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杭州市二院电话号码萧山痔疮手术大概多少钱 Animal rights activists may not have succeeded in shutting down an annual dog-eating festival in southwestern China, but they did help drive a massive increase in the price of dog meat.动物权益保护者也许没能让中国西南地区一年一度的“肉节”停办,但却无意中推动了肉价格的大幅上涨。Prices for cooked dog in the city of Yulin, in China#39;s Guangxi region, shot as high as 50 yuan () per kilogram over the weekend, according to Chinese media. The Beijing Morning Post said the new price was a record for the meat.据中国媒体报道,在中国广西省玉林市,熟肉的价格在上周末暴涨至每公斤人民币50元。《北京晨报》称,这创下了肉价格的新高。China Real Time was unable to find a dog market expert to confirm whether a new record had been set. Still, one local resident told us prices had nearly doubled year-on-year -- a rise he attributed to increased interest as a result of activists#39; complaints about the festival.“中国实时报”(China Real Time)未能找到一位肉市场的专家来实肉价格是否已创纪录新高。不过,一位当地居民对“中国实时报”称,肉价格已较上年同期上涨了近一倍。他表示,这是因为在动物保护者抨击“肉节”之后,人们对肉的兴趣反而上升。#39;I bought raw dog meat at 26 yuan (per kilogram) last year and this year it went up to 40 yuan,#39; said the resident, who would only give his surname, Ning. #39;The dog lovers are providing Yulin with free advertising. There are so many people coming here to eat, so we have to pay more.#39;这位只称自己姓宁(音)的居民表示,去年买生肉的价格是每公斤人民币26元,今年已经涨到40元。他说:爱人士给玉林市做了免费广告,这么多人慕名来此吃肉,我们就只能花更高的价钱买肉。The Yulin festival, during which participants pair dog with lychees and generous quantities of grain alcohol, takes place every year on June 21, the traditional start of summer. This year it came under heavy fire from foreign and Chinese animal rights advocates, including well-known actors and pop stars. According to local media reports, activists poured into the city to hound vendors ahead of the day, leading to violent clashes and prompting increased security.玉林“肉节”在每年6月21日举办,传统上这一天是夏季的开始。参加“肉节”的食客们会在吃肉时佐以荔枝并豪饮白酒。今年的“肉节”受到了国内外动物权益保护者的猛烈抨击,其中不乏知名演员和明星。据国内媒体报道,在“肉节”的前一天,动物保护者涌入玉林市去围追贩,导致暴力冲突,促使当地政府加强了安保措施。In years past, as many as 10,000 dogs have sacrificed their lives for the event.往年在玉林“肉节”期间会有多达1万只成为桌上美食。Liang Shasha, an official with the Yulin city government, told China Real Time that dog supplies were lower this year because of stricter checks by health authorities. He said several restaurants also closed down their shops because of harassment from activists.玉林市政府一名官员梁沙沙(音)告诉“中国实时报”,由于卫生部门加强了检疫工作,今年肉供应量有所下降。他表示,由于动保人士的抗议,已有多家餐馆关门。#39;This year, a lot of people chose to eat at home to avoid the chaos and trouble, including my family,#39; Mr. Liang said. #39;I went to the market that night and saw a lot of places advertising take out.#39;梁沙沙称,今年有很多人选择在家吃肉,避开那些争执和麻烦,包括我家里也是这么做的;那天夜里我在市场看到很多地方贴着广告称提供外卖。The Yulin government had earlier asked civil servants to try to steer clear of the festival to avoid further inflaming animal rights advocates.玉林市政府早些时候要求公务员不要参加肉节,以免进一步激怒动保人士。While the stricter health checks may have played a role in the steep price increase, locals attributed most of the jump to increased demand, suggesting that the activists may have helped expand the event they were hoping to end. Mr. Liang said some hotels had been booked full the night of the festival.虽然更加严格的卫生检疫可能是肉价格上涨的一个原因,但需求增加主要还是由本地人推动的,这表明原本希望劝说人们不要吃肉的动保人士可能反而提高了这一节日的知名度。梁沙沙称,在肉节当晚,一些酒店房间都被订满了。#39;There were a lot more people this year, including a lot of outsiders,#39; said Mr. Ning. #39;I didn#39;t see many people from other places last year. They came to see what all the fuss was about and try some dog meat.#39;上述姓宁的居民称,今年有更多人参加肉节,包括许多外地人,去年还不曾看到有这么多外地人来参加,他们都想来看看为什么这个节日引发了这么大的争议,同时也试着品尝肉。Reports said some activists were seen buying dogs to save them from the dinner table, which would play an even more direct role in pushing up the profitability of butchering man#39;s best friend.有报道称一些动保人士自己掏钱买,使它们免遭成为盘中餐的命运,而这一做法对于推高屠宰这些人类最好的朋友所获得的利润起到了直接影响。 /201406/308364建德市中心医院要预约吗

杭州市萧山区妇幼保健院能做人流吗 As executives at GlaxoSmithKline PLC last year were reviewing an internal whistleblower#39;s allegations of bribery in China, they received something else: a sex of their top China executive in his home with a female companion, a person familiar with its contents said.据一位知情人士称,在去年葛兰素史克(Glaxosmithkline plc)的高管们对指控该公司在中国行贿的一位内部告密者进行调查之际,他们还收到了别的东西:葛兰素史克前中国高管马克锐(Mark Reilly)在家中与一位女伴的性爱录像。The British drug maker regarded the --apparently shot without the executive#39;s knowledge--as a breach of security, the person said.该人士称,葛兰素史克将拍摄此段录像视为违反安全的行为。该录像显然是在马克锐不知情的情况下拍摄的。The executive in the , Mark Reilly, directed the company to hire a Shanghai-based private investigation firm run by a British national and his Chinese-born wife to investigate the breach, the person said.该知情人士还称,马克锐要求公司雇佣上海一家私人调查公司来调查此事。这家公司由一位英国人及其华裔妻子运营。Those investigators--former journalist Peter Humphrey and Yu Yingzeng, a naturalized U.S. citizen--subsequently were arrested by Chinese authorities last year and remain in custody. Official Chinese media said their investigative firm, ChinaWhys Co., had illegally gathered large amounts of personal information on Chinese citizens.这两位私人调查员是曾当过记者的韩飞龙(Peter Humphrey)及其美籍华人妻子虞英曾(音)。二人随后于去年被中国政府逮捕,目前仍被拘留。据中国官方媒体称,这对夫妻开设的调查公司中慧(ChinaWhys Co.)非法获取了大量中国公民的个人信息。Until this weekend#39;s disclosure about the , it wasn#39;t clear whether ChinaWhys had been working for Glaxo when its owners were seized by authorities. The details of the were reported by Britain#39;s Sunday Times newspaper.在韩飞龙和虞英曾被中国政府逮捕时,外界并不清楚中慧是否在为葛兰素史克提供务,直至周末上述录像被披露时真相才水落石出。英国《星期日泰晤士报》(Sunday Times)最先报道了该录像的细节。The disclosures add new details to a series of events that has shaken up the U.K. drug maker#39;s operations in China and put the industry under a microscope.此前的一系列事件已经撼动葛兰素史克的中国业务,并让医药行业被放在显微镜下审视,这段视频为这一系列事件又增添了一些新细节。Chinese law enforcement in May accused Mr. Reilly of ordering subordinates to commit bribery that generated billions of yuan in revenue for Glaxo#39;s China operations. Authorities alleged that Mr. Reilly, a Briton, ordered his sales team and other employees to bribe hospital doctors, health-care organizations and other parties on #39;a large scale#39; to boost drug sales in China.中国执法部门5月份指控马克锐指示下属行贿,从而为葛兰素史克的中国业务创造了人民币数十亿元的收入。中国有关部门声称,为了提高在中国的药物销售额,英国籍人士马克锐指示其销售团队及其他雇员对医院医生、医疗保健组织以及其他人员大规模行贿。Glaxo has said that some of its employees may have broken Chinese laws and that the company, including Mr. Reilly, were assisting the investigation.葛兰素史克曾表示,其部分雇员违反了中国的法律,该公司包括马克锐在内正在协助相关调查。Mr. Reilly couldn#39;t be reached for comment and hasn#39;t commented in the past. As of last month he was in China and hadn#39;t been arrested or detained, a person familiar with his movements said. He remains a Glaxo employee, though the company appointed a new head of its China operations last year.记者无法联系到马克锐置评,他之前也从未发表过。据熟悉他行动的知情人称,直到上个月他还在中国,也没有被逮捕或拘留。他仍是葛兰素史克的雇员,不过该公司去年已经任命了新的中国业务主管。Regarding the husband-wife investigative firm, Glaxo had declined to say whether they working for Glaxo, though people familiar ChinaWhys had said it had done work for Glaxo in the past. Ms. Yu and Mr. Humphrey were detained in July, days after Chinese authorities first accused Glaxo of bribery. They were formally arrested in August.至于这家夫妻调查公司,葛兰素史克拒绝说明他们是否为该公司工作。不过熟悉中慧公司的人称,这家公司过去曾为葛兰素史克工作。虞英曾和韩飞龙于去年7月份被拘留,就在中国当局第一次指控葛兰素史克行贿之后。他们于去年8月份被正式逮捕。The couple couldn#39;t be reached for comment. China Central Television in August broadcast footage of the couple in which Mr. Humphrey said they used #39;used illegal means to obtain personal information.#39; The circumstances under which he made the statement couldn#39;t be determined.记者未能联系到这对夫妻置评。中国中央电视台去年8月播放了对他们的一段采访,汉弗莱说他们为获取个人信息使用了非法手段。但无法判断他是在何种情况下说这番话的。Family members of the couple last year said the two were suspected of breaking Chinese laws related to purchasing information that was considered personal.这对夫妻的家人去年表示,他们在中国涉嫌违法购买私人信息。ChinaWhys described itself as #39;a professional services consultancy that specials in discreet risk-mitigation solutions, consulting and investigation services to corporate clients in matters of high sensitivity across Greater China and the Asia Pacific.#39;中慧公司将自身描述为一家专业咨询务公司,专门向公司客户就大中华和亚太区的高度敏感事件提供谨慎的风险削减方案、以及咨询和调查务。It isn#39;t clear whether the arrests of Ms. Yu and Mr. Humphrey are connected with Chinese authorities#39; bribery allegations against Glaxo, nor whether the revelation of the would affect the bribery case. Chinese authorities have shown an increasing emphasis on protecting the privacy of Chinese citizens.目前还不清楚,虞英曾和韩飞龙被捕是否与中国当局对葛兰素史克贿赂指控有关,也不清楚被披露的录像是否会影响到贿赂案。中国当局已显示出其对保护中国公民隐私日益重视。Before receiving the email containing the of Mr. Reilly, Glaxo was investigating alleged corruption at its China division. An anonymous person in January of last year had presented the company with allegations that between 2004 and 2010 sales staff provided doctors with speaking fees, cash payments, dinners and expense-paid trips in return for prescribing the drug company#39;s products. The allegations sparked an internal probe, Glaxo said.在收到包含马克锐上述录像文件的电子邮件之前,葛兰素史克正在其中国部门调查腐败指控。有匿名者去年1月向有关方面透露情况,使该公司受到在2004-2010年期间存在贿赂行为的指控。指控称该公司销售人员向医生提供演讲费、现金、宴请以及免费旅游,用以换取他们在处方中开葛兰素史克药品。葛兰素史克称,该指控促使公司展开内部调查。It isn#39;t clear why the was sent to Glaxo executives, nor who shot it. At the time the was shot, Mr. Reilly was separated from his wife, the person familiar with the #39;s contents said.目前尚不清楚,为何这段录像被发送给葛兰素史克的管理人士,也不知道是谁拍摄的。据知情人士称,拍摄这段视频的时候,马克锐与其妻分居。 /201407/308991杭州做人流费用大概多少萧山宫颈糜烂那个医院好




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