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泉州无痛人流网上预约泉州洛江区打胎哪家好国家地理:South Pacific Surprise 走访东帝汶Welcome to East Timor, one of the world's newest countries, and for the intrepid few, an emerging tourism destination with unspoiled natural beauty.And I just booked two weeks' holiday here. I went for three or four dives and I think it took us 36 hours to make up our minds that this would, would be where we would hope to spend the rest of our lives. We were absolutely stunned by they, the quality of the marine life here, they, the healthy coral, the, the lack of environmental damage and a huge diversity of marine life.Hundreds of fish species have been recorded in East Timor's waters, a diversity that's enhanced by having very deep water so close to shore. East Timor is a former war zone and lacks a lot of basic infrastructure. After East Timor's vote for independence in 1999, Indonesian militias rampaged through the island. The subsequent recovery effort has been painfully slow. There are many changes to be made if tourism run by expatriates is to boost East Timor's meager economy. The government is anxious that new tourism developments don't ruin East Timor's greatest asset, its natural beauty.We are still developing policies and regulations in relation to, say, the environment, for example, environment protection. So what they should do is they should be very careful to talk to government and not to move ahead without government and, and local administration knowing exactly what they're doing until they're getting the full go-ahead.So, as this new nation struggles to build its economy, it faces an age-old predicament, how to make the most of its natural assets without destroying them in the process.expatriate: someone who lives in a foreign countrypredicament: a difficult or unpleasant situation in which you do not know what to do, or in which you have to make a difficult choicemake the most of: employ to the best advantage200709/17488泉州第一人民医院门诊怎么走 Bush Heads To Asia For Weeklong Trip布什夫妇启程前往亚洲访问U.S. President George Bush is on his way to Asia for talks with leaders in South Korea, Thailand, and China - where he will attend the opening of the Olympic Games. 美国总统布什正在前往亚洲的途中。他将在那里和韩国、泰国和中国的领导人举行会谈。他还将在北京参加奥运会的开幕仪式。White House officials say the president's talks in Seoul will deal with trade and military matters. 白宫官员说,布什总统在首尔的会谈将涉及贸易和军事问题。But hanging over all the discussions here will be North Korea and efforts to deal with Pyongyang's nuclear ambitions. 可是,最最重要的讨论还是北韩和如何对待平壤核野心的问题。Since Mr. Bush last met with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak in April, North Korea has submitted a long-awaited declaration of its plutonium-related activities. It has also destroyed the cooling tower at its reactor at Yongbyon. But President Bush has made clear those steps are only the beginning. 自从布什今年4月和韩国总统李明会晤以来,北韩递交了一份外界期待已久的清单,列出了和钸有关的核活动。北韩还炸毁了宁边核反应堆的冷却塔。但是,布什清楚地表示,这些行动仅仅是一个开始。"We are concerned about enriched uranium and proliferation, and human rights abuses, ballistic missile programs," said President Bush. "I view this process as a multi-step process where there will be action for action." 他说:“我们对铀浓缩、核扩散、侵犯人权和弹道导弹项目都感到关注。我认为,这整个过程将分几步走,每一步都要有具体行动。”From Seoul, Mr. Bush travels to Thailand where he will highlight conditions in another trouble spot - neighboring Burma. 布什离开首尔后将前往泰国,他在那里将强调指出缅甸目前的动荡局势。While the official stated reason for his visit is to celebrate the 175th anniversary of U.S.-Thai relations, the president will also be meeting with Burmese dissidents and will get a briefing on relief efforts following Cyclone Nargis. 虽然有关官员说,布什访问泰国是为了庆祝美国和泰国建交175周年,但是布什在泰国还将会晤缅甸的持不同政见人士,并听取关于纳尔吉斯热带风暴灾后救援情况的报告。But most media attention is likely to be focused on First Lady Laura Bush. She will travel to the Thai-Burmese border to visit a refugee center, and a clinic. 不过,媒体可能会把更多的注意力放在第一夫人劳拉身上。她将前往泰缅边界,参观一个难民营和一个诊所。They will arrive together in Bejing on the eve of the Olympic opening ceremonies. When Mr. Bush walks into the main stadium Friday evening, local time, he will become the first U.S president in history to attend an Olympic games outside the ed States. 布什夫妇将在北京奥运会开幕式前夕一同抵达北京。当布什总统在北京时间星期五晚上走进奥运会主体育馆时,他将成为历史上第一位在美国本土以外参加奥运会的美国总统。"I view the Olympics as an opportunity for me to cheer on our athletes," said Mr. Bush. "It's an athletic event." 布什说:“我认为,奥运会是我为美国运动员加油鼓劲的机会。这是一个体育活动。”But experts in Asian affairs say if the president thinks he can go the Beijing Olympics as just another sports fan, he is very mistaken. 但是,亚洲事务专家们说,如果布什以为他可以以一个体育迷的身份出席北京奥运会,那他就大错特错了。Derek Mitchell is an analyst with the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington - a private group that conducts research on foreign policy matters. 华盛顿战略和国际研究中心是一个对外交政策进行研究的民间组织,米切尔是该组织的分析员。"It is going to be difficult for him in public," said Derek Mitchell. "But he enjoys sports. And I think he really wanted to go because of the sports. But whether he gets embarrassed while there - it is not going to be just an issue of an individual, it is going to be an issue of the ed States prestige." 他说:“对布什来说,他的这些举动不容易被公众接受。不过他喜欢体育运动。我认为,他真的是因为想看比赛才去的。不过,布什是否会因此遭遇到尴尬局面,这已经不是他个人的事情,这关系到美国的声望。”The president has said he will bring up issues such as human rights in China just not at the Olympics. He met with a group of Chinese democracy advocates at the White House last week, and he plans on attending church while in Beijing to reinforce calls for greater religious freedom.200808/45487Syria Plans Emergency Drill amid Fears of War with Israel叙利亚以色列分别演习提高警戒  Syria is beefing up security on its home front in a sign of escalating tension with Israel. There are war jitters on both sides of the border.  由于和以色列的紧张关系升级,叙利亚增强了后方的安全部署。叙以两国都出现了备战的紧张气氛。 As Israel conducts a big civil-defense drill this week, Syria will hold an unprecedented exercise to test the iness of the home front for a possible Israeli attack. The drill was announced on state-run Radio Damascus. 就在以色列这个星期进行大规模民防演习的时候,叙利亚也将展开一场空前的演习,检验在以色列发动袭击的情况下叙利亚的后方是否作好了准备。叙利亚官方的大马士革电台宣布了这个消息。The announcement said the drill will take place in all of Syria's provinces and will test the country's iness and ability to handle natural disasters and other emergencies.  大马士革电台说,演习将在叙利亚的所有省份进行,将检验叙利亚是否作好了准备,以及它处理自然灾害和其它紧急情况的能力。At the same time, Israel is conducting a five-day home front exercise to test preparedness for missile attacks with nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.  与此同时,以色列正在进行长达五天的后方演习,检验以色列是否对核武器、化学武器和生物武器的导弹袭击作好了准备。In a test on Tuesday, air-raid sirens wailed across Israel, sending school children running to bomb shelters.  在星期二的演习中,空袭警报响彻了整个以色列,使学校里的孩子纷纷向防空洞奔跑。The exercises in both countries point to escalating tensions. The armies of Israel and Syria have raised their alert levels, amid fears that Syrian-backed Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon might launch an attack that could plunge the region into war.  叙以两国进行演习表明紧张关系升级。由于人们担心叙利亚持的黎巴嫩真主党游击队可能发动袭击,使整个地区陷入战争,以色列和叙利亚军方都提高了警戒程度。Hezbollah has threatened "open war" against Israel for the assassination of one of its leaders, Imad Moughniyeh, in a car bombing in Damascus two months ago. Israel denied involvement.  真主党领导人穆尼亚两个月前在大马士革发生的一次汽车爆炸中遇刺身亡。为此,真主党威胁要和以色列“开战”。以色列则否认卷入这次暗杀活动。"What we have is a very tense situation because both Hezbollah and Syria want to hit Israel in revenge for the killing of Moughniyeh, and it can get out of hand; and the Syrians are wary that if Hezbollah starts something against Israel, Israel may respond not only vis-à-vis Hizbollah, but also vis-a vis Syria," said Israeli analyst Dan Schueftan.  以色列分析人士许夫坦说:“我们处于十分紧张的局势之中,因为真主党和叙利亚都想袭击以色列,为穆尼亚报仇,情况很可能会失控。而且,叙利亚担心,一旦真主党对以色列发动袭击,以色列可能会作出反应,不仅针对真主党,也针对叙利亚。”A Hezbollah cross-border raid in which three Israeli soldiers were killed and two kidnapped in 2006 sparked a monthl-long Israeli air and ground assault on Lebanon. Analysts say a miscalculation could spark another war that neither Israel nor Syria really wants. 真主党2006年曾跨过边界发动袭击,造成三名以色列士兵死亡,两名士兵被绑架。这一事件引发以色列对黎巴嫩进行长达一个月的空中和地面打击。分析人士说,如果错误地估计了形势,就可能引发另一场以色列和叙利亚其实都不希望看到的战争。 200804/34142泉州人流那个医院便宜

德化县中心医院能刷医保卡diffuse ———— 散射(及物动词)英文释义 (transitive verb) To soften and scatter something, lessening it in intensity.例句 The gray morning clouds diffused the harsh light of the summer sun.清晨的乌云散射着夏日的强光。 /201606/446442福建省泉州第二医院服务 tortuous ------ 扭曲的(形容词)英文释义(adjective) Describing a twisted path, road or tunnel; full of intricate turns. 例句We must drive slowly and cautiously on the tortuous road through the mountains.我们必须在山间曲折的公路上缓慢小心地驾车。 /201610/471188泉州哪个医院得无痛人流最好

泉州妇科医院Top US General Says Afghan Violence Worsening驻阿北约部队总指挥呼吁增兵增钱  The top American military commander in Afghanistan says he needs more troops and economic aid as soon as possible for the battle against insurgents that is getting more violent.美国在阿富汗的最高指挥官说,他需要尽快得到更多的部队以及经济持,因为与叛乱分子间的战斗的暴力不断升级。General David McKiernan, the commander of NATO's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan, told reporters at the Pentagon the security situation in the south and east of the country continues to deteriorate.在阿富汗的北约国际安全援助部队的总指挥麦基尔南将军在美国国防部告诉记者,阿富汗南部和东部的安全形势继续恶化。McKiernan says NATO forces are in a very tough fight against an insurgency that could get worse before it gets better. 麦基尔南说,北约部队在和叛乱分子进行艰难的战斗,局势在好转前可能会更加恶化。"We see an increased number of foreign fighters, increased levels of violence. People generally do not feel secure, do not have freedom of movement and so the additional military capabilities that have been asked for are needed as quickly as possible," he said.他说:“我们看到外国武装分子的数量日增,暴力活动不断升级。人们通常都没有安全感,没有行动的自由,所以要求的补充兵力必需尽快到位。”More than 220 coalition soldiers have been killed in 2008, making it the deadliest year for them in Afghanistan since the U.S.-led invasion in 2001 to oust the Taliban.2008年已有两百二十多名联军士兵遭到杀害,使得今年成为从2001年美国主导的联军在阿富汗推翻塔利班统治以来伤亡最严重的一年。McKiernan says he needs at least 10,000 more troops to fight the insurgents, in addition to another U.S. combat brigade that is scheduled to arrive in January.麦基尔南说,除了预定一月份抵达的一个美国战斗旅之外,他还需要至少一万人的增援部队,来对付叛乱分子。The general told reporters an increase in support in other areas is also needed.这位将军对记者说,其它方面也需要增加援。"It is not just a question about more soldiers. It is a question about more governance, about more economic aid, about more political assistance for the government of Afghanistan as well as military capabilities," said McKiernan. 他说:“这不仅是增兵问题。这个问题也涉及加强管理、增加经济援助、加强对阿富汗政府和军事力量的政治持。”U.S. officials say al-Qaida and Taliban fighters use Pakistan's tribal region to launch attacks inside Afghanistan.美国官员说,基地组织和塔利班武装人员利用巴基斯坦部落地区向阿富汗境内发动进攻。General McKiernan says he is encouraged by a recent Pakistani military operation that Islamabad says has killed at least 1,000 militants in the Bajaur tribal region along the Afghan border.巴基斯坦当局说,巴基斯坦在阿富汗边境线附近的巴焦尔部落地区开展的一次行动杀死了至少一千名激进分子。麦基尔南将军说,这次军事行动令他感到鼓舞。"I am encouraged by the military operations that the Pakistani Army and Frontier Corps have undertaken in places like Bajaur. We are watching those very closely to see if there is a cause and effect with the strength of the insurgency on the Afghan side of the border," added McKiernan. "We think that is a positive step that they are taking on those militant sanctuaries."他说:“巴基斯坦军队和边境武装团体在巴焦尔之类地点发动的军事行动使我大受鼓舞。我们正在密切注视这些行动和阿富汗那边的叛乱力量是否存在因果关系。我们认为,巴基斯坦方面对那些激进分子庇护地点采取的行动是积极的步骤。”Recently Afghanistan's Defense Minister, Abdul Rahim Wardak, proposed the creation of a joint military force to fight militants on both sides of the border with Pakistan.最近阿富汗国防部长瓦尔达克提议和巴基斯坦建立一联合军事力量,来向巴基斯坦与阿富汗边境两侧的激进分子作斗争。General McKiernan says he supports the proposal.麦基尔南将军说,他持这一提议。"It is a very open, porous border, but the idea of a combined security effort there with Pakistani military, Frontier Corpsmen, Afghan border police with ISAF coordinated along the border I think is a very powerful idea and certainly I would like to pursue that in the future," he said.他说:“这是一条敞开无阻又漏洞百出的边境,但是我认为巴基斯坦军队、边境武装团体、阿富汗边防警察在这边境地区与国际安全援部队协调一致行动是个强有力的主张,我肯定以后要继续这样做。”McKiernan says among the additional troops he is asking for, he is hoping to get units that will be able to fight the insurgents and serve as trainers for the Afghan Army and police.麦基尔南说,他希望他所要求的增援部队既能和叛乱力量作战、也能训练阿富汗军队和警察。200810/51424 Are you a hyper-parent? Do you do a little bit too much for your kids, make their lives just a little too easy? If this sounds like you, believe me, you're not alone. We called up with a couple of parents in New York who also admit that they are guilty as charged. I am guilty of doing a little too much for my daughter.I take her pretty much where she wants to go. If she needs to be driven to a party or a friend outside, change my plans and take her where she wants to go. I think it's very hard, I feel that my parents didn't do enough for me, so I am overcompensating.It's inevitable that you compare what you do for your own kids to what other people are doing, and you wonder who's right and who's got the right balance.Linda Fears is the editor-in-chief of the Family Circle magazine. Hi Linda. Hi,Ann, how are you?That sounds pretty familiar on a lot of working parents I know, try to overcompensate, so when is, it's too much, what are we doing too much for our kids?If you try to fix or eliminate any problem your child might face then you're doing too much, and the truth is , it's really easy again and the pattern nobody wants their kids to be hurt or sad, but the truth is if your child is always safe from the situation, he is going to start to feel like that there is something wrong with him, like he is not smart enough, or not strong enough to handle situation on his own. So it's not good for kids. And I can't imagine it's good for parents, either. No, it's really not good for anybody, um, and like I've said, you know, it's very easy to fall into that pattern and the reason why a lot of parents end up doing this, is because they ,from birth, a lot of parents feel like they have to orchestrate their child's life.Right, it's amazing, kids in grades got people all to think about what college are going to. They have met a million activities, and you see it's really wrong to expect your child to excel in everything they do and try to achieve that.Well, that's not, that's right, that's not the point in having your child do a lot of activities, so he will be great at everything, there're very few kids that are great at everything. But it's important to expose them to a lot of different activities, so they can find out what their passion about, what they love, because those are the activities that they are going to try their heart decide, and ultimately excel at.Right, let them try, let them fail, let them do all that, use some great tips for parents, and you say, one of the things you do , when you wanna jump in and solve the problem, as you really got to ask yourself whose problem is this anyway. Well, that's right. And a lot of parents you know, think back when they were kids, when they were in uncomfortable or hard situations, and then projected that onto their own child. So, for instance, if you weren't invited to the cool kid's party, and you see that's potentially happening to your daughter, you know, you need to say to yourself you know,who is my worry about, me or my kid?En, and that's does a tough thing, and there is a lot of people experiencing up with parties. What about staying behind the scenes, it's a little bit, pulling back and stay in the background?Right, again, very hard, and it might kill you to see your kids sitting on the bench during the basketball game week after week, but instead of running to the coach and dealing with yourself, talk to your child, you may be surprised to find out your child's gonna say, you know what, I am just happy to be on the team, I don't really mind not playing so much in every game. But if he is bothered by it, then it's your job as a parent to encourage him to go talk to the coach. And you say it really help your kids hone decisions-making skills? Can you give us some examples of that ?That's right, that's right. You know, life-long skills to be able to, to feel confident about making your own decisions, so for example, if you have a teenage daughter who wants to get some new clothes, decide on the budget, take her to the store, let her pick out her clothes, within certain parameters, You know,so she's making decisions on her own, er, same goals for it there's social problem at school, and instead of rushing to help your child deal with it, wait a couple of days, see if she can handle them on her own.Also for friendship problems kind of try that,just, just...Try to hold back just a little bitYou see though when your child is disappointed, you really can't help ease them through that, so we can we can show empathy obviously for a child's feeling?Of course and your kids' feelings are gonna be hurt, when you go to the school, and you see that his child, his science project does not compare to his friend's whose chemical engineer father did it for him. But what you need to say to him is, you know what? I'm so proud of you, you did a great job, you did these all by yourself, and believe me , your teacher knows the difference between a child's work and an adult's work. And you say it really rewrite the script about this setbacks. Help your child turn it around, right?That's right, so if your child concerned and said, I failed my maths test, I'm so stupid. Say you know what, remember two weeks ago, when you did well on your test, you can do that again. So you're not gonna immediately say oh, Gee, you know,we'd better call the tutor, this is gotta be a problem here, you wanna make your child feel like, you know what, next time you are gonna do better, and here's how you gonna do it. Help them keep all in perspective, and we need to keep parenting in first perspective, That's right, we need to just calm down, and see, cause the truth is the kids need to learn ,you know, it's ok to make mistakes. (That's life!),you know ,it's life, and if you failed your math test, if you don't make the soccer team, it's not the end of world. Linda Fears, thank you so much, you're always so sensible. 200809/47574泉州新阳光医院泉州新阳光妇科医院妇科评价



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