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是什么让我们渴望去做有道德的事情?神经经济学家Paul Zak将告诉我们,为什么他认为催产素(他把它叫做道德分子)是产生信任,同情心以及其他有助于构建和谐社会的情感。201502/359644l felt that somebody was trying to get something out of this我感觉有人想要从中得利or they were manipulating a situation.或是在操控情势Michael was a target.迈克尔成了个目标Michael had made a lot of money, and unfortunately, in our world,迈克尔赚了很多钱 很遗憾的 在当今社会里we have people out there who would like to get some of your money.有些人也想要分点你的钱And they will do almost anything to get it.并可为此不择手段Michael is my brother. l love him a great deal.迈克尔是我的弟弟 我很爱他La Toya Jackson Press conference, lsrael 1993拉托雅·杰克逊 1993年以色列记者会But l cannot, and l will not be a siIent coIIaborator of his crimes但我不能也不会无视于他对孩子们against small, innocent children.所犯下的罪行lt was hard for me to believe that she believed that this was true.我很难相信她竟然会相信这是真的Just because, if you knew La Toya and you knew Michael, they were so close因为拉托雅与迈克尔感情很好that it just seemed unfathomable that La Toya would speak out against her brother.很难理解拉托雅 为何会公开谴责自己的弟弟l have seen cheques payable to the parents of these children,我看过开给那些孩子父母的票and l dont know if these children were apparently bought,我不知道迈克尔是否与父母协议the parents, by Michael, or not, but l have seen these cheques.收买孩子们 但我确实看过那些票And lve seen these cheques through my mother.我也看过我母亲所开的票Jack Gordon was the guys name who basically put her out there促使她做出这些异于常理的事的to do things that was well out of her character.基本上是杰克·高登l cant really say on television the words for Jack Gordon.我对杰克·高登的 在电视上不能播But he was a man who had no morals and very little class.但他是个没品又道德沦丧的男人201510/402975And there was one final, rather special gift地球和它的孪生星球碰撞最后that the collision with Earths twin bestowed upon our planet.还留给我们星球一个特别的礼物As the debris from the explosion orbited the Earth,爆炸后导致的残骸围绕着地球旋转it began to coalesce, until it formed a new planetary body,the Moon.开始彼此结合形成了一个新的星体 月球But because of the way it formed,ours is unusually large,但是由于它形成的方式 我们的月球很大而且离我们很近and its made an unusually big difference to Earths development.所以它就会对地球的进化产生不寻常的作用As the Moon orbits Earth, its gravity pulls the water and the oceans towards it.月球绕着地球旋转它的重力将水 还有海洋拉起来The constantly changing tidal zone this creates发生潮汐的地点不断变化provided an evolutionary testing ground for Earth s early creatures.为地球早期生物提供了一个进化试验场地But the tides would happen without the Moon,但是潮汐并不是月球给地球生命最大的贡献and are not the Moons greatest contribution to life on Earth.更重要的是多亏了月球Without the Moon,Earths temperature might regularly switchfrom boiling hot to way below freezing.没有月球 地球温度会经常在超高温和超低温之间转换201512/415379

Thats the thing about the idea of a Big Bang.这就是大爆炸理论的观点啊The thing about the idea of a Big Bang is that hes wrong.大爆炸理论的观点是错的Irrational, and wrong.Its my term, Big Bang, I made it up.荒谬的 错的 是我起的名呢 大爆炸 我编的词Do you know why I call it that?Because it sounds like a cartoon.知道我为什么这么叫吗 因为听上去像动画片The Big Bang theory is cartoon physics.大爆炸理论是卡通物理Dennis agrees with this, dont you, Dennis? Lunch?丹尼斯也这么想 对不对 去吃饭啊The pope is the Big Bang man.教皇持大爆炸Because?Because before the Big Bang, there was nothing.为什么 因为大爆炸之前 什么都没有no space, no time, no matter,没有空间 没有时间 没有物质no science, no rules, which leaves room for? Guess who?没有科学 没有规律 那猜猜就剩谁了Lord God Almighty.Religion is the enemy of science, young man.万能的主啊 年轻人 宗教是科学的敌人If Catholicism had its way, we all still live in a flatter,如果天主教当道 那地球还是平的at the centre of the universe with the hell down below而且还是宇宙的中心 脚下有地狱and the heaven just so much on the left of the moon.天堂就挂在月亮的左边This is 1963, God is dead.现在是1963年了 上帝完了Stay away from Big Bangs, cartoons are bad for you.别去想大爆炸 卡通于你无益White dielectric material.Im sorry?白色介电材料 什么Lots of them. Inside antenna horn.有很多 就在天线喇叭内部Had to be it, had to be the cause of the hiss.一定是这些东西引起了嘶嘶声White dielectric material? - Yes.白色介电材料 -没错Pigeon shit, all over the horn.You know what we did?鸽子粪 喇叭上到处都是 知道我们做了什么吗Unbelievable. - Unbelievable.What did you do?难以置信 -难以置信 你们做什么了We posted them.The pigeons?We posted the pigeons.我们寄出去了 寄鸽子吗 我们把鸽子寄出去了The people we worked for had an internal mail and offices are all over American.我们的雇主 有遍布全美的内部邮政和办公机构We posted the pigeons as far away as we can send them.我们把鸽子尽量地往远了送Did it work?They came home.There was the homie pigeons.They werent y to leave.So what did you do?起作用了吗 他们飞回来了 这些鸽子很恋家 他们就是不肯走 那你们怎么办201512/415413


栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201603/430663

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