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There are those pet-lovers for whom a cat is too conventional and a mutt simply too mundane.But it appears they wouldn’t turn up their nose at a skunk.   对于那些标新立异的宠物爱好者来说,养猫养可能已经过于平淡无奇,早过时了。对他们来说,哪怕是臭鼬所放出的臭气也并非忍无可忍   Breeders estimate that there are around 2,000 kept as domestic pets, and demand is increasing.   据相关人士估计,目前在英国约000左右的臭鼬被当成家养宠物,而且这样的需求还一直在增长之中  Katie Sleightholme, 30, allows her skunk, Busby, the run of her home. She paid 75 for her pet, who is 17in long, and weighs 10lb, but skunks can cost up to ,500 in a shop.   现年30岁的Katie Sleightholme放任她的宠物臭鼬Busby在家中横冲直撞。当初,她花75英镑买下了这7英寸长重10磅的小家伙,而现如今,宠物店里臭鼬的标价已经飙升到了1500英镑  The mother-of three, who aly has two dogs, 13 guinea pigs, three rabbits and two hamsters, says her children Ella, eight, Alfie, five, and 19-month-old Maisie dote on their new pet.   Katie现在是三个孩子的母亲,他们家已经养有两只,十三只几内亚猪,三只兔子以及两只仓鼠,据她表示,八岁的Ella、五岁的Alfie和十九个月大的Maisie都非常喜爱这只新宠物  She said: ‘Most nights he will crawl up and sleep on my shoulder and snuggle into my neck.   她说:“常常在晚上,他会爬上来,趴在我肩头睡着,就依偎在我的脖子旁。 /201104/131412。

Be Locked out被锁在了门外Hello.I have left my key in my room.But I cant get in now.你好,我把钥匙落到房间里了,现在进不去May I have your name and room number?能告诉我您的名字和房间号吗?l am Molowo and my room is 5.我叫马络,房间号是5OK.sir. Please go upstairs. Someone will open the door you.好的,先生,请上楼吧,有人会为您开门的Thanks a Iot.非常感谢 36957。

Clean Energy And Oil IndependenceIt seems that energy and climate legislation is increasingly being presented as a plan to curb U.S. dependence on foreign oil. And that - if true - would presumably bring a whole raft of benefits, including a cleaner environment, weakened petro-states, a healthier trade balance, and a tidier foreign policy. If only.The latest call comes from the left-leaning think tank, Center for American Progress, in a report released today, 'Securing America's Future.' The thrust of the argument is: Clean-energy legislation in the U.S. will lessen the country's dependence on oil, which these days essentially means foreign oil.Echoing other recent calls by military leaders, CAP says that reducing that dependence would allow the country to sidestep an unattractive future, especially in the national-security sphere:'[America's] need for steady supplies of oil means it must adjust its behavior and strategies in order to maintain relations with less than-savory regimes including Venezuela, Nigeria, and Russia. These countries, as well as smaller nations such as Angola, will therefore hold an increasingly disproportional amount of bilateral and regional power, while the ed States has diminished leverage and constrained policy options in strategic regions such as the Middle East and Central Asia.'That's not even including the potential economic benefits - the U.S. spent .5 trillion on oil imports over the past decade, and last year's bill amounted to 2.3% of gross domestic product, a record level, CAP says.All that is true - but the problem is that the legislation under consideration in Congress wouldn't really do much to dent America's oil appetite. As CAP notes, the Waxman-Markey bill would reduce U.S. oil consumption in 2020 by a mere 876 thousand barrels a day, or about 4.5% of total U.S. oil consumption.And that means that a U.S. oil diet won't necessarily reshape the world or weaken petrostates. CAP argues that lower U.S. dependence would weaken oil producers such as Iran by freeing up China to buy more oil from 'stable nations.' Maybe so - but China has been busy inking oil and gas deals with Iran, Sudan, Myanmar, and Russia, and not just because U.S. demand has been crowding it out of 'friendly' suppliers.The fact is that China's demand for oil more than tripled over the last 15 years, and few analysts expect the country's double-digit economic growth to eschew a similar demand for oil in coming years. Even if the U.S. cuts back a little on oil consumption, in other words, China (and other developing countries) will more than make up the slack - which will keep today's petrostates in business all the same.There are plenty of potential benefits in the energy and climate legislation currently in Congress, but disarming the world's petroleum producers doesn't appear to be one of them. /08/82754。

导购口语:We will send our staff to fix it soon.我们马上会派员工去修理We will send a man right out to look at it.我们马上会派人去查看We will get it fixed soon.我们很快就派人去修理 语句: send sb. right out to look at something 马上派人去查看... ...;get sth. Fixed 派人去修理 情景再现:If you are free,our repairman will come to you.如果你有时间,我们的修理人员去上门维修We will send someone to repair it.我们会派人去修的 9。

第期:Looking a Seat 找座位Y:May I sit here?Y:我可以坐这里吗?X:Im afraid this seat is taken.X:这个座位恐怕有人坐了Y:Oh,is it? Thank you anyway.Y:哦,是吗?不管怎么样仍谢谢你X:Youre welcome .Why if you ask the conductor when he comes by?He should help you find one.X:别客气待会儿列车长过来时,你何不问问他呢?他应该会帮你找一个座位Y:Thank you.Y:谢谢你其他出国旅游英语句型:1.Thank you anyway. 不管怎么样,还是谢谢你当我们向别人请求帮忙,但对方却有事或帮不上忙时,咱们为了表示礼貌,事虽不成但仍一样表示感谢之意,此时,就可说这样的一句话了anyway adv. 反正,不管怎么样例:A:Would you like a snack?B:Im on a diet.A:It my treat.B:No.Thank you anyway.甲:你想吃点零食吗?乙:我正在节食呢甲:我请客乙:不了不管怎样,还是谢谢你.He should help you find one. 他会帮你找个位子a.这个句子原来应是这样的:He should help you to find one.也就是说,其句型是“help+宾语+to+动词原形”,但to往往省略例:Alice helped me(to)water the flowers.艾丽斯帮我浇花b.help亦有下列用法:help+宾语+with+名词例:Peter helped me with my income tax m.彼得帮我填所得税申报表c.help作名词时,可做“帮手”、“帮助”解例:Johnny is no help at all,强尼一点忙也帮不上Thank you fox your help.谢谢你的帮忙 351。

预订婚宴我想问一下能不能订个婚宴?A: Xinhua Hotel. May I help you? 新华宾馆能帮您什么忙吗?B: I want to ask if you could arrange a wedding party.我想问一下能不能订个婚宴?同类问句:Banqueting and Conference Section. May I help you? 这里是宴会部有什么要我帮您的吗?My name is Zhou. My daughter getting married in six weeks on June and I would like you to do the catering, please. 我姓周我女儿6个星期以后,也就是6月号要结婚,我想请你们来承办婚宴婚宴详情你能再说详细一点吗?A:Certainly, sir. Can you give me some more details, please? 好的, 先生,您能再说详细一点吗?B:Well, the wedding on June, as I say. 好,我刚才说了,婚礼是在6月 号同类问句:And how many guests will there be, sir? 有多少人来参加,先生?The guest list stands at around 0 at the moment. 现在客人名单上大概有 0人左古I see. And what time will you want the reception to start, sir? 我知道了婚宴要什么时候开始,先生?After the service at about half past three. 仪式之后,大概3点半左右Thank you. Were you thinking of having Chinese or western food, sir? 谢谢您考虑是要中式菜点呢,还是西式菜点,先生? 3。

1.I am sorry to say that you are not accepted by our HR manager.很遗憾,你没有通过我们人力资源经理的面试.Sony to hear that, but could you let me inmed why I failed?真难过,但你能否告诉我失败的原因?3.I have just received your note which inms me that you have offered the ant position to another candidate.我收到你的通知,得知你已经把会计一职给了别人.Experience is important, but dont you think capability is more valuable than that?经验固然重要,但能力不是更重要吗?5.Maybe you can hire me on trial.也许你们可以先给我个试用期6.I failed in the job interview.我面试没通过7.Which part of it do you think is not good?面试的哪一部分表现不好呢?8.You are not good at persuading and influencing others.你不太擅长说和影响别人9.It is just not suitable you.你不适合这个职位.You should learn the lessons and pick yourself up.你应该吸取教训,继续向前Dialogue 1Dialogue 1A: Hello, this is Lin Tao. I am calling to inquire about my interview result last week.A: 你好,我是林涛a我想问问上 周面试的结果B: Hi,I am sony to say that your experience doesnt fit the job at all.B: 你好很遗憾,你的经历不适合这个职位A: Sorry to hear that, but could you inm me why I failed?A: 真遗憾,但是你能否告诉我:我为什么会失败?B: I have to say your education and experience are very outstanding, but it seems that you are tiot good at working in a team which we attach great importance to.B: 你的教育和资历都很出色,但 是你似乎不太擅长团队合作, 而我们又很注重团队的合作Dialogue Dialogue A: I have just received your note which inms me that you have offered the ant position to another candidate. May I ask why I was defeated?A: 我收到你的通知,得知你已经 把会计一职给了别人我能知道我落选的原因?B: We have thought of you carefully with discretion, but the other candidate has more experiences.B: 我们认真地考虑过你,但是另 外一个候选人经验更丰富一些A: Experience is important, but dont you think capability is more valuable than that?A:经验固然重要,但一个人的能力难道不是更重要吗?B: Yes, I think so. But how do you prove to me that you are more capable?B:是的,我同意,但是怎么明 你比别人更有能力呢?A: Maybe you can hire me on trial. If Im not qualified the job, you can let me go.A: 也许你们可以先对我进行试用, 不合格的话再裁掉也不迟B: Good idea.B: 好主意 3586。

请假Asking a Leave今天请假takehave the day offask leave todayA: Hello!Mr.Johnson,this is Zhang Qiang.It seems that I have caught a cold.Id like to have a day off.B: That fine.Have a rest today.打电话请病假call in sickA: Where is Emily?B: She called in sick today.A: Ok,I got it.请病假take a sick dayA: Did Lucy take a sick day today?B: Yes,she didnt feel very good.产假maternity leaveA: Why is Betty absent?B: She is on maternity leave.带薪假期paid vacationA: How many paid vacation days do we have?B: Two weeks a year.填请假单fill in the request m taking the day offfill in the absence mA: Hey,Cindy,Ive got some family issues so I need to take this morning off.B: All right,please fill in the request m taking the day off.A: Sure,I will submit it your approval.B: Ok.安排好手头的工作arrange everything on handA: Bob,I need to attend a wedding this Thursday,could I ask a day off?B: Can you arrange everything on hand?A: No problem.B: Ok,fill in an absence m,and I will sign it.我想休假两周I would like to take my two weeks vacation time.A: Manager,I often feel tired these days,could I take a holiday?B: How long did you have in mind?A: I would like to take my two weeks vacation time. 198。