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泉州丰泽新阳光医院泉州妇幼保健医院医生 New residential property prices in China grew faster in October despite a slew of restrictions on purchases, 10月份,尽管中国出台了大量限购措施,中国新建住宅价格增速却仍然加快。but the rate of growth appeared to slow noticeably in a number of top cities.不过,多个大城市新建住宅价格增速似乎已显著放缓。The average price for new residential buildings rose 12.3 per cent in October year on year, according to a weighted average from Reuters based on data from the National Bureau of Statistics. 根据路透社(Reuters)基于中国国家统计局(National Bureau of Statistics)计算得到的加权平均值,10月份中国新建住宅平均价格同比上涨12.3%,That is up from a rise of 11.2 per cent in September.超过了9月份11.2%的上涨幅度。That was a less marked jump than the 3 percentage point rise from August to September, however, suggesting recent curbs to property purchases may be having some effect.不过,这一增幅低于8月份到9月份3个百分点的增加幅度,意味着近期的房地产限购措施或许产生了一定效果。That possibility was backed up by a list of top-tier cities the statistics bureau began tracking recently 国家统计局最近开始跟踪研究的大城市的房价数据就持这种可能性。Which showed month-on-month prices had fallen – albeit marginally – in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xiamen and Zhengzhou during the second half of the month. 该数据显示10月份下半月北京、天津、上海、深圳、厦门和郑州新建住宅价格出现了环比下滑。Yet when October was taken as a whole, only Shenzhen showed a real month-on-month price fall.不过,如果把10月份看做一个整体,则只有深圳房价真正出现了环比下滑。Countrywide, month-on-month prices rose in 62 out of 70 major cities last month, were unchanged in one and fell in seven. 从全国来看,上个月70个主要城市中62个城市的房价环比上涨,1个城市房价不变,还有7个城市出现下跌。Wuxi, in coastal Jiangsu province, retained the top spot for a second month with growth of 4.9 per cent, 沿海江苏省的无锡市以4.9%的环比涨幅连续第二个月处于首位。but that was markedly lower than the previous month’s rise of 8.2 per cent. 不过,这一涨幅显著低于此前一个月8.2%的环比涨幅。In a close second was Changsha, capital of Hunan province, with growth of 4.5.与无锡接近的涨幅第二的城市是湖南省省会长沙,该市环比涨幅为4.5%。Price growth in top cities was slower, however, with Beijing, for instance, reporting a rise of only 0.5 per cent from the previous month, compared to 4.9 per cent in September.不过,最大城市的房价上涨已经放缓,比如北京录得的环比涨幅只有0.5%,大大低于9月份的4.9%。In year-on-year terms prices rose in 65 cities and fell in five. 同比来看,65个城市的房价同比上涨,5个城市房价同比下跌,The cities of Hefei and Xiamen once again led the pack with growth of 48.6 per cent and 45.9 per cent, respectively. 合肥市和厦门市分别以48.6%和45.9%的涨幅再次领涨。But many others cities that have featured prominently in recent months remained relatively undaunted by the new popularity of purchasing curbs, as prices remained substantially elevated from a year earlier.而相对来说,普遍推出的新限购政策,并未让其他许多最近几个月表现突出的城市受到影响,房价同比依然大幅上涨。The continued, albeit slower growth in prices tracks with recent data showing real estate investment ticked upward in October and sales had registered barely any negative impact from the new restrictions.房价尽管缓慢却持续不断地增长与近期数据走势一致,这些数据显示10月份对房地产投资有所增加,新一轮限购对录得的销售几乎没有任何负面影响。 /201611/479516泉州第一医院好吗?

泉州宫颈息肉的咨询Qingdao becomes the most livable city in China of 40 cities surveyed, according to the Chinese livable cities research report released by the Chinese Academy of Science.中科院近日发布的《中国宜居城市研究报告》显示,在受调查的40个国内城市中,青岛是最宜居的城市。The study ranked the cities based on 29 assessment indicators in six areas, including city safety, public service facilities, natural environment, cultural environment, transportation, and pollution level.该研究根据城市安全性、公共务设施、自然环境、文化环境、交通和污染水平6个领域的29项评价指标对这些城市进行排名。The other four cities among the top 5 are Kunming, Sanya, Dalian and Weihai.进入最宜居城市榜单前五的城市还有昆明、三亚、大连和威海。Qingdao tops the livability index list for its outstanding performance in all the six areas. Kunming#39;s ranking benefits from its pleasant natural environment and characteristic cultural environment. Sanya wins for its air quality and Dalian performs well in city safety and natural environment. Weihai, meanwhile, cracks the top five due to its natural and cultural environment.青岛之所以在宜居指数名单中名列第一,是因为它在六大领域中都很出色。昆明之所以名列前茅归功于它怡人的自然环境以及富于特色的文化环境。三亚以其空气质量致胜,大连的城市安全与自然环境指数较高,而威海以其自然与文化环境跻身前五。Beijing is ranked last on the list for its environment pollution, inconvenient transportation and little appreciation of its natural environment by its residents.由于环境污染问题、交通不便捷及居民对自然环境的不认可,北京在榜单上排名垫底。The study also shows that livable index of the 40 surveyed cities are generally low, the average point of which is only 59.92, lower than basic residents#39; acceptance point of 60.该调查还显示,受调查的40个城市的宜居指数整体不高。城市宜居指数平均值仅为59.92分,低于60分的居民基本认可值。 /201606/451298 The U.S. Supreme Court has put on hold a groundbreaking court ruling that required a Virginia school district to accommodate a transgender high school student’s request to use the boys’ bathroom.美国最高法院裁决,暂缓执行要求维吉尼亚州一个校区为跨性别学生使用男生厕所提供方便的史无前例的法院裁决。这个裁决是应一名跨性别高中生的要求作出的。The high court agreed Wednesday to allow the Gloucester County School Board to bar Gavin Grimm from using the bathroom that matches his gender identity, until the justices decide whether to review an appeals court ruling in his case.根据最高法院的这个决定,维州格劳切斯特郡学校董事会有权禁止跨性别高中生加文·格里姆使用男生厕所,等待最高法院大法官们决定是否有必要对上诉法院的裁决进行审查。The justices split, 5-3, on the issue, with Democratic-appointed Justice Stephen Breyer agreeing with the four Republican appointees. Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan opposed the stay.大法官们的表决结果是5比3。民主党任命的大法官布雷耶和四位由共和党任命的大法官持相同立场。反对叫停决定的三名民主党任命的大法官是金斯伯格、索托马约尔和卡根。Last year, the American Civil Liberties Union sued on behalf of the 17-year-old Grimm to challenge the school board#39;s bathroom policy, which requires transgender students to use alternative restroom facilities.去年,美国公民自由联盟代表17岁的格里姆提出诉讼,挑战学校董事会的厕所使用规定。根据现有规定,跨性别学生只能使用区别于男女厕所以外的替代厕所。Grimm, who was born female but identifies as male, has undergone hormone therapy and has legally changed his name.格里姆出生时是女性,但自我认定是男性。她做过荷尔蒙理疗,并且把自己的法定名字改为男孩的名字。 /201608/458709泉州省中医院治疗妇科炎症好吗泉州无痛人流最低价格



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