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Like many small tourism businesses across Australia, Jet Ski Safaris on Queensland#39;s Gold Coast has a problem – it#39;s not set up to deal with wealthy Chinese visitors. 与澳大利亚很多小型旅游公司一样,位于昆士兰黄金海岸的Jet Ski Safaris公司遇到了一个问题:它没有做好迎接富有的中国游客的准备。 ;All our safety and instruction demos are in English,; explains the owner, who declines to give her name. ;We can only send people out if they understand the briefings.; In order to get around this issue Jet Ski Safaris is considering pairing Chinese visitors with an instructor, but given staffing constraints that is a limited solution. 拒绝透露姓名的女老板表示:;我们所有的安全指导示范都是英文,游客理解那些说明,我们才能发团。;为了解决问题,Jet Ski Safaris正在考虑给中国游客配备专门的指导员,但鉴于人手方面的限制,这种方法比较受限。 Official figures released on Friday underlined the growing importance of Chinese visitors to Australia#39;s Abn-a-year tourism industry, which can no longer rely on its traditional markets for growth. 上周五发布的官方数据表明,在年收入340亿澳元的澳大利亚旅游业中,中国游客越来越重要,因为该国旅游业的增长不能再依靠传统市场。 The number of tourist visitor arrivals from China in May hit 50,000, an increase of 17 per cent on the same month a year earlier, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. In contrast, arrivals from the UK rose just 0.4 per cent to 48,800. 澳大利亚统计局(Australian Bureau of Statistics)的数据显示,5月份,中国游客的数量突破了5万人次,同比增长17%。而同一时期,来自英国的游客为4.88万人次,只增加了0.4%。 So while much has been made of the fact that the fortunes of Australia#39;s fast-growing resources sector rests on the performance of China and its seemingly insatiable appetite for commodities such as iron ore and coal, it is equally true that the fortunes of its tourism industry also rest on Chinese consumers. 因此,尽管不可忽视的一个事实是,澳大利亚快速增长的资源行业依赖中国的经济状况以及中国对铁矿石和煤炭等大宗商品源源不断的需求,但澳大利亚旅游业依赖中国消费者这一点同样确然无疑。 If the trend continues Chinese tourist arrivals will pass 600,000 this year, up from 542,000 in 2010 and 158,000 a decade ago, and soon overtake British arrivals (608,000 last year). ;It#39;s not that people have stopped coming to Australia, the problem is they are coming from China and south-east Asia,; explains Felicia Mariani, managing director of the Australian Tourism Export Council. ;And we have not geared up to manage this shift as quickly as it#39;s happened.; 按照这种趋势发展下去,今年中国游客的数量将突破60万人次,而2010年和十年前这一数字分别是54.215.8万。这意味着不久中国游客数量就将超过英国游客数量(去年是60.8万人)。;并不是说澳大利亚游客变少了,而是很多游客都来自中国和东南亚,;澳洲旅游出口协会常务理事费利西亚#8226;玛莉安妮(Felicia Mariani)解释说,;而我们现在还没有及时做好应对这种转变的准备。; Last year, short-term visitor arrivals in Australia were flat at 5.9m, as an increase in tourists from China, New Zealand and Malaysia offset a decline in visitors from Japan and Europe. Close to one in four holidaymakers now come from China and south-east Asia. 去年,澳大利亚的短期游客为590万人次,与前年持平,来自中国、新西兰以及马来西亚的游客数量增加,抵消了来自日本和欧洲游客数量的减少。现在几乎每四个度假者中就有一个来自中国或东南亚。 /201207/189762Last week we questioned just how bad China#39;s slowdown really is, concluding that it#39;s probably worse than the official numbers are showing. This week brings more confirmation that the Middle Kingdom is struggling. 上周我们还在问:中国的经济减速到底有多严重?然后得出了真实情况很可能比官方数据糟糕这样的结论。本周我们进一步确认,“中央王国”的日子很不好过。 China#39;s Shanghai Composite index, one of China#39;s two key stock barometers (the other being the Hang Seng) keeps setting fresh multi-year lows. It was up today, but is sitting around more than three-year lows. 上综合指数(中国两大重要股指之一,另一个是恒生指数)连创多年新低。周二,上综指有所上涨,但仍徘徊在三年多来的低位。 It#39;s been on quite a roller coaster ride, more than quadrupling between 2005 and 2007, only to crash 70% through 2008. It rebounded into 2009, but has been steadily falling since then, down about 40% since July 2009. 中国股市的起伏就像是坐过山车,2005年至2007年大涨了三倍不止,2008年暴跌70%,2009年有所反弹,但之后便稳步下跌。上综合指数较2009年7月已下跌了40%左右。 Meanwhile, after their own precipitous post-2007 crashes, U.S. stocks have rebounded smartly. As opposed to the Shanghai, which never got within spitting distance of its 2007 highs, the Dow Jones Industrial Average and Samp;P 500 are both only about 10% off those former highs. 反观美国股市,2007年后经历了几次暴跌,之后便大幅回升。与上综指从未升至2007年高位附近不同,道琼斯工业股票平均价格指数(Dow Jones Industrial Average)和标普500指数(Samp;P 500)距各自高点均只有约10%的距离。 Which index is the better barometer? Oh, is that a ,000 question. 哪个指数是更好的晴雨表呢?这可是个很难回答的问题。 #39;The Shanghai Composite#39;s drop in October 2007 was the first shot across the bow of foreign bourses accurately cautioning that a global economic meltdown was ahead, and, as such, we should pay attention to the Shanghai Composite#39;s price action and what it might be signaling for global growth,#39; wrote Doug Kass, a hedge-fund manager at Seabreeze Partners. 海风资产管理公司(Seabreeze Partners)的对冲基金经理卡斯(Doug Kass)写道:上综合指数2007年10月的下跌是对海外股市发出的第一个准确预警,告诉我们不久后将出现全球经济衰退;正因如此,我们应关注上综指的价格波动以及它给全球增长带来的警示。 #39;To this observer, the body of evidence continues to suggest a developing harder landing than the consensus expects from this important economic growth driver of the world.#39; 卡斯写道:对于上综合指数这位观察员来说,有据在继续表明,全球经济增长重要推手中国的着陆可能比外界普遍预计的更“硬”一些。 It#39;s showing up in the results of at least one major Chinese company, the big state-owned shipper Cosco, which is staring at its second consecutive year of losses. An ill-timed expansion for Cosco is running aground as the economic tide goes out. 这一点至少可从中国远洋(Cosco)这个国有大型船运公司的业绩上得以体现。该公司即将发布一份巨亏报告,而且该公司有可能迎来连续第二年的亏损。经济退潮时,中国远洋因不合时宜的扩张而搁浅。 Almost perversely (and we have another post on this coming), the drop is just encouraging some investors to pick up the purported bargains. Dow Jones FX Trader#39;s Nicole Hong writes: 吊诡的是,一些投资者受上综合指数下跌的鼓舞,正在进行所谓的“抄底”。道琼斯外汇新闻务FX Trader的Nicole Hong写道: Instead of viewing the deterioration as a sign to get out of the battered Chinese market, the now discounted valuations are driving in more foreign investors. This month, foreign investors became net buyers of Chinese equities in consecutive weeks for the first time since February, with Chinese equity funds pulling in .22 million in the two weeks up to Aug. 22, according to fund tracker EPFR Global. 人们非但没有将上综合指数下跌看作是逃离遭受重创的中国市场的信号,反而有更多外国投资者在逢低买入。外国投资者本月成为自今年2月以来首个连续数周净买入中国股票的投资者。据基金研究机构EPFR Global统计,在截至8月22日的两周内,中国股票型基金吸引了9,822万美元的海外资金流入。 The Shanghai#39;s tremors in 2007, even as it was vaulting higher, were one definite red flag (no pun intended) that most people missed. 上综合指数2007年的震动绝对是个危险信号(尽管该指数当时还在上涨),只是大多数人都没注意到。 Is history repeating? 历史会重演吗? /201208/197271

如果没有房子,那么就不一定每个人都能和自己喜欢的人结婚。中国人在寻找配偶方面遇到的困难正对全世界产生重要的经济影响,因为他们减少消费,攒钱以吸引潜在的伴侣。If a man has no house, then he may probably not be able to get married with his beloved. The difficulties Chinese people have in seeking their spouse are now significantly impacting the global economy because they are currently reducing consumption and saving money in order to attract potential partners. 按照中国传统,单身男子要想结婚就必须是自己房子的主人,而在今天,买房子需要一大笔钱。这就迫使很多人大幅度削减开,控制消费以增加存款。如果说在全世界增长最快的市场上没有消费,那么全球经济就会停滞。According to Chinese tradition, a single man must possess a house before he gets married, while nowadays buying a house entails a lump sum of money. It compels a lot of people to hew daily costs by a large margin and control consumption to increase deposits. If there is little consumption in the most rapidly developing market, the global economy will fall into stagnation. 在为了结婚而不得不牺牲本可以承受的舒适和其他奢侈品的中国年轻人中,20岁的杨家和(音)是其中一个。他生活在北京一个庞大的小区内,但为了进入他的房间,我们不是上楼梯,而是下楼梯来到一间没有窗户的地下室。这间房子不是为了长期居住而设计的,杨和其他100多人(包括儿童)生活的地方是一个防空设施。Among the young Chinese who give up their deserved comfort and luxuries for the sake of getting married, the 20-year-old Yang Jiayin is a typical one. Yang lives in a big community in Beijing. To go to his room, we, instead of going upstairs, went downstairs to a windowless basement, which was not designed for long-term living for Yang and some other 100 people(including children), but to be used as an air defense facility. 估计全中国有成百万人生活在地下室和防空设施内。在杨生活的这个地下室,有很多通道通往各个房间。杨的房间空间狭小,只够放下一张简易床,天花板上挂着的一个灯泡是唯一的光源。It is estimated that around one million of people are now living in basement and air defense rooms. In the basement where Yang is living, there are many aisles leading to different rooms. Yang’s room was very small and can only accommodate a small bed. The bulb hanging on the ceiling is the only source of light in the room. 地下室的卫生间和厨房设备是公用的。但杨不是非得生活在这样的条件下。显然他能够付得起条件更好、更有利健康的房租。他说:“现在我在北京,我首先要做的是工作和攒钱。”The washroom and the kitchen in the basement are for public use. Actually Yang does not have to live in such a harsh condition and obviously, he can afford a better and healthier room. He said, “Now I am in Beijing. My priority task is to work and save as much money as possible.” /201106/139890

Brazil (Portuguese: Brasil), officially the Federative Republic of Brazil (Portuguese: República Federativa do Brasil), is a country in South America. It is the fifth largest country by geographical area, occupying nearly half of South America, the fifth most populous country, and the fourth most populous democracy in the world. Bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the east, Brazil has a coastline of over 7,491 kilometers (4,655 mi). It is bordered on the north by Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and the French overseas department of French Guiana; on the northwest by Colombia; on the west by Bolivia and Peru; on the southwest by Argentina and Paraguay and on the south by Uruguay. Numerous archipelagos are part of the Brazilian territory, such as Fernando de Noronha, Rocas Atoll, Saint Peter and Paul Rocks, and Trindade and Martim Vaz.巴西(葡萄牙语:Brasil),正式名称为巴西联邦共和国(葡萄牙语:República Federativa do Brasil),是南美的一个国家。面积和人口都是世界第五大的国家,占了南美近一半的面积,也是人口世界第四人的民主国家。东临大西洋,巴西的海岸线超过了七千四百九十一公里(4655英里)。北部与委内瑞拉,圭亚那,苏里南和法属圭亚那接壤,西北方向是哥伦比亚,西面是玻利维亚和秘鲁;西南方向是阿根廷和巴拉圭;南面则是乌拉圭。费尔南多-迪诺罗尼亚,罗考什环礁,圣彼得和保罗岩石,特林达德和马丁瓦斯群岛也都是巴西的一部分。 /200909/83524

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