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Michela van Leeuwen farms in the eastern region of the Netherlands, and launched her 3D printed cheese product at a Dutch food conference in April.米凯拉·范·鲁文是一位来自荷兰东部的奶农,她在今年4月份于荷兰举行的食品大会上用3D打印技术制作了一款奶酪。Ms van Leeuwen said she started to think about diversifying after the farm gate milk price dropped in the Netherlands, and she and her husband were forced to relocate their farm. She had been introduced to 3D printing through some work she was doing off the farm, and started investigating if it was possible to print cheese.范·鲁文表示,自从荷兰农场牛奶的价格下跌后,夫妇二人的农场被迫搬了家,自己也开始琢磨怎样推出多样化的产品。后来在别的地方干活时,她接触到了3D打印技术,于是就开始研究如何运用这项技术来制作奶酪。;I searched if there was anyone who printed with cheese, because chocolate was aly being used,; she said. ;I found out that nobody had tried to print with gouda cheese or fresh cheese. So I started a project and found that it was possible to print with fresh gouda cheese.;她说:“在做之前我得看看有没有人制作过奶酪,因为有人曾经用3D打印机制作了巧克力。我发现不管是豪达奶酪还是鲜奶酪,都没有人尝试过去打印它们。于是我进行了尝试,并且发现打印鲜豪达奶酪是有可能的。”Ms van Leeuwen said she pre-made a soft cheese, then used the printer to create different shapes. She said she aimed to use the printer in her cheese store to make custom cheese shapes.范·鲁文表示,自己是先做好柔软的奶酪坯子,然后用3D打印机做出了不同的样子。她计划在自己的奶酪店中用打印机制作定制样式的奶酪。;If you want to give your husband for a Valentine yourself as a sculpture, then you can say to your husband that you are delicious,; she said.“如果你想在情人节这天给丈夫送上一尊自己的奶酪雕像,你就可以对他说,自己尝起来真是#39;美味’。”她这样说道。Ms van Leeuwen said the farm gate milk price in the Netherlands had dropped below the cost of production for Dutch farmers.此外,范·鲁文还表示,荷兰农场的牛奶价格已经跌破了成本价。;We get about 28 cents per litre. Last year it was 40 cents and that was a good price,; she said. ;If the farmers want to earn something, then the price has to be 35 cents a litre.;“今年一公升牛奶只能卖28美分,去年还能卖40美分呢,40美分的价格是一个划算的价格。每升牛奶至少要卖到35美分才能挣钱。”She said printing cheese created a niche product and allowed her to build a relationship with her customers.她表示,打印奶酪成为了一种定向产品,让自己和客户建立起了联系。;Our price at the moment is very low in Holland for our milk,; she said. ;I use the printer to communicate with our consumer and explain how our cows are living and how we take care of them.;她说:“现在荷兰国内牛奶的价格卖得太便宜了。我用3D打印机和顾客交流,告诉他们奶牛是如何生活的,又是怎么接受我们的照料的。” /201606/450456磐石妇女儿童医院治疗宫颈糜烂好吗长岭县妇女医院妇科挂号“Achmed,” I said, “I can’t pay that much for a robe I’m only going to wear once.”“艾哈迈德,”我说,“我不能为一件只穿一次的长袍而付这么多钱。”“No, no, this is a fine robe, you have excellent taste. It will be very comfortable. And useful. You can wear it around your house, in your garden, anywhere. Cool in summer, warm in winter. How much can you pay?”“不,不,这是一件很好的长袍,你的品味很不错。它穿着也很舒。还很有用。你可以在房子周围穿,在花园穿,任何地方都可以。冬暖夏凉。你能付多少呢?”“I only have about 350 dirham to spare.”“我只能付大约350迪拉姆。”Achmed returned to say he was able to purchase the robe for 340 dirham, with 10 left over for a rope belt. “And to get that price, I tell you it was like pulling teeth.” He made vigorous yanking motions with his hand. 艾哈迈德返回去说他可以用340迪拉姆买下这件长袍,剩下的10块可以买一条腰带。“要砍到那个价格,我告诉你就像是拔牙一样。”他用手做了一个猛拉的动作。After leading me back to my hotel, Achmed promised to return in an hour to drive me to the wedding. I figured now that they had collected their commissions, it would be the last I’d see of the so-called brothers.在带我返回酒店之后,艾哈迈德承诺一个小时之后回来带我去参加婚礼。我想现在他们已经拿到了佣金,我应该不会再见到这对所谓的兄弟了。Robe in a plastic bag at my side, I sat outside at a nearby cafe. The smell of grilled lamb wafted through the air, the smoke rising to meet the call to prayer from the tower of a nearby mosque. Well-dressed Moroccan men, alone or in pairs, filled the cafe tables, sipping tea and sodas, smoking cigarettes. Not one of them was wearing a robe. 我坐在附近的一家咖啡馆里,塑料袋里的长袍放在身旁。烤羊肉的味道在空气中弥漫,升腾而起的烟雾与来自附近一家清真寺塔楼的祷告声交相辉映。衣着得体的洛哥男子,或独身或成双,坐满了咖啡馆,轻啜茶水和苏打,吸着香烟。没有人穿着长袍。The man sitting at the table next to mine leaned over to say, “A thousand welcomes to Morocco,” with his hand over his heart. 坐在我旁边桌的男子斜身过来说:“非常欢迎来到洛哥,”他的手放在心口。“A thousand thank yous,” I answered, not knowing the proper response.“非常感谢,”我答道,不知道如何回答为好。“So did you meet some men on the train?”“你在火车上认识了一些人?”“What? How did you know that?”“什么?你怎么知道?”“I saw you with them at the train station. Did they bring you to a hotel? Ask you to buy things?”“我在火车站看到你和他们在一起。他们带你到了一家酒店?让你去买东西?”“Um, yes.”“嗯,是的。”“Be very careful,” he said, then stood and walked away, inclining his head and tapping his heart again as a farewell.“一定要小心,”他说,然后就站起来离开了,低下头再一次拍着他的心口以作道别。My worry increased. I knew little about my current location and two men had promised to drive me somewhere completely unknown. And a stranger had just warned me about them.我的担心加重了。我对自己当前的位置几乎一无所知,而那两个人承诺要带我去一个完全未知的地方。而一位陌生人刚刚警告我要小心他们。As I picked over a pastry and sipped a cup of mint tea, a beat-up Honda pulled to the curb. Mustafa smiled and nodded from the driver’s seat. Achmed jumped out of the passenger side and opened the back door. “Hurry, it is time to go!”就在我拿起一块点心并喝着薄荷茶的时候,一辆老旧的本田车停在了路边。穆斯塔法坐在司机的位置,微笑着朝我点头。艾哈迈德从副驾驶位置下车并打开了后排车门。“快点,我们要出发了!”“So soon? But where are your robes?” “这么快?但是你们的长袍呢?”Achmed laughed, “Oh, we have them in the trunk. We change at the wedding. Get in, we go now.” A car honked behind them.艾哈迈德笑着说:“哦,我们的长袍在行李箱里面。我们在婚礼的时候会换上。上车,我们现在出发。”后面的车在鸣笛催促。I wondered what I should do. This could very well be a kidnapping, a robbery or worse. In my moment of internal debate, the deciding factor was my robe. The purchase of traditional formalwear seemed like a totally unnecessary step in an abduction. So I grabbed what had now become my Moroccan security blanket and hopped into the car.我不知道该怎么办。这很有可能是一场绑架、抢劫甚至更加严重。在我内心挣扎的时候,我的长袍成了决定因素。购买一件传统的礼看上去是绑架案件中完全不必要的步骤。因此我抓起现已成为我的洛哥安全毛毯然后跳上车。Instead of a short ride to a hotel or convention hall for the wedding, we drove out of town and into the darkness of the desert.我们并没有短途驾驶到举行婚礼的酒店或宴会厅,而是开出了城镇进入到荒漠的黑暗中。“So where, exactly, are we going?” I asked.“那么我们到底要去哪里?”我问道。“To the wedding, of course,” was all Achmed would say.“当然是去婚礼现场,”艾哈迈德只说了这么一句。 /201606/450659农安县第一人民中医院贵吗

吉林长春市第二人民医院做彩超B超价格吉林长春市妇幼医院是医保定点医院吗Two men on the train invited me to their sister’s wedding, but they didn’t look at all like brothers.火车上认识的两个人邀请我参加他们的婚礼,但是他们完全不像是兄弟俩。Tall, fair-skinned Achmed and short, swarthy, moustachioed Mustafa entered my cabin midway between Marrakech and Fez. “A thousand welcomes to Morocco,” they said, putting their hands over their hearts.又高又白的艾哈迈德(Achmed)和又矮又黑、还留着小胡子的穆斯塔法(Mustafa)半路走进了我从马拉喀什(Marrakech)到非斯(Fez)的车厢。“非常欢迎到洛哥,”他们说,并将他们的手放在心口。I gave them a noncommittal nod, wary of yet another scam, having spent most of my time in Marrakech fleeing from touts, tour guides and con artists. Lacking contacts, a guidebook or much cash, I was essentially a refugee in this land, dependent on the good will of people I didn’t know.我礼貌性地点了点头,谨防这又是一场骗局,因为在马拉喀什的大部分时间我都疲于应付各种兜售、导游和骗子。不善交际、也没有旅游指南或很多现金,我基本是这片土地上的一个流浪汉,依赖于我不认识的那些人们的善意。The duo asked why I was visiting Morocco. I was too embarrassed to say it was actually just a cheap side trip from my stay in Spain. I didn’t want to admit I chose Marrakech because of a Crosby, Stills amp; Nash song and that I was travelling to Fez because of the funny hats.那对兄弟问我为什么要来洛哥。我尴尬不已,不好意思说这只是我在西班牙逗留期间的一次穷游而已。我不想承认我选择马拉喀什只是因为美国民谣合唱团体“Crosby, Stills amp; Nash”的一首歌,而我到非斯旅行则是因为滑稽帽子。So I made up a story with the old clichés, telling them I had always wanted to visit the land of the Arabian Nights, snake charmers and exotic desert adventures.因此我编造了一个陈腔滥调故事,告诉他们我一直都想拜访天方夜谭之地、弄蛇人和异国沙漠之旅。They laughed.他们大笑。“Well, perhaps those tales have some truths. But if you want to see the real Morocco, you must come to our sister’s wedding tonight,” Achmed said.“好吧,或许这些故事不无道理。但是如果你想见识真正的洛哥,你一定要来参加今晚我的婚礼。”艾哈迈德说,“Really?” I said, slowly looking them up and down. “I’m supposed to believe you two are actually brothers?”“真的吗?”我说,一边上下细细打量着他们。“我应该相信你们是真的两兄弟吗?”“We have different mothers. Our father has three wives, you see. And 15 children! What do you think about that?”“我们是同父异母的兄弟。我们的父亲有三个妻子,你看。还有15个孩子!你觉得呢?”“Your father must be a very energetic man.” “你们的父亲一定精力充沛。”“Oh yes! He once played for our national football team. But nowadays, we usually only take one wife here in Morocco. It is too expensive to support all those women.”“当然!他曾经入选过我们国家的足球队。但是现在,在洛哥,我们通常都只娶一个妻子。要养活这些女人可是太贵了。”“Plus it’s less trouble with one – you don’t have to worry about the other wives ganging up on you.” They laughed. “而且一个妻子也会少很多麻烦——你不用担心其他妻子联合起来对付你。”他们大笑。“You will see all this and so much more at the wedding.”“在婚礼你不仅能见到这些,还有更多其他方面。”“You will come, yes?” “你会来的,对吗?”They both looked at me intently, awaiting my reply. The rhythmic “ca-chunk, ca-chunk” of the train filled an awkward moment of silence.他们俩认真地看着我,等待回应。在这略显尴尬的沉默时刻,只有火车发出有节奏的“咔嗒、咔嗒”声。I tried to find a face-saving excuse.我试图找到一个不太丢面子的借口。“But I’m just backpacking here,” I said, gesturing to my dirty bag on the luggage rack. “I don’t have anything to wear to a wedding.”“但是我只是在这里自助旅行,”我说,用手指着行李架上的脏袋子。“我并没有参加婚礼可穿的衣。”They smiled at each other. Achmed said, “Oh, not to worry at all! Of course, we will help you buy a genuine Morocco djellaba robe at the market!”他们相视一笑。艾哈迈德说:“完全不用担心!我们当然会帮你到市场买一件正宗的洛哥长袍!”Mustafa then asked me if I had a hotel aly. “No? Of course we will find you a good hotel in Fez, very safe, very clean and very, very good price!”穆斯塔法然后问我有没有预订酒店。“没有?我们当然也会帮你在非斯找一家好酒店,非常安全、非常干净而且价格非常实惠!”Ok, I thought, this was the old “help for a commission” scam. They’d lead me to a hotel and market and get a cut of my purchases. Still doubting the wedding story, I shrugged and agreed, figuring it would be a small price to pay for temporary guides.好吧,我想,这就是古老的“助人为钱”骗局。他们会把我带到一家酒店和市场,然后从我购买的东西里得到回扣。对婚礼的故事将信将疑,我耸了耸肩表示同意,心想在临时导游上也花不了太多钱。But when we arrived at Fez, Achmed grabbed me just before we exited the rail station. “I will say goodbye for a moment. You will meet me at the end of the block, by the cafe, in a few minutes. It wouldn’t look good if we walked out of the station together.”但是当我们到达非斯时,艾哈迈德在我们要走出火车站时抓住了我。“我要离开一会了。几分钟后我们在街区的尽头见面,咖啡馆旁边。如果我们一起走出火车站的话,会不太好看。”“What, why not?”“什么,为什么不好看?”“People in Fez are funny. Don’t worry. No problem.”“非斯的人们很有趣。不用担心。没问题的。”Confused, I walked to the end of the block by the cafe and waited. A few minutes later, Achmed emerged, leading me to a dingy nearby hotel where he negotiated a rate and had me store my backpack.带着疑惑,我走到了街区尽头的咖啡馆等待。几分钟后,艾哈迈德出现了,带我到了附近的一家有些昏暗的酒店,他跟老板商量好价格后就帮我存放背包。We then went me to Fez’s Old Town market, where shouting merchants stood behind stone counters covered with kaleidoscopic arrays of shimmering cloth. He asked me to choose my favourite robe and secretly signal it to him so he could haggle for the best price.然后我们去了非斯的老城市场,在那里叫卖的商贩站在石头柜台后,上面盖着闪闪发光、五斑斓的桌布。他让我挑选最喜欢的长袍然后悄悄向他示意,然后他去向老板讨价还价。I selected a long white robe with an embroidered collar and a silvery hue, with a pocket on one side and a slit cut in the other. The shop owner declared that such a fine robe could not be sold for less than the absolute final and rock bottom price of 550 dirham – double the price of my hotel room.我选了一件带有刺绣衣领的银白色长袍,一侧有一个口袋,另一侧则是一条狭缝。店主表示这么好的一条长袍,最低价至少550迪拉姆——是我酒店房间价格的两倍。 /201606/450658Make a List制定计划We often have trouble paying attention to one thing because our brain wants to drift off to think about something else. When you’re supposed to be writing your history paper, for example, your brain may want to start worrying about a math test that’s coming up.You should get into the habit of making a daily task list. Then prioritize your list, in the order that you prefer. By writing down all the things you need to do, you gain a sense of control of your day.我们常常很难专注于一件事,因为我们的大脑会神游到另一件事上。比如,有时你要写历史课论文而你的大脑会开始担心临近的数学考试。你应该养成制定每日计划的习惯,然后再按照你喜欢的顺序排出先后。通过写下你该完成的所有事情,你会获得一种能自我控制的感觉。Meditate冥想If you think about it, meditation might seem like the opposite of paying attention. One objective of meditation is to clear the mind, but another element of meditation is inward peace. This means that the act of meditating is actually the act of training the brain to avoid distractions. And remember, you don#39;t have to become an expert or obsessive meditator. Just take some time every day to go through a brief meditation exercise.细细一想,冥想似乎与集中注意力背道而驰。冥想的一个目的是使大脑思维清晰,另一个目的则是达到内在的平静。这就意味着冥想事实上可以锻炼大脑集中注意力。但要记住,你不必成为一个冥想专家,也不必过度痴迷于冥想。只需要每天花上一点时间进行一个简单的冥想练习。Sleep More睡眠充足Studies show that people who sleep fewer than eight hours a night for a prolonged period of time have slower response systems and more difficulty recalling information. In fact, even minor restrictions in your sleep patterns can affect your academic performance in a bad way.研究表明长期处于睡眠时间少于8小时的人反应较迟钝,也会受损。实际上,即使是少睡一点点也能给你的学术表现带来负面影响。Eat Healthier Foods健康饮食Foods that are high in fat and sugar might give you a temporary burst of energy, but that energy is soon followed by a crash. Once your body burns up the rush of nutrient-deprived, over-processed foods, you will start to feel groggy and lethargic.高脂高糖的食物可能可以暂时让你补充大量能量,但是这些能量会很快被消耗完。一旦你的身体消化了这些没营养的过度加工食物,你就会昏昏欲睡。Reduce Screen Time减少“屏幕时间”Scientists are just beginning to study the relationship between attention spans and screen times, but one thing is certain: many researchers and education specialists advise parents to limit screen time while they gain a fuller understanding of the effects of bright lights and electronic screens.尽管科学家才开始初步研究注意力持续时间与面对屏幕时间的关系,但是有一点可以确定:许多研究者和教育专家在他们更清晰地知道强光与电子屏幕所产生的影响后都建议家长控制孩子接触电子屏幕的时间。Join a Team加入团体活动At least one study has shown that concentration and academic skills improve for students who participate in team sports. It could be that being active is helpful in the same way that meditation works. Participating in a sport trains your brain to concentrate on specific tasks, and shut out thoughts that interfere with your performance.有不止一项研究显示参与体育活动的学生在注意力和学业技能上都有进步。很可能保持活跃与冥想起着同样有益的作用。参加体育活动可以锻炼你的大脑,使其专注于某项活动,并屏蔽掉会影响你表现的想法。Just Be Active保持活跃There are also studies that show any amount of physical activity can improve concentration. Simply walking for twenty minutes before ing a book may boost your ability to pay attention longer. This may be a result of relaxing your brain in preparation for the task at hand.也有研究表明肢体上的任何活动都会改善你的注意力。仅仅是阅读前步行20分钟也有可能让你的注意力集中更长时间。这个结果可能是因为大脑得到放松能为手边的任务做准备。Practice Paying Attention练习保持注意力With practice, you can teach your mind a little discipline. One thing you should try to determine is what is really distracting you. Pick a passage to that you normally would not (unless forced). It could be anything from a political report or an instruction manual. Start the stopwatch and begin ing. Try to concentrate, but stop yourself as soon as you feel your mind beginning to wander.Write down what it was that distracted you. Do this five times and analyze the results. Do you see a pattern?通过练习,你可能让你的头脑学会“纪律”。你应该判断出到底是什么使你分神。找一篇你平常只有被强迫时才会看的文章,可以是政治报告、指导手册或者任何东西。按下秒表,开始阅读。试着集中注意力,一旦感到自己开始神游,立刻停止阅读,写下到底是什么使你分神。这样反复5次并分析结果。你是不是已经看出什么端倪了? /201606/448572吉林长春第四医院有无痛人流术吗长春协和做人流的优惠价格

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