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  • US singer and actress Whitney Houston has died at the age of 48, in the Beverly Hilton Hotel, where she was staying as a guest. The news was revealed by her publicist Kristen Foster. The cause of Houstons death remains unclear, but police say there were ;no obvious sings of criminal intent;.One of the most celebrated female singers of all time.Whitney Houstons hits include I Will Always Love You and Saving All My Love For You.She was the most awarded female act of all time, with a total of 415 awards. She reached the peak of her career in the 1980s and 1990s, and sold more than 170 million albums and singles.But her later career was overshadowed by substance abuse and her turbulent marriage to singer Bobby Brown.They divorced in 2007, amid allegations of domestic abuse.In recent years drug use took its toll and the voice-once acnowledged as one of the finest in pop music- was badly damaged.Houstons background was steeped in soul and gospel music.Her mother was gospel singer Cissy Houston and she was cousin to singer Dionne Warwick.She began singing in church in New Jersey, and then in the night clubs of New York, and was a model before being signed by Arista Records.美国著名歌星惠特妮bull;休斯顿在美国洛杉矶比弗利山庄内的希尔顿酒店去世,享年48岁。惠特妮bull;休斯顿的发言人克里斯滕bull;福斯特刚刚宣布了这一消息。惠特妮是史上获奖最多女歌手,其专辑全球共计售出1.8亿张。惠特妮bull;休斯顿,1963年8月9日出生于美国新泽西州的纽华克,美国著名歌手、演员、电影制作人,早年曾任模特。其以强而有力的嗓音、一字多转音的感染力与宽广的音域为世人所熟知,并成为流行天后。201202/171017。
  • Frank Hadas is an engineer at the plant.弗兰克·哈戴斯是厂里的一名工程师You can have them on some dirty, rough job where there wouldnt be many whites to complain against them,你可以让他们做一些脏活累活,这样白人就不会有太多抱怨but if you try to mix them in the assembly lines or any place elsewhere whites predominated and hung their coats touching those of whites,但如果把他们安插到流水线上或任何白人占据主导的部门,甚至在挂他们衣的时候碰到了白人的衣you know, you couldnt do that.都绝不可以Many white workers fear losing jobs to the new black workforce.很多白人担心黑人劳工抢走他们的饭碗Resentment is at the boiling point.憎恨情绪越演越烈The denial of white privilege clashing with the ambition of blacks looking for the promised land inevitably led to an explosion.白人特权的排斥与黑人寻找;应许之地;的梦想不断冲突,最终势必会引发暴乱The fuse will be lit in the summer of 1919.1919年夏 导火索终于被点燃了Chicago.Theres no official segregation,but its everywhere.芝加哥,官方的种族隔离已不复存在,但其实无处不在Even on the beaches of Lake Michigan.即使在密歇根湖畔 都能嗅到它的气息Whites refuse to sell their houses to blacks.白人拒绝把房子卖给黑人Homeowners in Hyde Park and Kenwood hold a meeting.海德花园和肯伍德社区的业主举行了一次会议The Negro invasion of the district is the worst calamity that has struck the city.黑奴入侵到我们的家园是这座城市最大的灾难Property owners should be notified to stand together block by block to prevent such invasion.我们业主应该团结一心以街区为单位,步步为营防止入侵Sunday, July 27th,a day that will be etched in history.7月27日,星期日,这一天将被永远载入史册17-year-old Eugene Williams skips church with some friends to go for a swim.17岁的尤金·威廉斯没去教堂做礼拜,而是和朋友去游泳John Harris is with them.约翰·哈里斯也在其中We could swim under water and dive and come up.我们在水下游泳,潜水再爬上来Swim, kick, dive and play around.边游泳、边嬉戏、在那附近玩A group of black men wander over to the white beach.另外有群黑人 游荡到了白人的湖滨They are not welcome.他们是不受欢迎的Dont you come near me like that!以后不许再到这儿来Eugenes raft is also drifting in that direction.尤金的木筏也正好在往那个方向漂It can only spell trouble.这只能意味着 要出事了July 1919.On a beach in Chicago, tensions are rising.1919年7月,芝加哥的湖滨,紧张的气氛一触即发A white bather throws rocks.一个来游泳的白人向他们扔石头John Harris thinks its a game.約翰·哈里斯以为他在和他们嬉戏Hed take a rock and throw it, and wed duck.他用石头丢我们,我们便躲入水中One fella would say,;Look out!; And we would duck it.有人说;小心; 我们便马上躲进水中But its no game.This is racial tension transplanted to city life.但这并非游戏,这是被带进城市的紧张的种族关系 /201212/217521。
  • How To Make Chinese PancakesChinese Pancakes recipe. This is a popular side dish at most Chinese restaurants. Allow us to show you how to make authentic tasting, wafer-thin Chinese Pancakes.Step 1: You will need(材料) s:300 g flour1 tbsp sugar240 ml boiling water6 tbsp sesame oilsome flour for dusting1 wooden spoon1 rolling pin1 tea towel1 fork1 frying pan1 tray1 knife1 brush1 7cm biscuit butterServes:4 to 6Preparation Time:5 minutesCooking Time:50 minutesStep 2: Begin the dough(和面)Put the flour and the sugar into a bowl. Combine them together with your wooden spoon then add the boiling water. Mix together, until it forms a sticky dough. Next, generously sprinkle the dough with some flour. Then dust the work surface and spoon the dough into the flour. Begin to gently fold the dough. Then knead it for a few minutes. Don't be afraid to add more flour to the dough, if necessary, as it might still be too sticky. Continue to knead until the dough takes on a smooth, non sticky, elastic consistency. Finally, cover it with a clean tea towel and set it aside for 30 minutes, to rest.Step 3: Roll the dough(揉面)Uncover the dough and cut it in half. Rub the rolling pin with flour and roll one half into a thin sheet of about 1/2 cm in thickness. Repeat exactly the same process with the other piece.Step 4: Cut the pancakes(切块)Take one sheet and cut it into circles using the biscuit cutter. Take off the excess pastry but do not discard. You can roll it again later. Now brush each circle with a little bit of oil. Place one disk on top of the other, with their oiled sides together, to create a pair and repeat exactly the same process with the other half of the dough. Cover with a towel to retain the moisture.Step 5: Roll the pancakes(擀煎饼)Re- flour the working surface. Take each pair and using your rolling pin, roll them out to make them paper thin. Repeat until all of the pairs are rolled flat. Then cover again to retain the moisture.Step 6: Fry the pancakes(烙煎饼)Place the frying pan onto a medium-high heat and allow it to get very hot. Do not add any oil. When the pan is hot enough, add a pancake. Let it cook for about 1.5 minutes, until it begins to look char-grilled and slightly inflated. Then turn it over and cook other side. Remove it from the pan and separate it into two pancakes. This way of cooking, gives one slightly charred side, and a moist side. It also gives the pancakes more flavour and the dough is more elastic. Repeat with the rest of the pancakes. Once removed, keep them covered with a tea towel so they do not dry out.Step 7: Serve or store(享用或储藏)Your authentic Chinese pancakes are now y. They can be eaten immediately with dishes like Crispy Aromatic Peking Duck, which can be found on our website, or they can be frozen. To reheat them, just steam them a bit!Also known as:(How Do I Make Chinese Pancakes)(How To Prepare Chinese Pancakes)(A Recipe For Chinese Pancakes)(Making Pancakes The Chinese Way)Thanks for watching How To Make Chinese Pancakes For more how to s, expert advice, instructional tips, tricks, guides and tutorials on this subject, visit the topic Chinese.201105/135512。
  • 演讲简介:别再为艾滋病、癌症和禽流感过度忧虑了。心血管疾病每年致死的人数比其他疾病加起来的还要多,而这大部分都是可以预防的。Dean Ornish医生将会解释如何通过改变饮食习惯从而挽救我们的生命。201211/209257。
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