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1.The sweet beginning1.甜美的开端My abusive relationship started out really sweet. There were romantic date nights, spontaneous getaways, flowers, sweets, teddy bears, gifts and tons of attention and care. I did not feel anything wrong from the beginning. But then the relationship turned out sour. As soon as he realized that I was his, he stopped putting efforts into our relationship.我的男友经常虐待我,但其实我们的关系一开始的时候很甜美。有许多约会的晚上,我们都很浪漫地度过,怡然自得的旅行,鲜花,糖果,泰迪熊,礼物以及无数的关爱。在开始的时候我没感觉到任何不对的地方。但是我们的关系最终变坏了。一旦他开始意识到我已经是他的了,他就不再花心思来经营我们的感情了。2.Red wine is the best friend2.红酒成了最好的朋友When my ex hung out with his friends, red wine was my best friend. I knew I could not meet my friends because he would get angry at me, so I filled my evenings and nights with tears and too much red wine. I did not feel better, though. I woke up with severe headaches and felt weak and exhausted.当我的前任男友和朋友鬼混的时候,红酒成了我最好的朋友。我知道我不能去见我的朋友,因为他会对我生气,因此我每天晚上以泪洗面,用大量红酒来麻痹自己。但是我并没有感觉好一点。我醒来的时候,头很疼,而且感觉疲惫不堪,身体虚弱。3.I have made myself a priority3.我现在最重视自己If no one made me a priority, I came to a conclusion that I had to do it myself. Now I know that no one, including a boyfriend, is going to value me until I learn to value and respect myself first. I stop waiting for approval from others. If I want to do something, I will do it. I’m still trying to put myself first in any situation and I believe that I have enough power to move forward.如果没有人重视我,我最终懂得需要自己珍惜自己。现在我知道,如果我不懂得重视和尊重自己,我的男朋友或者其他人也不会珍视我。我不再等待其他人的同意。如果我想做什么事情,我就会去做。在任何时候,我都会将自己放在第一位,我相信我有足够的能力一直走下去。 /201607/454350。

Residents of a village have been baffled by the weekly appearance of ;coach loads; of tourists in their road.最近一个英国小镇发现,每周都有一大批游客来光顾此地,小镇居民表示相当懵逼!Groups of sightseers in Kidlington have been seen posing for photos in front gardens and against parked cars.英国牛津的Kidlington小镇来了一群又一群的游客,他们在居民们的私人花园门口和私车旁边大摆姿势,拍照自娱。Locals have no idea why the quiet suburb, about five miles north of Oxford, has become a tourist magnet.居民们感到莫名其妙,这个距离牛津5公里远的小镇一向无人问津,怎么突然就成了著名旅游景点了呢?Inspector Morse, Love Island and Harry Potter are among the causes suggested for the tourists#39; interest.斯探长、爱情岛、哈利·波特都莫名的与这个小镇有了联系,游客们正因此而对这个小镇产生了兴趣。The tourists are a short walk from thatched cottages and an old church, but prefer taking photos of themselves outside modern houses.游客们身边有不少茅草小屋和老教堂,对这些他们并不感兴趣,他们更喜欢在现代风格的民宅外面自拍。;I do find it hilarious, but I am at a loss to understand it,; one poster said. ;Whose idea was it to turn Benmead Road into a tourist attraction?;“对此我觉得很有趣,不过我还是不明白他们来这儿的原因,”一位本地居民说,“把一条寻寻常常的公路说成是旅游景点,这到底是谁的主意? ”Residents say the groups have been appearing for the last three weeks.居民说过去三个月以来此地游客一直不断。 /201607/453638。

The High-Intensity Cardio Workout You Can Do In Your Living Room在客厅就能做的高强度有氧运动Can’t make it to the gym? No problem, this 10-minute workout is designed for small spaces. Full of cardio and high-intensity movements, this workout is sure to make you break a sweat and get your daily workout in without ever leaving your apartment or hotel room. Read this article and follow along with fitness expert Lauren Williams to complete the workout!不能去健身房了?没问题,这个10分钟的锻炼就是为小空间而设计的。这种锻炼全都是高强度有氧运动,肯定会使你出汗,而且是不用离开公寓或宾馆房间就能进行的日常运动。阅读本篇文章,跟随健身专家劳伦#8226;威廉姆斯去完成锻炼吧!If you don’t have time to get to the gym you can still get in a killer workout at home, even if you don’t have a lot of space. Here’s a 10-minute cardio workout designed specifically for tight spaces.如果你没时间去健身房,你仍然可以在家里进行杀手锻炼,即使家里的空间不大。本文介绍了专为紧密空间而设计的10分钟有氧运动。Single leg reach and hop: We’ll start on our lower body with a single-leg reach into a hop. Start by standing on the left leg, and then reach your right leg back keeping it hovering off the ground. Then bring your right leg forward, bring your knee up, and hop. Once you have it, speed it up. Do this for 50 seconds, and then switch legs.单腿伸展和单腿跳:首先从下半身开始,单腿拉伸跳跃。首先,左腿站立,然后回到右腿,使其停留在地面上空。然后右腿向前伸,膝盖向上然后跳跃。一旦你掌握了,就加速进行。这组运动做50秒,然后换腿。Squat jumps and squat pulse: Get into a squat position, slightly bending the knees. After the second pulse, jump and turn to the other side, landing in a squat position, and do two squat pulses. Get as low as you can on that pulse and then get nice and explosive as you jump up.蹲跳和蹲脉:做好蹲着的动作,慢慢的弯曲膝盖。在第二次蹲脉后,跳跃起来转向另一边,形成蹲位状,然后做两次蹲脉。蹲脉时尽可能低下身体,之后跳起来的时候会很好的爆发出来。Plank walks and shoulder tap: Start in a forearm plank position. Your hips are in line with your shoulders. Come up to a top plank, and then do a shoulder tap on each side. Return back down to a forearm plank. Repeat this motion. Make sure that you’re alternating the arm you use to get into a top plank and to get back down into a forearm plank so that you’re working both sides of the body.平板走和肩部拍打:首先做好前胳膊平板姿势。你的臀部与肩部在一条线上。做好顶部平板姿势,然后每边都做肩部拍打动作。回到前胳膊平板姿势。重复该动作。确保在顶部平板动作时要交替自己的胳膊然后再做回前胳膊平板姿势,这样你的身体两边就都在运动。译文属 /201606/451092。

What we are going to do is pump information about the crisis in Ukraine, your lack of a pension plan, and the memory of your horrific prom ...我们所要做的是输入关于乌克兰危机的信息,你缺乏一个养老金计划和可怕的舞会的记忆……After a week of binge-watching everything on Netflix, Hank was desperately in need of a reality transfusion经过一个星期在网飞公司上看一切的狂欢,汉克迫切需要是输入现实 /201608/460807。