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泉州疤痕修复泉州去疤痤疮留下的凸起性疤痕泉州安溪县哪家医院皮肤科好 As a technology firm, Apple spends much of its time reimagining the future, but it also likes to pay tribute to its past. Back in 1984 Steve Jobs, with a luminous mane of black hair, double-breasted suit and green bowtie, commanded the stage at Flint Performing Arts Centre near Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino to show off the new Macintosh computer. On September 9th Mr Jobs’ successor, Tim Cook, balding and in blue jeans, held his own performance in the same location. It was the most significant showcase of Apple’s determination to wow the world since 1984. To thunderous applause, Mr Cook showed off two new iPhones, one of them is a wearable device, which it calls the Apple Watch.作为一个科技型公司,苹果花费了太多的时间来重新设计未来,但对过去的产品,他们依旧充满万分的敬意。回想起1984年的史蒂芬#8226;乔布斯,一头乌黑而又明亮的头发,穿着绿色纽扣、双排扣西装的他,在库比蒂诺市,位于苹果总部附近的弗林特表演艺术中心的舞台上向世界展示了麦金塔电脑。在今年九月九日,乔布斯的继承者,“聪明绝顶”的蒂姆#8226;库克,穿着一身蓝色的牛仔裤,还是在这个地方,完成了属于他的表演。这对苹果的命运而言,意义重大的展示,在1984年之后,又一次震惊了世界。在雷鸣般的掌声下,库克像我们展示了两款全新的苹果设备,其中一款便是可穿戴的苹果手表。 /201409/328997泉州腋臭手术的价格

泉州激光去痘多少钱泉州烤瓷牙的价位 SAN FRANCISCO — Google is still pulling in money hand over fist, but Wall Street is hungry for the company’s next act.旧金山——谷歌(Google)的利润还在大幅增长,但华尔街仍然迫切期待着它能推陈出新。On a conference call with analysts on Thursday, after Google reported its third-quarter earnings, the questions came fast and furious: How will Google match Apple’s new payment system? Can YouTube topple television? Is Google serious about trying to challenge Amazon on same-day delivery?周四在与分析师的电话会议上,当谷歌公布了三季度财报之后,问题接踵而至:谷歌将如何与苹果(Apple)新的付系统竞争?YouTube能颠覆电视吗?谷歌是否真的打算在“当日送达”业务上挑战亚马逊(Amazon)?The problem was that in the earnings report, the Internet giant showed signs that its ultraprofitable business in search advertising was starting to slow.问题在于,在这份财报中,这家互联网巨头呈现出了一些迹象,显示利润极其丰厚的搜索广告业务已经开始放缓。In almost every way, Google has become a victim of its own success. Its search engine remains dominant in desktop computers and mobile phones, and businesses like YouTube and the Google Play store are growing quickly. The company churns out billions in quarterly profit and has a billion cash hoard.几乎从各个层面来讲,谷歌的问题都源于自身的成功。它的搜索引擎仍然在台式电脑和手机上占主导地位,YouTube和Google Play商店等业务也在迅速增长。公司的季度利润达数十亿美元,现金储备则达到600亿美元(约合3670亿元人民币)。The thing that worries investors, though, is that the company’s golden goose — its search engine — is showing signs of age. Paid clicks on advertisements increased 17 percent in the third quarter compared with the same quarter last year. But in the second quarter, paid clicks were up 25 percent from a year earlier.不过,令投资者感到担忧的是,公司的摇钱树——搜索引擎——正呈现出衰落的迹象。广告的付费点击数三季度同比增长了17%。而在二季度,付费点击数的同比增幅则为25%。“Google’s core search business is the best Internet business model ever created,” said Jordan Rohan, founder of Clearmeadow Partners, a strategic advisory firm focused on Internet companies. “Every other business Google is in looks pedestrian by comparison.”“谷歌的核心搜索业务是有史以来最好的互联网商业模式,”专注于互联网公司的战略咨询企业Clearmeadow Partners的创始人乔丹·罗恩(Jordan Rohan)说。“相比之下,谷歌的所有其他业务都显得平淡无奇。”Another concern for analysts is the cost per click, the average price the company is paid each time a user clicks on an ad. The cost-per-click measurement has fallen for several years as people spend more time on mobile phones, which have smaller screens and are harder to place ads on.分析师的另一个担忧是点击费用,即广告客户为用户每次点击广告付的平均价格。随着人们把更多时间花在手机上,点击费用这项指标连续几年呈下降趋势。手机的屏幕较小,因此更加难以投放广告。In the third quarter, the cost-per-click measure again fell, down 2 percent year over year and flat from the second quarter.三季度的平均点击费用再次下滑,同比降幅为2%,与二季度持平。Google executives grow annoyed with analysts’ fixation on clicks and cost per click. Mobile advertising is still pretty new, they point out. It accounts for about 11 percent of ad spending in the ed States, according to the research firm eMarketer. Even mighty Google is trying to figure it out.分析师们对点击次数和平均点击费用的问题揪住不放,这让谷歌的高管们有些恼火。他们指出,移动广告仍然是很新的业务。根据研究公司eMarketer的数据,移动广告在美国的广告出中占了约11%。即使是无所不能的谷歌也仍在摸索之中。“I think we just need to keep innovating and experimenting here to get it right,” said Omid Kordestani, Google’s chief business officer.“我认为,我们只是需要不断创新和尝试,就能找到正确的方法,”谷歌的首席商务官奥米德·柯德斯塔尼(Omid Kordestani)说。Google does not release figures for mobile ad revenue separately from desktop ad revenue, so it is hard to know exactly how Google is doing in this area.谷歌不单独公布台式电脑广告营收之外的移动广告营收,因此很难确切得知谷歌在这方面做得如何。Mobile is likely to be one of Mr. Kordestani’s chief business problems. During the conference call, the company announced that Mr. Kordestani, a longtime Google executive who stepped into the role after the departure of Nikesh Arora for SoftBank, will be in the job permanently.移动业务很可能是柯德斯塔尼需要面对的主要业务问题之一。在这次的电话会议上,谷歌宣布,柯德斯塔尼正式接掌首席商务官一职。柯德斯塔尼是谷歌的资深高管,在尼克什·阿罗拉(Nikesh Arora)跳至软银(SoftBank)之后,接替了他的工作。Despite its challenges, Google remains a fast-growing business. Third-quarter revenue increased 20 percent, to .5 billion.尽管面临着重重挑战,谷歌仍是一家增长迅速的公司。三季度营收增长了20%,至165亿美元。And the company is making money in many new kinds of ways. Google reported that “other revenue,” a large portion of which is Google’s Play Store, increased 50 percent from the same quarter of last year, to .8 billion.此外,谷歌还在通过许多新的途径实现盈利。谷歌称,“其他营收”——其中很大一部分来自谷歌的Play Store——同比增长了50%,至18亿美元。But research-and-development costs have soared, to .7 billion from .8 billion from the same quarter a year ago.不过,公司的研发成本飙升,从去年同季度的18亿美元增长到了27亿美元。“People are certainly concerned about the expenses,” said Ben Schachter, an analyst with Macquarie Securities. “Revenue growth is slowing while the company continues to hire a significant number of engineers. As long as the core business holds up, that’s fine, but if the core slows dramatically, that’s a problem.”“人们毫无疑问会对成本感到担忧,”麦格理券(Macquarie Securities)的分析师本·沙克特(Ben Schachter)说。“营收增长正不断放缓,与此同时,公司仍在雇佣大量工程师。只要核心业务保持良好态势,就没问题,但如果核心急剧放缓,那就有麻烦了。”Net income in the third quarter was .8 billion, down from just under billion last year. But excluding the cost of stock options and the related tax benefits, Google’s profit was .35 a share, compared with .63 in the third quarter of 2013.三季度净收入为28亿美元,低于去年同期的近30亿美元。但在剔除股票期权的成本和相关税收优惠之后,谷歌每股利润为6.35美元,相比之下,2013年三季度为5.63美元。Over all, the earnings were somewhat short of expectations. The stock closed on Thursday at 4.51, down 1 percent, and it was down about 2 percent in after-hours trading.总的来说,这份财报和人们的预期多少有点差距。谷歌股价周四收于524.51美元,下跌了1%,盘后交易时段下跌了约2%。 /201410/337021泉州医学美容院

泉州胎记医院排名第一的是 It#39;s called Argus One; the Pentagon#39;s newest unmanned spy plane. But cheeky observers are aly calling it the ;Flying Sperm;.美国国防部最新研制无人侦察机;百眼巨人1号;,但一些;无礼的;观察人士已经给它起了个外号,名为;飞行的精子;。It has the capacity to carry 30 pounds of high tech sensors and cameras and the ability to hover over remote locations between 10,000 and 20,000 feet, even in rough weather.这种侦察机能携带30磅重的高性能传感器和照相设备,而且就算天气情况恶劣,也能在偏远地区1万到2万英尺高的空中进行侦查工作。The suspect design has been attributed to improved ;flight stability and aerodynamic control; as well as giving the aircraft a longer flight time.引发争议的设计被认为是出于改进;飞行稳定性和空气动力操纵;,并延长侦察机的飞行时间。The Argus One, named after the Greek god Argus who was the all seeing god with one hundred eyes, is designed to be an ;eye in the sky; even in very remote areas.它的名字取自希腊神话中无所不见的;百眼巨人;阿格斯,而这架无人侦查机在偏远地区也会如同一只;天空之眼;。The aircraft was created by the World Surveillance Group Inc (WSGI) for the Pentagon and is now being tested at an undisclosed location.该款无人机由全球监控集团为美国国防部研制,目前正在一个秘密地区接受测试。;The Argus One has a low radar footprint making it virtual stealth since the payload bay located on the forward module of the airship is the only radar reflecting material on the airship.; a statement from WSGI said.全球监控集团在声明中说:;这款侦察机执行任务时几乎是隐形的,很难被雷达探测到,仅有机身前端模块的有效载荷区会产生雷达波反射。;The aircraft#39;s ;flexible, non-rigid; body also makes for easy storage and transportation.侦察机;灵活、非刚性;的机身也便于存储和运输。Argus One can be assembled and launched in hours from virtually anywhere, including remote, mountainous territory.无论在任何地区,;百眼巨人1号;都可以在数小时内组装完成并进行发射,包括偏远的山区。The device has been especially designed to meet the requirements of US military and other governmental agencies.这款侦察机是根据美国军方和其他国家机构的要求特别设计的。It can also wirelessly transmit critical live and other information directly to a ground control station or system.它可以借用无线实时传输重要视频和信息,由地面控制站或控制系统直接接收。The ground control system also allows the operator to control Argus One either manually or remotely by programming it for GPSndash;based autonomous navigation.地面控制系统还允许操作员通过GPS自动导航系统对侦查机进行人工或远程操纵。 /201202/169671泉州乳头凹陷矫正哪家好石狮市中医院是公立医院吗?




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