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2019年10月21日 14:24:36

China on track to 12 operational J-20stealth fighters in 2017 for airpower edge over other countries in Asia中国计划017年部2架J-20隐身战机以取得对其他亚洲国家的空中优势In July 2016,the Chengdu Aircraft Corporation rolled out two more low rate initialproduction (LRIP) J-20 stealth fighters. This brings to a total of four J-20fighters built for service into the Chinese air force, as opposed to theoriginal eight J-20 prototypes, which are still undergoing a rigorous flighttesting regimen. At this rate of production, China may have 12 production J-20y to hand off to a PLAAF squadron for operational and flightfamiliarization, with an initial operating capability (IOC -- meaning thosefighters can conduct combat operations) in 2017-2018.2016月,成飞批量推出了另架低速生产型(LRIP)J-20隐身战机。这样一来总共就有4架进入中国空军装备的J-20隐身战机,另外还有之前制造的8架原型机,这些原型机仍然在接受更严格的飞行测试计划。以这个制造速度,将会有一个中2架量产型的J-20交付解放军空军用于入列改装,以便017-2018年形成初始战斗力(IOC,意味着这些飞机形成战力)。If the J-20 meets its 2017-2018 IOC target date, it will give China atechnological edge in air to air combat over all its Asian neighbors, who donot yet have 5th generation planes. As a heavyweight stealth fighter, it isarmed with long range missiles, electronic warfare, advanced radar and passivesensors, making it a respectable competitor to even the new US F-22 and F-35stealth fighters. CAC is aly planning a series of future updates to keepthe J-20 state of art; domestic WS-15 engines are just one of them.如果J-20可以按期形成IOC,中国将对所有的亚洲邻国在空战中取得技术优势,这些国家都没代机。作为重型战机,J-20可以携带远程导弹、电子战装备、先进雷达及被动传感器,这些甚至可与美国的F-22与F-35相提并论。成飞已经安排了一系列的升级计划已让J-20保持在最新的技术状态,国产的WS-15引擎即是其中的一项。The J-20 willbe stealthy, fast, heavily armed with long range air to air missiles, and stateof the art radar and infrared sensors. Perhaps more than any other weapon, theJ-20 represents Chinas military modernization. via China Defense ForumJ-20将会是隐形、快速、重型的战机,配有远程空空导弹、先进雷达和红外传感器。J-20可能比其他武器更能代表中国的军事现代化。图片来自中国的军事论坛。Also ImprovedJ-31 fighter另外还有升级版的J-31Chinas second fifth generation fighter, theJ-31 is a twin engine, medium weight stealth fighter built by the ShenyangAircraft Corporation. It is undergoing testing, while waiting for firm domesticand export orders. A display floor model of an improved J-31, with a largerfuselage, improved indigenous engines, stealthier features and improvedsensors, was prominently displayed at the Zhuhai 2014 Airshow. The second J-31prototype, incorporating those improvements, is expected to make its firstflight soon, if it aly hasnt done so. A first flight of the improved J-31,just in time for the 2016 Zhuhair Airshow, would greatly improve its salesprospects at home and aboard.中国第二代战机,J-31是沈飞制造的双引擎、中型隐身战机。J-31在试飞中等待落实国内及出口订单。在2014珠海航展中,一架地面展示模型醒目的出现了更大的机身、改进的国产发动机、更多隐身设计及升级后的各类传感器,这些极大的提升了其国内及出口市场的销售前景。Lovely Swiftat mil.qq.com. The new J-31 prototype (the one in lighter gray paint) isexpected to be larger, have a nose mounted infrared search and tracking sensor,and stealthy features (such as clipped horizontal and vertical stabilizers).上图是Lovely Swift发布在mil.qq.com网站上的。新的J-31原型机(那架浅灰色涂装)将会有更大的装设在机鼻处的红外搜索及追踪传感器及更多的隐形设计(如更简洁的水平及竖直稳定面等)。As Chinese defense exports grow, the J-20 andJ-31 could start making the rounds at foreign airshows, and possibly even inforeign air forces.随着中国的武器出口增长,J-20与J-31将可能出现在国外航展上,甚至可能进入外国空军列装。来 /201607/454806萧山萧然医院在线咨询Theresa May was central to pushing through the new spying laws in her job as home secretary Getty Images特蕾莎·梅在她担任内政大臣期间,是推动新监视法案的核心人物The UKs Investigatory Powers Act is now in effect, placing Britain under some of the widest-ranging spying powers ever seen.英国的调查权力法案已经生效,英国情报机构正式被赋予史上最极端的侦查权力。The law passed last month but going into effect on 30 December is intended as an update to Britains often unwieldy surveillance legislation. But it also includes a large set of new powers including the ability to collect the browsing records of everyone in the country and have them by authorities as diverse as the Food Standards Agency and the Department for Work and Pensions.该法案于上个月通过,但是将20日开始生效,是目前英国繁琐的监视法案的升级版。该法赋予了政府新的监视权力,包括强制要求互联网务供应商保存所有用户网页浏览的完整记录。有关部门可以调取这些记录,包括英国食品标准局以及劳动与养老金部。Most of the central parts of the act are now in force. That includes new powers to gather and retain data on citizens, and new ways to force technology companies and others to hand over the data that they have about people to intelligence agencies.该法案的大部分核心条款都已经生效。这包括赋予权力收集并保存公民信息,以及强制要求科技公司等其他单位向有关部门上交他们所拥有的用户信息。Many of the most invasive powers in the bill havent yet gone into force. That includes, for instance, the collection of those Internet Connection Records, which has been postponed until the government and internet companies have worked out how they can collect such information safely.法案中那些最具侵入性的权力条款还没有生效。这包括,例如,互联网连接数据这部分将等到政府和互联网公司测试到能够安全的收集信息的时候再启用。The government has argued that the powers introduced in the bill are necessary to allow intelligence agencies and police to stop modern crime and prosecute the people involved in it.政府强调该法案中描述的权力对于持监视机关和警察部门来阻止现代犯罪并起诉相关嫌疑人是非常必要的。But Bella Sankey, Amnesty’s policy director, said that it was a ;sad day; when the bill passed into law last month.但是大赦政策顾问Bella Sanky表示,上个月通过该法案的那天是“悲哀的”一天。“The Home Secretary is right that the Government has a duty to protect us, but these measures won’t do the job,; she said then. ;Instead they open every detail of every citizen’s online life up to state eyes, drowning the authorities in data and putting innocent people’s personal information at massive risk.“内政大臣说政府有保护我们的义务,这倒是没错,但这些措施达不到保护我们的目的。相反,这些措施使得每位公民的网上生活的所有细节被一览无余,加重政府部门处理数据的负担,并且给无辜群众的个人信息带来极大的泄露风险。;This new law is world-leading but only as a beacon for despots everywhere. The campaign for a surveillance law fit for the digital age continues, and must now move to the courts.;“这部新法律世界领先,但只是从专制上做到了领先。我们仍然需要一部适应这个数字化时代的监视法律,而现在必须去法院来解决问题。”The law has been opposed by tens of thousands of people in a public petition. But much of that opposition only started after the bill was quietly passed into law by MPs, meaning that it was unlikely to have any effect.该法案收到了数万人的反对请愿书,但是大部分的反对声音是在法案悄悄通过以后才发出的,所以没产生什么影响。But some of the central powers of the law were criticised by European courts earlier this month. As such, the law is set to face a range of legal challenges and could be changed in the coming months and years.但是该法案的部分核心条款本月受到了欧洲法院的批评。照这样下去,该法案将不得不面对大量的法律挑战,并且可能在接下来的岁月里进行调整。来 /201701/487507萧然女子医院做人流好吗U.S. President Donald Trump said Thursday Iran has been ;formally put on notice; for its ballistic missile launch, and he warned that ;nothing is off the table; in dealing with Tehran.美国总统川普星期四表示,伊朗因发射弹道导弹而“受到正式警告”。川普警告说,在与德黑兰打交道时“没有什么措施不可以考虑。”In a series of tweets, Trump also continued his condemnation of the agreement that the U.S. and five other world powers reached to curb Irans nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief.川普发出一连串推文,继续批评前总统奥巴马政府领导的美国等六个大国与伊朗达成的伊核协议。为了限制伊朗核项目,六大国以减轻制裁作为交换。He said Iran should be ;thankful; for the agreement, and that the country was ;y to collapse; before the billions of dollars were unfrozen.川普说,伊朗应该“感谢”这个协议,如果巨额资金没有解冻,伊朗当时“行将崩溃。”Later, at a White house meeting with Harley-Davidson executives and union members, Trump said ;nothing is off the table,; in response to a reporter who asked if military action against Iran was an option.之后,川普在白宫会见美国托车名牌哈戴维森公司的高管和工会成员,有记者问到是否会对伊朗动用武力,川普表示,“没有什么是不可以考虑的。”The nuclear deal required Iran to limit its enrichment of uranium and convert several of its nuclear facilities to other uses.核协议要求伊朗限制生产浓缩铀,并把几处核设施转用于其它目的。On Wednesday, it was Trumps National Security Advisor Michael Flynn who condemned Irans recent missile launch, declaring it ;just the latest in a series of incidents; in which Iran has threatened the U.S. and its regional allies over the past six months. He said leaders in Tehran were emboldened to take such action now because the nuclear agreement is ;weak and ineffective,; and because the other nations involved in the agreement failed to take action to rein in Irans military ambitions.星期三,川普的国家安全顾问弗林谴责伊朗最近进行的导弹试射。他说,“这是过去六个月来发生一连串事件中最新的一次”,伊朗的举动威胁到美国及其地区盟友。弗林说,德黑兰领导人现在之所以如此胆大妄为,就是因为核协议“软弱而无效”,还有参与这个协议的其它国家没有采取行动约束伊朗的军事野心。During a briefing at the White House, Flynn accused former President Barack Obama and other members of his administration of not being tough enough on Tehran.在白宫举行的一次简报会上,弗林批评前总统奥巴马和他的一些幕僚对伊朗不够强硬。来 /201702/490283萧山哪里看人流比较好

萧山早泄主治浙江省人民医院滨江分院在哪里James Comey, the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, has told Congress that his agency stands by its July decision not to recommend prosecution of Hillary Clinton over the scandal involving her use of a private email server as secretary of state.美国联邦调查局(FBI)局长詹姆斯.科米(James Comey)告诉国会,该局维持7月的决定,即不建议因为希拉里.克林Hillary Clinton)担任国务卿时使用私人电子邮件务器的丑闻而对她提起公诉。Mr Comey sparked massive controversy two weeks ago when he informed Congress that the FBI was examining new emails related to its prior investigation of Mrs Clinton, amid concerns that the agency was getting involved in the politics of the election.两周前,科米通知国会,FBI正在审查与之前调查希拉里相关的新一批电子邮件,此举引起了巨大争议。人们担心FBI介入了选举政治。While the examination of the new emails which were found on the computer of Anthony Weiner, the estranged husband of top Clinton aide Huma Abedin was expected to take weeks, Mr Comey on Sunday wrote to Congress to inform them that his agents had completed their investigation.尽管此前预计对新邮件的审查将需要数周,但科米周日致函国会称,他手下的探员已完成了调查。这些邮件是在希拉里的顶级幕僚胡阿贝Huma Abedin)的已分居丈夫安东维纳(Anthony Weiner)的计算机上发现的。“Based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in July with respect to Secretary Clinton,Mr Comey said in the letter.科米在信中称:“基于我局的审查,我局没有改变7月对国务卿希拉里的问题所表达的结论。”In response to the development, which came two days before the election, Brian Fallon, the Clinton team press secretary, tweeted: “We were always confident nothing would cause the July decision to be revisited. Now Director Comey has confirmed it.”这一事态发生在距离大选投票只剩下两天之际。作为回应,希拉里竞选团队发言人布赖恩.法伦(Brian Fallon)在推特上发言称:“我们始终相信,没有任何事情会导月的决定被重新讨论。现在科米局长确认了这一点。”The development will help remove a cloud from over Mrs Clinton and could reverse some of the slide in the polls that followed the emergence of the first Comey letter.此事将有助于驱散笼罩在希拉里头上的阴云,并可能在一定程度上扭转在科米第一封信出炉后她的持率下滑的局面。来 /201611/476525彭埠治疗盆腔炎哪家医院最好的江干区妇幼保健院医生在线咨询

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