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大邑县妇幼保健院做不孕不育证明吗新津县妇幼保健医院做人流好吗Bookies reckon Kate Middleton#39;s baby will be a girl called Alice, but our expert says it#39;s definitely a boy.业者们推测凯特·米德尔顿的孩子会是个叫爱丽丝的女孩,但是我们的专家认为它一定是个男孩。The Duchess of Cambridge hasn#39;t been seen in days and her mum Carole Middleton has aly moved in to give a helping hand. If that wasn#39;t enough evidence for you, the most dedicated Royal baby fanatics are aly camped outside the Lindo Wing AND people are Tweeting that Kate is in labour. We all know Twitter is never wrong...剑桥公爵夫人凯特已经数日没有出现在大家面前,而她的母亲卡洛儿·米德尔顿为了方便照顾女儿已入住医院。如果这还不足以向你明(凯特即将分娩),那么你可以看一下,狂热的皇室宝宝追随者已经在林都院区(伦敦圣玛丽医院)外扎营了,而且人们还在推特上不断发布凯特正在分娩的消息。我们都知道推特上说的事儿向来不会错的……So while Kate is getting y to push, bookies across the country are aly in a frenzy over what they Royal baby will be, with overwhelming odds on a certain sex and name.因此在凯特正在为分娩做准备时,全英国各地的者们已经开始疯狂地预测这个皇室宝贝最有可能的性别和姓名了。#39;The name Alice now accounts for over a third of all wagers we have taken on the Royal Baby name,#39; said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly. #39;This gamble has rumbled on for quite some time now and we are all but convinced that if the baby is a girl, she will be called Alice.#39;“在所有的名字预测中,有超过三分之一的押注认为皇室宝宝叫爱丽丝的可能性最大,” 英国公司的发言人乔·克里利说道。“这个到目前为止已经进行了一段时间,我们都坚信如果宝宝是个女孩,她的名字很可能会是爱丽丝。”In fact the bookies are now taking bets of 4/6 that it will be a girl and 11/10 a boy, with 6/4 odds that the little girl will be named Alice.事实上者们认为宝贝是女孩的赔率是4/6,男孩的则是11/10,而小女孩名字叫爱丽丝的赔率是6/4。However, when we consulted psychic-to-the-stars Sally Morgan - who used to give Prince William#39;s mother, Princess Diana ings, she told us something quite different.然而,当我们请教星座巫师萨莉·根时,她给出的说法却截然不同。萨莉曾经为威廉王子的母亲戴安娜王妃做过占卜。When we asked Sally what the future holds for Kate Middleton and Prince William, she said: ‘There will be three children now most definitely.当我们问她关于凯特·米德尔顿和威廉王子的未来时,她这样说道:“他们将来一定会有三个孩子。” ‘She#39;ll have two boys and then a girl. I think once the second son is born there will be a three or four year period before the third child.#39;“她将会有两个儿子和一个女儿。我想一旦第二个儿子出生,那么第三个孩子就要等到3或4年后才会有。”Ooohhh, so there you have it, Sally has spoken and says that baby number two will be a boy and that we#39;ll have to wait another three or four years for a princess.喔,所以这么说吧,我们从萨莉的话可以得出,这第二个孩子将会是个男孩,直到三四年后我们才能等到小公主的降临。And while Sally couldn#39;t give us any details of baby names, here is what the bookies are saying the baby is likely to be called, with Arthur as a frontrunner for a boy.尽管萨莉并没有为我们预测关于宝贝名字的相关细节,但者们认为,若宝贝是个男孩,那他的名字最有可能是亚瑟。Name of the baby: 6/4 Alice; 5/1 Elizabeth; 112/2 Charlotte; 12/1 Victoria; 14/1 Alexandra; 14/1 Arthur; 14/1 James; 16/1 Diana; 20/1 Henry; 20/1 Richard; 256/1 Alexander; 25/1 Catherine; 25/1 Frances; 25/1 Mary; 25/1 Phillip.以下是不同名字的赔率:6/4爱丽丝(Alice);5/1伊丽莎白(Elizabeth);112/2夏洛特(Charlotte);12/1维多利亚(Victoria);14/1亚力山德拉(Alexandra);14/1亚瑟(Arthur);14/1詹姆斯(James);16/1戴安娜(Diana);20/1亨利(Henry);20/1理查德(Richard);256/1亚力山大(Alexander);25/1凯瑟琳(Catherine);25/1弗朗西斯(Frances); 25/1玛丽(Mary);25/1菲利普(Phillip)。 /201504/371842成都省第六医院网上预约 Beijing (AFP) - A former Chinese journalist has admitted falling for an April Fool joke which sparked a decades-long myth in his country -- that US officer cadets learnt from the example of Communist military hero Lei Feng.北京(法新社)——一名退休的中国记者承认自己愚人节的一个玩笑成就了中国几十年来的一个虚构神话——即美国军校学员向中国的军队英雄雷锋学习。Li Zhurun, a former reporter for China#39;s official Xinhua news agency who is now a university professor, made the confession on his Sina Weibo microblog.李竹润,新华社之前的一名记者,现在则是一名大学教授,在自己的新浪微上承认了这一点。Ever since Communist China#39;s supreme leader Mao Zedong recognised Lei Feng for his humble heroism, said to include washinghis comrades#39; uniforms and giving his pay to the needy, authorities have encouraged citizens to do good and follow his example.自从中共领导人毛泽东赞扬雷锋谦逊的英雄主义以来——据说他为自己的同志洗制,还把自己工资给那些需要的人——当局就一直鼓励人们向他学习。While China#39;s increasingly media-savvy population has come to question the authenticity of the Lei Feng story, the folk hero remains popular in some quarters. Pictures of him wearing his trademark earflap army hat have become a pop icon emblazoned on everything frombags to cups.虽然有越来越多的中国网名开始质疑雷锋故事的真实性,但是这位大众英雄在某些地方还是很受人们待见。他穿护耳军帽的形象被印在了很多事物上,从包包到杯子。In his posting, Li said he had been duped by an unspecified Western news outlet, which reported on April Fool#39;s Day 1981 that the West Point military academy in New York Statehad held up the People#39;s Liberation Army (PLA) soldier as an example for all students.在他的文中,李说他当时被一个未具名的西方媒体机构所误导,该媒体机构在1981年的愚人节那天报道说纽约州的西点军校将这名解放军战士作为学生们的榜样。;I was young at the time, and I didn#39;t know that Western media of ten invent #39;news#39; on April Fool#39;s Day,; Liwrote.“我当时还年轻,我根本不知道西方媒体经常会在愚人节这天‘创造#39;新闻,”他写道。The state-run China Daily newspaper on Tuesday identified the Western outlet as the ed Press International news agency. But it was not clear where Li was based at the time, or who he wrote the story for.《中国日报》周二确认说这家西方媒体正是美国合众国际新闻社。但不清楚李当时派驻在哪里以及他为谁写这篇报道。Over the past three decades, the West Point myth has become so entrenched in Chinathat even a member of the country#39;s advisory discussion body, the Chinese People#39;s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), cited it in a 2009 proposalurging Beijingto apply for UNESCO recognition of the ;Lei Feng Spirit;.过去三十年来,西点军校的这个神话深扎在中国,以至于一名中国政协委员在2009年的时候还敦促北京让联合国教科文组织承认“雷锋精神”。;At America#39;s famous West Point, Lei Feng#39;s portrait is among five hanging in the hall, and the academy#39;s code of student conduct includes his famous e: #39;Human life is limited, but servingthe people is limitless,#39;; CPPCC member Liu Jianglong said, according to the Chongqing Morning Post.《重庆晨报》报道说,当时的政协委员刘江龙说:“在美国著名的西点军校,雷锋的形象是挂在大厅中的五幅之一,而该学院的学生行为准则中就包括了他的名言:‘人的生命是有限的,但是务人民的这份事业是无限的。#39;” /201501/353044四川成都市第九医院收费怎样

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新都区妇女儿童医院是几甲“We need a national debate on nicotine,” said Mitch Zeller.“我们需要就尼古丁展开一场全民大讨论,”米奇·泽勒(Mitch Zeller)说。Zeller is the director of the Center for Tobacco Products, a division of the Food and Drug Administration created in 2009 when Congress passed legislation giving the F.D.A. regulatory authority — at long last! — over cigarettes. In addition, the center will soon have regulatory authority over other tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes, which have become enormously controversial even as they have gained in use. Through something called a “deeming rule,” the center is in the process of asserting that oversight over e-cigarettes.泽勒是烟草制品中心(Center for Tobacco Products)主任,这个食品与药品(Food and Drug Administration,简称FDA)下属机构,是国会2009年——终于!——立法授予FDA香烟管制权后成立的。除了香烟,中心不久还会获得其他烟草产品的管制权,包括使用量在增加但争议极大的电子烟。通过一个叫做“推定规则”的条款,烟草中心即将得到监管电子烟的权力。Opponents of electronic cigarettes, which include many public health officials, hope that the center will treat these new devices like it treats cigarettes: taking steps to discourage teenagers from “vaping,” for instance, and placing strict limits on the industry’s ability to market its products.包括许多公共卫生官员在内的电子烟反对者希望烟草中心能把这些新型烟具当成普通香烟一样处理:比如着手抑制电子烟在青少年中的流行,对该产业的产品营销能力进行严格限制。Proponents, meanwhile, hope that the center will view e-cigarettes as a “reduced harm” product that can save lives by offering a nicotine fix without the carcinogens that are ingested through a lit cigarette. In this scenario, e-cigarette manufacturers would be able to make health claims, and adult smokers might even be encouraged to switch from smoking to vaping as part of a reduced harm strategy.与此同时,持者则希望中心把电子烟当做一种“减害”产品,它能让人过尼古丁瘾,但又不会产生燃烧的香烟会有的致癌物。照这个说法,电子烟生产商就可以声称它们的产品有益健康,甚至将之纳入整体的减害策略,提倡成年烟民从吸烟转向吸电子烟。When I requested an interview with Zeller, I didn’t expect him to tip his hat on which direction he wanted the center to go, and he didn’t. Indeed, one of the points he made was that the F.D.A. was conducting a great deal of scientific research — more than 50 studies in all, he said — aimed at generating the evidence needed to better understand where to place e-cigarettes along what he calls “the continuum of risk.”在向泽勒提出采访请求的时候,我并不指望他会透露自己希望中心该走哪条路,他也确实没说。事实上他的其中一项表态是,FDA在做大量的科学研究——据他说在50项以上——希望能充分积累据,以便更好地判断电子烟在他所说的“风险序列”中处于什么位置。Zeller is a veteran of the “tobacco wars” of the 1990s, working alongside then-F.D.A. Commissioner David Kessler, who had audaciously labeled cigarettes a “drug-delivery device” (the drug being nicotine) and had claimed regulatory authority. Zeller left the F.D.A. in 2000, after the Supreme Court ruled against Kessler’s interpretation, and joined the American Legacy Foundation, where he helped create its hard-hitting, anti-tobacco “Truth campaign.” After a stint with a consulting firm, Pinney Associates, he returned to the F.D.A. in early 2013 to lead the effort to finally regulate the tobacco industry.泽勒是参加过1990年代“烟草战争”的老兵,辅佐当时的FDA局长戴维·凯斯勒(David Kessler),后者曾甘冒大不韪将香烟称为“药物递送装置”(药物指的是尼古丁),并为此声称自己拥有监管权。凯斯勒的解释遭到最高法院否决后,泽勒于2000年离开FDA,进入美国遗产基金会(American Legacy Foundation)工作,并在那里策动了强有力的反烟活动“真相运动”(Truth campaign)。之后他在咨询机构Pinney Associates工作过一段时间,于2013年初回到FDA,着手实现对烟草行业的监管。“I am fond of ing Michael Russell,” Zeller said, referring to an important South African tobacco scientist who died in 2009. In the early 1970s, Russell was among the first to recognize that nicotine was the reason people got addicted to cigarettes. “He used to say, ‘People smoke for the nicotine but die from the tar,’ ” Zeller recalled.“我喜欢引用迈克尔·拉塞尔(Michael Russell)的话,”泽勒说,这位南非著名烟草科学家已于2009年去世,他在1970年代初提出尼古丁是人对香烟上瘾的原因,是这一理论的先驱之一。“他说过,‘致人抽烟的是尼古丁,致人死亡的是焦油,’”泽勒说。This is also why Zeller found e-cigarettes so “interesting,” as he put it, when they first came on the market. A cigarette gets nicotine to the brain in seven seconds, he said. Nicotine gum or patches can take up to 60 minutes or longer, which is far too slow for smokers who need a nicotine fix. But e-cigarettes can replicate the speed of cigarettes in delivering nicotine to the brain, thus creating real potential for them to become a serious smoking cessation device.这也是为什么当市场上刚出现电子烟的时候,泽勒会说这是个“有意思的”东西。他说香烟可以在七秒钟内将尼古丁送达大脑。尼古丁咀嚼糖或贴片需要长达60分钟,甚至可能更久,对希望过尼古丁瘾的烟民来说实在太慢。但电子烟的尼古丁递送速度可以和香烟媲美,因此有望成为正经的戒烟手段。But there are still many questions about both their safety and their efficacy. For instance, are smokers using e-cigarettes to quit cigarettes, or they using them to get a nicotine hit at times when they can’t smoke cigarettes? And beyond that there are important questions about nicotine itself, and how it should be dealt with.但人们对它的安全性和功效仍然有很多疑问。比如烟民是在用电子烟戒香烟,还是在不能抽香烟时,用它来过尼古丁瘾呢?除此之外,关于尼古丁本身及其处置方式,也有一些重要的问题尚待解答。“When nicotine is attached to smoke particles, it will kill,” said Zeller. “But if you take that same drug and put it in a patch, it is such a safe medicine that it doesn’t even require a doctor’s prescription.” That paradox helps explain why he believes “there needs to be a rethink within society on nicotine.”“尼古丁和烟尘颗粒在一起,可以致命,”泽勒说。“但同一种药物放到贴片里就安全了,安全到连医生处方都不需要。”正是出于这种困惑,他认为“社会对尼古丁需要有一个重新的认识”。Within the F.D.A., Zeller has initiated discussions with “the other side of the house” — the part of the agency that regulates drugs — to come up with a comprehensive, agency-wide policy on nicotine. But the public health community — and the rest of us — needs to have a debate as well.泽勒在FDA内部已经开始跟“房子那一头的人”——负责药物监管的部门——讨论制定一个全面的、各部门统一的尼古丁政策。但公共卫生领域,以及我们大家,也需要展开讨论。“One of the impediments to this debate,” Zeller said, is that the e-cigarette opponents are focused on all the flavors available in e-cigarettes — many of which would seem aimed directly at teenagers — as well as their marketing, which is often a throwback to the bad-old days of Big Tobacco. “The debate has become about these issues and has just hardened both sides,” Zeller told me.泽勒说,“阻碍这种讨论的其中一个因素”是,电子烟反对者抓住了电子烟的多种口味——其中许多口味是直接迎合青少年的——以及它们的营销方式,时常让人想起穷凶极恶的“大烟草公司”时代。“讨论已经开始围绕这些问题展开,导致双方的态度都强硬起来,”泽勒对我说。It’s not that Zeller believes nicotine is perfectly safe (he doesn’t) or that we should shrug our shoulders if teenagers take up vaping. He believes strongly that kids should be discouraged from using e-cigarettes.这并不表示泽勒相信尼古丁是绝对安全的(他不这么认为),或者我们不需要把青少年吸电子烟太当回事。他坚信应该设法制止青少年使用电子烟。Rather, he thinks there should be a recognition that different ways of delivering nicotine also come with different risks. To acknowledge that, and to grapple with its implications, would be a step forward.他的看法是我们应该认识到,不同的尼古丁递送方法,带来的风险也是不同的。明确这一点,面对它可能带来的后果,就是一种进步。“This issue isn’t e-cigarettes,” said Mitch Zeller. “It’s nicotine.”“问题不在电子烟,”米奇·泽勒说。“在尼古丁。” /201506/380650 The lesson here is you should never ask Weibo users to make you look cooler in a photograph.教训:不要请微用户帮你P相片。Photoshop Request: ;I want to look more dangerous.;求P得更危险些。Photoshop Request: ;I want to look like the son of a powerful politician!;求P的像某位政治权贵的儿子。Photoshop Request: ;Make me look like hot shit, please!;求P成暴帅的“热翔”。Photoshop Request: ;My friend behind me looks a little dull. Can you make him more dramatic?;背后的朋友看上去有点呆,大神能把表情P生动点吗?Photoshop Request: ;I want to look like a hero with courage!;求P成勇敢的英雄。Photoshop Request: ;This is me celebrating my graduation. Can you make it look more like a celebration?;这是我庆祝毕业的照片,求P得欢乐一点。Photoshop Request: “Can you make me look less bored?”求P得没那么疲惫。Photoshop Request: ;Lose the clothes, more tattoos, and I want a knife. Make me look like the kind of person who would take all your money and your life.;求P掉衣,P多点纹身,再P把刀,P成有能力杀光抢光那种。Photoshop Request: ;I wanna look more like a hero. Maybe put a lady in there?;求P成个英雄,顺带P条女。Photoshop Request: ;Dear artisans, please make this background more powerful.;各位大神们,求把背景换得强大点!Photoshop Request: ;That kid walked into the shot. I don#39;t want any kids in this photo.;有个小屁孩闯入我的相片,求P掉。 /201502/357985达州看妇科哪家医院最好的彭州市治疗子宫肌瘤哪家医院最好的



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