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2019年12月12日 04:27:14

UN Security Council Imposes New Sanctions on N. Korea联合国安理会对北韩实施新制裁  After more than two weeks of negotiations among the permanent five veto-wielding members of the Security Council, the full 15-member council adopted a resolution Friday condemning and sanctioning North Korea for its May 25 underground nuclear test. The action came as concerns grow that Pyongyang may be preparing for yet another nuclear test.联合国安理会一致同意,对北韩5月25号进行地下核试验实施新的更加严厉的制裁。与此同时,人们越来越担心平壤可能在准备进行新的核试验。联合国安理会里拥有否决权的5个常任理事国经过两个多星期的磋商之后,安理会15个成员国星期五一致通过决议,谴责北韩最近的核试验,并实施新的制裁。U.S. envoy Rosemary DiCarlo said Resolution 1874 provides a strong and united international response to North Korea that its behavior is unacceptable.美国的联合国代表罗斯马丽.迪卡洛说,第1874号决议用强硬语言表达了国际社会对北韩核试验的一致态度,那就是北韩的行径不可接受。"This resolution will give us new tools to impair North Korea's ability to proliferate and threaten international stability," she said.迪卡洛说:“这项决议赋予我们新的手段,削弱北韩进行扩散和威胁国际稳定的能力。”Among its provisions, Resolution 1874 strengthens an existing arms embargo and expands it to include a ban on all weapons exports from North Korea. It also allows for the inspection of suspect cargo on ships and airplanes, and the confiscation and disposal of any banned items that are found. 联合国安理会第1874号决议的条款包括,加强现有的武器禁运规定,增加了禁止所有从北韩出口的武器等内容。决议还允许对船只和飞机上的可疑货物进行检查,并授权对发现的任何违禁物品给予没收和处置。On the financial side, the resolution forbids transactions and money flows that could support Pyongyang's missile or nuclear program. It also prohibits all financial assistance other than for humanitarian or development purposes.这项决议在资金方面对北韩的制裁措施有,禁止有可能资助平壤导弹项目或核计划的各种交易和资金流向。决议还禁止对北韩的一切资金援助,人道主义或发展目的援助除外。Britain's Deputy Ambassador Philip Parnham was one of several council members who was quick to point out that these sanctions are targeted at North Korea's leaders and not its people. 英国驻联合国副代表菲利普.帕纳姆等几个成员国立即指出,这些制裁措施针对北韩领导人而不是北韩人民。"These measures are carefully targeted at the nuclear and missile and weapons of mass destruction programs of North Korea, we are not talking here about general economic sanctions. These measures should not adversely affect the economic situation of the people of North Korea, which as we all know is aly dire," he said.帕纳姆说:“这些经过认真磋商的制裁措施针对的是北韩的核计划、导弹计划和大规模杀伤性武器计划。我们在这里讨论的不是普遍的经济制裁。因此这些措施不应该对北韩人民的经济处境产生不良影响,我们都知道北韩的经济已经处境悲惨。”One of the resolution's strengths is that it has the backing of Pyongyang's allies China and Russia.说这项决议有力度,原因之一就是它得到了平壤盟友中国和俄罗斯的持。Chinese Ambassador Zhang Yesui told reporters after the vote that Beijing was firmly opposed to North Korea's nuclear test and wants to see a denuclearized Korean peninsula. He said China voted for the resolution because it is balanced and offers a way out for Pyongyang.中国常驻联合国代表张业遂在表决之后对记者说,北京坚决反对北韩进行核试验,北京希望看到一个无核化的朝鲜半岛。他说,中国对这项决议投了赞成票是因为其内容适当,并为平壤指明了出路。"As you can see from the language, the resolution not only contains sanction measures, it also contains some positive messages to the DPRK. It also emphasizes the importance of addressing the DPRK nuclear issue peacefully, through political and diplomatic means," he said.张业遂说:“正如大家从用词中可以看到,决议内容不仅包含制裁措施,它还向朝鲜民主主义人民共和国传递了一些积极的信息。决议还强调了和平地、通过政治和外交手段解决朝鲜民主主义人民共和国核问题的重要性。”The text also provides for the possibility of the lifting of or suspending of sanctions if North Korea complies with several measures.决议内容还规定,如果北韩遵从若干措施,就有可能取消或暂停制裁。North Korea's ambassador was not present at Friday's vote. In the past Pyongyang has dismissed Security Council action against it.星期五投票时北韩驻联合国代表没有到场。平壤过去对安理会的制裁决议置之不理。The council has imposed sanctions on North Korea before, but has not strictly enforced them, in part, because North Korea participated in the Six Party Talks. But recently, Pyongyang has said it is done with dialogue, and ratcheted up rhetoric, saying it would use its nuclear weapons against any country violating its sovereignty.安理会此前对北韩实施过几项制裁,但是都没有严格执行,部分原因是北韩当时参加六方会谈。不过最近平壤表示终止对话,还加强了说话的语气,表示要用核武器打击侵犯其主权的任何国家。06/74163淄博生孩子多少钱Maternal love helps you deal better with stress and anxiety later in lifeBabies given more love and affection by their mothers deal better with stress and anxiety when they grow up, research has shown.The study looked at eight-month-old children - meaning even the very earliest life experiences which we do not remember in adulthood can influence our well-being.Lots of maternal love makes children form a secure bond with their mothers, meaning they are able to feel secure in relationships when grown up, will have better social skills and cope better with lifes difficulties, the study found.Despite growing interest in how early life affects us in adulthood, most previous studies have relied on peoples recollections - whereas this research tracked participants from early childhood to adult life.The researchers, led by Dr Joanna Maselko of Duke University in North Carolina, rated the relationships of 482 eight-month-old babies with their mothers during routine developmental assessment.They looked at how well the mother had coped with her childs developmental tests and how she had responded to the childs performance.The amount of affection and attention she gave to her child was categorised into groups ranging from negative to extravagant.Mental health was then assessed when the babies had grown up - at the average age of 34.Adults whose mothers had been the most affectionate during their assessment as babies had the lowest levels of anxiety, hostility and general distress.Vocabulary:extravagant: very extreme or impressive but not reasonable or practical(无节制的;过分的)背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/110348槐荫区中医院在那里Early US Voting Appears to Favor Democrats美国提前投票情况似有利于民主党  Election officials in several closely-contested states say Democrats are turning out to vote early in greater numbers than Republicans. With 34 states allowing voters to go to the polls in person before election day, experts estimate that up to 30 percent of U.S. voters are likely to cast their votes before November 4. 在美国几个竞选激烈的州,选举官员说,民主党选民提前投票的人数超过共和党人。美国有34个州允许选民在选举日之前到投票站投票,专家估计有多达30%的美国选民可能在11月4号之前投票。Across the country, Americans are aly streaming to election offices to cast their ballots for the next president. Officials in early voting states are reporting record turnouts. State and county figures show that Democrats are voting early in greater numbers in Ohio, North Carolina, Iowa, Nevada and New Mexico.  美国各地选民陆续不断地到选举办公室投票选举下一任总统。在提前进行投票的州里,官员们报告的投票人数创下记录。州和县的数据显示,在俄亥俄州、北卡罗来纳州、爱奥华州、内华达州和新墨西哥州,大量民主党人都提前投票。In Georgia, African Americans are voting in greater numbers than they did in 2004. 在乔治亚州,非洲裔美国人的投票人数多于2004年的人数。Michael McDonald is an elections expert at George Mason University in Virginia who tracks early voting patterns. He says this year's early voting is trending very different from past elections. 关注提前投票趋势的弗吉尼亚州乔治梅森大学选举问题专家麦克唐纳说,今年提前投票的趋势和以往非常不同。"We are seeing an early voter electorate that tends to tip a little bit towards the Democrats and also towards African Americans," McDonald said. "So right now, this looks to be an early vote that will favor Obama. And what is significant about this is that usually the early vote favors the Republicans. So to see the Democrats in a better position in early voting at this stage in the game is a bit unusual."  麦克唐纳说:“我们看到提前投票的选民有一点偏向民主党人,还偏向非洲裔美国人。所以目前的提前选举看上去是有利于奥巴马的。可是重要之处是,过去的提前选举都是有利于共和党人的。所以,在目前阶段看到提早投票使民主党处于有利地位是有些不同寻常。”Paul Gronke of the Early Voting Information Center at Reed College in Oregon says the trends toward Democrats are unprecedented in some places.  俄勒冈里德大学提前选举信息中心的格朗克说,这个趋势偏向民主党人在某些地方是前所未有的。"This year things are very different," Gronke said. "It is really a mirror image this year. African Americans in Georgia are voting at an almost 10 percent higher rate than they have in previous elections. Democrats in North Carolina are more than double the rate that they were just four years ago. In Franklin County, Ohio, which is where Ohio State [University] is, of course, the numbers are shocking. Nine-thousand Democrats have voted, 9,000 independents have voted and 900 Republicans have voted. Those numbers are just shocking."  格朗克说:“今年情况非常不同。在乔治亚州的非洲裔美国人的投票率大约比以前高出大约10%。在北卡罗来纳州的民主党人的投票率比4年前翻了一倍。在俄亥俄州州立大学所在地--富兰克林县,那里提前投票的人数令人吃惊。9千名民主党人已经投了票、9千名独立选民也已投了票,900名共和党人也投了票。这些数字简直让人吃惊。”Some election experts, including McDonald and Gronke, say that the record turnout for early voting could indicate that record numbers of American voters will likely turn out on November 4.  包括麦克唐纳和格朗克在内的一些选举问题专家说,提前投票人数创记录可能表明在11月4号那天投票的美国选民人数会创下记录。"A turnout that we have not seen of this level since 1908 in American elections, if we top a 64 percent turnout rate in 1960, which it looks like we will do," McDonald said. "We will have to go all the way back to 1908 to see the next highest turnout level of 66 percent."  麦克唐纳说:“从1908年选举以来,我们都没有见过这样的投票率。1960年的投票率达到64%,我们看来也会达到这个水平。要是投票率更高的话,那我们就要一直回到1908年,那次选举的投票率达到66%。”American Enterprise Institute political analyst John Fortier says there is clearly a Democratic advantage in early voting, but he warns everyone not to jump to conclusions.  美国企业研究所政治分析人士弗迪尔说,在提前投票中,民主党明显占优势,但是他警告大家不要草率下结论。"I think that it is due to the organization of the Obama campaign, and may be an indication of enthusiasm on the Democratic side," Fortier said. "I would be a bit cautious to note that if you turn out all your voters early and you do not have any left on election day, it still ends up being the same amount."  弗迪尔说,“我觉得,这是由于奥巴马竞选的组织工作所造成的,也可能是表现民主党人的热情。我要很谨慎地指出,如果你让所有选民都提前投票,到了选举日没人投票,最后的数字仍然是一样的。”Officials report that early voting in Colorado is about even between Republicans and Democrats. In Florida, Republicans have an edge among absentee voters, but Democrats are lining up in larger numbers in person at early voting polling places. No votes will be counted until November 4. 官员们报告说,共和党人和民主党人在科罗拉多州的提前选举中,平分秋色。在佛罗里达州,共和党人在缺席投票的选民中占优势,但是大量民主党人在提前投票点排队投票。所有选票要到11月4号才开市点算。200810/53807It’s all about making fashion accessible to everyday shoppers. A catwalk show in a London underground train kicked off an innovative high street fashion week. For the first time a host of mainstream stores are getting together to put this spot light on design ahead of the exclusive shows of London fashion Week. Retailers estimates the week will bring in an extra 200 million dollars and nearly half a million more shoppers. Here in London this is one of the busiest shopping streets in the world and all the stores here are taking all kinds of measures to bring the designer trends to the public.Stylist Liz Thody says it’s possible to buy top-end styles for affordable prices. A lot of the British designers really sort of jumped on the 80s, animal print but in green, tweed’s just great fabric ‘cause it always looks really smart and actually expensive when in fact, you know probably be quiet cheap on the high street. Liz, I’ve got my animal prints, I’ve got my tweed, I’ve got my 80s’ style I’m gonna go to try these on now. A complete outfit for just over 200 dollars. In the current economic climate that’s an added bonus. And top designers are being forced to take note.I think it gives everybody a little wake-up call. We all have to keep looking in at how we have done rather than blaming the recession. Let ’s give people not only what they want but a wonderful experience as well. Ben De Lisi was ahead of the curve and introduced a more affordable line to this London department store 15 years ago. Someone who is, aspires to get into my brand but can’t necessarily afford 3000-pound price point. Given the economic situation, I think we’ll be very cautious and careful about how we do it, looking to a different approach to our spending and our shopping. Others have introduced special one-off lines to high street stores. The likes of Matthew Williamson and Jimmy Choo for instance. For the average women in the street, high street retailers can help translate those high street fashions, very high-end fashions into their daily lives. Okay I’m y.Time to see if this average woman can really pull off the latest trends. High fashion perhaps, am I a fashionista? Perhaps not. Maybe I should just stick to my jeans and T-shirt. Leone Lakhani, CNN London.Vocabulary:1. high street: the main street of a town where most of the shops and businesses are2. wake-up call: an experience or event that shocks you and makes you realize that you must do something to change a situation3. ahead of the curve: 走在潮流尖端4. price point: The retail price of a product, usually when viewed as one of a series of possible competitive prices5. fashionista: someone who is very interested in fashion and who likes the very newest styles 11/89482济南市真爱简介

山东省中西医结合医院门诊医生济南槐荫妇科整形多少钱The future of Yahoo With Microsoft walking away, Yahoo still has opportunities for other potential partnerships.Hi, I'm Yi-Wyn Yen with Fortune, and I’m here today with senior analyst Jeffery Lindsay of Stanford Bernstein. Why don't you start this off by telling us what's going on with Microsoft walking away? Well, it came as something of a surprise on Saturday evening when, um… we heard that, um… basically Microsoft were not prepared to increase their offer above 33 dollars and the Yahoo management team, Jerry Yang and David Filo, were still sticking hard wanting 37 dollars for the stock, so the deal broke down and Microsoft walked away. Now that Yahoo’s got the monkey off its back. What other options now? Well, I think it, it at least initially has some breathing space. And, um, it… Many analysts including ourselves expect it that may announce a deal in the next, you know, days or weeks. Probably with Google, or possibly even with AOL, and, or Google. Google, it’s been rumored for some time that Yahoo might consider outsourcing its page search functionality to Google. And, it's well understood that Google can monetize page research advertising much better than Yahoo. Yahoo’s closed some of that gap, and not all of it, and so a very straightforward way for Yahoo to boost its cash flow and its profitability, is simply to have Google outsource some portion of this activity. So, people think that the test was really a precursor to see if the monetization improvement would be as big as was hoped. In both sides, both companies announced that the test had been successful and we understand it basically met all the criteria they were seeking. But won't a No.1 and a No.2 player combined? Have all sorts of entire regulation problems? Well, that will be one, you know, position that certainly Microsoft was taking at the beginning. And certainly it will give them a very high access to a very high portion of the page search business in America. But if you look at, you know, overall advertising, it’s only a tiny amount, and even you look at online advertising globally, including display, it's really only about 35% of the market. So it's not as if anyone was cornering particularly any major share of the market, but it is true that the two combined companies would have a certainly large percentage of the US page search business. One last question, what's the next step for Microsoft? For Microsoft, it's difficult. They will have to really check with my colleague Charlie DiBona, but he thinks that they're likely to pursue acquisitions of a bunch of small and interesting companies in order to rebuild the position in the internet airspace. Thanks so much for meeting with us today, Jeffery.My pleasure!01/61505Trader: First quarter to be flat One trader predicts an unexceptional start to , but that's actually a positive indicator for the future.What’s the first full trading week in and as the Wall Street proverb goes “as goes January, so goes the year”. Is it true? Let’s bring in Bob Laccino. He is a senior market strategist in Regan global capital, joining us now from Chicago. Thanks for being with us CNNMoney. I appreciate it Bob.Anytime.What’s your overall sentiment? What are you hearing from the floor right now? But a nice rally at the end of last week? Is this a good indicator for the first quarter or at least this year?I think it is a little presumptive to say that the entire first quarter will follow this few days or last few days of last year ,but it's definitely positive. I mean most of the traders I am talking to are coming in with sort of renewed sense giving distinct assault alongside, may be taking smaller positions that they wouldn’t be in previous January but you know after it is repeated over and over again, the worst year since 1931. I know a very few people that think this year is going to be as bad. I mean you are coming from a very very low bottom. so I think there is some positive outlooks and some positive sentiment that is going to the month and I think January could finish strong overall.Give me your predictions for the first quarter of this year just how much of a boost we might see from the market at the first three months. What are they gonna look like?I think we are gonna see a flat quarter. I don’t think we are gonna see a warner 2 percent gain or a warner 2 percent loss. I think the market is absorbing and digesting bad news. I think most market pro-testaments believe that the largest bad news is out of the way. We might have some small objects here and there. But I think we are going to see a flat first quarter. I think that gonna be positive once again given it is negative as we have been. Flat will be a really really small victory but a victory not the last.President-elect Barack Obama is unveiling today the first part of his proposed stimulus plan on a docket of nearlly 300 billion dollars in tax cuts major investment in renewable energy , and ener nations , infrastructure, the early reaction to that. What are you hearing?Oh, positive. It is a larger package that was once expected on the tax cut side. I think after the election, president-elect even bat off a little bit on potentially doing the tax cut. This is reinforcement that they are still committed to that. That’s… there are some people who don’t agree with those economic policies but this really a cater to those people who believe in the renewable energy so traders overall have very positive effect on that. And we are hoping that kind of things brings Mamp;A activity back in the forefront starting with the small and medium sized companies. That’s really the big key for the first and second quarters getting that activity going again.And of course, Mamp;A activity is really important across the border especially for the financial big business. For them, of course. And then on Friday we get that unemployment December jobs reported. They are that we know the total job losses for 2008. Most people think that’s going to top 2 million. How much will this playing? Are traders aly pressing major job losses into the market at this point? Well, they did, they are… If you gonna take a positive art of such a negative thing 2 million jobs lost last year the estimate. I think the positive is that people are expecting it to be bad whenever you have such a negative sentiment. The reason that those negative sentiment indicators work is because as negative it is very hard to surprise to the downside. Whenever one thinks the ultimate downside, the number that is going to come in. You generally get upside surprise .so believe it or not, i think Friday could provide a little bit of bullish blush to the equity markets.Alright, we leave there. Thanks Bob for joining us. I appreciate it.01/60736天桥区治疗妇科炎症哪家医院最好的The ed Kingdom is aly experiencing the highest number of swine-flu cases in Europe and that number is expected to grow exponentially now that the virus is firmly entrenched.Officially, Britain has recorded nearly 8,000 confirmed cases of H1N1, but the real total is thought to be much higher as symptoms for most are mild and they simply go undetected.Speaking in the House of Commons, Health Secretary Andy Burnham acknowledged that the initial strategy of containing the virus that is believed to have first arrived in April, was no longer a viable option."We could see over 100,000 cases per day by the end of August, though I stress this is only a projection," Burnham said.Since the virus is new, many people have no immunity, so it is sping rapidly.Although three people have died of the flu in Britain, most deal easily with the mild symptoms and get over it with or without anti-viral treatment in a few days.Initially, everyone in Britain who thought they might have picked up swine flu was tested. Those individuals and those close to them were given a course of anti-viral medication.Now that the number of cases is rising, that overriding strategy is being scrapped.People who think they might now have the virus are being urged to call their doctor and describe their symptoms over the phone. The doctor or general practitioner can then issue a prescription voucher that a friend of the affected person can pick up.Andy Burnham says that new approach speeds everything up."GPs (general practitioners) will now provide clinical diagnosis of swine flu cases rather than awaiting laboratory test results and primary care trusts will now begin to establish anti-viral collection points where necessary," Burnham said. "This new approach will also mean a move from the daily reported figures of laboratory confirmed cases from the Health Protection Agency to more general estimates of sp."The move will remove growing pressure on the health system.Burnham underlines that the virus is not becoming deadlier, only that it is becoming more widesp.Although there are enough anti-viral drugs for everyone in Britain, some health experts say they should be targeted only at the most vulnerable, because an overuse of the medication could lead to a virus resistance to treatment. 07/76714济宁市第一人民医院男科怎么样

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