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美国广播公司报道:题为;人在临终前会看到什么?;一道亮光,一扇门,过去生活片段的重现?美国的一位研究人员给出了他的研究结果..A News: What do you see bee you die: a bright light, pearly gates, your life in a flash? One researcher is trying to figure it out.Steven Laureys, director of the coma science group and the department of neurology at Liege University Hospital in Belgium, interviewed 190 people who claim to have vivid memories of near-death experiences.Laureys says they found the near-death experiences were richer and more real than any other experience, adding that the experience was generally ;quite positive.; 55


  Xiaohua: Hello, and welcome to Roundtable’s Word of the Week. This week we are talking about different kinds of automobiles.John: Yeah. And There are so many different kinds. I’m gonna try to stay away from as much jargon as possible. Cars in general by model or type of car, they are generally separated into two-box cars or three-box cars. So, the boxes are basically, in a 3 boxed cars, example, the engine is one box, the passenger area is the other box, and then the trunk is the third box. So in a two-box, all you have is the engine area and then the passenger area and the trunk and storage area are all together. There are only two boxes.Xiaohua: 一般的车都是分为两厢车和三厢车,那么两厢车一般指的就是乘客的座位和后备厢是一起的车型John: Alright, Let’s take a look at the one of the two-box cars, called hatchback. And it’s actually a very small car at the back there is a hatch that opens up from bottom to top. And that’s why it’s called a hatchback.Xiaohua: 掀背车hatchback,很简单就是尾部通常会有一个尾门可以掀开,打开行李舱John: And a sedan usually seats four or more people and has a fixed roof and that is full-height up to the rear window and actually a two-door model of sedans are quite rare.Xiaohua: 轿车是Sedan 一般Sedan都指的是四门车John: And sedans are usually going to be the three-box, so the trunk and the passenger area are separate. And there is the station wagon, which is kind of like a sedan, but it’s a two boxed sedan, similar to a hatchback, where the back of it does open up, but it looks like a sedan.Xiaohua: Station Wagon 就是旅行车Usually the station wagon that I see are a little bit longer than a common sedan. Right?John: Yeah. They usually a little bit longer. Yeah.Xiaohua: I see.John: And then there is of course the sports utility vehicle, which is usually also a two boxed car, and again the back is gonna be similar to a hatchback. So, SUV, a sport utility vehicle, sometimes also called a Suburban Utility Vehicle, as I am sure that many of our listeners know, has becomes so popular over last ten years or even with rising gas prices. So, there are basically larger cars by volume, a little bit higher off the ground, supposedly designed to be able to go off road and have adventures, although no one seems to ever use them in that way.Xiaohua: SUV运动型多用途车,一般来说会比普通轿车要大一些,经常是四驱的,道路通过性也比较好John: And there is the pickup truck, which is one of the first actual trucks, actually utility vehicle I suppose you might say because it actually is useful. And because, all it really is, it’s a two-box pretty much, so the engine and then the passenger area, the passenger area usually only accommodate three people. There are pickup trucks that are a little bit bigger that can go up to four. But then in the back, instead of a having a trunk area, instead of having anything else, it’s just a open bed, where you can just store a bunch of stuff and transport it very easily.Xiaohua: Pickup truck, 敞篷小型载货卡车,又叫作皮卡,只得就是后面的载货部分是敞开的一种小型的卡车John: And now we are gonna move on look at some nicer cars, you might say. There is the grand tourer or in Italian, the gran turismo. It is a permance or luxury automobile, capable of high speed or long distance driving.Xiaohua: Grand tourer 指的是小型跑车So usually it’s a two-seat carJohn: Yeah. It’s usually a two-seat or a two-plus-two arrangement. Then, there is, of course, the convertible, sometimes called the cabriolet, a cabrio, a soft top, a drop top or a rag top.Xiaohua: Alright. That’s a lot of names. But in Chinese, convertible就是敞篷车I’m sure that is kind of cars that we see a lot in movies.John: In movies, Yeah, especially with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, the hair is blowing in the wind and the things like that. Convertibles simply enough are just cars, basically just the top can fold down and it can convert from a car with a roof to a car without a roof. And then there is the supercar, sometimes known as an exotic car which is very expensive, and it’s a high permance sports car or a grand tourer. And if you play any really good racing games, you will know what a supercar is, like za, you play za, you drive some supercars. Man, they are difficult to control.Xiaohua: Alright, supercars. 超级跑车,万能车,作为一个普通人我们只要记住它很贵很贵,一般人都开不起就可以了John: And finally, we are gonna slow it down a little bit all you family people out there, there is the minivan, which is basically a van but a minivan is basically a smaller van more personal use. In some cases, it can fit up to 8 people.Xiaohua: Minivan又叫作厢式旅行车比普通的车肯定是要大一些,可以坐到8个人John: And you see in many American sitcoms, or comedy films, a man he has a really nice convertible car, and a couple of years later, he gets married and has to get a minivan.Xiaohua: So, it’s definitely family. And that’s all we have Roundtable’s Word of the Week. 366。


  Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻89.drink coffeeOne guy said to his doctor, ;Every time I drink coffee, my right eye hurts a lot. What do you suggest I do?; The doctor replied, ;Just take the spoon out of your cup.;Notes:1. One guy said to his doctor, ;Every time I drink coffee, my right eye hurts a lot.一个人对他的医生说每次我喝咖啡的时候,右眼都很痛“every time”当连接词使用,表示“每当······;每次”“a lot” 在这里当副词,是“非常”的意思. What do you suggest I do?你有什么建议?美国人去看医生的时候,通常会请医生给他们建议(如日常作息的调整、运动等),或是问ShouId I take some medicine?我该吃些药吗?3. The doctor replied, ;Just take the spoon out of your cup.;医生回答说:“只要把汤勺从杯子里拿出来就行了”本节目可可原创节目,Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻1. camouflage trousersI went to buy some camouflage trousers the other day, but I couldnt find any.有一天我去买迷裤子,结果我一条也没看见Notes:1. camouflage n.伪装,掩饰;v. 伪装,掩饰. camouflage trousers 迷裤 3765


  点击此处收看MVReflection--christina aguielralook at me you may think you see who i really ambut you'll never know meev'ry day it's as if i play a partnow i see if i wear a mask i can fool the worldbut i can not fool my heartwho is that girl i see staring straight back at mewhen will my reflection show who i am insidei am now in a world where i have to hide my heartand what i believe inbut somehow i will show the world what's inside my heart and be loved who i am who is that gilr i see staring straight back at mewhy is my reflection someone i don't knowmust i pretend that i'm someone else all timewhen will my reflection show who i am insidethere's a heart that must be free to flythat burns with a need to know the reason whywhy must we all conceal what we think how we feelmust there be a secret me i'm ced to hidei won't pretend that i'm someone else all timewhen will my reflection show who i am insidewhen will my reflection show who i am inside ^^ see you!!!~~~ 36

  一般让明星签名,都会在背包,笔记本,书,T恤等等上面签,你见过谁拿着一张囊肿照片让明星签名的吗?而布赖恩.克兰斯顿遇到了,来看看吧布赖恩·克兰斯顿,美国演员,出演的作品有《绝命毒师、《Hard Four、《老爸老妈浪漫史、《阳小美女等 A woman came up to me , and she held eight by ten up to her,一位妇女向我走来,她抱着的女儿大约8到岁的模样,I couldnt see the picture and she said ;Oh my God, are you Bryan Cranston.;我看不到这张照片,她说“哦,我的上帝,你是布莱恩#86;克兰斯顿”I said ;Yes; ,and she said ;It would be so wonderful if you could autograph this photo me, my daughter.;我说“是的”,她说,“如果你可以为了我,为了我的女儿在这张照片上签名,那将会非常美妙”She just got out of a surgery, she had afibroid cysttumor removed from her lady part.她刚刚术后不久,而且刚刚从自己身体中取出子宫肿肌瘤囊肿And this would veryperk upour spirits. ;Would you sign?;而且这非常使我们震撼“你会签吗?”;Oh ,sure, hand over the photo, and Ill sign it you.; And she hands me this, and she..“哦,当然,给我这张照片,我将为你签字”之后她递给我照片,而她…I know I should have rehearsed.我知道我应该进行一些相关的演练Would you like some more?你想再来点吗?This seems like, seems like something you get from KFC.这看起来似乎是,似乎有些像你在肯德基中才会有的境遇On a good day.这是美好的一天Oh yeah , like it is my fault?哦,是的,好像那是我的错吗?Oh, yeah , you get it on.哦,是的,你会得到它So this, of course, Im expecting some kind of picture of me her to sign,所以这,当然,我期待的是她拿着我的某张照片来索取签名,but when you actually look at it carefully there is a resemblance.但当你仔细审视过,会发现却有相似之处This was what she had me to sign her daughter, that was shock,that was taken moment after it was removed from er.这就是我为她的女儿签的照片,令人震惊,它已经被移除I have no problem with the cyst.我已经与这个囊肿没有问题I think it is the source that I have trouble with.我认为这是我有问题的根源注:听力文本来源于普特 19。

  spanking n. 打屁股butt n. 屁股coat hanger 衣架chores n. 家务事persevere v. 坚持不懈Independence - parents want their children to be able to handle certain things themselves.关于独立-父母希望孩子们能够有能力去处理一些重要的事情Philosophy - The job of the parent in america is to prepare you child adulthood.美国父母奉行的哲学-父母的任务就是为自己的孩子进入成年做好准备 更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 56



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