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黑龙江省九州医院地址查询黑龙江第九人民医院医生在线咨询In the wake of the latest disaster involving Malaysia Airlines, more and more questions are being asked about the financial viability of the airline, as well as the legal fallout and the rights of victims’ families.最新一起马航坠机事件发生后,人们不断地对马航的财务能力、法律责任以及遇难者家属的权利提出了很多问题。But financial questions aside, there are distinct differences between MH 370 and MH 17.抛开财务问题暂且不谈,MH370和MH17这两起事故之间有一些显著差异。MH 370 remains a mystery (and may remain so for quite some time). It’s also one of the more unusual crashes from an insurance payout perspective because it’s very difficult to litigate negligence and liability in the absence of any hard evidence. It may turn out to be one of the least expensive cases in history.MH370仍是一个谜(而且可能在很长一段时间内都是如此)。从保险赔偿的角度而言,这也是不同寻常的一起事故,因为在缺乏确凿据的情况下,很难以过失和追责提起诉讼。这可能成为史上赔偿最少的事故之一。MH17, however, is very different. The issue won’t be whether claims will be filed, but when, where and how many defendants will be named. Aly there’s a huge shopping list of defendants, ranging from the airline (always named in cases relating to a plane crash) to individual governments. Remember Pan Am 103? In the end the Libyan government paid large settlements to the families. But given the current situation in the Ukraine, the legal process here could get very messy and very complicated very quickly.但是,MH17坠机事故完全不一样。问题不在于是否会提出索赔,而是何时何地提出索赔,将涉及多少名被告。现在已有一大批潜在被告,从马来西亚航空公司(在飞机失事的案例中航空公司肯定是被告)一直到个别政府。还记得泛美航空103航班吗?最后利比亚政府向遇难者家属付了巨额赔偿金。但考虑到乌克兰目前的形势,此次事故的法律程序可能会变得非常混乱和复杂。It could ultimately end — at least in the civil cases filed — with a judgment issued against the Russian government, if families and governments can prove the country armed the separatist rebels allegedly responsible for the crash. That would likely take years, and almost certainly, Russia would either appeal, or simply ignore the judgment. If that happens, there’s precedent to expect at least an attempt by those parties to seize Russian assets in various countries around the world. First country expected to file lawsuit? The Netherlands. The assets likely to be on the target list: Aeroflot planes on the ground in foreign airports, and Russian cruise ships in foreign ports.如果遇难者的家属和政府能够明俄罗斯为乌克兰分裂分子提供了肇事武器(据称客机是被乌克兰分裂分子击落),最终的判决可能会对俄罗斯政府不利(至少在民事诉讼案件中会是这样)。这可能需要几年的时间,而且几乎可以肯定的是,俄罗斯要么上诉,要么干脆无视审判结果。如果出现这种情况,依据先例,至少相关方会试图没收俄罗斯在世界各国的资产。那么哪个国家可能会首先提起诉讼呢?荷兰。可能会出现在没收目标清单上的资产包括俄罗斯航空公司停靠在国外机场的飞机以及停泊在外国港口的俄罗斯游轮。In the short term, the Montreal convention protocols for awarding victims’ families payment will again be applied. The 1999 agreement limits claimants to about 4,000 per death, and will be paid regardless of the cause of the crash, including war or terrorism. (This payment could be as high as million, and would come from Malaysia Airlines’ insurers.)在短期内,有关方面将再次依据蒙特利尔公约向遇难者家属进行赔偿。该公约于1999年签订,规定每位遇难者的赔偿数额为174,000美元,而且赔偿金付不受事故原因(包括战争或恐怖主义)的限制。(此次赔偿金额可能高达4900万美元,而且可能由马来西亚航空的保险公司付。)But claimants will most certainly seek more damages. And in this case, one of the claimants will most certainly be Malaysia Airlines itself.但索赔人肯定会要求更多赔偿。在这种情况下,马来西亚航空公司本身肯定也会提起索赔。Insurance issues aside, there are other immediate ramifications. For one, the airline industry will move quickly to reroute their planes over any area of conflict. This is a complicated move, because a 200-300 mile diversion (or more) means significant fuel costs and operational challenges. Some long haul nonstop flights may now have to land for refueling. In the process, the cost of the flights goes up, crews may have to be repositioned, and flight schedules may not offer connectivity because of the delays. Don’t be surprised to see a “war-risk” or “conflict” fuel surcharge added to the cost of those tickets because of these navigational changes.除了保险问题之外,此次事故还将产生其他直接影响。例如,航空业很快会更改飞机航线,以避免经过任何冲突区域。这是一项复杂的举措,因为绕航200-300英里(或更多)将带来大量的燃料成本和运营挑战。部分长途直达航班现在可能需要在中途着陆加油。在这个过程中,航班成本将上涨,乘务人员可能需要重新配置,而且由此产生的航班延误可能会导致航班之间无法进行直连。鉴于这些航行路线的变化,机票费用中到时可能会增加“战争风险”或“冲突区域”燃油附加费,届时您也不用太惊讶。Historically, commercial airlines have long flown over conflicted areas. As you are ing this, at least 20 U.S. commercial airplanes are overflying Cuba. Airlines flying to Jordan are handled on approach by Israeli air traffic control. Commercial airlines overfly Syria, Somalia, Northern Iraq, to name a few.从历史上来看,商业航空公司的飞机经常在冲突地区上空飞行。当你在读这篇文章时,至少有20架美国商业飞机正飞越古巴上空。飞往约旦的航班是由以色列空中交通管制处理。商业航班仍在叙利亚、索马里、伊拉克北部等地区上空飞行。During the Vietnam War, Air France had a daily nonstop from Paris to Hanoi. The North Vietnamese knew it. The South Vietnamese knew it. And the U.S. knew it. And that plane was never attacked.在越南战争期间,法国航空公司每天都有从巴黎直飞河内的航班。这一点北越知道,南越知道,美国也知道。但该航班从未遭遇攻击。But the missile attack that downed MH 17 was a game-changer, and in the risk business, the stakes were just raised stratospherically. The insurance companies that write war-risk policies are now beginning to change their exclusions to add a much wider tract of territory that they now would characterize as a war zone. In doing so, they are putting airlines on notice that—with or without government orders—an airline flying over that zone would be violating the terms of that particular policy. And no airline is going to do risk voiding its coverage.但马航MH17航班被导弹击落这起事故将带来重大改变,在风险业务方面,此类风险因此次事故而大幅提高。承保战争险的保险公司从现在开始将更改其免责条款,将更广泛的地区定义为战区。这样做也是提请航空公司注意(无论有没有政府的命令),飞机飞越该区域即违反该保单的条款。而任何一家航空公司都不会以失去保险覆盖为代价而以身试险。Meanwhile, at the scene of the crash, the retrieval of the black boxes (the cockpit voice recorder and the flight data recorder) may only have symbolic significance and may have no real constructive role in determining the details of the crash. At this point, assuming they are found intact, not compromised and taken to the appropriate air crash investigation lab, about the only thing the black boxes can contribute is an exact time when the plane was hit with the missile and the aircraft lost electric power.同时,在坠机现场取回的黑匣子(驾驶舱语音记录器和飞行数据记录器)可能只具有象征意义,在确定坠毁细节方面并不会起到真正的建设性作用。目前,假设黑匣子完好无损,没有被动过手脚且交由适当的空难调查实验室处理,则黑匣子能提供的也只有飞机被导弹击中以及失去电力的确切时间。What’s crucial to the investigators is getting their hands on the fuselage. They need to inspect the metal for definitive signs of striation marks (which would be consistent with chemical explosive, like Semtex, which they quickly discovered on the inside of the fuselage of Pan Am 103) and for the shape of the metal. Twisted out is consistent with an explosion from inside the plane. Twisted in– with burn marks – is consistent with an explosion from outside the plane. Over the next 96 hours, assuming the investigators have unfettered access to the site, they should be able to construct a timeline, and a forensic trail that could give them the chemical DNA they need to lead them back to the missile manufacturer and perhaps even the end-user.对调查人员而言,机身现场调查是至关重要的。他们要检查金属是否有确切的波纹痕迹(波纹痕迹意味着化学品爆炸,如塞姆汀炸药,当年调查人员在泛美103航班的机身内部很快就发现了这种炸药)以及金属机身的形状。向外扭曲说明是飞机内部爆炸,而向内扭曲并带有燃烧痕迹则表明是飞机外部爆炸。在未来的96小时内,如果调查人员能够自由进入事发地点,那么他们应该能够确立一个时间表,并获得相关的法医线索,而后者可能会给出他们所需的化学品成分,来追溯导弹的制造商,甚至还能查出终端用户。Then there is the aforementioned chain of custody issue—meaning the issue of proving who supplied the weapon and who fired it. Even if we gain clarity on that in the near term, it does not mean it will be settled in a court of law anytime soon. In the next four days, we should be able to learn conclusively the when, the how and the where of the downing of MH17. We might even soon learn the who. But proving who’s responsible in a court of law, and giving families their due, could easily take years.待这一过程结束之后,我们将回到之前提到的监管链问题,即明武器的提供方和导弹发射方是谁。即使这个问题在短期内水落石出,也并不意味着问题很快就能在法庭上解决。在未来四天内,我们将确切得知关于MH17航班被击落的时间、方式和地点。甚至可能很快就会知道元凶是谁。但是,法庭上责任方的判定,以及随后给予遇难者家属应有的赔偿可能需要耗费数年的时间。 /201407/314737黑龙江哈市九洲女子妇科听说不错,有谁去过没? 哈尔滨宫颈糜烂做手术需要多少钱

呼兰区妇幼保健院产妇做检查好吗The Chinese capital on Friday banned Halloween costumes from its subway system, warning they could cause “panic” and “stampedes.”周五,北京地铁禁止穿着万圣节(Halloween)饰的乘客进站,警告称,他们可能引起“恐慌”和“踩踏”。Halloween is not a traditional holiday in China but is celebrated by expats and is gaining in popularity among middle-class Chinese with small children.万圣节并非中国传统节日,但在中国的外籍人士会举行庆祝活动。万圣节在有小孩的中产阶层人士中也越来越流行。Night-duty cops and taxi drivers alike generally view costumed foreigners as an oddity, but this year authorities may fear that subversive outfits could crop up in the capital under the guise of Halloween costumes.通常,夜班警察和出租车司机都会把身着奇装异的外国人视为怪人,但今年当局可能担心,人们还可能在万圣节饰的掩盖下,身穿更具挑衅意味的装。Protesters in Hong Kong this month used masks, umbrellas and street art in their call for more representative democracy.本月,香港抗议者在民主抗议中,使用了面具、雨伞和街头艺术。Beijing has curbed any similar attempt. Artists who organised a sympathy march in early October and participants in a poetry ing were all detained, as were friends who protested their detention.北京方面压制了任何类似企图。10月初,一些艺术家组织了一次游行向香港民运表示声援,后来这些艺术家被拘留。还有一次诗歌朗诵会的参与者也遭到拘留,而几位抗议他们被拘留的朋友也被拘。“Public transport police point out: Please do not wear strange outfits in subway stations or in train carriages, which could easily cause a crowd to gather and create trouble,” the Beijing News reported on Friday.《新京报》周五报道称,“北京公交警方提示,请不要穿着奇异装进入地铁站及车厢内,那样容易引起群众围观、造成麻烦。”Police may arrest people in costume, it added.该报补充道,对于乘客行为造成扰序的,公安机关可视情节和后果对其依法拘留。Leering “Guy Fawkes” masks, tiny Spidermen or witches aside, what seems to be most worrying to the police is the imminent start of the 24-nation Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, which kicks off next week in Beijing.狞笑的“盖伊#8226;福克斯”(Guy Fawkes)面具、小型蜘蛛侠(Spidermen)或巫师饰,也许都算奇装异。不过最令警察担忧的,似乎是下周即将在北京举行的24国亚太经合组织(APEC)峰会的安全。China is rolling out a number of measures to reduce traffic, pollution or any hint of trouble ahead of the meeting.中国在该峰会前实施了大量措施,以减轻交通拥堵,减少污染,并消除一切麻烦迹象。 /201411/339911哈尔滨省第六医院网上挂号 In the global luxury real-estate scene, is Lagos poised to be the next big thing? 拉各斯会成为下一个全球热门豪宅市场吗?The Nigerian city is among a list of 12 up-and-coming luxury markets around the globe, according to a new report from Savills World Research, in cooperation with design firm Candy amp; Candy and Deutsche Asset and Wealth Management. 据第一太平戴维斯全球研究部(Savills World Research)、设计公司Candy amp; Candy以及德意志资产及财富管理(Deutsche Asset and Wealth Management)联合发布的新报告,全球12个前景良好的豪宅市场中包括尼日利亚首都格拉斯。The other cities are Beirut, Cape Town, Chennai, Chicago, Dublin, Istanbul, Jakarta, Melbourne, Miami, Panama City and Tel Aviv. The most expensive city is Tel Aviv, where an entry-level, two-bedroom luxury apartment typically cost .45 million in March; the least expensive was India#39;s Chennai, where a luxury two-bedroom cost around 0,000. 另外11座市场是贝鲁特、开普敦、金奈、芝加哥、都柏林、伊斯坦布尔、雅加达、墨尔本、迈阿密、巴拿马城和特拉维夫。其中豪宅最贵的城市是特拉维夫,3月份特拉维夫一套两居室的初级豪宅公寓的售价通常为145万美元;最便宜的城市是印度的金奈,在金奈一套两居室豪宅的售价大约为16万美元。The report considered economic factors, such as job-market potential and gross domestic product, but also a number of qualitative aspects, like cultural attractions and the presence of English as a first or second language. 这份报告考虑了包括就业市场前景和生产总值在内的经济因素,但也考虑了诸如文化吸引力和英语是否为第一或第二语言等一系列定性因素。In 2013, there were nearly 200,000 people world-wide with wealth exceeding million, according to the Wealth-X amp; UBS World Ultra Wealth Report. As prices continue to rise in prime markets like New York, London and Hong Kong, Yolande Barnes, director of Savills World Research, predicts that luxury buyers will increasingly look to less mature markets for better value. 据Wealth-X amp; UBS World Ultra Wealth报告,2013年,全球有近20万人的财富超过3,000万美元。第一太平戴维斯全球研究部负责人巴尔内斯(Yolande Barnes)预计,随着纽约、伦敦和香港等主要市场房价的继续上涨,豪宅买家将越来越多地在不太成熟的市场寻找更有价值的物业。The cities run the gamut, from well-established markets like Melbourne and Tel Aviv, which have yet to reach their full investment potential, the report notes, to developing markets like Chennai and Lagos, which may have larger returns but more risk for buyers. #39;You have to look at the political risk,#39; said Nick Candy, CEO of Candy amp; Candy, noting that unpredictable currency exchange and ownership hurdles for foreigners in some markets might dissuade some buyers. 报告指出,这份名单既包括墨尔本和特拉维夫这样知名但还没有释放出全部投资潜力的市场,也包括金奈和拉各斯这样潜在收益可能更高但风险也更大的发展中市场。Candy amp; Candy的首席执行长坎迪(Nick Candy)称,投资者必须考虑政治风险。他指出,一些市场难以预测的汇率情况以及对外国人持有房产的限制会让一些买家放弃购买。In Tel Aviv, the Manhattan Tower attracts cosmopolitan buyers, says Tomer Fridman, CEO of Israel Sotheby#39;s International Realty. #39;Ten to 15 years ago, there wasn#39;t an international product,#39; he said. Today, the 10,000-square-foot penthouse in the tower is listed for million. He credits the city#39;s thriving tech industry and interest from Europeans, among others, for the surge in foreign buying. Israel Sotheby#39;s International Realty的首席执行长弗里德曼(Tomer Fridman)称,特拉维夫的曼哈顿大厦(Manhattan Tower)吸引着全球各地的买家。他表示,10至15年前还没有国际性产品,而现在这座大厦上1万平方英尺的顶层公寓标价2,500万美元。他认为,这座城市蓬勃发展的科技行业、以及来自欧洲买家的兴趣是外国人购买豪宅数量激增的主要原因。Other markets on the list are similar to Panama City. The Central American hub is poised for rapid growth thanks to a mix of foreign investment and government policies that benefit international buyers, said Andrea Kam, a consultant for real-estate brokerage Bonavivi in Panama City. 这份名单上的其他城市与巴拿马城相似。巴拿马城房地产中介Bonavivi的顾问卡姆(Andrea Kam)称,得益于外国投资以及巴拿马政府有利于国际买家的政策,巴拿马的豪宅市场即将出现快速增长。The global recession hit some markets on the list particularly hard, but the report says home prices are rebounding. In Dublin, for example, inventory is tightening and demand is rising, said Graham Murray, head of residential for Savills in Dublin. 全球经济衰退对名单上某些市场的打击尤其惨重,但这份报告称,住宅价格正在反弹。第一太平戴维斯驻都柏林的住宅业务主管默里(Graham Murray)举例称,都柏林的住宅存量在减少,而需求却在增长。 /201405/294374哈尔滨省中心医院口碑好不好

哈尔滨的人流医院Petra Diamonds announced its discovery of what may very well be the largest blue diamond to ever be unearthed at the Cullinan mine in South Africa.佩特拉钻石公司近日宣布,他们在南非库利南钻石矿发现了一颗很有可能是迄今为止最大的蓝钻石。It is the size of a strawberry and weighs a bit less than three pound coins.它和一颗草莓差不多大,比3枚一英镑硬币略轻。But if you had this rare blue beauty in your pocket you would be carrying around a diamond that could be worth more than #163;60million.要是你能将这颗蓝色尤物装进自己的口袋,那你等于随身带了一颗价值超过6千万英镑(约为6.3亿人民币)的钻石。Anyone who buys it, however, will be hoping for better luck than the owners of the famous deep blue Hope Diamond. It supposedly puts a curse on those who possess it, as the guillotined Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette discovered.这颗钻石的买家得祈祷自己拥有比著名的“希望蓝钻”的拥有者更好的运气。“希望蓝钻”被认为会为拥有者带来厄运,比如被送上断头台的路易十六夫妇。Blue diamonds get their colour from small amounts of the chemical element boron trapped in their crystal structure. The more ‘blue’ it is, the greater the value. They are the rarest diamonds after red, which are almost never found.蓝钻石的晶体结构中含有的化学元素硼是蓝色的由来。蓝色越深,钻石的价值越高。蓝钻石是第二稀有的钻石,仅次于极难被发现的红钻石。The Cullinan mine is recognised as the most important diamond mine in the world. It is famous for producing the world’s largest white diamond, the 3,106-carat Cullinan Diamond, which was found in 1905.库利南钻石矿被认为是世界上最重要的钻石矿。它因1905年发现的世界最大的白钻石——3106克拉的库利南钻石而声名远播。 /201406/306214 呼兰区中心医院贵么黑龙江省哈尔滨市中医医院正规的吗



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