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重庆星宸整形医院怎么预约Meet the man who set a Guinness World Record for binge-watching这哥们一口气看剧还破了个吉尼斯纪录It#39;s one thing to binge watch three episodes of a show in one sitting. It#39;s another to devour an entire season in a day.一口气看3集连续剧比较正常,但一口气看一季就稍微有点猛了。But Alejandro ;AJ; Fragoso is on an entirely different level. In April, the 25-year old from Brooklyn set a Guinness World Record by binge watching shows for 94 consecutive hours.但Alejandro ;AJ; Fragoso在看剧上更是开创了新高度。今年4月,这个来自布鲁克林25岁的小伙子因为一口气看94小时剧破了吉尼斯纪录。;Towards the end, my brain was struggling to comprehend a lot of what we were watching,; he admits. ;The slower episodes, with not a lot going on were easier for me to digest. It was around the beginning of the final day that I tried to watch #39;Better Call Saul#39; ... but I was so out of it, I was having trouble piecing together what I was watching.;“快结束时,我大脑已经不太听使唤,无法理解我们看的内容了,”他承认。“剧情慢的剧集比较容易理解,但最后一天刚开始看《风骚律师》时,我就有点走神,无法把看的内容串起来。”While psychologists are split on the pros and cons of binge watching — and no long-term studies have yet been published — everyone (including Fragoso) would probably agree 94 hours is a bit ludicrous. 虽然心理学家对“一口气看剧”的行为褒贬不一——但目前没有相关任何长期研究结果问世。不过,大家(包括Fragoso本人)一致认为,连续看94小时剧的行为确实太过头了。But if you think watching that much in a row might turn someone off of the concept of binge watching altogether, think again.但如果你觉得这个极端的挑战会让大家抛弃“一口气看剧”的想法,那就太天真了!;I#39;m definitely doing it with less frequency, but a few weeks ago, I plowed through #39;Silicon Valley#39; in a weekend,; says Fragoso. ;I have no regrets.;“我以后还会这么做,只是不会这么频繁集中。几周前,我还一周看完了《硅谷》”,Fragoso说自己对此并不会后悔。Like a lot of Millennials, Fragoso says he prefers to watch shows at his own pace, rather than one that#39;s dictated by a network executive, but he says that#39;s not a hard and fast rule. Sometimes, waiting for a season to wrap up before sitting down to watch it can cost social capital — or worse, ruin some of the surprises.和其他“千禧一代”人一样,Fragoso说喜欢按自己的节奏看剧,而不是电视台放一集看一集。但自己对看剧并没有严格的标准。但觉得为看新一季而等一年这种事情,会消耗社会资本,甚至毁了看剧的。For that reason, Fragoso says there are some programs — like ;Game of Thrones; — he considers ;must watch live;. But if it doesn#39;t have a big buzz factor (and he#39;s not likely to stumble upon spoilers), he#39;s content to wait.因为这个原因,Fragoso说有些电台出品的剧集,比如《权力的游戏》,必须看直播。因为这样看不会有剧透问题(他特讨厌剧透),他宁愿为了新一季更新去等待。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201608/462930重庆星宸医院是国有的吗The Nuptical Chamber闹洞房Though many traditional activities can no longer be seen at a Chinese wedding,the spree in the bridal chamber is still common both in the country and in town.尽管许多婚礼传统已经不复再见,在村里和小镇里闹洞房依旧如常。The spree happens after the feast when the bride and groom go back into their chamber.这狂欢通常是喜宴以后,当新郎和新娘回到他们的新房。Relatives and friends and neighbors, anyone at the wedding in fact, can come in to play all kinds of tricks on the new couple, especially the bride.亲朋好友还有邻居,实际上婚礼上的所有人,都能参与恶作剧这对新婚夫妇,尤其是新娘。They make a lot of noise so that there is an extremely lively atmosphere in the room,which is believed to be an inseparable part of a jolly wedding.他们在房间里闹增加生气,这被认为是欢乐婚礼不可分割的一部分。 /201607/445291重庆市星宸美容医院做整形要多少钱

重庆和平医院可以刷医保卡么?重庆星宸医院好?1. The Wall Sit-N-Read贴墙N字坐姿阅读法How it works: Assume the sitting position on a wall of your choice. Continue to do this until you finish one chapter. Sitting on the couch and ing IS comfy, but this way you will FEEL THE BURN!!!!怎么做:找一面墙,背靠着摆好坐姿。一直保持这个姿势直到读完一章。坐沙发上看书确实很舒,但靠墙坐你会觉得身体在燃烧!!!!2. Page-Turner Push-Ups翻页式俯卧撑How it works: Place an open book on the floor. Proceed to complete push-ups while ing as many pages as you can. This also will test how well you are at multitasking.怎么做:在地上放本打开的书。一边尽可能地多看几页一边坚持完成俯卧撑动作。这也可以检验你是否擅长处理多重任务。3. Trilogy Tricep Reps三部曲肱三头肌训练法How it works: Grab two books from a trilogy of your choice in each hand. Prop the third book in front of you for entertainment, then proceed to complete your desired amount of reps. You’ll be able to finish a book in NO time.怎么做:从三本书里选两本书抓在手上,一手一本。把第三本书在面前阅读,设定好一组动作的时间,然后坚持做下去。你会发现一本书一眨眼就看完了。4. Character Kicks角色背诵踢腿法How it works: Place a closed book on the floor in front of you — something you’ve before. Then recite as many characters from the book as you can while completing leg kickbacks for each leg. Hopefully you’re good with names!怎么做:放一本合上的书在面前的地板上——书是你之前看过的。然后两条腿轮流做后踢动作,同时背书中人物的名字,越多越好。但愿你是个记人名的好手!5. Literary Lunges文学弓步法How it works: Grab two books of equal weight in each hand. Using the books as weights, lunge across an open room until you’ve completed your desired set. Bonus points if you use encyclopedias.怎么做:一手拿一本重量相等的书。把书当做平衡砝码,在一间开阔的屋子里蹲弓步,直到你完成一组设定的动作。如果你拿的是百科全书则可加分。6. Page Planks书页平板撑法How it works: Assume the plank position with your book placed directly under you. Hold your plank until you#39;ve successfully finished an entire page. Time flies when you#39;re ing a good book!!怎么做:摆好平板撑的动作,下面放本书。坚持做,直到成功看完一整页。读一本好书的话你会感觉时间过得飞快!!7. Curls章节哑铃弯举法How it works: TIME TO TEST YOUR ENDURANCE. Using two books as dumbbells, bring them to your chest. Repeat until you’ve completed the number of chapters in the book your currently ing.怎么做:检验你忍耐力的时刻到了。拿两本书当作哑铃举到胸前。重复这项动作,直到看完你正在看的章节。8. Reading Marathon Leg Raises持久抬腿阅读法How it works: Lying on your side, move your leg up and down in a motion that resembles cutting with a pair of scissors. Repeat until you finish an entire chapter. (Or an entire book, if you#39;re really ambitious.)怎么做:侧身躺下,一条腿上下抬举,就像剪子在剪东西。重复直至你看完一整个章节。(如果你很有雄心,可以读完一整本书。)9. Fat Stack Crunches书堆仰卧卷腹法How it works: Place an enormous stack of books in front of you. Begin your crunches, grabbing a book from the pile for each one you do. Repeat until you#39;ve grabbed the entire pile. This might just make crunches more entertaining.怎么做:面前摆上厚厚的一摞书。开始做仰卧卷腹,每做一个就从书堆上拿一本书。重复动作直至你拿完一整摞书。这也许会使仰卧卷腹变得更有趣。10. Series Squats书名深蹲法How it works: Stand in front of your bookshelf and begin doing squats. Stop when you#39;ve properly named all the titles of every series on your shelf. You#39;ll be a squat master in no time.怎么做:站在书架前,开始做深蹲。然后说书架上所有书的书名,都说对了就可以停下。过不多时你就会成为深蹲大师。11. The Cooldown静止看书法How it works: Lie flat on your back. Hold the book above your head and until your arms are sore.怎么做:平躺下,仰卧。把书举到头部上方看,直到胳膊酸痛。 /201606/447128Grab an ice cube, skip the cupcake, and check out the rest of these tips from aesthetician and cosmetic chemist Mary Schook.拿个冰块、不要吃纸杯蛋糕,然后看看美学家和化妆品化学家Mary Schook给出的其它建议吧。1. MELT AN ICE CUBE OVER YOUR FACE.1. 用冰块擦脸部After cleansing, run an ice cube over your face to close and tighten your pores. The cooling sensation will also help reduce any inflammation you might have, says aesthetician and cosmetic chemist Mary Schook, who also provides the tips below.清洁干净后,用冰块擦脸部以收缩毛孔。冰冷的感觉还将有助于减少你可能患有的炎症,美学家和化妆品化学家Mary Schook说道,以下的建议也是她提出的。2. EAT A RIPE BANANA, THEN RUB THE INSIDE OF THE PEEL ON ANY FINE LINES YOU MIGHT HAVE.2. 吃熟透的香蕉,然后用香蕉内皮你的细纹。Bananas keep you satiated between meals and help maintain your blood levels. Bonus: the inside of the peel contains enzymes that exfoliate, hydrate, and plump the skin. Rub the peel on your fine lines until it oxidizes and turns brown, which takes about a minute, then rinse your face.香蕉能让你在饭点之间感到满足,同时还能稳定你的血压。福利:香蕉表皮含有去除皮肤角质、给皮肤补水、使皮肤饱满的酶。用香蕉内皮细纹,直至其氧化变成棕色,这差不多要一分钟,然后去洗脸。3. USE A SHEET MASK TO IMMEDIATELY BOOST MOISTURE AND GIVE YOUR SKIN A DOSE OF VITAMINS.3. 敷面膜给皮肤即刻补水,也给皮肤注入一剂维他命。Even if you wear your favorite beauty mask for just one minute, it will help your skin look dewier. 即使只要敷上你最爱的美容面膜一分钟,你的皮肤看起来也会更年轻。4. CARRY ROSEWATER SPRAY IN YOUR PURSE AND SPRITZ IT THROUGHOUT THE DAY.4. 包包里放着玫瑰水喷雾,随时随地补水Collagen breaks down when the moisture in your skin is depleted. When you feel your skin getting tight and dry, lightly spritz your face with rosewater (an anti-inflammatory ingredient that boosts cellular function and reduces inflammation). Let it soak in (Don#39;t touch your face or you could transfer bacteria from your hands onto it!). Now you#39;ve got hydrated and youthful-looking skin. 皮肤中的水分被耗尽后,胶原蛋白就会分解。当你感觉皮肤变得又紧又干时,轻轻的用玫瑰水(一种增强细胞功能、减少炎症的消炎成分)喷喷脸。让脸慢慢的吸收(不要用手摸脸,否则手上的细菌会传到脸上!)现在,你的皮肤水水哒,超年轻!5. MASSE THE NAPE OF YOUR NECK.5. 后颈。Blood flow gets blocked with tightened neck muscles, which tense up from stress and put pressure on your blood vessels. By massaging the nape of your neck for a minute, you loosen the muscles. Proper blood flow helps you think better and instantly de-stresses you, preventing the release of the hormone cortisol that can inhibit collagen production. This, in turn, leaves you looking fresh-faced and fineline-free.紧张会使颈部肌肉紧缩,从而阻断血液流通,并对血管施加压力。后颈一分钟,可以放松颈部肌肉。血液正常流通有助于你更好的思考,还能立马让你不再有压力,阻止分泌激素皮质醇,激素皮质醇会抑制胶原蛋白的分泌。相应地,这样能使你看起来更加年轻,跟细纹说拜拜!6. USE LIPSTICK TO ADD COLOR TO YOUR EYES, CHEEKS, AND LIPS.6. 使用口红让你的眼睛、脸颊和嘴唇气色更好。If you don#39;t have time to put on a full face of makeup, swipe your favorite shade of lipstick over your eyelids, cheekbones, and lips to look instantly polished in a flash.如果你没有时间化完全套妆容,那么用你最喜欢的一款口红在眼睑、脸颊和嘴唇上略微涂抹,这样你的气色立马就会变好。译文属 /201609/464398重庆星辰皮肤地址电话China has the world#39;s strictest food safety evaluation system for genetically modified (GM) foods and is a world leader in the development of GM technology, a national GM safety committee member said.近日,国家转基因安全委员会一位成员表示,中国拥有全世界最严格的转基因食品安全检测系统,同时中国也是转基因科技研究领域的领导者之一。Before GM organisms can be issued a safety certificate in China, they must first undergo lab tests before moving on to small-scale field tests and finally to environmental release and production tests.如果转基因生物要想获得中国颁发的安全书,他们必须首先被送进实验室检测,然后进行小规模的野外实验,最后进行环境测评和产品检验。The five-phase evaluation system is the only such system in the world, Wu Kongming, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a member of the country#39;s agricultural GM safety committee, told attendees at a conference on last Wednesday.中科院研究员、国家农业转基因安全委员会成员吴孔明在上周三的一次发布会上告诉与会者,在转基因生物的安全性检测工作上,全世界只有中国拥有这种“五步测评法”。China will carry on researching and developing GM technology for staple foods, such as pest-resistant rice and drought-resistant wheat, while working to industrialize the cultivation of non-food crops such as pest-resistant cotton and corn during the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20), Liao Xiyuan, a senior official at the Ministry of Agriculture, said at the conference.在“十三五”研讨会议上,农业部高级官员廖西元表示,中国将继续研究和发展主食农作物的转基因技术,例如抗虫害水稻和抗旱小麦等。同时还将致力于非粮食作物的工业化培养,例如研发抗虫害棉花、抗虫害玉米等作物。Liao added that China has made remarkable progress in the GM plants industry with a total of 1,036 patents in gene-cloning technology, second only to the US. The wide variety of GM crops developed by the country includes 147 kinds of cotton resistant to pests.廖西元还补充说道,中国已经在转基因作物的研究开发上取得了突破性的成就,目前已经在基因克隆技术上取得了1036项专利,仅次于美国。中国研究出的转基因作物种类繁多,其中包括了147种抗虫害棉花。China#39;s GM industry has been beset by widesp public concern that GM food may detrimentally affect people#39;s health. In response, Wu dismissed widesp speculation that GM food causes cancer and reduces male fertility, calling such claims ;groundless rumors.;在中国,民众担心转基因食品可能会给身体健康带来不利影响,而这种担忧使中国的转基因产业进入了瓶颈期。对此吴孔明研究员做出了回应,驳斥了外界广为流传的、认为转基因食品会导致癌症及降低男性生育能力的猜测,批评它们是“毫无根据的谣言”。China currently allows the commercial production of only one GM food crop - papayas - while other imported GM food crops, including soybeans and corn, are used only as raw materials, Wu said.吴孔明表示,中国目前只允许出售转基因木瓜的相关产品。而例如大豆和玉米等其他的进口转基因作物只能被用来当做生产原材料。 /201604/438134重庆星辰医学治疗好不好

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