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泉州注射隆鼻哪家医院最好泉州欧菲整形医院电话预约Topped with red tomato, white mozzarella and green basil, The Margherita, one of the pillars in the Neapolitan pizza family, was designed to bring to mind the colors of the Italian national flag.那不勒斯披萨家族的当家之作——玛格丽特披萨,以红番茄、白干酪、和绿色的罗勒为馅料。这种馅料的颜色搭配旨在让人联想到意大利国旗。Italy, the birthplace of Neapolitan pizza, has been trying to draw the world’s attention to its fading pizza culture. Xinhua News Agency reported that Italy has filed an application requesting to put this pizza on the UNESCO Intangible Heritage List.意大利正是那不勒斯披萨的发源地。在那里,日渐衰退的披萨文化正在努力引起全世界的关注。据新华社报道,意大利已经提出申请,希望将那不勒斯披萨列入联合国教科文组织非物质文化遗产。Naples, located in Italy’s south, supposedly invented the dish back in the 1700s. With its unique artistic value as well as its cultural heritage, the Neapolitan not only sets the standard for what a good pizza is, but also represents the pizza culture of Italy.那不勒斯坐落在意大利南部,据推测,其披萨的制作历史可追溯到18世纪。那不勒斯人民凭借独特的艺术美感和文化传承,不仅为好披萨定下了标准,更代表了意大利披萨文化。Hand-crafted art出自双手的艺术As chefs the world over focus on artisanal cooking, the culinary skills behind the Neapolitan pizza have gained even greater value and distinction.由于世界各地的厨师十分关注手工艺烹饪,那不勒斯披萨的烹饪技巧因此更具价值,也备受赞誉。Unlike with most mass-produced pizzas, preparing a Neapolitan requires pizza makers follow an exact formula and be skillful in spinning the pizza dough. Additionally, pizza makers should include natural Neapolitan yeast and extra virgin olive oil in the dough preparation process.不同于批量生产的披萨,制作那不勒斯披萨需要遵循精准的配方,要想用手将披萨饼胚在半空中旋转起来也要掌握特殊的技巧。此外,披萨饼师傅还需要天然的那不勒斯酵母与特级初榨橄榄油来发面和面。To ensure their products are quality, pizza makers bake their pies in ovens fired by oak wood to bake dough that has fermented for 24 hours, ensuring each Neapolitan pizza has an elastic, crispy and tender crust and aromatic toppings.为了确保披萨的质量,师傅们将生面团发酵24小时后再放入烤箱,并用橡木火烘焙。这样,每一个那不勒斯披萨才能面饼筋道、外皮酥脆香嫩,馅料芳香可口。Pizza culture披萨文化Immigrants brought Italian pizza to US shores in the late 19th century. Since then, it has gradually turned into a fast-food business staple.十九世纪晚期,意大利披萨随着移民传入北美。自此,渐渐走上了快餐主食的道路。Last year the B estimated that there were more than 40 million Americans who consumed pizza on any given day. But there are fundamental differences between Italian pizza and its better-known American counterpart.据B去年的估算,在美国,披萨每天的购买量已超过四千万人次。但意式披萨与这种大家熟知的美式披萨有着天壤之别。“You have to bear in mind that while in the majority of Italy this [pizza] is an artisanal product, in the US it is more related to ‘junk food’,” European nutritionist Giuseppe Russolillo told the B.欧洲营养学家朱塞佩#8226;鲁索利洛在接受B采访时表示:“大家应该知道大多数意大利披萨都是手工艺作品,而美国的披萨往往是‘垃圾食品’”。Italians view their pizza as a national icon and source of pride. For some, being a pizza maker isn’t frowned upon, but something to be celebrated.意大利人将披萨视为他们的国家标志和骄傲。对一些人来说,成为一名披萨饼师傅没什么不好,而且还更值得庆祝。“In Italy, when you say, ‘Hey, I am a pizza maker,’ it’s a job that’s very respected and very well-paid,” pizza chef Graziano Bertuzzo told NPR. Whereas in the US, he says, it is more common to see “a 17-year-old boy going to a local pizza shop and slapping an apron on and throwing some sauce and cheese on a pizza”.正如披萨厨师格拉齐亚诺#8226;贝尔图左在接受NPR采访时所说:“在意大利,如果你说,‘嗨,我是一名披萨饼师傅,’ 那你正在做着一份受人尊敬且收入颇丰的工作。而在美国,你在披萨店里更常见的是那些拍拍围裙,把果酱和干酪扔在披萨上的十七岁大男孩。” /201506/381501永春专业双眼皮手术 泉州专业祛斑

泉州欧菲医疗A:What happened to your fist?A:你的拳头怎么了?B:This guy tried to get away with a fast one, on our first date!B:这家伙使花招想逃脱,在我们第一次约会的时候。A:He tried to kiss you?A:他想亲你?B:No! He tried to get away!B:不,他想离开~~ /201505/373720福建省泉州市妇保医院主页 Laura Carmichael in Downton Abbey, which attracted an audience of 160 million viewers. Photograph: Nick Briggs/AP劳拉·卡尔迈克尔在唐顿庄园剧照,该剧吸引了一亿六千万观众。The fact that subtitled episodes of Downton Abbey are watched by160 million viewers shows just what a love affair the Chinese have developed with foreign television shows and formats remade for their market. With BigBrother and Educating Yorkshire the latest shows to be lined up for a Chinese makeover, it#39;s boom time for those exporting hit western programmes to the world#39;s most populous nation.《唐顿庄园》该加个副标题,一亿六千万收视的爱情剧,中国人已经开始为发展海外剧场重置节目和格式。《老大哥》和《约克郡教育纪事》最近排上了中国人的改编名单,这是西方节目出口到世界人口大国激增的时代。China is the fastest-growing market for the sale of Britishshows and formats, with growth of 40% last year. While it is still relatively small in revenue terms, the opportunity is immense. ;In the UK a top-rated TVshow may just get into double-digit millions (in audience size), but China has1.4 billion people and gets easily double, triple or quadruple that,; says PierreCheung, vice-president of greater China for B Worldwide. ;The market is amassive opportunity.;中国是不列颠秀和记录片销售增长最快的市场,去年高达百分之四十。虽然进账还不算高,但潜力巨大。在英国最好的秀收视率会达到千万级(在观众数量上),而中国有14亿人,收视会是双倍、三倍甚至四倍。B全球中国区副总Pierre Cheung说,这个市场潜力巨大。China#39;s Got Talent, a local versionof Simon Cowell#39;s ITV hit, has seen viewers top 400 million an episode. Locally produced versions of western franchises combine the sheen of the exotic withthe familiarity of local aesthetics. Singing competitions are especially popular: China#39;s Got Talent, The Voice of China and a version of The X Factor(China#39;s Strongest Voice) have all been major hits.中国达人秀,ITV本土西门克威尔电视秀的中国版,每集收视高达4亿。西方授权本土制作兼具异国情调和(中国)当地审美。歌曲比赛类尤其受欢迎:中国达人秀,中国好声音和X音素(唱响)均已登陆(中国市场)。Last month the B unveiled China#39;s take on Top Gear on national broadcaster Shanghai Dragon TV, featuring a double Olympic gold diving champion, the presenter of Chinese Idol and a pop star turned actor in place of British hostsJeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond.据上月B报道《top gear》再次被中国上海东方卫视引进,他们用一个奥运会双项冠军,《中国偶像》主持人和一个流行歌手来代替大不列颠版的主持人Jeremy Clarkson, James May 和RichardHammond。These shows are strikingly different from their western counterparts. The Voiceof China, the most popular show in 2013, began the nearly three-hour finale ofits third season on 7 October with a soaring shot of the Great Wall; avoiceover praised China#39;s thousands of years of history. The show then cut to testimonials from fans and former contestants: an elderly man, a middle-classfamily, a farmer, a foreign tourist in Tiananmen square.这些秀和他们西方原版完全不同。中国好声音,2013年(中国)最火的秀,9月7第三季近三小时的结局篇开头拍了一堆长城镜头,画外音还赞美了中国几千年的历史。接着镜头切到了粉丝和前选手感言:一位老人,一户中产阶级家庭,一个农民兄弟,一只逛天安门广场的老外。;The Voice of China lets all of us music lovers bravely pursue our dreams,;said a man carrying a lute. Sentimental ballads are the order of the day.Judges are unwaveringly supportive.一只琵琶哥说“中国好声音给所有的音乐爱好者提供了追求梦想滴机会。”凄美悲凉的情歌扎堆,而评委们都毫不动摇地持。Next up are remakes of documentary Educating Yorkshire and the potentially tricky prospect of a Chinese Big Brother. The sometimes risqué content that comes with Big Brother territory frequently lands the show in hot water with UK watchdog Of com – which has nothing on China#39;s all-powerful State Administrationof Radio, Film and Television, a notoriously twitchy regulator that acts as acultural guardian.再下来是重制的中国版记录片《约克郡教育纪事》和潜力无限的《老大哥》.有时为了拯救收视老大哥频繁涉黄,这会招惹到英国通信监管部——比起天朝的广电总局的权限他很小儿科,仅仅是守护文化的调节器。It has pulled shows at the first hint of attitudes or depictions that show China or its people in a poor light. In 2011 it banned X Factor-style talentshow Super Girl, which has attracted audiences of up to 400 million, and announced last autumn it would stop satellite TV stations from broadcasting more than one foreign-format show a year. Stations have replaced these programmes with others the government deems more acceptable, such asdocumentaries about Communist party history. The problem is that nobody wantsto watch them.给中国观众的节目展示做的不怎么好。2011年,一个类似X音素模式叫做超级女声的秀被禁,它有4亿观众,去年秋天卫星广播电视宣布停播了至少一个外国秀。电视台用诸如共党史记录片这类可能被接受的节目填补砍掉的秀。问题是压根没人看。Fans of the talent show Super Girl in 2005. The hugely popular programme was banned by China#39;s broadcasting regulator in 2011. Photograph:China Photos/Getty Images.2005年超级女声秀粉,这具有庞大收视率的节目在2011年被中国电视台砍了。There have been reports that the B#39;s Sherlock, with Benedict Cumberbatch, was banned from major channels. However the B#39;s Cheung denies this, saying itjust took time for the show to move from airing on a Chinese site to being broadcast on China#39;s state broadcaster CCTV.有报道说B家卷福的夏洛克在(中国)主要电视台被禁止。不过B的张否认了这点,解释说节目从国家视频站挪到中国国家广播电台CCTV后换了时间段。Martha Brass, chief operating officer at Big Brother producer Endemol, says careful collaboration with its partner Youku Tudou – China#39;s answer to YouTube – willsee a sanitised version make it past the censor. ;In any country you obviously have to look at the cultural and regulatory environment, and we are well awareof that in relation to China,; she says. ;Big Brother is actually a veryflexible format. In the Philippines it is very much a family show, and inAustralia we have run it in different time slots for different audiences. We feel confident about our ability to address the particular TV regulations inChina.;玛莎布拉斯,《老大哥》首席运营官说,跟优酷土豆——中国的油土鳖合作要小心翼翼——(中国)为营造一个干净的环境正在各种审查。“去任何国家,你都要注意它的文化和监管环境,我们跟中国相处的还不赖。”她说,“老大哥其实可以很灵活,在菲律宾他是个很棒的家庭秀;在澳大利亚,不同时间段我们满足不同观众。在中国的电视广播规则下我们也很有信心。”The rise of Chinese services such as Sohu TV, Tencent and iQiyi hasopened a huge new potential market for foreign programme rights ownersl.The third series of Sherlock has notched up more than 70 million views online,while US show The Big Bang Theory, the most popular foreign show in China, has been viewed more than 1.4bn times on sites.;New media platforms are just starting to get into deals for more and more foreign shows,; says Paul Sandler, managing director of Objective Productions.;That could have a massive impact on the market for content.;中国的视频行业正在崛起,诸如搜狐、腾讯、爱奇艺已经为外国节目版权开放了一个巨大潜力无限的市场。夏洛克第三季视频点击超过7亿,而生活大爆炸作为中国最受欢迎的美剧,点击次数超过14亿。“新媒体平台开始涉足并不断扩大外国节目交易量,”节目总监Paul Sandler说“这个市场的容量影响巨大。”However the rise in online viewing, and the popularity of foreign shows has been seen as a threat by the state regulator. In April, streaming websites were told to ;clean up; and stop showing The Big Bang Theory as wellas US shows The Good Wife, NCIS and The Practice. Shows that might be thought much more likely to outrage the watchdog – The Walking Dead, House of Cards and Breaking Bad – were unaffected.As recently as three years ago China was considered something of a ;Wild East; for foreign production companies, replete with tales of the impossibility of doing deals and a culture of ripping off hit foreign formats without paying for rights.然而在线视屏地崛起,英美剧的流行也让监管部门感受到了威胁。今年4月,网络视频掀起“整顿风”,生活大爆炸、傲骨贤妻、NCIS和律师本色被查办。而那些很大可能被监管部门认为不适合的——行尸走肉,纸牌屋和绝命毒师——都没事。三年前,中国还被某些外国公司认做是没有人权做不成事以及排斥外来文化的“野蛮的东方”。;If China wants to be taken seriously in the international market they have totreat intellectual property with proper respect,; says Sandler, who has donedeals for three series of a Chinese version of gameshow The Cube. ;There is awill from the government to have a proper IP protection structure; it isnowhere near as bad as it was a few years ago.;Sandler believes that for the Chinese TV industry the aim is to collaborate andlearn about how to develop hit shows that they can export.China has some interesting homegrown hits, including a nationwide competitionin the vein of Great British Bake Off but based on calligraphy; roughly translated, its title is Idiom Hero. But there is some way to go to make internationally appealing shows.“中国要想在国际市场受到重视,他们必须尊重知识产权,”刚同中方交易完三期游戏节目《魔方》版权的Sandler说,“政府现在很有意愿构造保护体制,远比几年前好多了。”Sandler认为中国电视业的合作目标很清晰,那就是要学习如何发展并出口。中国有一些好玩的本土流行玩意,像不列颠烘焙大赛那样的全国性竞赛,不过都是一些文字艺术,简单说点就是成语英雄啦这类。用些方法包装下也是有国际吸引力的节目。;The truth is the real aim of all the broadcasters and government in China isto develop homegrown Chinese shows and export them,; he says. ;The same way as(they have) with cars, computers, white goods, you name it. We are trying to collaborate to come up with some genuinely good formats.;“事实上中国电台和政府的真实目的是发展中国本土秀并出口,”他说,“同样的事已经有很多先例,汽车、电脑、你能想到的大个家用电器。我们正在努力合作并争取多想出些好点子来。”Not everyone is impressed. For a market of 1.4 billion people, a total of £17m in sales of British programmes and formats in 2013 seems like a ;long walk for a short drink;, says one senior UK TV executive. But Cheung counters that. He says it is a slow-burn culture about building relationships, and the real cash will follow: ;You have to get involved and engage the partners personally; proper trust takes time. It is challenging but at same time exciting. If you can crack China, it makes any other market easy.;当然也不是每个人都印象深刻。2013年,不列颠在这个14亿人口市场的节目和读物销售额总数是一千七百万英镑,看上去“功倍事半”英国某资深电视管理层说。但是张不同意他的看法。他说文化交流的构建是慢工细活,赚钱要循序渐进:“你必须要跟合伙人兼容,相互信任需要时间。这不仅是挑战同样也令人振奋。如果你能打开中国市场,进入其他市场会变得相当容易。” /201412/347265安溪县OPT祛斑好不好

泉州市欧菲美容医院瘦腿针多少钱 Swimmers are tidy and make the best lovers while cyclists vote Liberal Democrat: What your favourite sport says about you?喜欢游泳的人都爱整洁,是最佳爱侣,自行车爱好者可能会投票给自由民主党,你喜欢的运动能透露你的什么个性呢?Unless your name is Rebecca Adlington, Victoria Pendleton or Mo Farah, sport is probably nothing more than an enjoyable hobby.除非你是瑞贝卡·阿德林顿(英国游泳健将)、维多利亚·彭德尔顿(英国最出色的场地自行车女车手),或者法拉赫(英国长跑运动员),不然,运动对你来说只是一个有趣的爱好而已。Now a new study has revealed that your choice of sport says more about you than you could possibly have imagined.一项最新的研究显示,你选择的运动方式透露出来的个性特征比你想象的要多。According researchers, cyclists are more likely to be emotionally stable, runners the most extrovert and swimmers the happiest, while walkers are the least materialistic.研究人员认为,骑自行车的人通常情绪稳定,跑步的人最开朗,游泳的人最开心,而喜欢走路的人最不看重物质。The psychological study, which was carried out by experts Mindlab, also revealed that sport can also offer clues to a person#39;s attitude to charity, ing habits and even their voting intentions.思想实验室的专家们展开的这项心理研究同时表明,运动能够透露人们对慈善事业的态度、阅读习惯,甚至选举意向。Cyclists, for instance, are most likely to vote Liberal Democrat and tend to be laid back and calm, if keen on acquiring material possessions.比如,骑自行车的人通常会给自由民主党的人投票,对待获取物质财富比较淡泊。Meanwhile runners tend to be Labour-voting extroverts who love being the centre of attention and have a penchant for upbeat dance music.而跑步的人却更倾向于投工党的票,他们性格外向,喜欢成为焦点,并且酷爱正能量的舞曲。Those who swim tend to make the best lovers, are tidy and are also the most charitable, although according to Mindlab, 61 per cent of adults are fond of charity regardless of their choice of sport.游泳的人通常是最好的情侣,他们爱整洁,而且热衷慈善。不过思想实验室也指出,不论爱好何种运动,61%的成人都是爱好慈善事业的。Walkers, a category that includes those who enjoy rambling, orienteering and trekking, are least concerned about material possessions and like their own company.这些喜欢漫步的、野外定向运动的和徒步旅行的人,对物质财富都最不在意,喜欢独来独往。#39;It has long been known that exercise is not only good for your body, but also your mind,#39; comments neuropsychologist, Dr David Lewis.神经心理学家大卫·路易斯士说:“一直以来我们都知道运动不仅有助于身体健康,而且有利于心理健康。”#39;Past research has shown that exercising can act as a mood-enhancer, can be used to treat and possibly even prevent anxiety and generally has a positive effect on mental health.“过去的调查研究显示,运动有提振情绪的功能,不仅可以用来治疗甚至尽可能的预防焦虑,而且对于心理健康还有积极的效果。”#39;The results from this study show that no matter what kind of person you are, there is the right kind of exercise for everyone.#39;“从这项研究结果来看,无论你属于哪种类型的人,总会有一项运动适合你。” /201506/382670泉州一院什么时候建立泉州祛痘坑



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