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厦门韩式隆胸哪里好厦门哪家医院做双眼皮最好龙海市妇女儿童医院切眼袋多少钱 Why more women don't get MBAsIt's a bit puzzling: Over the past 20 years, as women have made tremendous gains in the business world, the percentage of B-school students who are female has remained at about 30%, or roughly the same now as in the late '80s. (By contrast, female enrollment in law and medical schools has risen over the same time period to about 50%.) The Forté Foundation started in 2001 with a mission: to encourage more women to consider getting an MBA, and to provide them with information about how to do it. Sponsored by 21 companies, among them IBM (IBM, Fortune 500), Goldman Sachs (GS, Fortune 500), Ernst amp; Young, American Express (AXP, Fortune 500), and Avon (AVP, Fortune 500), and 37 B-schools -- including Harvard, Chicago, Wharton, MIT, and Columbia -- Forté is holding a series of conferences called "The MBA Value Proposition" in five cities (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Boston) between now and October 1. The events are designed to answer questions women may have about everything from how to finance a graduate business degree to what to do if their math skills are rusty. For more information or to register online, go to www.fortefoundation.org/forum. I recently spoke with Elissa Ellis Sangster, Forté's executive director, about their work. Some excerpts from our conversation: Let me play devil's advocate here for a minute and ask, why do women need to go to B-school? Or I'll put it this way: Does anyone really need to get an MBA in order to get ahead in businesses other than investment banking or consulting? Well, plenty of people are successful without an MBA. But the degree does give you the ability to take your career to a higher level. For one thing, it gives you a great network of people who are in a position to support your career in the future, and it teaches you analytical and decision-making skills that are useful in any industry, so that you have the flexibility and the nimbleness to move easily from one role to another or one industry to another. That's an important asset, especially in this economy. An MBA is really an investment for life. Beyond that, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has done studies showing that the more education you have, the more you earn over the course of your lifetime, and the less likely you are to be unemployed. Right now, the overall unemployment rate is almost 10%, but for people with a master's degree, it's 2.4%. That's pretty striking. Why are there still relatively few women MBAs? Well, the thing that launched Forté eight years ago was a huge study of this question, by researchers at the University of Michigan and Catalyst that revealed four main reasons. First, women were concerned about balancing work, school, and home-life responsibilities if they went back to school. Second, they didn't see many role models -- female MBAs who were managing to juggle everything. Third, they expressed doubts as to whether they had the quantitative background and the advanced math skills to handle MBA courses. And fourth, they weren't getting much, if any, encouragement from their employers to get an advanced degree. To a large extent those concerns have not gone away. So we address those issues in our forums and through our online network of about 40,000 businesswomen. We're also reaching out to undergraduate students in fields like liberal arts and engineering, holding on-campus events called "Career Labs" that encourage them to consider business careers. How do you view women's role in the business world today in general? Is the glass half empty or half full? It's certainly half full in the sense that, as Fortune's list of the most powerful women shows, more women are advancing in companies. But it's half empty at the very top. There are still only 13 female CEOs of major companies, up from four a few years ago. I did the math, and at that rate of advancement, it will take women until 2096 to reach parity with men. Also, Catalyst did a study showing that, at the senior management level -- one or two rungs below CEO -- 19% of women lost their jobs in this recession, versus 6% of men. I don't know why. It's probably due to a combination of things, including the fact that women often don't have the kinds of strong professional networks their male counterparts have. An MBA could help with that! /200909/84858福建省厦门玻尿酸隆鼻医院

厦门美容祛斑医院哪家好· Learn From Your Mistakes - Don't dwell on the mistake, focus on the lesson.  从错误中学习:不要老想着你所犯的错误,要将重点放在得到的教训上。 /200910/87191三明痘痘治疗哪家医院好 Drivers ogling pedestrians cause nearly one million crashes in Britain every year, new figures have shown.最新数据显示,英国每年因司机偷瞄行人而酿成的撞车事故达近百万起。Figures show distracted motorists cause an average of 2,525 crashes every day - the equivalent of 921,840 per year.该数据显示,因行人分神的司机平均每天都会造成2525起撞车事故,相当于一年会发生921840起事故。Researchers found drivers crash their cars into lampposts or shunt other vehicles more in the summer when men and women are wearing less clothing.调查者发现,司机们通常都会撞到街灯柱或在紧急避开其他车辆时撞上,在夏天人们穿着较少时,此类事故更加频发。 A study of 2,142 drivers found 60 percent of men admitted being distracted by attractive women while 12 percent of women said they took their eyes off the road to leer at good looking men.一项针对2142名司机的研究发现,60%的男性司机承认会被漂亮女性吸引目光,而12%的女性司机则表示她们的眼睛会离开路面向帅哥抛媚眼。 And 21 percent of drivers also admitted that advertising billboards featuring pictures of perfect models were also a major distraction on the road.还有21%的司机承认,有完美模特照片的广告牌也是路上的主要干扰之一。Insurance company Direct Line discovered 17 percent of male drivers admitted knowing their actions were dangerous but said they ;could not help but look;.直线保险公司发现,17%的男性司机承认他们知道自己的行为很危险,但称“会不自觉地看过去。” Spokesman Matt Owen said: ;Stealing a quick look at an attractive pedestrian or billboard model may well be a bit of fun but, on a serious note, drivers shouldn#39;t underestimate that this type of distraction is a major contributing factor in road accidents.发言人马特·欧文说:“偷瞄漂亮的行人或广告牌模特照可能的确挺有趣,但需要严重说明的是,司机不应该低估此类干扰,它是造成交通事故的主要原因之一。”;The number of crashes caused in this way have not changed year on year so drivers obviously are not learning to keep their eyes on the road.;“因为这个原因造成的撞车事故每年都是这么多,这说明司机们显然没有学会要时刻注意看路。” Between 2008 and 2009, 921,840 drivers across Britain admitted crashing because they were distracted by a member of the opposite sex.在2008年和2009年间,英国各地有921840名司机承认他们因为看异性分神而发生撞车。 Driver Martyn Beard, 32, from Tipton, West Mids., wrote off his Ford Fiesta last July when he ogled a girl outside a pub.来自西米德兰郡蒂普顿镇的司机马丁?比尔德现年32岁,去年七月的时候他因为偷瞄一个站在酒吧外的女孩,结果报销了他的福特嘉年华。He said: ;I was on my way into Birmingham when I saw this lovely looking blonde girl standing on the side of the road. She was outside a pub wearing pretty much next to nothing. I couldn#39;t take my eyes off her, she had the classic long legs and lovely figure.他说:“我在去伯明翰的路上瞧见了那个可爱的金发女孩,她就站在酒吧外的路边,穿得很少很暴露。我没法不看她,她的双腿美丽修长,身材很漂亮。”;My concentration drifted and suddenly I realised I was about to crash into the car in front. I slammed on my brakes and this bloke went into the back of me. It wasn#39;t too bad though and when I told him what had happened he actually saw the funny side of it.“我的注意力转移了,突然我意识到我就要撞上前面的车了。我猛地踩下刹车,然后后面的家伙就撞上了我的车屁股。情况还不是太坏,当我告诉他是怎么回事时,他看到了这件事有趣的一面,所以也没发火。;But I was gutted the girl didn#39;t come and check if I was OK, she just walked off and I was stuck swapping insurance details with this big hairy bloke instead.“但让我很郁闷的是那个女孩并没有过来看看我是不是还好,她直接走掉了,而我只能留下来和这个浑身是毛的大个子交换保险资料。” /201208/195379福建厦门市妇幼保健医院开双眼皮手术多少钱

福州市去鼻唇沟多少钱 Middle-income parents who welcomed a new child last year can expect to spend nearly 0,000 over the next 17 years, according to a new report. 对于在去年迎来一位家庭新成员的中等收入美国家庭而言,未来17年里,他们花在这个孩子身上的花费可能是近30万美元。此数字来自美国农业部(U.S. Department of Agriculture)最新发布的家庭子女教育花费报告。The U.S. Department of Agriculture prepares an annual report about families#39; expenditures on children for use in developing state child-support and foster-care guidelines. Annual child-rearing expense estimates ranged between ,290 and ,320 for a child in a two-child, married-couple family in the middle-income group, which is defined as a before-tax income between ,410 and 2,870.Getty Images美国农业部的这份报告每年发布一次,旨在为美国州政府处理子女赡养费用相关问题时提供指引。根据报告,有两名子女的中等收入已婚双亲家庭每年用于一个孩子的抚养开估计在12,290美元到14,320美元之间。这里所说中等收入家庭是指税前收入在59,410美元到102,870美元之间的家庭。The amount spent on a child by families in the highest income group, on average, was more than twice the amount spent by families in the lowest income group. A child born last year to someone in the lowest income group would cost 2,370 over 17 years, compared to 0,830 for highest earners.平均而言,收入水平最高的家庭未来用于孩子的花销预计会是低收入家庭的两倍多。低收入家庭未来17年里用于抚养一个去年所出生孩子的费用预计为212,370美元,而高收入家庭的花费将为490,830美元。The biggest share of the expense in raising a child, according to the report, is housing at 30%, followed by child-care and education at 18%, food at 16%, transportation at 14% and health care at 8%.根据这份报告,抚养孩子所需的最大开销是住房,占比30%;其次是子女看护和教育,占比18%;食物占比为16%;交通占比14%,医疗保健为8%。The report has been compiled since 1960, when adjusted for inflation, a middle-income two parent household would have spent around 2,000 over 17 years in 2011 dollars to raise a child. The biggest change over 50 years is the share of expenses going to child-care and education, which was just 2% in 1960.这份报告自1960年开始发布,而按照2011年的币值计算,经过通货膨胀因素调整后,当年中等收入双亲家庭在未来17年里用于一个孩子的花销为19.2万美元左右。这50多年里,最大的变化在于子女看护和教育的开占比明显增加了,1960年时看护和教育在全部费用中的比例仅有2%。On a regional basis, it cost the most to raise a child in the urban northeast of the U.S. and least in rural areas of the country.按地区看,在美国东北部的城市中抚养孩子的成本最高,而农村地区的成本最低。If you#39;re aly balking at the quarter-million dollar price tag, consider this: the report stops at age 17. Parents who send their children to college can add a significant sum to the total. The report notes estimate by the College Board that in 2011-2012, annual average tuition and fees were ,500 at 4-year private (non-profit) colleges, while annual room and board was ,089.如果你已经被这几十万美元的数字吓着了,再想想这个吧:这份报告估算的费用只截止到17岁。对于那些要送孩子上大学的父母来说,这总数上面还要加上一笔不菲的费用。这份报告在注解中列出,美国大学理事会(College Board)预计2011到2012学年四年制私立(非营利)大学的年度平均学费和各种杂费总计为2.85万美元,每年的食宿费用为10,089美元。 /201206/187851厦门冰点脱毛美容医院厦门公立三甲医院整形医院




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