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武义县妇幼保健院光子嫩肤手术多少钱金华中心医院打玻尿酸多少钱Gordon Brown has arrived in India for a two-day visit, pledging to forge stronger trade links and cooperate against terrorism. But the fate of Northern Rock continues to dominate his tour. The prime minister denied he's aly struck a deal with Sir Richard Branson. Our political editor Gary Gibbon reports from Delhi.Well Gordon Brown's here in India to talk about aid, trade and counter-terrorism. He attended a women's empowerment event when he arrived here in Delhi. And a short while after that, he had this to say about how he wanted more international cooperation on counter-terrorism.What I would like to see is greater contact between our two countries in winning the battle of hearts and minds, isolating extremist ideologues who are trying to poison young people and the views that they have.Tomorrow Gordon Brown's gonna be talking about what he calls global governance, changes to institutions like ed Nations. He wants India to have a seat on the Security Council. But he wants a lot else as well. He's talking about a sort of force, a bit like the Blue Berets, the military forces that the ed Nations currently deployed to troubled countries. He wants a backup as it were a blue suit force which could include teachers, judges, doctors, people who can come in when a country is in dire difficulty. But there is another issue that is dogging him around here and it is in a way personified by the ever-present, Sir Richard Branson, boss of Virgin. He's been following the prime minister on his tour and insisting at every turn that there are no secret negotiations going on between the two of them when it comes to the sale of Northern Rock. This is what the prime minister himself had to say about that today.I can reassure people entirely that any negotiations about Northern Rock will be taking place in London. If a number of commercial companies are expressing interest in the future of Northern Rock, then it is right that the government explore all options available to us. But as I said the prime minister is gonna be talking about the ed Nations and other matters tomorrow when he's here in Delhi but his heart and mind are gonna be very much back in London where the Chancellor will be making a very important statement about Northern Rock. The prime minister wants people to think that he's no longer on the back foot on Northern Rock, he's taken a grip of the situation and that he is not bailing out whoever buys Northern Rock. Will it look like that? Will it sound like that? Will people think that the government is actually making a sweetener for Richard Branson or whoever buys Northern Rock? That will be the key moment tomorrow. Gordon Brown will be watching from a distance here in Delhi.200810/53540金华腋下脱毛 Zimbabwean Opposition Says Power-Sharing Deal under Threat津反对派批政府威胁权力分享协议  Zimbabwe's opposition Movement for Democratic Change says the publication of ministerial posts in an official government newspaper threatens the country's power sharing agreement.津巴布韦反对派民主变革运动表示,政府方面在官方报纸上公布出来的内阁部长任命名单,直接威胁到津巴布韦政党之间达成的权力分享协议。The Movement for Democratic Change describes the announcement of a Cabinet list by the state controlled newspaper The Herald as a midnight ambush. In a stinging statement, the MDC further says the announcement jeopardizes the power-sharing deal signed with President Robert Mugabe's ruling ZANU-PF party on September 15.民主变革运动把由政府控制的先驱报上刊登出来的名单,形容为一次午夜突袭。民主变革运动在一份声明中说,这份名单不符合该组织与穆加贝总统所属的执政党非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线于9月15号签署的权力分享协议的精神。The Herald announcement comes after the parties had acknowledged failure on reaching agreement on the allocation of Cabinet posts. They had agreed to refer the matter to former South African president Thabo Mbeki who brokered the power-sharing deal. The agreement says the president will allocate ministerial portfolios after consultation with the vice presidents, the prime minister and deputy prime ministers.在先驱报刊出上述名单之前,津巴布韦主要党派已经公开承认,在各个内阁部长的任命问题上,没有能够达成一致,双方同意把这个问题交给南非前总统姆贝基解决。姆贝基早些时候成功斡旋了津巴布韦政党之间的权力分享协议。根据这项协议,穆加贝总统本应在与副总统、总理以及副总理协商之后,再公布内阁部长的任命。The MDC statement says no agreement was reached on the heavily contested portfolios of Finance, Home Affairs, Local Government and Foreign Affairs when the leaders of the parties to the agreement met on Friday. The Herald list gives three of the posts to ZANU-PF adding that only Finance is disputed. The MDC insists it will reject what it calls attempts BY ZANU-PF to merely get it into office but without power.民主变革运动发表的声明同时表示,各党派领导人星期五就任命问题开会讨论的时候,并没有就一些关键性部长的任命达成任何协议。这些关键的部委包括财政部、内政部、地方政府部、外交部等。先驱报公布出来的名单显示,以上提到的部委之中,有三个都给了执政党派非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线,只有财政部人选仍然处于争执之中。民主变革运动表示,该组织坚决反对穆加贝总统只是象征性地让反对派参与政府部门,但是并不赋予任何实权的作法。Constitutional expert Lovemore Madhuku tells VOA that while the announcement by the government may not be in the spirit of the power sharing agreement, it does not breach the letter of the deal.津巴布韦宪法专家马督库表示,尽管报纸公布出来的名单并不符合权力分享协议的精神,但是并没有违反协议的文字规定。Under the agreement, ZANU-PF is to get 15 posts of the 31-member Cabinet while the main MDC party led by Morgan Tsvangirai gets 13. The remaining three go to a smaller faction of the MDC.根据上述协议,非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线将获得31个内阁成员当中的15个席位,而由茨万吉拉领导的民主变革运动则将获得13个席位。余下的三个席位将由民主变革运动当中较小的党派出任。200810/52707U.S. Graduates Look To China CNN's Emily Chang reports on the lure of China for freshly minted American graduates and entrepreneurs. Everyday in Beijing, 31-year-old Robin Chan walks through the doors of a multi-million-dollar company he built from the ground up. He's an American who moved to China with one simple idea. The idea was straightforward--be the first to build a social game company in China. So this is a 3D rendition of one of our avatars, you can see.... Chan and his staff at XPD Media design social games, games you play with friends on networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. It was a courageous bet, but it was a bet worth making.Forget about living the American dream, this is the Chinese dream. His company is backed by the founder of MTV.There isn't a lot of cool opportunities in China unless you create your own, and that's part of the excitement of China.Many young people come to China, thinking this is the land of opportunity, the promised land, the wild, wild east that if you strike big, you could make it really big. But is that the reality?Not necessarily! Morgan McGilvray just finished his MBA. I thought, well, since there're no jobs at home anyway, I'll be adventurous and come, er, finish my time out in China. Are they throwing jobs at me? No.So he's focused on learning Mandarin and becoming a more attractive candidate.Usually the first thing is to check email and then I go to China Development Brief for nonprofit jobs.Annie Ly has been looking in the nonprofit field for nine months while volunteering and working to make ends meet. But she plans to stick it out in China, in part because she can afford more with less.Back home I'd probably live with my parents with what I make here. But here I have a great, you know, one-bedroom apartment for myself...But realizing her Chinese dream may be difficult in a job market that's becoming more competitive.We have a lot of very worldly, very intelligent and talented Chinese that are studying in the ed States and they're coming back to China. These folks are the ones that most multinationals and Chinese firms are trying to hire.But for those who do make it, the payoff can be huge. If I started out in New York, I mean, it's completely feasible to think that I will be their receptionist.Instead, at 25 years old, Henri Benaim is directing a gallery in China's contemporary art district, showcasing the likes of the famous photographer Wang Jinsong. This is our artist that I have seen in museum shows in New York and seen in catalogues and now in my job. Now we represent him. Still with all this responsibility, comes a lot of pressure: for Henri, pressure to make sales, for Robin, pressure to innovate, and for Annie and Morgan, the dream is yet to be fulfilled, though none can resist the lure of opportunity in the world's most dynamic economy.Emily Chang, CNN, Beijing.Vocabulary:1. avatar: an electronic image that represents and is manipulated by a computer user (as in a computer game or an online shopping site)2. stick it out: 坚持到底3. the likes of: such people as08/82263金华市中心医院做整形的费用

金华市中心医院冰点脱毛多少钱North Korea’s train-lover朝鲜那个爱坐火车的主儿A China hedge?防范中国?A hermit makes a rare venture out of his kingdom深居简出的金将军,罕見地走出国门到外面风险投机Aug 27th 2011 | BEIJING AND TOKYO | from the print edition EVEN by his own mercurial standards, the contradictory signals sent out this week by North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Il, are unusual. One day his government was seizing the assets of a South Korean tourism venture in the North once hailed as a symbol of detente. Two days later Mr Kim, making his first visit to Russia in a decade, was discussing the possibility of a pipeline carrying natural gas between Siberia and the two Koreas.即便是以其常出人意料的标准来衡量,朝鲜领导人金正日本周放出的反常信号还是那么的非比寻常。某天,金将军的政府将曾被视为朝鲜半岛和解象征的金刚山旅游区内的韩方资产收归己有。两天之后,他又跑到俄罗斯,商讨铺设从西伯利亚到朝鲜和韩国的天然气输送管道,这是他十年来首次访问俄罗斯。Mr Kim’s foray into Siberia began on August 20th, and was as usual by train (he has a fear of flying). In Ulan-Ude, Mr Kim met Russia’s president, Dmitry Medvedev, who treated the Dear Leader to some greasy salmon from Lake Baikal. Some in Russia have pushed the idea of piping Siberian gas to South Korea through the North, as well as connecting the three countries by rail. Perhaps North Korea, desperate for cash, is really interested. More likely, the interest is feigned. Russia is a useful supplier of free grain.金正日对西伯利亚的“突然袭击”始于8月20日,一如既往地乘坐火车(将军害怕坐飞机)。俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫在乌兰乌德会见了这位贵客,并用贝加尔湖肥美的大马哈鱼款待了他。在俄国,有人推崇铺设西伯利亚至韩国的输气管道通过朝鲜,进而通过管道联通三国的理念。或许极度贫困的朝鲜是真的动心了。而更有可能的是,动心是假的,反正俄罗斯的便宜不占白不占。(*毛子这次在利比亚赔了几十亿美元的军火)Importantly, the trip takes place at a time when Chinese diplomatic pressure is on North Korea to be less belligerent towards the South, and Chinese influence in the North is growing. North Koreans resent both. Mr Kim may be hedging against over reliance on China by getting closer to Russia. Either way, the political risks for Russia and South Korea of a pipeline through the North are almost too high for the plan to be credible.重要的是,这次访问发生的背景,是中国施加外交压力要求朝鲜减少对韩国的武力挑衅,以及中国在朝鲜的影响与日剧深。这两点都让朝鲜很不爽。所以将军想要拉拢俄国以防对中国过于依赖。但是不管怎样,铺设通过朝鲜的输气管道的政治风险,对俄罗斯和韩国来讲都是高的无法可信。201109/152004浙江省金华市一院是公还是私 Some diseases are contagious,like colds, flu, and chicken pox. But what about loneliness? Loneliness may not be a disease, at least not in the same way that chicken pox is. But loneliness can be contagious. How so? The same way that many emotions can be infectious. Being around someone who’s really happy can put you in a good mood. While hanging around someone who’s depressed can be, well, depressing. The same goes for loneliness. According to one study, the average person feels lonely about forty-eight days per year. Having a lonely friend adds around seventeen extra days of lonely feelings.【生词注释】contagious adj. 传染性的 chicken pox 水痘loneliness n. 孤独, 寂寞emotion n.情感infectious adj. 有传染性的; 有感染力的hang around 聚在……附近【句子讲解】Being around someone who’s really happy can put you in a good mood.这是个复合句,主语是一个定语从句,who’s really happy做定语修饰someone,翻译时要将定语放在先行词前,翻译成“在一个快乐的人的周围”。mood 是名词,意为“心情”,put sb in a good mood 也就是 “让某人有好心情”的意思。有些病是传染性的。比如感冒,流感和水痘。但是寂寞也会传染给他人吗?寂寞并不是病,至少和水痘的病理不一样。但是寂寞也能传染。如何传染的,和许多情感一样传染。在快乐的人周围会使你有好心情。在压抑的人身旁会使你压抑。寂寞也是如此。根据一项研究,大多数人平均每年有48天感到寂寞。如果有一个寂寞的朋友,这会让你额外增加17天感到孤独的日子。 201110/158422金华市第一人民医院贵吗

义乌市中心医院脱毛手术多少钱Two welcome new biographies of Charles Dickens whose birth 200 years ago will be celebrated next February两本查尔斯·狄更斯新传记,喜迎明年二月狄更斯诞辰200周年。Becoming Dickens: The Invention of a Novelist. By Robert Douglas-Fairhurst. 《成为狄更斯:一个小说家的创造力》作者 罗伯特·道格拉斯·菲赫斯特Charles Dickens: A Life. By Claire Tomalin《查尔斯·狄更斯:一生》克莱尔·托玛琳THERE is an immediacy about Charles Dickens’s life, just as there is about his novels, a kind of bursting physicality. “If I couldn’t walk fast and far”, he once said, “I think I should explode and perish.” He exhilarated and exhausted himself. Both these biographies, timed for the bicentenary of Dickens’s birth next February, bring out the mad energy of the man.回顾查尔斯·狄更斯的一生跟阅读他小说一样,有一种实实在在的冲劲扑面而来。他曾经说,“如果步伐不再轻盈脚力不再充沛,我想我宁愿自爆死去。”他忘情宣泄,直到耗尽自我。在狄更斯200周年祭这个节点,这两本传记展示了这作家疯狂的精力。 Robert Douglas-Fairhurst sets out to counter what he sees as the literary man-of-destiny version of Dickens, to recover the uncertainty, muddle and loose ends. He concentrates therefore on the early unsettled years, up to 1838 when, at 26, Dickens decided to sign himself “Charles Dickens”. Until then he had just been “Boz”, a sketch writer and the hugely popular author of “The Pickwick Papers”.有人认为狄更斯命中注定成为作家,罗伯特·道格拉斯·菲赫斯特提出了异议,并还原了狄更斯摇摆不定、浑浑噩噩和信马由缰的一面。为此,他把目光放在狄更斯早年不安稳的日子上,1838年之前。那一年狄更斯26岁,最终选定以“查尔斯·狄更斯”作为笔名。此前,他还只是一个叫“兹”的札记作家和写过一部热销小说《匹克威克外传》。But writing was hardly a proper job. Since the age of 15, he had been racing through more plausible alternatives: from legal clerk, to courtroom and parliamentary shorthand reporter, then on to journalism and ambitions in the theatre. Mr Douglas-Fairhurst’s early cut-off date enables him to slow these years down, to listen for the echoes between the life and the writings and to draw on a broad range of contemporary references.但是对狄更斯来说,作家几乎不算是正式工作。15岁起,他在其他更靠谱的职业中频频跳槽:从法务学徒到法院及议院速写记录员,后来又当过记者还跃跃欲试戏剧表演。道格拉斯·菲赫斯特截取狄更斯的早年时期,使得他能够从容分析,细听当时社会和狄更斯作品之间的回响,广泛参阅了当时的文献。As he shows, the question of alternatives, of the road taken or not taken, fascinated Dickens. “See how near I may have been to another sort of life,” he wrote of himself at 20 when he had been on the point of auditioning as an actor. Or, more fearfully, he wrote of his 12-year-old self: “I might easily have been…a little robber or a little vagabond.” He came that close, he believed, when his father (the model for Mr Micawber in “David Copperfield”) was imprisoned for debt and, as was customary, the family joined him—except for young Charles who took lodgings and was set to work in a blacking factory.他指出,狄更斯曾乐此不疲地从事待选行业,追问自己该走哪条路不该走哪条路。他在20岁作为演员在试镜前曾写道:“看,我极有可能就要过上另一种生活了”。又比如,他心有余悸地回忆12岁时,“我极有可能成为小流氓或者小游民。”他确信无疑,尤其在他父亲(《大卫科帕菲尔》中米考伯的原型)负债入狱,举家依惯例连坐时,这种可能性极即将成为现实。幸好当时政府把少年狄更斯遣送到鞋油厂寄宿,责为学徒。It was the defining trauma of his life. It opened the crack in his imagination through which he saw, a hair’s bth away, a whole world of other sorts of life: from the man next to him in the library, in his Boz sketch “Shabby-genteel People”, who blacked his clothes to hide the frays, to the terrified criminal in the condemned cell in “A Visit to Newgate”, just feet away from a whistling passer-by.这一创伤对他的人生起了决定性影响,狄更斯创作思路被它敲开了裂缝,从中看到了一线之外全然不同的人生百态:那其中有图书馆中坐他旁边的斯文人,把身上的衣染成黑色,由此遮掩上面的屡屡破绽(《兹札记》中《穷摆架子的高雅人》);也有关在死牢中惶恐的死囚,与一名吹着口哨的路人仅咫尺之隔。(《参观纽盖特监狱》)。Mr Douglas-Fairhurst covers much ground, but one of his central ideas is Dickens’s pervasive sense of what might have been. He sees it in the false trails and shadow plots (take “Great Expectations”, where Pip imagines himself in one story though is really in another), in his doublings among characters and in his jostling possibilities and competing outcomes (for instance in “A Christmas Carol”).道格拉斯·菲赫斯特用了不少篇幅讨论这一点,但是书中另一个主要观点是狄更斯时时刻刻感觉到事物本应如此却奈何那样。这一点可以在以下方面体现:一些错误的线索以及缥缈的剧情(以《远大前程》为例,皮普觉得自己知晓一段往事,岂料往事中还有故事,真相出人意表);人物双面性格以及冲突的可能性和矛盾的大结局(例如《圣诞颂歌》)。“Becoming Dickens” is an ingenious, playful and often brilliant analysis as much as it is a narrative. In a sense, Claire Tomalin’s enormous task is more straightforward. She tells a story. Clear-eyed, sympathetic and scholarly, she sps the whole canvas, alive with incident and detail, with places and people. She writes of publishers, illustrators, collaborators and all Dickens’s intersecting circles of friends and family. It is wonderfully done.《成为狄更斯》是原创性作品,作为一本传记依然不乏幽默与深刻的议论。在这个意义上,克莱尔·托玛琳的大作可谓更直接。她讲述狄更斯一生的故事。作为一个传记作家,她思维敏锐,富有同情心而且治学严谨。她利用鲜活的事件和细节,地方和人物,展示狄更斯的生活全景。她谈及了狄更斯的出版商、插图者,合作者以及所有与狄更斯有关的朋友和家族。故事讲得十分出色。Mr Douglas-Fairhurst observes that almost nothing can be said of Dickens of which the opposite is not also true. Ms Tomalin richly bears that out. Here is the loyal friend and philanthropist, the champion of the poor—and also the bully. Here too is the man who could light up a room, the clown, the mimic and dancer of hornpipes—but also the obsessive who prowled the streets unable to “get rid of my spectres unless I can lose them in crowds”.道格拉斯#8226;菲赫斯特发现,几乎所有对狄更斯的,反过来说也同样成立。托玛琳的书充分地实了这一点。狄更斯是忠实的朋友、慈善家、穷人的救星,但同样是名霸道者。他能扮小丑、口技者和角笛舞者,让观众开怀大乐,却也是偏执狂,逡巡于街道之间,“只有在人群中,我才能摆脱心中的恶灵”。After his death, Dickens’s daughter Katey (shown above, with her sister Mamie, being to by their father) said that she had loved him immeasurably, but that he was “a wicked man”. She was thinking of her mother Catherine, so passive, so overlooked and so constantly pregnant (they had ten children). Having decided she was the wrong wife for him, Dickens literally partitioned off her bed, then forced her into a separation while mocking her to their friends. Ms Tomalin takes care to notice Catherine and the other women in Dickens’s life. Power was vital to him, the power to make his public laugh and cry and love him for it—better still, to see them do it at his famous public ings. But a brutal streak went with it.狄更斯死后,他的女儿凯特(上图,狄更斯给她和她梅蜜念书)说她虽然无比热爱父亲,但他却是“一个坏蛋”。她念及母亲卡洛琳,如此消极被动,如此备受冷落还饱遭生育之苦(她为狄更斯生了十个孩子)。狄更斯认为卡洛琳不适合做他妻子,居然马上在床上用隔板隔开她,逼她分居还不忘在共同朋友面前揶揄她。托玛琳特别为卡洛琳和另一个女人着墨。狄更斯醉心影响力,那种使大众发笑和哭泣并迷恋他的影响力,他更希望这种情况出现在他著名的公开朗诵中现场。但是这种影响力也让他多少有点冷酷无情。Ms Tomalin ends with an exhausted Dickens splashing his head in a bucket of water, and writing on. After all, it is the writer she is interested in, his range, invention and universality. Everyone him in his lifetime, high and low. Speaking of Pickwick, she remarks that Dickens seemed to feed his story “directly into the bloodstream of the nation…making his ers feel he was a personal friend to each of them.” When he died, among the flowers at his graveside in Westminster Abbey were small bunches tied with rags.在托玛琳一书结尾,劳累的狄更斯将一桶水浇在自己身上,继续写作。毕竟她关心的是作为作家的狄更斯,他作品的范围、他创造人物的能力而且其雅俗共赏。在狄更斯的时代,有井水的地方就有他的作品。谈到匹克威克,托玛琳指出,狄更斯似乎将这个故事“融入大众血肉……让读者感到狄更斯是他们每个人的朋友”。当其逝世,一束束用旧布扎起的鲜花献在他西斯特敏斯特教堂墓地前。201110/156891 The defence industry国防工业The last manned fighter最后一代有人驾驶战斗机It is the most expensive military project ever. It is plagued by delays and menaced by budget cuts. Will the F-35 survive? 作为有史以来造价最高的军事项目,一再被推迟并饱受预算削减威胁的F-35战机会有一线生机吗?Jul 14th 2011 | from the print edition LEON PANETTA is under no illusions about what Barack Obama moved him from the CIA to the Pentagon to do. The wily Mr Panetta, who took over from Robert Gates as defence secretary at the beginning of the month, is everyone’s idea of a safe pair of hands. But his greatest claim to fame (other than presiding over the plan to kill Osama bin Laden) is as the director of the Office of Management and Budget who paved the way to the balanced budget of 1998. Mr Panetta has inherited from his predecessor the outlines of a plan to reduce military spending by 0 billion by 2023. But America’s fiscal crisis (and the lack of any political consensus about how tackle it) makes it almost certain that Mr Panetta will have to cut further and faster than Mr Gates would have wished.对于奥巴马将自己从中情局调往五角大楼的意图,莱昂帕内塔可谓心知肚明。月初刚刚接替罗伯特盖茨成为国防部长的帕内塔为人老练,是个公认的值得信赖之人。帕内塔最露脸的一次(竟然不是主导刺杀本拉登的那次行动)是在担任管理和预算办公室主任期间领导有方,实现了1998年度财政收平衡。帕内塔将继续实施其前任的计划,即到2023年削减4000亿美元的军费开,但由于美国当前的财政危机(以及缺乏如何解决该危机的政治共识),帕内塔几乎肯定会用比盖茨原计划更有过之而无不及的力度和速度来削减军费。That could be bad news for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the most expensive military-industrial programme in history, and its lead contractor, Lockheed Martin. The plane is expected to come into service six years late (in 2016) and wildly over-budget. The Pentagon still plans to buy 2,443 F-35s over the next 25 years, at a cost of 2 billion. But in a parting shot, Mr Gates gave warning that although he did not think the F-35 faced cancellation, “the size of the buy” might have to be cut. 这对于F-35联合作战战斗机及其首席承包商Lockheed Martin来说可是个坏消息,F-35是历史上耗资最多的军工项目。F-35开始役的时间预计比原计划推迟6年之久(到2016年),且已经严重超出预算。五角大楼仍准备在未来25年内购买2443架F-35战机,总价达到3820亿美元。然而盖茨在离任时警告说,虽然他认为购买F-35一事虽不至于彻底没戏,但“采购规模”也许不得不缩小。201107/145804浙江妇保医院几点下班磐安县中医院大夫




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