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黑龙江省军区医院专家黑龙江省医院南岗分院产前检查好吗黑龙江省五院治疗妇科怎么样 Personal computer sales have been sliding for years now because of the ever-increasing popularity of tablets. Next year, consumer tastes will have shifted so much that tablet shipments are expected to pass PCs the first time in 2015.随着平板电脑日益普及,个人电脑销量多年来一直在持续下滑。明年,消费者口味将出现巨大变化,预计平板电脑出货量将在2015年首度超过个人电脑。Manufacturers will ship 321 million tablets globally next year compared with 317 million PCs, according to a report released on Monday by Gartner, the market research firm. Granted, the number of devices shipped isn’t the same as the number sold, but often, the two figures go hand-in-hand.市场调研机构高德纳(Gartner)周一发布的报告称,明年,全球平板电脑出货量将达到3.21亿台,而个人电脑出货量将为3.17亿台。当然,设备发货量并不等于销量,但两者通常联系紧密。But not all tablets will fare well. Expect a slow-down for sales of some brands, particularly those with smaller screens, as shoppers lean towards devices with bigger displays, including ones that blur the line between smartphone and tablets – those awkwardly dubbed “phablets.” And given relative maturity of the certain markets like the U.S., Gartner Research Director Ranjit Atwal argued the next feature tablets will tussle over won’t be faster chips or lighter frames — features that set products like Apple’s AAPL 2.06% iPad apart in the past — but simply, price. Said Atwal: “The next wave of adoption will be driven by lower price points rather than superior functionality.”但并不是所有平板电脑都会热卖。有些品牌平板电脑的销量预计将下滑,尤其是那些屏幕较小的平板品牌,因为消费者倾向于购买更大屏的设备,包括模糊了智能手机和平板电脑间界线的平板手机设备。而且,随着美国等部份市场相对成熟,高德纳研究总监兰吉特o阿特瓦尔认为,平板电脑产品未来竞争的焦点将是价格,而不是更快的芯片,也不是更轻的框架这些过去令苹果(Apple)iPad鹤立鸡群的要素。阿特瓦尔说:“下一波平板购买热潮的推动因素将是更低的价格,而不是卓越的功能性。” /201407/310987哈尔滨市中医医院在线咨询

哈尔滨省第三人民医院彩超检查好吗Tencent, the Chinese internet company, has stepped up its acquisition spree focused on the transition to the mobile web by taking a 28 per cent stake in South Korean games maker CJ Games.中国互联网公司腾讯(Tencent)以移动互联网为焦点加大了收购力度,购得韩国游戏开发商CJ Games的28%股权。The stake, which cost Tencent 0m, is the latest in a flurry of deals in which Tencent, along with rival Chinese internet conglomerates Alibaba and Baidu, have tried to outspend and outcompete each other for primacy.腾讯为此斥资5亿美元,这是其一连串交易的最新一起。腾讯与中国互联网集团阿里巴巴(Alibaba)和百度(Baidu)为了夺取绝对竞争优势,竞相投入巨资试图在收购交易上打败对手。Tencent, the largest wholly private company in China, boasting a market capitalisation above 0bn, last month bought a 20 per cent stake in Dianping, China’s best known restaurant rating and reviews website, and a 15 per cent stake in JD.com, an ecommerce platform that is seeking a US listing.腾讯是中国最大的全资私营公司,市值逾1400亿美元。它上月购入中国最知名餐馆评分点评类网站大众点评网(Dianping)的20%股权,以及筹备在美上市的电商平台京东(JD.com)的15%股权。Media reports have persistently suggested that Tencent may merge its online business with that of Sohu, the third-largest online platform in China.媒体报道不断暗示称,腾讯可能与搜狐(Sohu)合并旗下的在线视频业务。搜狐拥有中国第三大在线视频平台。Tencent aly has the jump on its counterparts in the move to mobile due to its hugely popular mobile instant messenger Weixin, known outside China as WeChat.与竞争对手相比,腾讯已经在向移动互联网的过渡中占得先机,因为它拥有大受欢迎的手机即时通讯软件微信(Weixin),该软件在中国境外称为WeChat。Wednesday’s deal makes Tencent the third-largest shareholder in CJ games.周三的交易使得腾讯成为CJ Games的第三大股东。 /201403/282283哈尔滨第二人民医院体检 When you think Harley-Davidson, you probably think about leather, beards, and loud engines. Now, though, you can picture a fully electric bike with a digital display.一提到哈雷戴维森托车( Harley-Davidson),大家可能就会想到皮革、胡须,以及轰隆的引擎声。但现在,大家可以把它想象成是一辆配备数字显示屏的全电动单车。The iconic American motorcycle manufacturer held an event in New York City Monday afternoon showing off Project LiveWire, a prototype of the company’s first electric motorcycle.上周一下午,这家标志性的美国托车制造商在纽约市举办了一场活动,隆重推出了它的第一款电动托概念车:LiveWire。The new bikes look mostly like a traditional motorcycle, with a few notable exceptions. There is a digital display in between the handlebars where speed and efficiency are displayed. Also, there is no clutch on the left handlebar, since there are no gears. The bike can go from zero to 60 in about 4 seconds, and can reach up to 92 m.p.h. It does not have the traditional loud Harley rev-up sound, though there is a slight hum from the electric engine starting.这款新单车看起来跟传统的托车相差无几,但也存在几个显著的不同之处。它的车把之间有一个能够显示速度和效率的显示屏。此外,左车把没有离合器,因为它没有齿轮。这款单车从零加速到60英里(约合96公里)大约只需4秒,最高时速为92英里。它没有传统哈雷托那种响亮的转速声,但它的电动引擎会发出轻微的嗡嗡声。Harley President Matt Levatich said it would be a few years before the bikes were y to be manufactured and put on sale. In the meantime, it is still tweaking the design and listening to its customers.哈雷公司总裁马特o雷瓦迪克表示,这款单车准备在几年后量产销售。与此同时,这家公司将继续调整设计,同时聆听消费者的意见。“We don’t have specific date,” he said. “We need time to incorporate that feedback.“我们还没有确定具体的日期,”他说。“我们需要时间来吸收顾客的反馈信息。”It was a uniquely diverse crowd gathered at the Harley-Davidson HOG 0.00% dealership in Lower Manhattan — a near equal mix of buttoned-up journalists lumbering onto the LiveWire simulator (think a motorcycle stuck in place that can be “revved up” without actually going anywhere) and Harley-Davidson Riders Club Members, many of whom sported well-worn patched vests and beards that would give Rasputin a run for his money.各色人等聚集在位于曼哈顿下城哈雷戴维森旗舰店。一群沉默寡言的记者缓慢地爬上LiveWire模拟装置(想象一下,你骑在一辆被卡住的托车上,可以“加速”,但托车根本不会动),试驾者当然少不了哈雷骑士俱乐部成员(Harley-Davidson Riders Club Members),其中许多人穿着打满补丁的旧背心,蓄着可以跟一代巫师拉斯普廷相媲美的大胡子。One of those riders, Juan Marmol, said that the new bike ran great, though he was concerned about the relative short range of the bike on a single charge of its battery. The bike can only travel around 55 miles after a three hour charge.一位叫胡安o马莫尔的车手说,这款新单车的驾驶感觉非常棒,但他担心,一次充电能够撑的里程相对较短。经过三小时充电之后,这款单车只能行驶大约55英里。“It was awesome,” he said. “The biggest downfall to it right now based on what their telling us is the charge time.”“感觉很棒,”他说。“根据他们目前的说法,最大的缺点是充电时间。”For hardcore Harley riders who sometimes go up to 400 miles a day, the current battery just wouldn’t work, Marmol said. But he did think that the new bike could change Harley-Davidson’s image and maybe bring some new people into the hog-riding family.马莫尔说,铁杆哈雷车手有时候一天要骑行400英里,对他们来说,目前的电池根本不够用。但他的确认为,这款单车可以改变哈雷戴维森的形象,或许能够吸引一些新人加入重型托手的行列。“I believe this will change kind of the mindset that Harley’s are for old guys,” he said.他说:“我相信它多少会改变那种认为哈雷粉丝都是老家伙的观点。”Levatich agreed, also noting that Harley would not be forgetting its core customers who want old-fashioned motorcycles. “We’re absolutely not abandoning any of that,” he said. “We’re going to continue to invest in great traditional Harley-Davidson motorcycles. LiveWire has nothing to do with that. It’s all of that, plus opening the doors to some people that are maybe on the outside of the sport, on the outside of the brand.”雷瓦迪克同意这种看法,但他还指出,哈雷永远也不会忘记那些钟情于老式托车的核心客户。“我们绝对不会放弃任何一款老车型,”他说。“我们将继续投资于拥有伟大传统的哈雷戴维森托车。LiveWire与老车型无关。推出这款车是想给一些或许还没有喜欢上这项运动、没有尝试过这一品牌的人们打开一扇门。”Of course, Harley-Davidson isn’t the only motor cycle maker exploring electric bikes. In fact, Other companies such as Mission Motors have aly put their models on sale.当然,哈雷戴维森并不是唯一一家正在开发电动单车的托车制造商。事实上,包括使命托(Mission Motors)在内的其他公司已经开始销售电动车型。Harley-Davidson’s roadshow will travel across the ed States this year and next in addition to going to Canada and Europe. The LiveWire Experience Tourcontinues next week in Milwaukee, Wis.哈雷戴维森今年将在美国各地举行路演活动,明年还打算远赴加拿大和欧洲。LiveWire体验之旅下周将移师威斯康星州密尔沃基市。 /201407/308788哈尔滨市第一专科医院能刷医保卡

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