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We seek power.We build empires.We connect.我们追求权力 我们建立帝国 我们相互联结But one mans life and death但有一个人的生死Will touch the lives of millions.将会改变千万人的命运It will transform the destiny of an empire将会改变一个帝国的命运And change the story of all of us.改变我们所有人的故事Amidst the chaos of an unforgiving planet,这颗星球残酷无情 在无数混乱中Most species will fail.大多数物种将会在劫难逃But for one, all the pieces will fall into place,但是有一个物种 却有条不紊地进化着And a set of keys will unlock a path for mankind to triumph.一串钥匙将开启人类通往胜利的道路This is our story, the story of all of us.这就是我们的故事 我们所有人的故事Jerusalem, 33 A.D.A provincial city under Roman rule.耶路撒冷 公元33年 犹太省的首府 已受罗马统治Occupied for 100 years.A man has been sentenced to death.一百年了 一名男子被判处死刑Today hell be executed.But his death will launch a global religion.今天 他将被处决 但他的死将成就世界一大宗教Today, a third of mankind worships in his name...Jesus of Nazareth.如今 世界上三分之一的人视之为神明 他就是拿撒勒(巴勒斯坦北部古城)的耶稣201510/401799German police arrest two suspects in raid德国警方逮捕两名恐怖袭击嫌疑人Police in neighboring Germany say they have also arrested two people following a raid on 11 properties linked to radical Islamic Salafists.德国警方突袭伊斯兰激进派萨派名下11处房产后将两名恐怖袭击嫌疑人逮捕。The arrests followed months of investigation into five Turkish citizens aged 31 to 44.此次逮捕是历时几个月对5名31至44岁的土耳其公民调查后才进行实施的。Police said they believe the suspects were ;preparing a serious act of violence against the state in Syria; and laundering money.警方表示他们认为该2名嫌疑人涉嫌对叙利亚展开一系列暴力袭击及洗钱行动。Some 250 police officers took part in the raid in Berlin.大约有250名警察参加了此次在柏林的突袭行动。But authorities said there were no indications that the group had been planning attacks inside Germany.但当局表示没有迹象明这个组织计划在德国内部制造袭击。201501/354857



  The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant has officially turned on a large ice wall in order to combat water contamination.福岛第一核电站已经正式开启大冰墙防治水污染。In 2011, an earthquake and subsequent tsunami caused a devastating meltdown at the Tokyo Electric Power Co. plant.2011年,地震和随后的海啸造成东京电力公司毁灭性的灾难。The newly activated technology is intended to create a barrier of frozen soil between the plant and groundwater to prevent any contamination from seeping into the sea.新活化技术旨在工厂和地下水间建立冻土屏障,防止任何污染渗入海洋。Right now, TEPCO is treating and storing thousands of tons of water that pass through the facility. But the plants running out of storage space; the ice wall is meant to help with that issue.现在,东京电力公司正在处理和储存通过设备的数千吨水。但工厂的储存空间正在用完,冰墙就是为了解决这个问题。The companys news comes the same week Japanese media reported public prosecutors would not pursue charges against the plant for allegedly violating environmental law.就在公司发布消息的同一周,日本媒体报道检察官不会对涉嫌违反环境法的工厂进行指控。After plant failures, plaintiffs, including nearby residents, filed criminal complaints alleging TEPCO allowed contaminated water to seep into the sea.装置故障后,原告以及附近居民提起刑事控告称东京电力公司允许污染水渗入海洋。译文属。201604/435105


  And there was one final, rather special gift地球和它的孪生星球碰撞最后that the collision with Earths twin bestowed upon our planet.还留给我们星球一个特别的礼物As the debris from the explosion orbited the Earth,爆炸后导致的残骸围绕着地球旋转it began to coalesce, until it formed a new planetary body,the Moon.开始彼此结合形成了一个新的星体 月球But because of the way it formed,ours is unusually large,但是由于它形成的方式 我们的月球很大而且离我们很近and its made an unusually big difference to Earths development.所以它就会对地球的进化产生不寻常的作用As the Moon orbits Earth, its gravity pulls the water and the oceans towards it.月球绕着地球旋转它的重力将水 还有海洋拉起来The constantly changing tidal zone this creates发生潮汐的地点不断变化provided an evolutionary testing ground for Earth s early creatures.为地球早期生物提供了一个进化试验场地But the tides would happen without the Moon,但是潮汐并不是月球给地球生命最大的贡献and are not the Moons greatest contribution to life on Earth.更重要的是多亏了月球Without the Moon,Earths temperature might regularly switchfrom boiling hot to way below freezing.没有月球 地球温度会经常在超高温和超低温之间转换201512/415379

  Unlike laws made by humans,the laws of nature cannot ever be broken.不同于人所制定的法规 自然法则永远不可违背Thats why they are so powerful and,when seen from a religious standpoint,controversial,too.所以它们的威力才会如此强大 而从宗教观点来看 也才会充满争议if you accept, as I do,that the laws of nature are fixed,若你和我一样认同 自然法则永远不变then it doesnt take long to ask,what role is there for God?应该很快就会发问 上帝的角色为何This is a big part of the contradiction between science and religion.这就是科学与宗教抵触的重大论点And although my views have recently made headlines,虽然我的观点近期成为头条it is actually an ancient conflict.但其实这是由来已久的争议Back in 1277,Pope John XXl felt so threatened by the idea of laws of nature that he decreed them a heresy.回到1277年 教皇约翰21世 深感自然法则思想的威胁 于是颁布教令指其为异端邪说Unfortunately,that did nothing to change the law governing gravity.无奈这无法影响重力法则A few months later,the palace roof collapsed and fell on the Popes head.数个月后 宫殿的屋顶崩塌 落在教皇头上But organized religion soon found a solution.但高度组织化的宗教 很快就找出了解决之道For the next few hundred years,接下来数百年it was simply stated that the laws of nature were the work of God,他们声称 自然法则是出自上帝之手and God could break them if he wished to.只要上帝有意就能打破201603/429531栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201510/404606

  Once it arrives at Mars,当火星车到达火星时the whole mass of the planet will stand in the way.火星本身就会阻碍通信Mars itself rotates as the Earth rotates,火星也会和地球一样自转and so sometimes, even if we wanted to talk to Curiosity,某些时刻 尽管我们想与好奇号联系we couldnt.我们也不能Because we just have the whole planet between us and Curiosity.因为整个行星挡我们和好奇号之间A Martian day lasts 24 hours and 40 minutes.火星一日有24小时40分钟For half of that time,其中一半时间the rover will drop behind the red planets horizon,火星车将处在火星地平线之下out of view of Earths antennas.远离地球天线的接收范围When Curiosity arrives,当好奇号抵达时night will be falling on Mars.降落点正好迎来夜晚Midway through its perilous landing procedure,在十分危险的着陆过程中the team will lose direct contact with the spacecraft.控制团队将失去与航天器的直接联系But NASA can rely on help但是美国宇航局可以依靠from some previous Mars missions.以往的火星任务来提供帮助重点解释:1.arrive at到达例句:I wish he would arrive at some conclusion.但愿他会有一结论。2.even if 即使;虽然例句:Even if I fail this time, I would try again.即使我这次失败了,我还要再试试。 201512/419214TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201604/436896


  Wang Jianlins wealth balloons on stock value hike王健林身家超李嘉诚亚洲首富又换人Chinese real estate tycoon Wang Jianlin is once again the richest man in Asia, surpassing Li Ka-shing, the most recent owner of the title.中国房地产大亨王健林超过李嘉诚再次成为亚洲首富。According to the Bloomberg rich list, Wang sits on US38.1 billion, making him the richest man in Asia and the 11th richest in the world.彭富豪榜显示王健林以381亿美元身家成为亚洲首富、全球富豪排行中居第11位。That is thanks to a continuous rise in the stock value of his listed assets:这是由于他的股价持续上涨的结果:Wanda Cinema Line and Wanda Commercial Properties, which expanded 74 percent and 33 percent respectively in April.4月份万达影视、万达商业地产分别增长74%和33%。201505/373583。


  明天就是情人节,我们今天就来学学各种感情状态的英语说法吧!不管你哪种状态,都祝happy Valentines Day!201508/390319


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