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兰溪市红十字会医院激光去痘手术多少钱浙江省义乌市第二人民医院如何挂号But thats the least of a mothers worry.但它们的母亲对此毫不担心。Diving into the tangle of branches and grabbing about, hangingat its roost site is not an option for a large bird.大鸟们是绝对不会选择俯冲进茂密的丛林去抓一只倒挂着的蝙蝠的。For the eagle to have any chance, the bats need to be airborne.如果鹰有任何机会,那么蝙蝠一定是在半空中。These are little red fruit bats.这些是小红狐蝠。During the day, they gather in roost for about 12 million, so they are not hard to find.白天它们成百万只一起聚集在栖息地,所以发现它们并不困难。An eagles appearance creates panic.鹰的出现带来了恐慌。201503/363055金华市丽都整形医院在哪里 John Bellezza and Tsering Gyalpo have their own ideas, ideas that take them to the infamous cave of the dead, could the bodies of the Chinese army saw more than 50 years ago be the corpses of the last royals of Guge?约翰·贝勒查及和嘉波才让有他们的想法,他们前往恐怖的干尸洞五十多年前人民解放军所看见的尸骸是否是最后的古格王朝贵族。The only answer is the overwhelming stench of more recent decay.回应他们的只有洞内强烈的尸臭。The cave unfortunately has once again become a burial site, and in recent years it remains of Tibetans have once again been deposited there, and this is actually complicating the archaeology about determining what was really there originally, and whats come after.很不幸的 这座洞穴一度成为弃尸的地点,直到最近几年仍旧有藏民将尸首放在那里,这使得考古的工作更加的复杂,哪些是原有的,哪些又是后来放的呢。In Tibet the dead receive a sky burial, this means corpses are carried away by birds, skilled morticians cut up the dead body to encourage eagles and vultures to consume the flesh, local tales suggest that at one time the cave may have held as many as 400 skeletons,西藏采行天葬由鸟类吃食尸体,负责处理尸体的殡葬人员将尸体切块让老鹰及秃鹰吃食,传说干尸洞内的尸骸多达四百具。but over time, bandits, scholars and the curious have taken much, leaving but a few remains, Tibetan rituals of the dead forbid any possible DNA studies, but John Bellezza believes this could very well be the resting place of the last king of Guge.随着时间推移,盗匪,学者及好奇的民众拿走多数的尸骸,现在只剩下几具,西藏葬礼拒绝DNA检测,但约翰·贝勒查相信古格王朝的最后一位国王葬在干尸洞中。There are some evidence that lends credence to the idea that indeed the corpses in the cave are those of the royal family, most of them seemed to have been beheaded, to have undergone execution, so that probably would not have been the case with the common soldiers who had been, who had fallen on battlefield.那里有一些可采信的据能明,洞内的遗骸的确属于古格皇族,他们大多遭到斩首,全数判处死刑,所以应该不可能是,一般战死沙场的将士的遗骸。译文属201605/444015金华丽都医院毛发移植多少钱

金华丽都医院属于几级?Anti-Semitism反犹太主义Be not afraid莫怕莫怕Britain is nowhere near as anti-Semitic as is supposed英国人远不及料想中那么反犹太IN ONE Jewish school in London, pupils drill for a possible terrorist attack. A synagogue has cancelled a childrens trip to Disneyland in France. Police and community groups have stepped up patrols in Jewish areas. After the murderous attack on a kosher supermarket in Paris on January 9th, British Jews are scared. Should they be?在伦敦当地的一所犹太学校里,学生们为随时可能发生的恐怖袭击进行着日常演练。一个犹太教堂也取消了孩子们去往法国迪士尼之旅。警察和社区组织已加强在犹太区的巡逻。在1月9号发生在巴黎一家犹太超市的谋杀事件之后,英国的犹太人恐慌了。那么他们应该恐慌么?Jews worried even before the killings. In a study of British Jews last year by the Institute for Jewish Policy Research (JPR), almost 70% said that they felt anti-Semitism had increased in the past five years. Considering the atrocities in Paris, it should come as no surprise that many Jews feel uneasy in a way that they have not for some time, says Ephraim Mirvis, Britains chief rabbi. But he cautions against alarmism. Indeed: though some statistics suggest otherwise, anti-Semitism is not rising.甚至在巴黎恐怖狂潮之前犹太人就已经草木皆兵了。一份来自犹太政策研究所(JPR)的针对英国犹太人的研究表明,有近70%的犹太人表示他们感觉反犹太主义在过去的五年不断滋长。见识过巴黎的暴行事件,也就不讶异会有那么多的犹太人在某种程度上会神经紧绷过一段时间,英国拉比首领莲莫维斯表示。但他也反对危言耸听。事实上:尽管一些数据也显示出犹太人犹如惊弓之鸟的心理,但反犹太主义并没有上涨。Research last year from the Pew Global Attitudes survey suggests that just 7% of Britons harbour unfavourable views of Jews. That is a little less than in France and much lower than in Italy or Greece, where the rates are 24% and 47% respectively. The figure in Britain has been fairly stable—hovering between 7% and 9%—for a decade, points out Daniel Staetsky of JPR. Levels of prejudice against Muslims are higher in Britain, as in other European countries.去年皮尤全球民意调查的一份研究表示,仅有7%的英国人对犹太人有偏见。这样的人数比例高于法国,且远比意大利和希腊低,意大利和希腊的偏见人群比例分别是24%和47%。JPR的Daniel Staetsky指出,英国的这一数据已经相当稳定了——十年间一直在7%与9%之间波动。相比于其他欧洲国家,英国人对穆斯林的偏见水平较高。The Community Security Trust (CST), a charity that monitors anti-Semitic incidents, reckons that there were 529 in 2013, the lowest tally since 2005. None involved grievous violence. But the outfit reckons that there was an uptick in 2014. The first half of the year saw a 36% increase on 2013. Last July the CST recorded 302 incidents, its highest ever monthly total. Londons Metropolitan Police say the numbers of hate crimes against Jews reported last year almost doubled, though they remain low.社区安全互信(CST),一个监控着反犹太主义事件的慈善机构,统计出在2013年有529起反犹太主义事件,是自2005年起的历史最低。但该组织预测在2014年此类事件发生频率会有所上升。2014年上半年在2013年的基础上增加了36%。去年7月,CST统计了302起反犹太主义事件,创下了月份总计的新高。伦敦大都会警察表示,去年对反犹太犯罪控诉的数量几乎翻了一番,尽管他们仍然保持低水平。That has much to do with events elsewhere in the world. Anti-Semitic incidents tend to track violence in the Middle East. A sharp rise in coincided with Israels assault on the Gaza Strip. A rise in 2014 would coincide with Israels summer incursion into Gaza. Criticism of Israel is not the same as anti-Semitism, and the CST is careful to distinguish between the two. But, the organisation points out, the former can be used to bash Jews more generally.这与世界上其他国家发生的事情有很大的关系。反犹太主义事件有沿袭中东暴力事件的趋势。在年恰逢以色列加沙地带袭击事件,反犹太主义事件发生次数明显上升。而在2014年的数量上升可能与以色列侵入加沙有关。对以色列地区犯罪的批评和对反犹太主义不易昂,CST也很小心仔细的区分这两类事件。但是,该组织指出,前者更普遍能用于攻击犹太人。The CST also notes that many incidents occur around the Jewish high holy days, when more people are going to and from synagogues. In 2013 incidents most commonly involved public verbal abuse hurled at visibly Jewish people, including shouts of “Heil Hitler” and “fucking Jewish bastards”. Changes in the demography of British Jews may exacerbate this. The haredi, or ultra-Orthodox, are a growing proportion of British Jews. Their clothes mark them out clearly as Jewish, as do the schools they attend and the areas where they live. As their numbers swell, abuse could increase, even as anti-Semitism more generally does not budge.CST还注意到,在犹太人的神圣日许发生了多事件,而这一天的犹太教堂也人来人往。2013年的发生的事件大多是涉及到公共场合对犹太人的辱骂,包括向他们喊“希特勒万岁”和“娘养的犹太混蛋”。英国的犹太人人口结构的改变很可能刺激这类事件发生。正统派,或是极端正统派是英国犹太人中正不断壮大的团体。他们的衣着明显表明他们是犹太人,在他们的学校和居住的区域身着此类装大方出入。随着他们人数的增加,对他们的恶言也会随之增加,甚至是反犹太主义也会逐步增加。译者:张娣 译文属译生译世 /201502/357557金华浦江上睑下垂矫正多少钱 浙江省金华去蒙古斑价格

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