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The Dutch government intends to draft a law that would legalise assisted suicide for people who feel they have “completed life” but are not necessarily terminally ill.荷兰政府计划起草一项法案,让那些感到“人生完整”但不一定处在绝症晚期的人可以合法进行安乐死。The Netherlands was the first country to legalise euthanasia, in 2002, but only for patients who were considered to be suffering unbearable pain with no hope of a cure.2002年,荷兰成为首个安乐死合法化的国家,但安乐死对象仅限于遭到难以忍受的疼痛折磨且没有治愈希望的病患。But in a letter to parliament on Wednesday, the health and justice ministers said that people who “have a well-considered opinion that their life is complete, must, under strict and careful criteria, be allowed to finish that life in a manner dignified for them”.不过,卫生部和司法部12日向议会递交了一份文件,称“在严格谨慎的评判标准下,必须允许经过深思熟虑认为自己的人生已经完整的人以有尊严的方式结束他们的生命。”The proposal is likely to provoke critics who say the scope of Dutch euthanasia policy has aly expanded beyond its original boundaries, with “unbearable suffering” not only applying to people with terminal diseases but also to some with mental illnesses and dementia.该提案中,不仅是晚期绝症患者,一些精神疾病与痴呆症患者也符合“无法忍受的折磨”这一情况,这很可能激怒那些认为该国安乐死政策范围已经超出其最初边界的批评人士。The euthanasia policy has widesp backing in Dutch society, and cases have risen by double digits every year for more than a decade as more patients request it and more doctors are willing to carry it out. Euthanasia accounted for 5,516 deaths in the Netherlands in 2015, or 3.9% of all deaths nationwide.安乐死政策在荷兰获得了广泛持,由于越来越多的病人要求安乐死,且更多的医生愿意执行安乐死,十多年来安乐死案例每年以两位数的速度不断增长。2015年,荷兰的安乐死案例为5516起,占全国死亡总人数的3.9%。Edith Schippers, the health minister, wrote in the letter that “because the wish for a self-chosen end of life primarily occurs in the elderly, the new system will be limited to” them.卫生部长伊迪丝#8226;斯希普斯在信件中写道:“因为希望自主选择结束生命的主要是老年人,新制度将仅限于老年群体。”She did not define a threshold age.她并没有明确年龄门槛。Although details remained to be worked out, the new law would require “careful guidance and vetting ahead of time with a ‘death assistance provider’ with a medical background, who has also been given additional training”.尽管细节有待制定,但新法律将需要得到“具有医学背景、经过特殊培训的‘安乐死执行者’的悉心指导和提前审批。”Other aspects of the law would include safety mechanisms including third-party checks, reviews and supervision, she said.斯希普斯表示,法案的其他方面包括第三方检查、复核和监管等安全机制。The proposal comes as a surprise because a commission enlisted to study the idea of allowing a “completed life” extension to current policy concluded there was no need for it.这一提案让人大跌眼镜,因为受命对这一想法进行研究的委员会的结论是没有必要允许现行政策扩展至“人生完整”的人。The ministers disagreed. “The cabinet is of the opinion that a request for help (in dying) from people who suffer unbearably and have no hope without an underlying medical reason can be a legitimate request“.部长们不同意该结论。“内阁的观点是绝望而无法忍受折磨的人不基于医学原因的安乐死请求也可以是合法的请求。”They hope to draft a law, in consultation with doctors, ethicists and other experts, by the end of 2017.他们希望在与医生、伦理学家和其他专家的磋商下,在2017年年底前起草出一项相关法案。 /201610/472146

BEIJING — Two young Chinese tourists carve their names on the Great Wall. Hundreds of picnickers leave their garbage moldering on the banks of the Yellow River.北京——两名年轻的中国游客在长城上刻下自己的名字。数百名在黄河边野餐的人把垃圾留在了那里。Such episodes during the recent National Day holiday have produced a flurry of photographic postings and a spasm of soul-searching in China, highlighting anxieties over the habits and image of tourists at home and abroad in a nation that is increasingly cash-rich but, some say, short on manners and experience with the outside world.在最近的国庆节长假期间,这种事情已经在中国引发了一串照片帖子和自我反省,突显了人们对中国人在国内和海外旅游的习惯和形象所感到的焦虑,中国人的腰包正变得日益充裕,但有些人认为,国人缺乏礼貌以及与外界打交道的经验。They are also raising questions as to why a “tourism blacklist” the government set up last year to name and shame misbehaving travelers does not seem to have had a greater impact.人们也提出一个问题:为什么政府去年设立了“游客黑名单”,点名批评行为不文明游客的做法,似乎并没有产生多大作用。In May 2015, to counter the impression left by an array of widely publicized episodes that have included travelers storming a buffet in Thailand to consume all the prawns, throwing hot water at a flight attendant, carving inscriptions on an ancient Egyptian monument, allowing children to relieve themselves in public places and opening emergency exits on airlines “for fresh air,” the government announced the blacklist.2015年5月,政府宣布设立游客黑名单,为的是抵消被广泛报道的一系列不良事件给人们留下的印象,这些事件包括游客在泰国自助餐厅抢光大虾,向一名飞机乘务员泼热水,在埃及的古迹上刻字,让孩子在公共场所大小便,在飞机上打开紧急出口以“呼吸新鲜空气”等。People may land on it either for legal crimes or moral offenses at home or abroad, according to People’s Daily.据《人民日报》报道,在国内或海外有犯罪行为或不道德行为的人可能会被列入这个黑名单。Possible offenses include interfering with aircraft or public transport, damaging public property or the environment, defacing cultural relics, disrespecting local customs and participating in gambling, illicit drug activities, prostitution or “dangerous sexual activities.”可能的不良行为包括:扰乱航空器或者其他公共交通工具秩序;破坏公共环境卫生、公共设施;损毁、破坏旅游目的地文物古迹;违反旅游目的地社会风俗、民族生活习惯;参与、色情、毒品内容的活动或者危险性活动。People added to the list remain there for three years, during which their names are made available to travel companies, airlines, work units and the Public Security Bureau, among other groups. This puts the person on notice that he or she is under watch and could be barred from tour groups. They may be barred from flying or from visiting scenic spots. But there is no financial penalty.上黑名单的人的信息将保存三年,旅游公司、航空公司、工作单位和公安局等机构可以查到他们的名字。这警告当事人,他们受到监督,有可能被禁止参加旅游团。他们也可能被禁止乘坐飞机或进入景区,但并没有财物惩罚。Over all, the blacklist appears to have had a slow start, suggesting the difficulty of policing human behavior even in an authoritarian nation.总地来看,黑名单的效果似乎并不如意,说明即使是在一个集权国家,监督人们的行为也很困难。The list is unavailable on the website of the China National Tourism Administration. But according to the Shenzhen Metropolis newspaper, only 24 people are on it.中国国家旅游局的网站找不到这份名单。但据《深圳都市报》报道,名单上只有24个人。That number includes two people added over the recent holiday, according to the China National Tourism Administration: Hou Geshun from Heilongjiang Province, who was accused of burning Vietnamese money in a bar in the Vietnamese city of Danang, and Lu Shan from Beijing, who was said to have beaten up her tour guide in Yunnan Province.据国家旅游局说,黑名单上包括两个在最近的假期被列入的人:黑龙江游客侯歌顺和北京游客卢珊,侯歌顺被指在越南城市岘港的一家酒吧烧“越南盾”,卢珊据说在云南打了导游。The report did not explain why Mr. Hou burned the money, but China and Vietnam have a testy relationship over conflicting territorial claims in the South China Sea that have led to nationalistic demonstrations on both sides. The reason for Ms. Lu’s outburst was also not given, but disputes between tour guides and tourists are common, often over travel conditions or shopping requirements.这篇报道没有解释为什么侯歌顺烧越南盾,但中国与越南的关系由于南海领土争端变得很紧张,两国都曾发生过民族主义者的游行示威。报道也没有提卢珊殴打导游的原因,但导游与游客之间的纠纷很常见,往往涉及旅游条件或购物要求。Hundreds of millions of people made 593 million domestic trips on national transportation networks during the weeklong holiday, according to the tourism administration. That number does not include trips by private car. An additional six million traveled abroad during that period, the tourism administration said.旅游局的资料显示,在国庆节黄金周期间,全国共接待游客5.93亿人次。此外,还有接近600万人次的出境游,旅游局说。Last week, after the fresh round of episodes over the holiday, Xinhua, the state news agency, questioned the list’s effectiveness.上周,在国庆长假爆出新一轮不文明事件之后,官方通讯社新华网对黑名单的有效性提出了质疑。“Carving Names and Drawing Pictures on the Great Wall, Throwing Garbage in the Yellow River, Why Does the Blacklist not Control Uncivilized Tourists?” its headline asked.文章标题问道,“长城刻画黄河扔垃圾,黑名单为何管不住不文明游客?”An article on the WeChat account of Guangming Online asked whether the list was merely a “paper tiger.”“光明网”微信公号发表的一篇文章问道,游客黑名单是否成了“纸老虎”。One man added to the blacklist shortly after it was set up told The Zhejiang Elderly News that being on it did not change his life much.一名在黑名单刚建立不久就上了名单的男子对《浙江老年报》说,被纳入黑名单对自己的生活影响不大。“I got back from Thailand and am off to Korea,” said the man from Jiangsu Province, identified only by his surname, Wang. “At the worst, you can’t join a tour group. Independent travel is the thing to do.”这名江苏男子说,“刚从泰国回来,我就去了韩国。大不了不跟团,自由行就是了。”文章中只提到他姓王。But perhaps travel will grow more difficult for Mr. Wang and others on the list.但是对王先生和其他上了黑名单上的人来说,旅游也许将会变得更加困难。In August, The Qianjiang Evening News reported, officials drafted another set of rules that has not yet been approved, but it includes a ban on foreign travel.据《钱江晚报》报道,今年8月,官员们已起草了新条例,目前尚未获得批准,但上了黑名单的人将有可能被限制出境。 /201610/470827


  East China#39;s Zhejiang Province has topped the index which measures the progressiveness of policies for senior citizens.据报道,位于中国东部的浙江省的;中国老年人政策进步指数;最高。The index released by Beijing Normal University and the Zhihui Pension Industry Institute evaluates not only the social and welfare provision for the elderly, but also measures their health, province by province.近日,北京师范大学与智睿养老产业研究院联合发布;中国老年人政策进步指数;,该指数评估的不止是各省老年人社会务、福利待遇,还包括健康等指标。Among the 31 targeted provinces and cities, seven of the top ten come from east China, with Beijing and Shanghai as No 2 and 3 behind Zhejiang.在全国31个接受评估的省市当中,前十名中,东部地区占了七个,北京、上海位列二、三位。The figures show Beijing subsidizes those over 80, and the seriously disabled aged between 60 and 79, to the tune of 100 yuan, or 16 $US, every month. The capital has been offering the highest amount of social relief funds for residents in its rural areas.数据显示,北京对超过80岁、或是60岁到79岁之间严重残疾者,每个月的补贴达到了100元(折合16美元)。此外,北京市对农村居民也提供了最高数额的社会救助福利。The research also tries to predict how policies and services for the elderly will develop. Researchers said raising minimum living allowances and basic retirement pension will optimize the policy#39;s environment.这项研究还针对老年人的政策和务将如何发展进行了预测。 研究人员表示,最低生活保障金和基本养老金的提高将会优化相关的政策环境。 /201605/442095。




  Iran’s judiciary said it has executed an Iranian nuclear scientist who claimed he had been abducted by the US because he had revealed “classified information of the system to Iran’s hostile enemy”.伊朗司法当局表示,已处决了一名曾声称被美国绑架的伊朗核科学家,因为他曾“向伊朗的敌对势力”披露“伊朗体系的保密信息”。Shahram Amiri, a nuclear scientist who returned from the US in 2010 to a hero’s welcome in Tehran, claimed after his return that he was loyal to Iran and accused US and Saudi intelligence forces of kidnapping him in 2009. He had spent 14 months in the US.2010年,从美国返回的核科学家沙赫拉姆#8226;阿米里(Shahram Amiri)在伊朗被当作英雄欢迎(上图为阿米里2010年返回伊朗时在机场举行新闻发布会——编者注)。他在返回伊朗后声称自己始终忠于伊朗,并指控美国和沙特情报人员在2009年绑架了他。他在美国度过了14个月时间。US officials at the time rejected the claim, saying that the scientist had entered the US freely, having chosen to defect, but had returned to Iran because he feared for the safety of his wife and son in Tehran.当时美国官员否认了这种说法,表示这位科学家是在选择叛逃后自由进入美国的,只是由于担心在伊朗的妻儿的安危而返回伊朗。Despite the welcome in Iran in 2010, Mr Amiri was reportedly arrested for treason in 2011.据报道,尽管2010年在返回伊朗时受到欢迎,但阿米里在2011年因叛国罪名被捕。Iran reached a historic nuclear deal last year with the main world powers. But since January, when the agreement came into effect, Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani has been under pressure from hardliners to deliver on promises to improve the economy.去年,伊朗曾与全球主要强国达成历史性的核协议。然而自1月份协议生效以来,伊朗总统哈桑#8226;鲁哈尼(Hassan Rouhani)一直面临着强硬派的压力,要求他兑现改善伊朗经济的承诺。As Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei questioned the outcome of the nuclear deal this week, saying that it had had “no tangible effect” on the life of the ordinary Iranians, Mr Rouhani defended the agreement for bringing back “honour” to Iranians.伊朗最高领袖阿亚图拉阿里#8226;哈梅内伊(Ayatollah Ali Khamenei)本周质疑核协议所产生的后果,表示它对普通伊朗人的生活“看不出什么影响”。鲁哈尼为该协议辩护,称其为伊朗人带回了“荣耀”。The announcement of Mr Amiri’s execution comes a few days after the Islamic regime reportedly hanged 20 Sunni Muslims from the Kurdish city of Sanandaj in western Iran.就在阿米里被处决的消息公布几天前,有报道称伊朗当局绞死20名逊尼派(Sunni)穆斯林,这些人来自伊朗西部的库尔德人城市萨南达杰。Iran said the death sentence had been imposed because these individuals killed 20 people, including clerics, and had wounded 40.伊朗官方表示,判处死刑是由于这些人杀死了包括教职人员在内的20人,并导致40人受伤。 /201608/459296


  Joan Clos, one-time doctor and former mayor of Barcelona, is hoping to encourage politicians to see cities not as problems but as opportunities for lifting entire populations from poverty.医生出身、担任过巴塞罗那市长的霍安#8226;克洛斯(Joan Clos)希望鼓励政治家们将城市看成是使广大民众摆脱贫困的机遇之地,而不是问题的来源。Urbanisation is not a passive outcome of development but a creator of value#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;[it] is like a money-printing machine, says Dr Clos, executive director of UN-Habitat, which studies human settlements.城市化并不是城市发展所产生的被动结果,而是创造价值的过程……城市化就像一台印钞机,克洛斯表示,他目前担任联合国人居署(UN-Habitat)执行主任,该机构主要研究人类居住问题。The organisation has been looking at how to cater for the urban population explosion. 联合国人居署近年来一直在研究如何应对城市人口爆炸。From now until 2050 we’re going to double the current level of urbanisation. 从现在开始到2050年,我们现有的城市化水平将会翻一番。Another 3bn people will be living in cities, says Dr Clos.未来还将有30亿人迁至城市生活,克洛斯说道。Most thinking and writing about urbanisation is about the problems, poverty, housing and so on — there’s not enough about the value that the urban tissue generates.绝大多数关于城市化的思考和著述都着眼于城市化所带来的问题、贫困、住房紧张等等——对于城市所创造出的价值却缺乏充分的探讨。The idea that cities can generate wealth and help tackle rising inequality are messages he intends to convey to delegates at Habitat III in Quito, Ecuador, in October. 城市能够创造财富、帮助化解收入不平等日益加剧的问题,是克洛斯希望传递给第三次联合国住房和城市可持续发展大会(Habitat III)与会代表的观点,此次大会将于今年10月在厄瓜多尔首都基多(Quito)召开。This, the latest in a series of conferences that are held every 20 years, will examine the link between urban planning and the human condition.作为每二十年召开一次的系列会议中最新的一届,本次大会将探讨城市规划与人类生活状况之间的关系。For example, in London, New York and Paris there has been increasing economic segregation and exclusion of the poor from their centres. 例如,在伦敦(见上图)、纽约和巴黎等城市,经济因素导致的社会割裂日益加剧,穷人被排挤出了城市中心地区。In the UK capital there has been much reporting of how the poor and even the middle classes are being priced out.在英国首都伦敦,有大量关于穷人甚至中产阶级因无力承担昂贵的生活成本被迫迁离市区的报道。Many experts say there is no effective UK social housing policy, which they argue has been handed over to the private and charitable sectors despite the need for government and municipal attention.很多专家表示,英国缺乏行之有效的社会住房政策,相关领域问题被交给了私人部门和慈善组织解决,虽然这一状况急需得到国家和市政当局的关注。The irony, Dr Clos says, is London was arguably the first world city to seriously address housing in the 19th century. 克洛斯指出,这其中的讽刺之处在于,伦敦可以称得上是第一个严肃应对住房问题的国际大都市,早在十九世纪就出台了相关政策。Tackling housing need was at the centre of strategy and much of the housing stock created in the centre of cities has retained its desirability.满足住房需求曾是相关对策的核心内容,而在城市中心建造的大多数房屋直到今天仍然适宜居住。If we look at public housing in London, or in Amsterdam or Vienna from the 19th century, we see that it was so successful that it has now become desirable for the bourgeoisie, says Dr Clos. 如果我们考察十九世纪以来伦敦、阿姆斯特丹或者维也纳的公共住房,我们会发现它们是如此成功,以至于现已变得对中产阶级颇有吸引力,克洛斯称。Today’s mass housing is not economically active, it is a dormitory, outside the city, on poor land and poorly located. 如今的公共住宅在经济上并不吸引人,这种住宅只是宿舍,位于城市郊外,环境和地理位置都很糟糕。It is stigmatised and the result is, when someone becomes slightly better off, they leave, only to be replaced with more poor people. 住在这种房中让人感到屈辱,由此导致的结果是,一旦个体的境况略有好转,他们就会选择离开,取代他们入住的是更加贫困的人。It stays poor.这一住宅区也就因此一直陷于贫困。Examples of such places can be found across the globe, from Paris to Detroit. 从巴黎到底特律,类似这种公共住宅区的例子在世界各地都能找到。However, he praises some US cities such as Los Angeles, which is attempting to revitalise its once-seedy downtown and suburban centres.但克洛斯称赞了洛杉矶等一些美国城市,洛杉矶正试图重振一度破败不堪的城市中心商业区和市郊中心区。Dr Clos says successful urban policies need to be set nationally and have three elements: rules and regulations, urban design and financial planning. 克洛斯指出,成功的城市化政策应在国家层面制定,并同时具备三大要素:规则和监管、城市规划以及财务安排。We talk of the rule of law, he says, but we also need a rule of urban law. 我们讨论依法执政,但我们同样需要城市发展的相关法规。There might be inadequate legislation, or too much unclear legislation, or a lack of enforcement. 在这一领域或许存在立法不足、法规条文中不够明确的地方过多以及执法不力等问题。We need regulations to ensure we have decent public space, we have urban building rights and development, and we have building codes and standards to regulate quality.我们需要监管力量来确保我们拥有体面的公共空间,保障我们拥有城市建设和开发权,同时保我们具备建筑准则和标准来规范建筑质量。Public space is especially important to the less well-off who may lack gardens and other private areas for recreation and leisure.公共空间对于那些不太富裕的人群而言尤为重要,这一群体可能缺乏花园以及其他可供休闲的私人空间。The final issue is the financial plan, he says. 最后一个问题是财务安排,他表示。There can be no successful urbanisation without a budget. 成功的城市化必须做好预算。We need to think about local authority taxation systems as well as some subsidies from central government to sustain the city.我们必须考虑地方政府的税收体系以及中央政府为维持城市发展所提供的某些补助。Since joining UN-Habitat in Nairobi, Dr Clos has become embroiled in a controversy. 自从加入总部设在内罗毕的联合国人居署以来,克洛斯就卷入了一场争议。His efforts to transform the organisation, including eliminating senior staff privileges and reducing costs by 40 per cent, were followed by allegations of misconduct and racism, which Dr Clos’ spokesman says are false and unsubstantiated. 他为推动联合国人居署改革所做的努力,包括取消高级职员特权以及将办公成本缩减40%,使他遭到了行为不当和种族歧视的指控,这些指控被克洛斯的发言人驳斥为虚假和毫无根据的。An official UN investigation was announced earlier this year but it has yet to publish any conclusions.今年早些时候联合国宣布对此事启动一项官方调查,但到目前为止尚未公布任何结论。Dr Clos’ supporters may feel that an ideal city might look like Barcelona, where he was mayor from 1996 to 2006. 克洛斯的持者们可能认为,巴塞罗那或许就是理想城市所应有的样子,克洛斯曾在1996至2006年间担任巴塞罗那市长。This now has generous streets and dense, robust city blocks that embody the idea of mixed-use development and have been able to absorb changes in the way the city works, as well as parks, squares and a beach that was once a dock.如今的巴塞罗那拥有宽阔的街道以及密集而富有活力的城市街区——这种布局体现出了混合用途开发的理念,并且能够吸收城市运转方式的变化——还有公园、广场以及由一座码头改造而成的海滩。Although Dr Clos criticises the technocratic approach of Asian cities he says their success cannot be ignored. 虽然克洛斯批评亚洲城市技术挂帅的发展方式,但他指出这些城市所取得的成就不应被忽略。China has, according to the World Bank, taken 600m people out of poverty thanks to urbanisation between 1981 and 2004. 来自世界(World Bank)的数据显示,中国依靠1981至2004年间的城市化进程,带领6亿民众摆脱了贫困。Dr Clos says this is a staggering testament to the power of city planning to create wealth and reduce inequality — a population larger than that of Europe has been lifted from subsistence farming to urban existence in barely a generation.克洛斯指出,这是一个令人震惊的例,展现出了城市规划在创造财富和降低收入不平等方面的巨大能量——仅仅用了一代人的时间,人数超过欧洲总人口的民众就因城市化而脱离了勉强糊口的农业生产,享受到了城市生活。 /201609/464126



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