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常用景范例一:I am working on itA: Hi, Monica, how is everything going?B: Everything goes well, but I am thinking about quitting my current job.A: Why? You're not satisfied anymore?B: I just sense. But I cannot grow anymore. My boss is not really supporting me. I am interested in some positions in other JV companies, but I need to do some more in-step research before I send my application letters out.A: That is important. Doing research on a company you are interested in will definitely help your application.B: Certainly, it is very nice talking with you. But I really have to go now. Catch you later. 【Catch you later: 回头见,以后再聊的意思,类似于See you later.】A: Ok, good luck to you.范例二:Calling a companyA: A Company, my name is Lucy. How can I help you?B: Hello, Lucy, this is Monica. I'm calling for the accountant position. I saw the information about the vacancy on your company's website. Is it still available?A: Thank you for your interest. The position is still available. Have you aly sent your CV to us?B: No, not yet. First, I want to check about the availability and see if you could give more information.A: It is urgent for us to fill this position now and I would like to stress that English is a must because of the international contacts and most likely traveling abroad very soon. If all these is not problem for you, I recommend you to mention these in your cover letter and send it to me directly.B: The notification period of my current job is not that long and I'm quite profession to English and I am happy with the traveling abroad as I'm good dealing with the people from other cultures. It makes the whole job even more interesting. I will send my resume to you still this week.范例三:E-resume or paper resumeA: Hello, Lucy. This is Monica again. I have a question.B: Please ask.A: I was wondering what kind of resume do you prefer, an e-resume or paper one?B: For this position we prefer e-resume at the very beginning. Please send it to our department's e-mail box.A: Ok, thank you.B: You're welcome. /201010/116261Talking about appearanceA: Hi, Ellen. That outfit looks terrific!B: Thanks, Jim. I didn’t think guys paid attention to stuff like that.A: No, we just don’t usually admit it!B: Well, thanks for the compliment anyway!谈论人的外表A:嗨,爱伦。这身外套真棒。B:谢谢,吉姆。我不知道男孩子也会注意这类事情。A:不是不注意,只不过通常不承认罢了。B:不管怎么样,谢谢你的夸奖。 /200706/13951to pull some strings幕后操纵英文释义 To manipulate a situation secretly, and possibly unethically, in order to accomplish a goal. (NOTE: a reference to strings that direct the movement of a puppet)例句 The wealthy old man thought he could pull some strings in order to get his incompetent nephew an important job with the company owned by his old friend.这个富裕的老头以为可以通过幕后操纵,就可以让他无能的侄子得到其老朋友的公司的重要职位。 /201207/192098

1. 惊讶紧张三句英文任你选What a surprise!真令人吃惊!You scared me.你吓了我一跳!Im too nervous to say a word.我紧张得说不出话了。半个句型要记牢too... to (太……而不能……)Tip:此结构的基本形式为 ;too+形容词或副词+ to +动词原形其意为;太……以至于不能……;。例如 He is too tired to go any farther. (他太累了,不能再往前走了。) He is too shy to speak to her. (他太害羞,不敢同她讲话。) /201501/354262

薪金待遇常常是面试到最后考官后问你的问题之一。如何表达你想要的薪水数目?下面是一些表述薪金待遇常用的句子,不妨借鉴一下。1. The starting salary I require is HK,500 per month.待遇方面,本人希望月薪六千五百港币起薪。 /201004/102390

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