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Louis#39; love affair with his palace路易对凡尔赛的迷恋lasted longer than any of his human relationships.超越了对任何女人的爱情After 14 years, nine pregnancies and seven children,14年后蒙特斯潘夫人怀九次Montespan was beginning to lose her looks生育七子 青春不再and her hold on the king.国王也不再青睐于她Madame de Montespan began to fall out of favour because,德·蒙特斯潘夫人失去宠爱inevitably, after nine pregnancies,是因为怀九次后her figure wasn#39;t quite what it was.她的容貌无可避免地老去She became rather blousy, she drank too much,她不修边幅 酗酒she gambled too much, she made a nuisance of herself 经常发火with her tantrums, and I think,惹人厌恶as happens to a lot of women,对很多女人来说the more she felt her man slipping away from her,越觉得男人不再宠爱自己the more needy and clingy she became,越发会变得缠人and the more needy and clingy she became,而她们越缠人the more she drove him away.男人只会离得更远But I think Louis was also undergoing但是路易自己quite a significant personal transformation.也经历了很大变化He was becoming much more religious.他变得更加虔诚Madame de Montespan was a married woman.德·蒙特斯潘夫人已经结婚Committing adultery with an unmarried woman was one thing,与未婚女子通奸不同but double adultery was sacrilege.和有夫之妇有染是亵渎It was a tremendous scandal,这是巨大的丑闻and he was becoming conscious路易逐渐意识到of the fact that his way of life他的生活方式was really compromising the state and compromising his kingship.有损自己的地位与王权Louis turned to a very different woman.他转向了一个完全不同的女子Madame de Maintenon.德·曼特侬夫人governess to his illegitimate children.是他非婚生子的家庭教师Maintenon was pious, quiet and intelligent.她虔诚 沉静而聪颖Qualities that a middle-aged Louis had come to admire.拥有中年路易所倾慕的一切品质 Article/201204/177433

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Today#39;s shoutout goes out to Ms. Bzdawka and the students at Achieve Language Academy in St. Paul, Minnesota.今天的大声喊出来来到了Bzdawka女士和她的学生们的学校。Jeannette Rankin was the first woman elected to what U.S. government body?珍妮特#8226;兰金是第一个入选哪个美国政府机构的女性?Here we go: was it the Supreme Court? Senate? House of Representatives? Or Joint Chiefs of Staff?开始!它是最高法院,参议院,众议院还是参谋长联席会议?You#39;ve got three seconds. Go.你有三秒钟的时间,开始!Rankin was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1916 and then again in 1940.兰金在1916年首次当选美国众议院,在1940年再次当选。That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your shoutout.那就是你的,那就是你的大喊。AZUZ: When Jeanette Rankin first walked into the Capitol as a U.S. representative, she certainly stood out.当珍妮特#8226;兰金第一次作为美国代表走进国会大厦时,她肯定很突出。She was the only woman there.她是那里唯一的女性。If she were a member of the 113th Congress, the one that just started this year, she#39;d have a lot more company.加入她是第113届国会的一员,也就是今年才开始的这一届,她会有很多人做伴。Ninety-eight women: 78 in the House, 20 in the Senate.98名女性,众议院78名,参议院20名。In fact, the Senators from California, New Hampshire, and Washington are all women.事实上,来自加利福尼亚州,新罕布什尔州和华盛顿州的参议院都是女性。That#39;s just part of the diversity that this Congress represents.那只是这届国会所体现的多样性的其中一部分。With nearly 100 female members, there are more women serving together in Congress now than there ever have been before.国会现有接近100名女性成员,她们比过去的总和还多。The 113th Congress also includes 43 African-Americans, 31 Latinos, 12 Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders.第113届国会也有43名非裔美国人,31个拉丁美洲人,12个亚裔美国人和太平洋岛国人。The House and Senate have 7 gay or bisexual members.参众两院有7名同性恋者或双性恋者。The Senate has its first Buddhist member.众议院第一次有了佛教成员。And the House has its first member who is a Hindu.参议院第一次有了印度教成员。Some interesting former jobs among the members of Congress as well.国会代表以前的职业也很有趣。Five had former careers in professional sports.有五名是前职业运动员。Two were physicists.两个物理学家。And one worked as a Santa impersonator before running for Congress.还有一个在竞选国会议员前曾是圣诞老人扮演者。That might explain why he owns six reindeer.那能解释为什么它有6只驯鹿。 /201301/220263

155 water-skiers in Australia have broken the world record for the number of skiers pulled behind one boat.Attempting the record in Tasmania, a 35 meter long catamaran was used to ski the enthusiasts to success. The organisers say 8 kilometers of rope was used in the stunt. The Guinness Book of Records is expected to recognise the new record within the next few months.澳大利亚155名划水者在一艘快艇的帮助下,脚踩划水板在水面上飞驰,经过几次尝试,他们终于刷新了世界纪录。 Article/201202/169706

This film will show you to choose an indoor plant. An indoor plant can really improve a room#39;s appearance, so get it right by watching this short tutorial.这段视频将教给你怎样选择室内植物。室内植物可以改善房间景观,所以,马上跟随这段视频来学习吧。Step 1: Select a Spot1.选择位置Before you purchase your plant, it is advisable that you decide on its ultimate location in your home.在购买植物之前,我们建议你最好决定一下放在家中什么位置。Find a space in your home that receives the best amount of natural light. Survey the surroundings in the home, making note of window positions (north, south, east and west). Obviously, most rooms in the house are going to be considered low light compared to the light outside so you#39;ll want to designate a spot that gives you the most light as well as space for the plant you plan to purchase. Also consider the temperature of the rooms in which your plant may live and the amount of humidity.选择一个植物能够最好地吸收自然光线的地方。调查一下房间周边环境,记录窗子朝向。很明显,房间内的光线不如室外光线强。所以,你肯定想为即将购买的植物选择一个光线最好的地方。同时还要考虑房间的湿度和温度。Step 2: Know Your Plants2.了解你的植物There are many common houseplants to choose from. If you are someone who likes to see fairly instant results and not spend too much time caring for your plant, it may be better for you to stick to plants belonging to the palm family. Another excellent choice would be dieffenbachia. Money plants and rubber plants are other all-time favorites.有多种室内植物供你选择。如果你想看到立竿见影的效果,不想花费太多时间来照料你的植物,最好选择棕榈科植物。花叶万年青也是一个很好的选择。金钱树和橡胶树也是永恒的选择。Other plants which are easy to take care of include corn, jade and aloe vera.其他比较容易护理的植物包括玉米和芦荟。Step 3: Find a Healthy Plant3.寻找健康的植物Purchase houseplants that look as if they have been well cared for and have all green leaves.购买看上去护理的比较好,叶片全部是绿色的植物。Look for new buds and leaves as this shows the plant has a vibrant, healthy future.看一下有没有新长出的嫩芽和叶片,因为这表明植物的长势比较好。Check out the soil and leaves for spots or insects. You should pass on plants that have wilted, brown or crunchy leaves.Sturdy and compact in build is a good quality in a houseplant.检查一下土壤,看一下叶片有没有斑点或昆虫。如果叶片枯萎,发黄或卷曲,这种植物忽略掉。整个植株比较结实茂盛是室内植物品质较高的保。Thanks for watching How To Choose An Indoor Plant感谢收看“怎样选择室内植物”视频节目。 Article/201211/206896

塞巴斯蒂安·斯伦出于减少交通事故并挽救生命的目的,参与了谷歌无人驾驶汽车的研发制造。令人称奇的视频展示了在DARPA举办的无人驾驶汽车大赛中胜出者在没有驾驶员的情况下穿梭与繁忙的城市交通中,来自TED2011的试驾镜头也展现了这部车究竟能够开多快。 Article/201205/182285

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