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厦门大学附属第一医院割双眼皮手术多少钱福建厦门市二院治疗腋臭多少钱Heres what I dont understand that youre doing.这是我不明白你在做什么Youre getting roasted on Comedy Central. Yes. And Kevin Hart is the host.在喜剧中心你被整蛊 是的 并且凯文·哈特是主持人Hes the roast master. Hes the roast master? Yeah. And you have to be nervous.他是整人大师 他是整人大师 是的 你很紧张You have to be scared, I mean--right? Oh, my God! Oh, my God.你害怕 我的意思是对的吗?哦 我的天!哦 我的天Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Dont do that to me. Oh, God. Why me? Im--哦 我的天 哦 我的天 不要这样对我 哦 天呐 为什么是我?我……Im the prankster. That was the perfect reaction. Oh, my God.我是恶作剧的人 那是一个很好的反应 哦 我的天Im the prankster. What are you doing this for? I thought we were together on this.我是恶作剧的人 你做了什么?我以为我们会一起被恶作剧Well, because Im not part of the comedy roast, so this was my only shot at you. So... Oh, my gosh.好吧 因为我不是整人喜剧一部分 所以这是我唯一惊吓你 所以 哦 我的天Look how great you-- this was perfect. You have to be nervous.看看你多好--这个太棒了 你会紧张You have to be scared, I mean--right? Oh, my God! Oh, my God. Oh, my God.你害怕 我说的对吗?哦 我的天!哦 我的天 哦 我的天Were those Kleins? Yeah. Yes. He was a Calvin Klein model. Yeah.那些是克莱因斯?当然 是的 他是卡尔文·克莱恩模特 是的He was trying to be as good-looking as you. Oh, my gosh, Im still shaking. Okay.他想尝试变得跟你一样好看 哦 我的天 我还在颤抖 好吧Oh, that was so good. All right. Well be back after this.哦,那太棒了 的确是的 过一会我们再回来201706/514731莆田市激光脱毛多少钱 栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201607/451734At least 24 are dead and dozens more are missing in Indonesia after flooding and landslides. 印尼洪水和山体滑坡至少造成24人死亡,数十人失踪。The countrys disaster management said heavy rains since Saturday caused 16 cities in the Central Java province to be hit with floods and landslides. 印尼抗灾署称,周六以来的暴雨引发中爪哇省16个城市遭洪水和山体滑坡袭击。Currently, search efforts and aid are underway for those missing. 目前,对失踪人员的搜寻和援助工作正在进行中。Just days before the Central Java rains, West Sumatra located on one of the countrys other islands saw thousands of homes left underwater or washed away from heavy rainfall. 就在中爪哇省大雨前几天,位于印尼其它岛屿的西苏门答腊,数千座房屋被淹或被暴雨冲走。That flooding has subsided in West Sumatra, but Indonesias disaster management said with more rainfall predicted it was extending the emergency response until Friday. 西苏门答腊的洪水已经平息,但印尼抗灾署称预计会有更多降雨,延长紧急响应至周五。While Indonesia is typically exposed to various weather disasters like cyclones and monsoons June is actually part of its dry season. 印尼经常遭遇各种如飓风和季风的天气灾害,六月实际上是干旱季节。译文属。201606/450161厦门祛斑专家

厦门果酸换肤医院As grim as the story of the Scots in Ireland was,尽管苏格兰人给爱尔兰人造成了巨大的伤害They did leave behind something other than widows and tragic ballads.除了遗孀满国 悲歌四起 他们确实也造成了其他的历史影响The Anglo-Norman colony stopped expanding from its base in Ulster and Leinster.盎格鲁-诺曼人停止了对外的殖民扩张 殖民势力仅限于阿尔斯特和伦斯特地区And the idea of the unstoppable english empire of the Plantagenets had the shine knocked right off its myth of invincibility.而金雀花王朝企图建立英格兰帝国的美梦 也遭受重创 不败传说终于灰飞烟灭And not least the Bruces had given Irish leaders their voice of resistance an expression of national identity.而布鲁斯兄弟为后世的爱尔兰领导者树立了榜样 喊出了抵抗侵略的声音 表达了民族独立的意愿To recover our native freedom, the Irish...For as long as but a hundred of us remain alive,we will yield in no least way to English dominion.为了使我们重获自由 爱尔兰人 吾之国民 倘一息尚存 誓不屈于英格兰之淫威The people preferred to die rather than to live under English rule.人们宁愿赴死 也不愿苟活在英格兰人的统治之下All these startlingly-modern sounding declarations of national community这些国民为呼唤自由 所发出的振聋发聩的声音come together as the epitaph of the idea of the Plantagenet empire of Britain.汇聚成了墓志铭 刻在金雀花王朝;不列颠帝国美梦;的坟墓上You hear this language Eloquent, fierce, righteously belligerent你所听到的这些呼喊 雄辩 狂热 万丈And you hear a voice which, for better or worse,would shout, roar and lament down through the ages.你听到的这声音 无论如何 都将在历史长河中永恒激荡Robert the Bruce outlived both Edwards,And while war would continue with England for generations,罗伯特·布鲁斯经历了两个爱德华王朝 尽管后世苏格兰与英格兰的战争一直在持续The scots had won english recognition of their truly independent kingdom.但苏格兰人赢得了英格兰人 对自己王国独立的承认This is certainly not what longshanks had imagined When he had been crowned before his namesake the confesses tomb.这显然是;长腿;国王生前未曾预料到的 当他在忏悔墓前接受加冕or when he had seated himself upon the stone of scone.或坐在司康石上意气风发 都不曾想到会有这么一天 /201611/476474厦门面部提升除皱 Radio waves have been produced by stars and planets for billions of years.几十亿年来 恒星和行星不断制造着无线电波Now physicists use electric currents to produce them at will: Morse code.如今物理学家利用电流 创造出自己想要的无线电波: 莫尔斯电码Where once we communicated face-to-face,now we can send messages across the planet.曾经我们面对面才能交流 如今却能够全球发送信息On board the Titanic: 1,316 passengers,More than half crammed into third-class cabins.泰坦尼克号上载客1316人 其中一半以上挤在三等舱Men like Theodor de Mulder,a peasant farmer dreaming of a new life in a new world.这些人都是像西奥多·马尔德 那样梦想在新世界开启新生活的乡下农民He left his wife and children in Europe.西奥多把妻子儿女留在了欧洲His ticket: the equivalent of a years income.买船票花光了他一年的收入The amazing thing about humans is were never satisfied,人类最不可思议的地方就是我们永不知足were incredible risk-takers,were always exploring,我们是无畏的冒险者 不管生活有多美好and no matter how good life is,theres always some effort to see我们总是要不断探索 总是想瞧一瞧whats past the next mountain or around the next corner.翻越下座山 绕过下个弯会有什么With mass production comes mass transportation.大规模生产带来大规模迁移Steamships power the greatest migration in human history.汽船的出现促使了人类史上最大规模的迁移201605/440941厦门注射丰胸整形多少钱

漳州肚子抽脂多少When, in the year 410,Alaric the Goth sacked Rome公元410年 哥特人阿拉里克洗劫了罗马and the last two legions departed to prop up the tottering empire,最后两个驻守的罗马军团 也撤回保卫摇摇欲坠的帝国that chill developed into an acute anxiety attack.惶恐不断升级 城内风声鹤唳This was one of the genuinely fateful moments in British history,the legions departing.这是不列颠史上真正决定性的时刻 罗马军团退散It wasnt like Hong Kong in 1997,there were no flags flying or pipers piping.这并非1997年的香港回归 没有更迭的国旗 亦无奏乐声飘扬The Governor wasnt driving around his courtyard seven times pledging to return.也无总督开车巡视七次宣誓撤出殖民Doubtless,many of the Romano-British did hope and expect to see the eagles back someday.无疑 很多罗马-不列颠人期许着 罗马有朝一日东山再起The tax collectors, magistrates, town councillors,税务官 地方法官 议员poets, potters, musicians and the newly-Christian priests诗人 陶艺家 音乐家 以及新兴的基督教牧师all said to themselves, Well, this couldnt go on forever.都自我安慰道 这种局面会结束的We couldnt always look to Mother Rome,and Mother Rome is half-infested with barbarians anyway.我们不能总求助于母国罗马 更何况她正深陷与蛮族鏖战的泥沼中We can handle this.Weve got the Saxon shore forts.我们可以自救 我们有撒克逊沿岸堡垒We can hire barbarians to deal with the other barbarians.我们能雇佣蛮族来对付蛮族的入侵We can handle this.We CAN handle this.我们可以自救 肯定可以自救For the less confident, of course,there was only one thing to do:信心不足的他们 只有一条路可走Bury their treasure and head for the hills.埋藏好财宝 躲到山上去planning, as refugees always do,to return when the worst was over and dig it all up again.如同一切避难者所计划的 当一切硝烟散去 再回来挖回财产 /201607/453290 TED演讲视频:我们是否正在过滤掉错误的微生物?医院是否应该与室外环境隔离?生态学家及TED研究员杰西卡·格林发现机械通风系统确实除掉了许多种微生物,但是针对了错误的对象:那些留在医院的微生物更可能变成病原体。201703/500022厦门晒伤后怎么处理厦门激光脱毛费用



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