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南岗区结扎复通多少钱伊春妇幼保健妇保医院电话多少Pope Benedict Visits 9/11 Terrorist Attack Site天主教教皇走访纽约世贸大厦遗址  Pope Benedict XVI began his last day in the ed States at Ground Zero, the site of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on New York.  教皇本笃十六世以参观纽约世贸大厦遗址开始他最后一天对美国的访问。世贸大厦遗址是2001年9月11号发生恐怖袭击的地方。 The pontiff brought his message of peace to hallowed ground as the popemobile descended the ramp to the lowest levels of the former World Trade Center site. 在教皇乘坐的专车徐徐驶下斜坡抵达前世贸中心遗址的最低一层时,教皇给这个神圣的地方带来了和平的信息。Pope Benedict knelt in silent prayer on a pew placed in front of a large candle, which he then lit.  本笃教皇跪在一大蜡烛前的一个可以放置双手下跪祈祷的跪台上默默地祈祷,然后起身点燃了蜡烛。The pope then offered a brief prayer for peace and healing for survivors and the families of victims of the attacks in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.  接着,教皇作了一个简短的祷告,乞求上天让发生在纽约、华盛顿和宾州的恐怖袭击的幸存者和受难者家属获得平安,让他们的创伤得到愈合。"Oh God of love, compassion and healing, look on us people of many faiths and traditions who gather today at this site of incredible violence and pain. We ask in your goodness to give eternal light and peace to all who died here, to heroic first responders, along with a the innocent men and women who were victims of this tragedy simply because their work or service brought them here on September 11th, 2001," he said. 教皇说:“啊,充满爱、同情和拥有治愈大能的上帝,请看顾我们这些拥有不同信仰和不同传统的人。我们今天聚集在这个发生过可怕的暴力和痛苦的地方。我们请求您的慈爱永远照耀那些在这里逝去的人,那些英勇地首先作出反应的人,以及在2001年9月11号那一天,仅仅因为工作或务来到这里、使他们成为无辜受害者的男男女女,让他们获得安息。”The pope then met individually with two-dozen survivors and representatives of victims' families.  接着,教皇会见了20多个幸存者和受难者家属的代表,同他们一一进行了交谈。According to officials, Benedict XVI insisted that a stop at Ground Zero be put on the schedule of his three-day visit to New York. For the low key, secular occasion, the Pope wore a long white overcoat in marked contrast to the more elaborate vestments he has worn throughout the rest of his six-day visit to the ed States. 有关官员说,是本笃十六世坚持把访问世贸大厦遗址列入他对纽约三天访问的行程中的。为这个低调的世俗场合,教皇穿了一件白色长大衣,这与他在美国的六天访问中始终穿着比较精美的正式饰形成鲜明对比。 200804/35850黑龙江省九院有微创手术吗 Tip Top Trading is growing fast – our number of clients doubled last year.Tip Top Trading正在飞速成长,去年我们的客户数量增加了一倍。This is because our company这是因为我们的公司……Yes, but try not to bark out information like a robot.是的,但是别像机器人一样那么严肃的说出这些信息。Look people in the eye, slow down and try to be more conversational…. oh, and smile!看着人们的眼睛,慢点说,试着更健谈一些,别忘了微笑啊!Tip Top Trading is growing fast – our number of clients doubled last year.Tip Top Trading正在飞速成长,去年我们的客户数量增加了一倍。This is because our company has a strong track record of reliability and because, thanks to new technology, our fruits are more and more convincing.这是因为我们公司在可靠性上一向有很好的记录,多亏了新技术,我们的水果越来越使人信。Our bananas have won awards for being the most authentic looking fruits in Europe.我们的香蕉在欧洲赢得了最逼真的水果奖。We are very happy that Citrus Ventures is aly among our clients and we hope to build on that by offering you more exciting new fruits.我们很高兴Citrus Ventures已经是我们的客户了,而且我们希望通过为你们提供更出色的新水果产品来增强我们的联系。Let me share with you our latest product: the Imperial Lemon.让我给你们看看最新的产品:皇家柠檬。The Imperial Lemons key strengths are its design and flexibility.皇家柠檬的主要优点是它的设计和多样性。It is made with revolutionary faux orange premium, laser curve definition technology...它们由革命性优质的人造橘子制成,含有激光曲线定义技术…… /201701/483832哈尔滨流产多少钱啊

哈尔滨一院四维彩超价格鹤岗妇幼保健妇保医院妇科电话多少 Democrats, Republicans Respond to Bush Decisions on Iraq美国会民主党人批评布什伊战决定  Democrats are criticizing President Bush's latest decisions on military deployments in Iraq, based on recommendations of the U.S. military commander and senior U.S. diplomat in the country. Republicans supported the president, who approved a plan to reduce the length of U.S. troop deployments, but suspend force withdrawals from Iraq after July. 美国国会民主党人批评布什总统就美军在伊拉克部署所作的最新决定,布什根据美军驻伊拉克最高指挥官和美国驻伊拉克大使的建议作出这一决定。布什批准了一项缩短美军部署时间的计划,但是同时决定在今年7月之后暂停美国从伊拉克撤军。共和党人持这个决定。 Appearing after President Bush announced his decisions at the White House, Democratic House and Senate leaders held a news conference in the U.S. Capitol. 布什总统在白宫宣布了他的决定之后,国会参众两院的民主党领袖在国会山举行了一场记者会。Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid referred to the week's testimony by U.S. Iraq commander General Petraeus and Ryan Crocker, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, and noted that after July, when the U.S. military surge force is withdrawn, U.S. troops in Iraq will still number about 140,000: 参议院民主党领袖里德谈到了美军最高指挥官彼得雷乌斯将军和美国驻伊拉克大使克罗克本周在国会的词。他说,在7月份美国增援部队撤出伊拉克之后,美国在伊拉克的军人仍将有大约14万。"This is not a so-called troop withdrawal pause," he said. "With today's announcement the president signaled to the American people that he has no intention of bringing home anymore troops. Instead he is leaving all the tough decisions to the only person that is going to have to make those tough decisions, the next president of the ed States." 他说:“这并不是所谓的暂停撤军。总统今天宣布的消息向美国人民发出了一个信号,那就是他不想再让更多军人返回家园。相反,他将把这个棘手的决定留给另外一个人去作,那就是美国的下一届总统。”House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accuses the president of dragging the war out, and repeats the assertion that Iraq is diverting attention from Afghanistan, where Democrats say the real war on terrorism needs to be fought: 众议院议长佩洛西指责布什总统拖延战争,并再次断言说,伊拉克抢走了阿富汗应该得到的关注。民主党人认为,阿富汗才是真正应该进行反恐战争的战场。"When we know that the real war on terror is in Afghanistan, how can we have that real effort with a sustained effort in Iraq continuing?" she asked. 她说:“当我们知道真正的反恐战争在阿富汗时,我们怎么还能继续把反恐的真正努力继续放在伊拉克呢?”With Reid and Pelosi were representatives of two military veterans groups opposed to the president's Iraq policies 与里德参议员及佩洛西议长一起出席记者会的是两个退伍军人组织的代表,这些组织都反对布什总统的伊拉克政策。John Soltz is an Iraq war veteran who heads the VoteVets.org: 索尔兹是一名从伊拉克战场退伍的老兵,他也是“老兵投票”网站的负责人。"For the president to stand up tonight and explain to the country that he is somehow going to lower troop levels from 15 months to 12 months starting August 1 is a direct misrepresentation of the truth," he said. 他说:“总统今晚站在那里对全国解释说,从8月1号开始,他将把军人的部署时间从15个月减少到12月,这是对真相的直接错误表述。”President Bush's decision on reducing deployments to 12 months would take effect on August 1, but would not affect U.S. forces aly deployed on the front lines. 布什总统决定把部队在伊拉克部署的时间减少为12个月,这个决定将在8月1号生效,但是该决定不影响已经在伊拉克前线部署的美国军队。Bobby Muller, who heads Veterans for America, calls the decision effectively meaningless:"Half of the front-line units in the Army [are] aly deployed on 15 month deployments," he said. "The majority of the units scheduled to deploy throughout this year are not regular Army anymore. We are going to the domestic unit[s], we're going to the National Guard, the majority are going to be National Guard units who aly served 12 month tours."Republicans welcomed the president's decision, saying it will help reduce stress on U.S. forces. 共和党人欢迎总统的决定,他们说,这个计划有助于减少美国军队的压力。They also focused on the testimony to Congress by General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker, with Republican Senator John Cornyn saying the pace of U.S. withdrawals must be based on conditions: 共和党参议员科宁说,美国撤军的速度必须是有条件的。"We need to leave Iraq when it has the capability to govern and defend itself," he said. "That is because it is in our vital national security interests to do so." 他说:“我们应该在伊拉克有能力治理和保卫自己的时候才离开伊拉克,这符合我们国家关键的安全利益。”Senate Republican Lindsey Graham pronounces as dead any new Democratic efforts to set any timetables: 共和党参议员格雷厄姆说,民主党试图制定时间表的任何新努力都是徒劳的。"I think you would look pretty foolish right now to be quite honest to suggest that the Congress knows more than General Petraeus," he said. 他说:“我认为,坦白地说,如果有人现在说国会比彼得雷乌斯将军了解得还多,那就太愚蠢了。”But Democrats vow to continue their attempts to use legislation to impact the president's Iraq policies will continue, with Pelosi and Reid saying they will mount legislative efforts to formally mandate the amount of time troops must have between deployments, among other things. 可是,民主党人发誓要继续争取用立法来影响布什总统的伊拉克政策。佩罗西和里德说,他们将增加立法努力,包括正式规定美国军队在两次海外部署之间所需要的休整时间。200804/34267哈尔滨无痛流产大概花多少钱

尚志市人民医院在那里US Envoy Urges China to End Barriers to Pollution Technologies美国促中国废除环保产品进口限制 U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has urged Beijing to scrap barriers on imports of pollution-reducing technology. The secretary praised China's appreciating its currency, but said it should continue.  美国财政部长保尔森星期四在北京发表讲话,敦促中国废除那些针对污染减排技术所设立的进口限制措施。保尔森同时赞扬中国允许人民币升值,并且说人民币还应该继续升值。 Secretary Paulson said high tariffs and other trade barriers are preventing the latest anti-pollution products from entering China. 保尔森指出,中国政府设立的高关税和其他贸易壁垒妨碍着最新的防污染产品进入中国。He praised China's energy and emission reduction goals, but said high technology is needed for China's severely polluted air and water. He noted that China is home to 16 of the world's 20 most polluted cities, and is to surpass the ed States as the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gases.  他对中国政府制定的节能减排目标表示赞赏,但是又说,中国需要高新技术来解决严重的空气污染和水源污染问题。保尔森指出,在全世界20个污染最严重的城市中,16个是中国城市;而且中国即将超过美国,变成世界上排放温室效应气体最多的国家。Speaking at China's Academy of Sciences, Paulson said the technology would improve the health and well being of the Chinese people. 保尔森在中国科学院发表讲话时强调,科学技术可以改善中国人民的健康和福祉。"There is something that does not seem economically sensible, and does not seem morally right to, to not be using clean technologies and charging a tariff on them," he said. "So, I think that is one area where we can all work together." 他说:“有些事情从经济上讲是不可理喻的,从道德上讲是不正确的,那就是不但不利用清洁技术,而且还向它们征收关税。因此我认为,在这个领域,我们是能够携手合作的。”Chinese officials have argued Washington's restrictions are the problem. The ed States limits exports of technology believed to have a dual military use. 然而中国官员反驳说,华盛顿的出口限制措施才是这个问题的关键所在。美国政府限制军民两用技术的出口。Paulson met with China's President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao during two-days of meetings. They discussed closer U.S.-China cooperation on energy conservation and an upcoming round of bilateral trade and economic talks. 保尔森在他这次为期两天的中国之行中会见了中国国家主席胡锦涛和中国政府总理温家宝。他们讨论的议题包括美中两国在能源节约方面加强合作以及下一轮有关贸易和经济问题的双边对话。The ed States is hosting a fourth round of the twice a year Strategic Economic Dialogue in June.  美国将在6月主持召开第四轮一年两次的美中战略经济对话。Paulson said it is important that the two countries increase cooperation to target problems they are both facing. 保尔森指出,至关重要的是,美中两国扩大合作来解决双方共同面临的问题。"Long-term structural challenges confront both of our economies," he said. "For the ed States the challenge is to save more and spend less, for China the challenge is to save less and consume more." 他说:“我们两大经济体都面临着长期的结构性挑战。对于美国来说,我们面对的挑战是:如何增加储蓄和减少开;对于中国来说,你们面对的挑战是:如何减少储蓄和增加消费。”He welcomed China's letting its currency, the yuan, rise in value and said it should continue.  保尔森还表示,欢迎中国允许人民币升值,并且希望人民币继续升值。The yuan has increased in value by 18 percent since Beijing ended its fixed exchange rate with the dollar in 2005. The currency is four percent higher against the dollar this year. 自从2005年北京取消了人民币对美元的固定汇率制度以来,人民币迄今为止已经升值18%。仅仅在今年第一季度,人民币对美元汇率就攀升了4%。The yuan is believed by many economists to be undervalued. Washington partly blames the exchange rate for its record trade deficit with China.  很多经济学家认为,人民币的价值被大幅度低估。华盛顿一直抱怨说,美国对华贸易赤字连年打破记录,部分原因就是人民币对美元存在不合理的汇率偏差。 200804/33398 5 下订单3句英文任你选If your price is favorable, we can book an order right away.如果你方价格优惠,我们可以马上订货。OK, I will order the goods now.好的,我们现在就订货。Im y to place an order with you.我准备向你方订货。半个句型要记牢place an order with sb.(向某人下订单)Tip:订货还可以说give an order for/ put in an order/ make an order/pass an order/ order from。订单又分为 formal order(正式订单), limited order(有限订单), market order (按行情订购), original order (原始订单), open order (开口订单) , export order(出口订单), import order (进口订单), verbal order (口头订单)。买方询问可说, Can you accept this order? (你接受这份订单吗?) /201604/434104哈尔滨二四二医院联系电话哈市九州网上预约

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