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China lifted a decade-plus ban on some beef products from the ed States, according to agriculture and quarantine regulators.据农业和检疫监管部门日前表示,我国已经解除了十多年来对美国牛肉产品的进口限制。The ban on bone-in and boneless beef from cattle under 30 months old from the ed States was removed, said a statement released by the Ministry of Agriculture and General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.一份由农业部及质量监督管理总局检验检疫部门发布的声明表示,这一针对产自美国、30月龄以下的剔骨牛肉、带骨牛肉产品的禁令已被解除。Authorities will formulate rules on traceability and quarantine for the beef products, said the statement.该声明表示,有关部门将会对牛肉产品的可追溯性和检疫制定规则标准。China halted beef imports from the ed States in 2003 to prevent the sp of mad cow disease. But due to surging demand, some Chinese consumers started to purchase smuggled beef via online stores.为防止疯牛病传播,中国从2003年起就暂停从美国进口牛肉了。但是由于需求激增,一些中国消费者开始通过网上超市购买走私牛肉。Chinese Premier Li Keqiang signaled the lifting of the ban when speaking at a welcoming dinner party organized by the Economic Club of New York.在纽约经济俱乐部举行的欢迎晚宴上,中国国务院总理李克强发表了讲话,并且表示要解除这一禁令。;The ed States also has very good beef. Why should we deny Chinese customers more choices?; he said.李克强总理说道:“美国也产好的牛肉。我们为什么不让中国消费者有更多的选择呢?” /201609/469072

Acne sucks. Yes, it#39;s a harsh reality of life when you#39;re in middle school, but when those zits follow you into adulthood? That#39;s just freaking unfair, especially when virtually everything in the skin care aisle seems to burn the hell out of your skin without actually killing the acne, which is exactly what was happening to me. So, as a wellness-junkie who hates resorting to prescription treatments, I made it my mission to discover a natural solution that I wouldn#39;t hate putting on my face. And after some deep internet searching and experimenting, I found my current go-to product for not just acne, but all skin issues: tea tree oil.青春痘真的很讨人厌。但现实就是这么残酷:上初中或是成年时期你依然会长青春痘。现实就是这么不公,尤其是当你用了一切的护肤方法,皮肤都变差了之后,你的青春痘还在,这也正是发生在我身上的情况。所以,作为讨厌使用处方药的健康爱好者,我发誓一定要找到天然的治青春痘方法,并将其涂抹于脸上。经过一番深入的网络搜索和实验后,我发现目前使用的产品不仅能治疗青春痘,还能解决所有的肌肤问题:茶树油。OK, yes, you#39;ve most definitely heard of tea tree oil before, but I#39;m not talking about it in a granola-eating, eco-friendly way. I#39;m telling you this stuff really works - it totally cleared up my worst breakouts when no other product could - and it has the research to prove it. Studies show that tea tree oil is just as effective at treating acne as benzoyl peroxide (one of the most common acne-fighting ingredients), but with way fewer side effects, like burning, itching, peeling and irritation. Plus, it#39;s all-natural, squeezed right from the leaves of a tree, so you know exactly what you#39;re putting on your skin. ;Tea tree oil may help kill some of the bacteria on the skin that cause inflammation and acne breakouts,; says dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, M.D., director of cosmetic and clinical research at the dermatology department at Mount Sinai Medical Center. ;It can be used as a spot treatment or as a full face treatment to both eliminate the pimples that you have and also help prevent new ones from popping up.;好吧,你之前肯定听说过茶树油,但我指的是用吃麦片的环保方式使用它。说真的,这方法真的管用--茶树油真的治好了我可怕的青春痘,其它产品都没有这个功效--而且有研究可以明这一点。研究表明:在治疗青春痘方面,茶树油和过氧化苯甲酰(最为常见的治青春痘的成分之一)同样有效,但副作用却更少,比如灼烧感、瘙痒、脱皮和刺激。此外,茶树油是纯天然的,是从树叶中挤出来的,所以你完全清楚涂到皮肤上的成分。;茶树油可能会杀死皮肤上的一些细菌,这些细菌会引起炎症和青春痘,;纽约西奈山医院皮肤科化妆品和临床研究总监皮肤科医师约书亚·蔡克纳士说道。;茶树油既可以敷在已有的青春痘上,也可以敷在整张脸上,可消灭已有的青春痘,并同时预防爆痘。;Of course, that doesn#39;t mean you want to douse your face in pure, 100 percent tea tree oil - this stuff is potent, so use the pure, concentrated stuff as a nightly spot-treatment only. And if your skin is super-sensitive or you have too many zits to spot-treat every night, try using a product with tea tree oil as its main ingredient, like a lotion or face mask. Yes, these magical products exist, and yes, I#39;ve rounded them up for you below. Regardless of the product you decide on, though, be prepared to fall in love with tea tree oil. It#39;s pretty dreamy.当然,这不是说你该把百分百纯的茶树油涂抹于脸上--这种东西十分强效,应该使用纯的、浓缩的茶树油,只在晚上涂抹于痘痘上。如果你的皮肤特别敏感或是脸上的痘痘太多,那就使用主成分是茶树油的护肤品,比如柔肤水或面膜。是的,这些神奇的产品当然存在,并且下面我还为你们整理好了。不管你决定用什么样的产品,请准备好爱上茶树油吧!真的是你梦想中的祛痘神器!译文属 /201705/509668

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