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On earth there is nothing great but man; in the man there is nothing but mind. —Alexander Hamilton, founding father of America地球上人最伟大,人类中心灵最伟大——亚历山大.汉密尔顿,美国奠基人Only he can judge of matter great and high whose soul is likewise. —Michel de Montaigne,French writer只有心灵伟大而崇高的人,才能评价伟大而崇高的事物——蒙田,法国作家The horizon of life is broadened chiefly by the enlargement of the heart. —H.Black, American writer生活的范围是随着心胸的开阔而变宽广的—— H.布莱克,美国作家To care wisdom and truth and the improvement of the soul is far better than to seek money and honour and reputation. —Socrates, ancient Greek philosopher尊重知识、追求真理和净化心灵,要比追求金钱、荣誉和名声高尚得多——苏格拉底,古希腊哲学家The high-minded man does not bear grudges, it is not the mark of a great soul to remember injuries, but to get them. —Aristotle, ancient Greek philosopher品格高尚的人不怀恨,因为一个伟大灵魂的标志不是牢记自己所受的伤害,而是忘记它们——亚里士多德,古希腊哲学家 019938。

In the KTVJack: Here we are, Ryan! This is where we're going to celebrate! Ryan: It's a KTV palace! I'm glad I brought my platinum card. Jack: You won't need it. Stanley, my best man, is going to treat everybody! Ryan: Where is Stanley? It was his idea to have the bachelor's party at a KTV, wasn't it? Jack: If it were up to Stanley, we'd have the wedding in the KTV! He loves to sing. Ryan: Then I bet he's really good! Jack: Well, uh, I'll let you decide that yourself. He'll be here a little later. Here's our room!KTV palace   视听歌城,一般说KTV或KTV house,在此用palace是指其美仑美奂platinum card   白金卡,提供比金卡更高的信用额度以及更多的金融务best man (n.)   伴郎treat (v.)   请客bachelor party   告别单身派对be up to somebody   由(某人)决定告别单身,KTV派对杰克:我们到了,雷恩!我们就是要在这里庆祝! 雷恩:是KTV耶!幸好我有带白金卡来 杰克:用不着的我的伴郎史丹利要请大家! 雷恩:史丹利跑哪去了?不是他说要在KTV办单身派对的吗? 杰克:要是史丹利作主的话,我们连婚礼都会在KTV办!他真爱唱歌 雷恩:那我赌他一定很会唱! 杰克:呃,这就让你自己来决定吧他晚一点就会过来我们的房间到了! 0。

It's true that I don't like shopping. When I want to buy something, I do it online. I like buying on the Internet because I can easily do some comparison shopping and find the best price. It's easy, too.Last week I wanted to buy some new headphones. I did a search and found a pair on sale at a store in New Jersey. I the product description and knew that this was the right one. I added it to my shopping cart and I was y to check out. The screen showed that I had one item in my basket and that it was in stock. I had a choice of shipping and I picked standard shipping .95, rather than the expedited shipping $.95. I clicked the "continue" button and filled in my shipping address and my billing address. Then, it took me to the payment screen and I typed in my credit card number and expiration date. I clicked the "Purchase" button and I was done. I got a confirmation page with a tracking number. I checked the next day and it showed that my item had aly been shipped. Buying on the Internet is perfect someone like me. Now, if only finding a girlfriend was just that easy 背景链接: 70。

marinera skillful marinermakes a skillful marinernever makes a skillful marinerA smooth sea never makes a skillful mariner.水手熟练的水手造就出熟练的水手决不能造就出熟练的水手平静的大海决不能造就出熟练的水手mariner:水手;实用短语:a master mariner 商船船长;实用例句:My brother is a mariner.我兄弟是一个水手 5。

A walk in the woods-Jastin林中漫步-詹斯汀I was puzzled! Why was this old woman making such a fuss about an old copse which was of no use to anybody? She had written letters to the local paper, even to a national, protesting about a projected by-pass to her village, and, looking at a map, the route was nowhere near where she lived and it wasnt as if the area was attractive. I was more than puzzled, I was intrigued.我实在不明白!为什么这个年老女士会对一片毫无用处的老灌木林如此紧张呢?她给当地报纸写了信,甚至给全国性的报纸也写了信,对拟将在她们村子里修建小路的方案表示抗议但从地图上看,这条拟建的小路离她家并不近,那一带也并非风景优美这不仅使我感到迷惑,还激起了我的好奇心The enquiry into the route of the new by-pass to the village was due to take place shortly, and I wanted to know what it was that motivated her.很快就要进行对新小路的调查了,我想了解一下她反对的原因So it was that I found myself knocking on a cottage door, being received by Mary Smith and then being taken a walk to the woods.于是我敲响了小屋的门,一位叫玛丽·史密斯的女士接待了我,然后她带我去树林中走走;Ive always loved this place,; she said, ;it has a lot of memories me, and others. We all used it. They called it Lovers lane. It not much of a lane, and it doesnt go anywhere important, but that why we all came here. To be away from people, to be by ourselves,; she added.“我一直深爱这个地方,”她说,“这里珍藏了我和其他许多人的回忆我们都曾在这个地方呆过人们称它为‘情人路’它其实并不能算是什么路,也不通往什么重要的地方,但这正是我们来这里的原因远离他人,只有我们自己”她补充说道It was indeed pleasant that day and the songs of many birds could be heard. Squirrels gazed from the branches, quite bold in their movements, obviously few people passed this way and they had nothing to fear.那天林间实在迷人,小鸟唱着歌,松鼠在树枝间张望,很自在地活动,显然这里人迹罕至,它们一点都不害怕I could imagine the noise of vehicles passing through these peaceful woods when the by-pass was built, so I felt that she probably had something there.我能想象得出,在小路修好后,汽车通过这片宁静的树林将会是怎样的喧闹,我猜这对她来说可能意味着些什么But as I hold strong opinions about the needs of the commy over-riding the opinions of private individuals, I said nothing. The village was quite a dangerous place because of the traffic especially old people and children, their safety was more important to me than an old woman whims.但我坚持认为社区的需要重于个人的意见,所以我没说什么村里目前的交通,特别是对于老人和小孩来说,尤其危险,所以对我来说他们的安全比这个老年女士的怪念头更重要;Take this tree,; she said pausing after a short while. ;To you it is just that, a tree. Not unlike many others here.; She gently touched the bark. ;Look here, under this branch, what can you see?;“拿这棵树来说吧,”她停了一会儿说,“对你来说它只是一棵普通的树,与这里其它的树没什么区别”她轻轻地摸着这棵树的树皮说:“看这,在这个枝条下面,你看见了什么?”;It looks as if someone has done a bit of carving with a knife,; I said after a cursory inspection.“好像有人用小刀在这里刻过什么东西”我略略看了一下后说;Yes, that what it is!; she said softly. ;There are letters and a lover heart.;是的,正是这样!”她轻轻地说,“是一些字母和一颗爱人的心”I looked again, this time more carefully. The heart was still there and there was a suggestion of an arrow through it.我又看了一下,这回看得认真了一些刻的那颗心还在那,此外还依稀可以看见有箭穿心而过 3785。