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US in Deliberate Study of North Korean Nuclear Position美国仔细研究北韩对会谈的新立场 The State Department says the Bush administration is engaged in a careful study of North Korea's latest position on the six-party nuclear talks, as conveyed to a senior U.S. envoy late last week. Another top U.S. diplomat is still in the region consulting other parties to the talks.美国国务院说,布什政府正在根据北韩上周五向美国高级特使希尔表达的内容,仔细研究北韩在六方会谈方面的最新立场。美国另一名高级外交人员目前还在该地区同参加六方会谈的其它国家代表进行磋商。U.S. officials are refusing to comment on the substance of what Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill learned on a visit to Pyongyang that ended last Friday.美国助理国务卿希尔上星期五结束了对平壤的访问。美国有关官员拒绝透露希尔顿此行所获得的具体信息。But they do say the Hill mission has triggered a high-level review of the North Korean position that included a White House discussion Tuesday between President Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.不过,他们说,希尔的访问使美国政界高层开始研究北韩的立场。星期二,美国总统布什和国务卿赖斯在白宫就这一问题进行了讨论。The Chinese-sponsored six-party talks, aimed at getting Pyongyang to scrap its nuclear program, have been deadlocked over North Korea's failure to submit a verification plan for the declaration of its nuclear holdings it made in June.由中国主办的六方会谈是为了促使北韩废除其核项目,谈判最近陷入僵局,原因是北韩没有交出对其在今年六月所作的核材料声明进行核实的计划。Pyongyang says the ed States reneged on a pledge to remove it from its list of state sponsors of terrorism, but U.S. officials say de-listing is dependent on a verification regime.北韩说,美国违反承诺,没有把北韩从持恐怖主义国家的名单上除名,但美国官员说,除名的条件是北韩提交核实的计划。Hill met several North Korean officials, including Foreign Minister Pak Ui Chun and a senior army general in a visit spanning three days.希尔在他三天的访问中会晤了几名北韩官员,其中包括北韩外务相朴义春和一名军方高级将领。A South Korean newspaper considered pro-Pyongyang said earlier this week North Korea gave Hill a new proposal along with an ultimatum to walk away from the talks if it is not accepted.韩国的一份亲北韩的报纸本周早些时候说,北韩向希尔提出了一项新的建议,并且发出了最后通牒,也就是,如果不接受提议,北韩就将退出六方会谈。At a news briefing Wednesday, State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack said he was not y to provide any details but reiterated Hill's depiction of his visit as useful.美国国务院发言人麦科马克星期三在一个新闻发布会上说,他不能透露具体细节,但是他重申,希尔说这次访问是有用的。"We will give you our full assessment of what Chris heard and the results of his discussion as we saw it," he said. "I think you heard him, as well as the secretary, characterize the discussions as useful. We will see if, in fact, in the end they are productive in moving the process forward."麦科马克说:“我们将会在以后透露希尔和北韩方面进行讨论的结果,并将全面评估希尔所获得的消息。希尔和赖斯国务卿已经说过,希尔这次访问是有用的。我们将看看这些讨论最终是否能起到作用,推动形势向前发展。”McCormack said Secretary Rice discussed the state of the talks by telephone with South Korean Foreign Minister Yu Myung-hwan, and that senior U.S. diplomat Sung Kim - Hill's deputy - is due back in Washington on Thursday, after consultations with parties in the region.麦科马克说,赖斯国务卿通过电话同韩国外交部长柳明桓讨论了六方会谈的形势,而希尔的副手金成正在这一地区同有关各方进行磋商,并将于星期四返回华盛顿。A senior official who spoke to reporters in Washington said the administration is being deliberate, thoughtful, and conscientious in its internal discussion of the talks.一位高级官员在华盛顿对记者们说,布什政府在内部讨论六方会谈时采取了仔细、周全和审慎的态度。Asked if the negotiations are in a do-or-die situation, the same official said the six-party talks will remain a useful mechanism regardless of whether they move forward right now.当被问到六方会谈是否处于危急关头时,这位官员说,不论六方是否能马上在谈判上取得进展,六方会谈都将继续成为一个有用的机制。North Korea announced last month it was taking steps to restore its partially disabled Yongbyon nuclear complex because of the negotiating impasse.北韩上个月宣布,由于谈判陷入僵局,北韩正在采取步骤恢复被部分拆除的宁边核反应堆。Spokesman McCormack said Pyongyang continues to move in the wrong direction with its activity at Yongbyon. He also said North Korea's reported test-firing of two short-range missiles into the Yellow Sea on Tuesday was neither advisable nor helpful in managing regional tensions.美国国务院发言人麦科马克说,北韩在宁边的活动说明它依然在执行错误的政策。他还说,据报道,北韩在星期二向黄海试射了两枚短程导弹,这是不明智的,对处理该地区的紧张关系毫无帮助。But he said it was not a technical violation of a 2006 U.N. Security Council resolution demanding an end to North Korea's long-range ballistic-missile program.不过他说,这次试射并没有违反联合国安理会2006年要求北韩停止其远程弹道导弹项目的决议。200810/52433

So what have you done to save the world today? Used a bit less water? Perhaps. Recycled a bit more rubbish? Of course, as More4 News viewers, you are clearly caring and intelligent consumers. But there aren't many tax incentives coaxing people towards those greener choices, helping to stop the damage we do to the world around us. The latest thinking is that perhaps the taxman should reward green choices and punish environmentally damaging ones. Roz Upton looks at how it might work. We use them without a second thought, power showers, disposable batteries, ordinary light bulbs. But our consumer-led society is damaging the environment. Domestic households account for half / the UK's water consumption, almost 1/3 of greenhouse gas emissions and 10% of waste. Now a report commissioned by Green Alliance recommends inefficiency charges on products that are more damaging to the environment than greener alternatives, the aim to discourage consumers from buying them. Guy Thompson: First, that is the deliberate ploys, is to make people realize, to hit people in the pockets, and to reflect the environmental impact of a particular, particularly inefficient or wastful product. Despite the report author's holding back on recommending a levy of taxation, householders are upset at the very thought of it. An unidentified woman: If they are living on the fixed income, they certainly don't want more increases. An unidentified man: We have enough taxes, as it is. Um, I'd rather see we get rid of inefficient products, and have the efficient ones. An unidentified man: Anything that can be publicized that makes the awareness more, is good, but I don't think taxing something is necessarily giving ur, positive signals, I think in fact it gives a negative signal. So-called "green taxes" are not without precedent. In Ireland, the tax on plastic bags introduced 3 years ago has cut their use by more than 90%. Some green measures can have undesirable side effects. Take taxing plastic bags for example, it may drastically cut their distribution; but some people use them to put rubbish in, and without them, more people are likely to buy bin liners, and they're made of tougher plastic, which uses more energy in the recycling process. Of course a tax on some brands of dustbin liners might encourage people to opt for eco-friendly varieties, but in isolation, these kind of levies will make little impact. Some report sources at the Policy Studies Institute are also advocating penalizing people who don't sort their rubbish for recycling. They're suggesting national water metering to reward those who use less, and reduction in council tax for householders who insulate their homes to conserve energy. Until now, most green taxes in the UK have been named businesses. Paul Ekins: No one likes taxes, and householders vote whereas businesses don't, uh, a householder has been quite effective in, uh, through various consumer councils in voicing their concerns. Economists warn any new measures must be carefully adopted to avoid creating unnecessary bureaucracy. Stephen Smith: I think there's a great danger, for we overcomplicate the tax system, these, a lot of little taxes on products that people believe are environmentally disreputable can make, do a lot of damage to the efficiency of revenue collection to be very ineffective, very costly to run, and may not achieve much environmental benefit. Punitive taxes may be unwelcome, but with sea levels rising, and scientists predicting that global temperatures will increase by up to 6 degrees celsius in the next century, drastic changes to our domestic habits are inevitable if we aren't to protect the Earth we live in. And this is the latest bright idea on how to initiate that change. Roz Upton's there on the rising seas, and perhaps rising taxes. . . 200805/39223

onerous ———— 繁重的(形容词)英文释义 (adjective) Describing something that causes significant, troublesome and unpleasant obligations; burdensome.例句 Every year I d the onerous task of preparing my taxes.每年,我都害怕繁重的报税工作。 /201606/450527

US President Wants More Offshore Drilling布什吁国会允许开采更多近海油田 U.S. President George Bush is again calling on opposition Democrats in Congress to expand offshore oil drilling. High energy prices are a big part of this year's presidential campaign. 美国总统布什再次呼吁在野党民主党的国会议员允许扩大近海油田的开采。居高不下的油价已经成为今年总统竞选的一个主要议题。When lawmakers return to work next month, President Bush says they should allow for more offshore oil drilling. In his weekly radio address, he says he has lifted executive limits on that drilling and it is time for Congress to end its offshore ban. 美国总统布什说,国会下个月复会时,议员们应该允许扩大近海油田的钻探。布什在每周例行广播讲话中说,他已经撤销了禁止开采这些油田的行政令,现在该是国会取消相关禁令的时候了。"This exploration is now banned by a provision included in the annual interior appropriations bill," said the president. "When Congress returns they should remove this restriction so we can get these vast oil resources from the ocean floor to your gas tank." 布什说:“每年一度的内政部拨款议案中有一个条款禁止这种开采。当国会复会时,他们应该取消这个条款。这样我们就可以把大洋底下的丰富石油资源转化成你油箱里的汽油了。”Democrats say they generally support more offshore drilling but want oil companies to start by exploring the more than 27 million hectares of land they are aly leasing from the federal government. 民主党人表示,总的说来,他们持进一步开采近海石油,他们只是希望石油公司先在它们已经从联邦政府租赁的2700万公顷的土地上进行开采。In the Democratic radio address, New Hampshire Senate candidate Jeanne Shaheen says President Bush and his Republican party have driven America's economy into the ground.  在民主党的每周广播讲话中,来自新罕布什尔州的联邦参议员候选人沙欣说,布什和他所属的共和党把美国经济带到了谷底。"They have protected billions in tax give-aways for big oil and tax loopholes for businesses who ship jobs overseas rather than making a serious commitment to the development of clean alternative energy that can transform our economy and create thousands of new jobs," she said. 沙欣说:“他们维护了那些大石油公司数十亿美元的税务减免优惠,保护那些把工作机会转移到海外的大公司能够享受的税法方面的空子,而不是认真致力于开发能让我们的经济好转、创造成千上万新就业机会的新的清洁替代能源。”Public opinion polls show many voters are concerned about high energy prices, so that is a part of this year's presidential campaign.  民意调查显示,许多选民对居高不下的油价感到担忧,因此,这个问题将成为今年总统竞选的一个重要议题。The Republican Party's national committee is running a television commercial backing the president's call for more offshore drilling. The Republican ad champions the energy policy of its presidential candidate, Arizona Senator John McCain, over the Democratic opponent, Illinois Senator Barrack Obama. 共和党全国委员会正在播放一条电视商业广告,持总统呼吁进一步开发近海油田。共和党的广告拥护本党总统候选人、来自亚利桑那州的联邦参议员麦凯恩的能源政策,认为他的政策胜过民主党对手、来自伊利诺伊州的联邦参议员奥巴马的政策。The Obama campaign is running a commercial that seeks to link McCain with President Bush and what Obama says is a White House that has been too close to big oil companies. 奥巴马竞选团队的广告则希望把麦凯恩和布什总统以及奥巴马所说的与大公司走得太近的白宫联系起来。A public opinion poll by CBS News and The New York Times this past week asked voters what is the most important thing for them in deciding the next president. Forty percent said the economy and jobs. Gas prices and energy policy tied for second with the war in Iraq at 15 percent. 美国哥伦比亚广播公司CBS和《纽约时报》上个星期在进行民意调查时,问选民在决定挑选下一届总统时,他们最关注什么问题,40%的被访者回答说,经济问题和工作机会。油价和能源政策与伊拉克战争名列第二,各占15%。200808/46604

First UN Land Convoy Goes to Burma联合国援助车队进入缅甸   The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) says it has sent the first UN convoy of aid overland into Burma, and a planeload of shelter supplies has been flown in from Dubai. 联合国难民事务高级专员公署表示,该机构已经派出第一联合国援助车队通过陆路进入缅甸,一架满载临时庇护所建筑设备的飞机也从迪拜起飞进入缅甸。The UN refugee agency says the two-truck convoy was carrying more than 20 tons of tents and plastic sheets. It says these goods will be enough for 10,000 people made homeless by the disastrous cyclone that hit Burma. An estimated one million people have had their homes destroyed by Cyclone Nargis. 联合国难民事务高级专员公署说,这车队由两辆卡车组成,装载了20多吨的帐篷和塑料布。这些物资足够安置1万名受强热带风暴袭击而流离失所的缅甸难民。据估计,“纳尔吉斯号”强热带风暴造成大约100万人无家可归。UNHCR spokeswoman Jennifer Pagonis tells VOA, the overland journey from Thailand into Burma, also known as Myanmar, was long and difficult.  联合国难民署女发言人帕格尼斯对美国之音记者说,从泰国到缅甸的陆路旅程漫长而艰难。"This is the first positive step in getting our aid materials into Myanmar," she said. "In one day, we really got stuff going in by air and aid supplies going in from land convoys. So, we know that these two routes are now operating for us and, I think, that is always a relief when you are trying to, for a week to make it happen." 她说:“这是我们的救援物资进入缅甸的积极的第一步。在一天之内,我们真正让我们的物资从空中进入缅甸,救援物资通过陆路车队进入缅甸。因此,我们知道,我们现在可以利用这两条路线。我认为,在争取了一个星期之后,终于获得成功,我们对此感到欣慰。” Pagonis says the goods could have been delayed as customs posts on both sides of the border are closed on weekends. But, she says the UNHCR negotiated with government officials in Thailand and Burma to keep the posts open to allow the supplies to enter Burma. 帕格尼斯说,这些货物本来有可能被耽搁,因为上个周末泰国和缅甸两国边境口岸的海关都是关闭的。但是她说,联合国难民事务高级专员公署和泰国与缅甸的政府官员举行了谈判,让边境口岸海关开放,从而让救援物品进入缅甸。In the end, she says, the operation went off smoothly."It took seven minutes to go through procedures," she added. "We arrived when the convoy came with a police escort on the Thai side and crossed about 1:00 o'clock local time, and seven minutes later it was on the other side. So, there was just a brief exchange of formalities. Of course there was a lot of work that went on to make sure that this all did run smoothly. We had a lot of cooperation from border officials on both sides of the Thai and the Myanmar sides. They knew what was happening. Everybody was prepared and it went off without a hitch."  她说:“通关程序大约用了七分钟,我们抵达泰国边境口岸时,车队得到警方的护送,大约在当地时间一点出境。7分钟之后,我们到了另一边。所以,只是简短地交换了手续。当然,为了保这一切能够平稳运行,已经作了很多工作。泰国和缅甸的边境官员和我们进行了多方合作。他们知道是怎么一回事。每个人都做好了准备,车队没有遇到任何问题,顺利通过。”The supplies will be handed over to the Disaster Management Committee to be distributed under UNHCR monitoring. 这些救援物资将交给缅甸的灾害管理委员会分发。联合国难民事务高级专员公署将监督物资的分发。Pagonis says there are no plans for future land convoys. But, in any emergency situation, she says it is useful to have several routes established. She says the airlift of 33 tons of supplies that left Dubai on Saturday is the first of three planned flights. 帕格尼斯说,目前没有计划在未来派遣更多的陆路车队。但是她表示,在紧急情况下,建立几条路线是有用的。她说,星期六从迪拜空运33吨救援物资是计划中的三次空运飞行的第一次。She says two other flights carrying urgently needed shelter supplies are expected to leave early next week. And other aid shipments will go by sea. 她说,另外两次运送急需的庇护所设备的飞行预计下个星期初离开迪拜。还有一些救援物资将通过海上运输。 200805/38516

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