay much more than that.B: How about 0 a month?A: That would be fine.B: Great. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Japanese authorities have been trying to encourage elderly drivers to give up driving after a recent spate of accidents, some of which involved drivers confusing the accelerator and the brake pedals.近来日本高龄驾驶员引发了不少交通事故,有些事故中驾驶员弄错了油门和刹车踏板,日本当局一直在试图鼓励高龄驾驶员放弃驾驶The latest incentive is in central Aichi Prefecture, where a company that runs 89 funeral homes is offering a % discount on funeral services elderly drivers who give up their licenses.日本中部的爱知县推出了最新的激励措施,当地一家运营89家殡仪馆的公司向那些放弃驾照的高龄驾驶员提供85折的殡葬费用优惠Anyone wanting to take advantage of it has to provide evidence that they have handed in their license at the local police station.想要享受这一政策的高龄驾驶员必须提供自己已向当地警察局交出驾照的明The discount can be extended to family members, including those who live outside the prefecture.这一优惠还适用于其家庭成员,包括那些不在爱知县居住的家庭成员In , there were almost .8 million license holders over the age of 75, according to The Japan Times.据《日本时报报道,年,日本有近80万名75岁以上的老人持有驾照The same period saw an increase in the number of fatal collisions involving elderly drivers.在同一时期,年长者驾车引发致死事故这一问题日益凸显The funeral home initiative is quite a contrast to another offer announced in Aichi in November, whereby elderly locals could tuck into cut-price noodles if they surrendered their driving licences.殡仪馆的这一激励措施,与爱知县去年十一月发布的另一项措施截然不同那个方案是,如果当地的高龄驾驶员放弃驾照,那么他们就可以享受优惠面条 5035South Korea, one of the world top countries in smartphone penetration rate, has started to take steps to warn pedestrians about the risks of being occupied with their gadgets on the street, as the number of smartphone-related traffic accidents is growing.韩国是全球智能手机渗透率最高的国家之一随着与智能手机相关的交通事故数量攀升,韩国已着手采取行动,警示行人在路上沉迷于手机的风险The Seoul Metropolitan Government began last week to put up signs along the street and on the pavement at five locations to warn citizens of the dangers of using their smartphones while walking. The locations are near City Hall, Hongik and Yonsei universities, and Gangnam and Jamsil subway stations.首尔市政府上周开始在5个地点的街道沿线及人行道路面上设立标识,警示市民边走边使用智能手机的安全隐患这5个地点为市政厅、弘益大学、延世大学、江南地铁站以及蚕室地铁站的周边However, few passers-by seem to have noticed the signs so far, raising questions about the effectiveness of the measure.不过,到目前为止,只有比较少的过路人似乎注意到了这一标识,提出了对这一措施的有效性的疑问A 35-year-old office worker said, ;I have noticed the signs on the pavement, but honestly, most people who are peering at their phones on the street arent going to be able to see them.;一名35岁的上班族就表示:“我已经注意到了人行道上的这一标识但是说实话,大多数在街上盯着自己手机的人是不会看到这些的”According to data compiled by the Korea Transportation Safety Authority, the number of traffic accidents arising from the use of smartphones has more than doubled from 37 cases in to 1,1 cases in .根据韩国运输安全的调查数据显示,由使用智能手机引起的交通事故的数量相比年的37例已经增加了一倍多,在年时达到了例The city government will set up 300 signs during a six month trial period through the end of this year.截至今年年底的6个月试行阶段期间,首尔市政府将设立300个警示标Then it will discuss with the National Police Agency whether to officially include such signs as a transportation safety necessity.之后,首尔市政府将与韩国国家警察厅讨论是否正式将此类警示标纳入保障交通安全的必要措施 5191

Most animal appendages have obvious uses, but the evolutionary dice that dictate all adaptations sometimes land quite oddly. Old parts occasionally gain new and awesome utilities.大多数动物身体的附属部位都有显而易见的用途,但是慢慢进化的身体部位为了适应生存环境而变异出了奇特的功能,从而使原有的部位获得了新的甚至是更神奇的功能.Horses Use Their Ears And Eyes To Point And Communicate.马儿们用它们的耳朵和眼睛来指路和交流Horses are a lot more articulate than we thought. They communicate not only through snorts, brays, and neighs, but also with eyes and ears, the latter of which are highly pliable and used like equine turn signals.马儿比我们想象中更加善于表达自己它们不仅通过擤鼻涕的声音、模仿驴子的声音和嘶叫来沟通,还通过眼睛和耳朵来交流,尤其是它们的耳朵非常柔软灵活在马儿中,耳朵的用途就如同转向灯在汽车中的用途一样重要In a study, University of Sussex PhD student Jennifer Wathan and her adviser Karen McComb photographed horses looking at buckets of food. They then altered some of the images to obscure either the eyes or ears bee scaling the photographs to life-sized proportions and showing them to real horses who were given a choice between two similar feed buckets.While looking at the unadulterated images, test horses tended to go the same bucket as their facsimile compatriots. When the ears or eyes were obscured, this behavior disappeared. Of the two modifications to the images, the test subjects heeded the directions of the ears a bit more than the eyes. The study suggests that our wriggly-eared companions use these gesticulations to either point out food or to alert others to the presence of predatory animals. We probably would have figured this out sooner, but sometimes innate anthropocentric biases limit our scientific vantage point. Studies on animal linguistics often focus on gestures, postures, and calls because these are the main components of our language.在一个研究中,苏塞克斯大学的士生詹妮弗和她的指导老师凯伦·麦库姆拍到了马儿们正在盯着几桶食物看的照片而后他们改变了一部分拍摄照片的内容,照片中的马儿们有的被遮住眼睛来选择不同的食物,有的是被遮住耳朵来选择随后他们将照片调成和原物一样的比例,再把这些照片给没有遮住眼睛或耳朵的被测试的马儿们看,让它们在不同照片上的两桶食物中进行选择被测试的马儿们在看没有修改过的照片时,倾向于和照片上的“同胞们”选择其中同一个装有食物的桶当被测试的马儿看到照片中被遮住眼睛或耳朵的“同胞们”时,这种同照片上“同胞们”选择一致的行为消失了在两次对原照片的改动当中,被测试的马儿们更注重照片中的“同胞们”对于耳朵在食物选择中所起的作用研究发现,我们那些会摆耳朵的动物伙伴们,通过摆动它们的耳朵来指出食物所在,或警示凶猛食肉动物的出没我们也许很快就能发现其中的奥秘,但有时候我们人类固有的“人类中心说”制约了我们在科学探索方面的优势我们研究动物语言,经常关注它们的手势、姿势和呼叫声,因为这些是我们人类语言沟通的重要组成部分9.Hippos Use Their Tails To Propel Feces9.河马用它们的尾巴来清扫粪便With its dopey face, puffy body, and short, stubby tail, the hippopotamus is one of the animal kingdom most deceptive killers. Among the most dangerous creatures on Earth, hippos lull victims into a false sense of security with pudgy cuteness and then strike with lightning reflexes and scimitar teeth.拥有愚钝的面庞,庞大的身躯,短而粗的尾巴,河马是动物王国里最能迷惑人的杀手在世界上最凶猛的动物世界里,河马用自己笨重而可爱的身材让猎物陷入“安全”的幻境,然后以出其不意的速度和尖利的牙齿来攻击猎物But not everything about these animals is terrifying. Their tiny tails are hilarious not only in design but in function as well. You see, dominant male hippos mark their territory by scattering excrement, but theyre too fat and lazy to walk around to do so. Instead, they twirl their little tails around like leathery propellers and defecate into the whirling blades.And so they sp their feces—mixed with a touch of urine extra pungency—haphazardly in all directions to deter rival bulls from encroaching on their land. Oddly enough, juvenile hippos are inexplicably drawn to smelly dumps, and young are known to follow older males around to lick at their rear ends.但并不是所有的关于河马的描述都这么恐怖河马小巧的尾巴不仅看着滑稽,用途也很有趣你看,那些占主导地位的公河马通过分散它们的粪便来划定它们的领地界限,但是它们太懒了又那么胖,不便走来走去清扫粪便相反,它们快速旋转它们的小尾巴,就像飞速旋转的皮质螺旋桨那样清除粪便它们还将分散的粪便和尿液混合来制造刺鼻性气味,随意地从各个方向阻止它们的对手——公牛侵犯它们的领地令人难以理解的是,小河马却对散发着恶臭的粪便异常着迷,也特别喜欢跟在年长公河马后面舔舐它们的屁股8.Trap-Jaw Ants Launch Themselves To Safety With Their Mandibles8.大齿猛蚁可以利用自己的下颌“金蝉脱壳”Trap-jaw ants have shears mandibles and can snap them at 0 meters per second (90 mph). With such speed and size, they can easily cleave enemies in half in the blink of an eye. Amazingly, it turns out they can use their oversized jaws defense as well as assault.大齿猛蚁下颌的咬合力极强,其上下颌闭合速度可达0米秒(90英里时)这种咬合速度及力度,眨眼间就能将敌人劈成两段神奇的是,它们的巨型下颌还是个“进可攻,退可守”的利器Researchers had noted that the ants would sometimes flick themselves into the air with their incredibly strong mandibles. It wasnt clear why—possibly as an evasive maneuver.As always, scientists tried to understand this puzzling behavior by reproducing it in the lab. They brought in some antlions, larger insects that love to eat ants. To capture their prey, antlions build pits in the sand that crumble beneath the unlucky ants feet. Waiting inside the pit, the antlion gobbles up anyone that falls through. Sure enough, trap-jaw ants that were at risk of sinking into the sand sometimes used their mandibles to propel themselves away from danger. Furthermore, the ants that had their jaws glued together were only half as likely to escape their fate as dinner.研究者们注意到,大齿猛蚁有时会利用它那壮硕无比的下颌把自己弹向高空目前还没有探明其原因——可能是一种逃生的战略吧如往常一样,每当科学家们想要了解这些令人困惑的生物行为时,他们就会在实验室里还原出这一行为过程,以便观察研究他们带回了一些蚁狮——体积更大且喜食蚂蚁的昆虫为了诱捕猎物,蚁狮会在沙土中设下陷阱,待某只不走运的蚂蚁失足落入陷阱,再把它大卸八块,侵吞入腹所有自投罗网的昆虫都会被蚁狮吃掉可以肯定的是,大齿猛蚁有时也会落入沙土陷阱,而它们的下颌则有助于帮其脱离险境此外,当落入陷阱的大齿猛蚁的下颚被黏住时,它们仅有一半的机会能够避免成为其他生物的“盘中餐”7.Sawfish Snouts Detect Electrical Fields7.锯鳐的吻锯可以探测电场The sawfish is a feared aquatic predator. Its large, serrated appendage makes an intimidating weapon that can slice smaller fish clean in half. But the sawfish multi-tool muzzle can also detect electrical fields produced by living creatures.锯鳐是一种令人生畏的水下“猎食者”它有一件恐怖的杀伤性“武器”——庞大的锯齿状鱼吻,可以将小一些的鱼切割成两半它的多功能吻锯还可以检测出活体生物所产生的电场While dissecting a few sawfish specimens—that had died naturally—researchers found their fimbriated snouts were full of tiny pores. These were indicative of the animal electrical prowess, and similar pores are present in other creatures that share this talent. These sensors are usually dotted around the mouth so that the fish can quickly clamp down on anything unlucky enough to trigger its electro-location.It might seem unfair that evolution gave a saw-faced beast what amounts to a game mini-map, but it a necessary tool when one lives in exceedingly murky waters where visibility is measured in millimeters if the sediment has been stirred. By using its saw as an electrical walking stick and rangefinder, the sawfish remains lethal where most would be blind.通过解剖少数自然死亡的锯鳐的样本,研究者们发现它们的吻锯镶边处长满了微小的毛孔这些代表着它接收到的来自其它动物的电场强度,其它拥有此项天赋的生物身上也会有与之相似的毛孔这些传感器分布于鱼吻四周,致使锯鳐可以快速地通过电场位置判断猎物的方位,进而给予这不走运的家伙致命一击上天似乎很不公平地让一个怪兽还进化出了带锯齿状的脸部,这就如同在电视游戏中加入了迷你地图功能但对于生活在深海——一旦有沉淀物被搅拌起来,可见度只能以毫米计算的浑水中的生物来说,这一“工具”是不可或缺的有了此等“移动标杆”及“测距仪”,锯鳐才能在大多数物种都看不清的情况下完成致命绝杀6.Ants Use Their Antennae To Grip Tunnel Walls6.蚂蚁用触角来抓着墙壁Not long ago, researchers conducted one of the most detailed studies of ant tunneling ever. It a common practice to fill a clear container or tube with dirt and watch the ants do their thing, but this time, X-ray tomography allowed researchers to watch the ants work under more natural conditions.不久前,研究者们对蚂蚁的隧道挖掘行为进行了前所未有的详细研究这项研究通常的做法是,在透明的箱子或管道里装上泥土,然后观察蚂蚁们如何巧夺天工而这一次,由于采用X光断层扫描,使研究者们能够在更加天然的环境中观察蚂蚁工作了They found the tunnels were built to precise, optimal dimensions structural integrity. To induce a mini-collapse (to observe how the poor ants cope and rebuild), scientists used a small piston to shoot a stream of air into the tunnel. To their amazement, the momentarily displaced ants latched onto the sides of the tunnel with their antennae, displaying an entirely novel use of the common appendage.It turns out that the tunnels are not only built strength, but small enough to allow the ants to catch themselves against the walls—quite a useful adaptation busy little insects that spend considerable time traversing a vertical maze of tunnels.研究者们发现,蚂蚁的隧道在建筑结构的完整性上,不仅精确而且尺寸大小绝佳为了观察蚂蚁们在隧道坍塌后如何应急和重建,科学家们用一个小活塞把一股气流射进蚂蚁的隧道里,以此引发一个小型坍塌让他们惊讶的是,那些在瞬间被吹飞的蚂蚁们竟然用自己的触角牢牢抓住隧道的墙壁,使这对作为身体附肢的触角有了一个全新的用途研究结果显示,蚂蚁建造的隧道不仅仅很坚固,还因为隧道够小而让它们掉落的时侯能从墙壁上稳住自己——对于这些整天在隧道的垂直迷宫里来回穿梭忙碌的小昆虫们而言,能够用触角抓住隧道墙壁确实是一个很有用的适应能力审校:齐墨 编辑:旭旭 来源:前十网 3596

The statue of Liberty, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Eiffel Tower, Munch The Scream, and Sphinx of Egypt are all well-known works of art. However, they have some really intriguing facts that have slipped under the radar of pop culture. Whether theyre things that disappeared years ago or things that have been hiding in plain sight the whole time, there are plenty of things that we never hear about great works of art.自由女神像、比萨斜塔、埃菲尔铁塔、蒙克的《呐喊,和埃及的狮身人面像,都是著名的艺术杰作然而,它们都有一些超脱于流行文化嗅觉范畴之外引人入胜的真相无论是已消失多年,还是自始至终隐匿于普通视线之外,有许多关于伟大艺术作品的事,我们闻所未闻.The Eiffel Tower Secret Room.埃菲尔铁塔的神秘房间The Eiffel Tower has a secret apartment hidden within its highest level. The apartment is owned by Gustave Eiffel—the engineer who designed the tower. In 1890, the year after the Eiffel Tower was opened, French writer Henri Girard, stated that Gustave Eiffel was an ;object of general envy; among the citizens of Paris.埃菲尔铁塔有个秘密的公寓藏匿于塔的最高一层这个房间属于设计该塔的工程师古斯塔夫·埃菲尔所有1890年,埃菲尔铁塔开放之后,法国作家亨利·吉拉德(Henri Girard)曾说过,古斯塔夫·埃菲尔是巴黎市民;普遍羡慕的对象;This envy, according to Girard, was inspired not by the fame that Gustave gained as the creator of the tower, or the tune the tower generated, but from the apartment he owned at the tower top. This apartment, which only Eiffel had access to, played host to many important visitors; prominent among them was Thomas Edison. Eiffel reportedly received several substantial offers a single night in the apartment.The apartment, which had remained closed several years, was recently opened to the public. Today, it contains mannequins of Eiffel and Edison. The lifelike wax models depicted the scene where Eiffel and his daughter Claire welcomed Edison. Also engraved on the Eiffel Tower are the names of the 7 scientists and engineers that designed it.据吉拉德所言,这种羡慕不仅源于古斯塔夫作为塔的缔造者所获得的名誉或财富,也源于他在塔顶所拥有的公寓这间公寓只有埃菲尔能进入,已接待过很多贵宾,其中就包括托马斯·爱迪生据报道,埃菲尔曾一个晚上就在公寓里接受过好几个重要邀约这间公寓在关闭了几年后,于近期向公众开放了如今,里面有埃菲尔和爱迪生的模型这些逼真的蜡像模型勾勒出埃菲尔和他女儿克莱尔迎接爱迪生的场景埃菲尔铁塔上还刻有7名设计它的科学家及工程师的名字9.The Inspiration Behind The Scream9.《呐喊背后的灵感Edvard Munch The Scream is one of the most iconic paintings of the th century—so iconic it was elaborately stolen more than once. According to Munch, The Scream was inspired the day he was walking with his friends and saw that ;the sky turned as red as blood,; bee feeling incredibly tired and hearing an ;enormous infinite scream of nature.; years Munch inspiration was thought to be imagined until it was recently discovered that the sky that day probably actually was red that day as a result of the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa in Indonesia.爱德华·蒙克的《呐喊是世纪最具标志性的画作之一,它被精心策划地盗窃犯盗走过不止一次据蒙克所说,一天他和他的朋友走在路上,当看到;天空变得血红;时他感到难以置信的疲倦,同时听到一声;来自大自然界的巨大尖叫声;多年来,蒙克的灵感被认为是想象出来的,直到最近才被揭秘,1883年印度尼西亚的喀拉喀托火山爆发,那一日的天空可能的确是红色的The volcano impact was felt as far as New York where the sky was reported to be ;crimsoned.; This same impact was felt in Munch town two days later with the town newspaper stating that ;People believed it was a fire: but it was actually a red refraction in the hazy atmosphere after sunset.;While the terrifying scream in Munch painting was imagined, the sky was probably not.火山的冲击力波及到了纽约,据报道纽约的天是;深红色的;两天后,蒙克所在的小镇感觉到了同样的冲击力,镇上的报纸称,;人们以为那是一团火:但实际上那是日落后在朦胧的空气中反射出的红色;也许孟克的画里那可怕的尖叫声是想象出来的,而天空应该不是想象出来的吧8.The Leaning Tower Of Pisa Unknown Architect8.比萨斜塔的匿名建筑师Also known as Torre Pendente di Pisa, the Leaning Tower of Pisa doubles as both a monument and a mystery. While the reason its rather distinctive leaning is well-known (it has a weak foundation), no one knows who designed it.比萨斜塔在意大利语里也叫做Torre Pendente di Pisa,既是一座纪念碑也是一个奇迹尽管,它与众不同的倾斜原因尽人皆知(它的地基不牢),而它的设计者却名不见经传The Tower was originally meant to be a stand-alone bell tower (or campanile) the city of Pisa cathedral. Such towers were common in th-century Italy as they were believed to symbolize how powerful and wealthy the town was. The leaning tower of Pisa, however, was built to attract people to the cathedral in Pisa.The major reason why no one knows who designed the tower is because the tower took almost 0 years to complete. Historians used to think the tower was designed by Bonanno Pisano, but this is disputed. An architect named Diotisalvi is seen as the more likely person to have designed the tower because he designed the city baptistery and the San Nicola Bell Tower.最初,塔是为比萨市的天主教堂而建造的一个独立钟楼(亦称独立钟塔)这种塔在世纪的意大利很普遍,它们被认为是所在镇子的权力与财富的象征然而,建造比萨斜塔是为了吸引人们来到天主教堂无人知晓塔的设计者,主要是因为塔的建造完成几乎花费了二百年历史学家们曾认为,塔是由南诺·皮萨诺设计的,但这一观点是有争议的因设计了城市的洗礼堂和圣尼古拉钟楼,一位名为迪奥提莎维的人被认为最有可能是比萨斜塔的设计者7.The Chain At The Foot Of The Statue Of Liberty7.自由女神像脚下的锁链In , when asked what the Statue of Liberty symbolized, mer Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin said, ;It is, of course, the symbol Americans to be reminded of other countries because this was gifted us, of course, by the French—other countries warning us to never make the mistakes that some of them had made.; Untunately, Sarah Palin was totally wrong, as she stated the exact opposite of what Lady Liberty represents. And just like Palin, many people do not know of the statue connection to slavery.年,当被问及自由女神像象征什么,阿拉斯加州前州长莎拉·帕丁说,;她当然是作为美国人的象征而被别国的人们所记起,她当然象征着拜法国人的赐予——警醒着我们永远不要重蹈他们的覆辙不幸的是,莎拉·帕丁完全错了,她所说的与自由女神所代表的真正含义恰恰相反和帕丁一样,许多人并不知道这座雕像与奴隶制的关联Edouard de Laboulaye, a famous French politician and abolitionist, is the man behind the Statue of Liberty. He was a firm backer of President Lincoln, who was fighting the abolition of slavery. The statue was not a gift to warn the ed States as Palin had stated. Instead, it was a gift to honor and celebrate freedom, democracy, and the end of all ms of servitude. That is why Lady Liberty has a broken chain at her foot. The chain is usually invisible to tourists because it is beneath her robe by the side of her left foot and can only be seen from the top.著名的法国政治家和废奴主义者爱德华·德·拉布莱伊才是站在自由女神像背后的人他是为废奴而斗争的林肯总统的铁杠持者这座雕像不像帕丁所说的是警醒美国的礼物,相反地,它是庆祝自由、民主和所有奴役的终结,并以之为荣的礼物这便是自由女神的脚下有条断链的原因由于断链位于女神的左脚边,被袍子覆盖着,所以通常情况下游客是看不见的,只有从顶端才能发现6.The Sphinx Missing Beard6.狮身人面像遗失的胡须The Sphinx was not originally constructed with a beard. Instead, it was attached long after it was constructed. It was added probably to relate the Sphinx with Horemakhet—one of the Egyptian gods. It may also have been intended the Sphinx take after the Egyptian pharaohs, who often wore artificial beards as a symbol of authority, and to associate them with the god Osiris.狮身人面像在最初建造时并没有胡须,而是建好后粘上去的,有可能是为了把狮身人面像与埃及神之一赫鲁埃姆阿克特神联系起来,也可能是想让狮身人面像仿效经常戴着象征权威的假胡子的埃及法老,并将他们与奥西里斯(古埃及神话中的地狱判官)联系起来One-thirtieth of the beard is currently in the British museum. It was presented to the museum by the Italian Egyptologist Giovanni Caviglia, who excavated parts of the Sphinx in 18, when it was almost completely covered in sand. Several other parts of the Sphinx beard were also found between 195 and 196 when sand was excavated from the Sphinx again.胡须的三十分之一目前陈列在大英物馆它是意大利的埃及古物学家乔瓦尼·卡维利亚提供给物馆的,他于18年将完全掩埋在沙子里的狮身人面像部分挖掘出来狮身人面像胡须的其他部分也在195年到196年间被找到,当时沙子已再次覆盖了狮身人面像翻译:猪立叶 来源:前十网 19

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