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This gadget you see right here was called the digital wall mapper,你们在这里见到的这个是电子墙体测绘仪,and it produced the first three-dimensional map anybody has ever done of a cave, and it happened to be underwater in Wakulla Springs.它制出了世界上第一个山洞的三维地图,那是在瓦库拉泉水下。It was that gadget that serendipitously opened a door to another unexplored world.正是这小仪器不经意地开启了通往另一个世界的门。This is Europa.这是木卫二。Carolyn Porco mentioned another one called Enceladus the other day.卡罗琳·波科尔前几天提到另一个叫做恩克拉多斯的行星。This is one of the places where planetary scientists believe there is a highest probability of the detection of the first life off earth in the ocean that exists below there.研究行星的科学家相信那里是最有可能探索到有地球之外的初级生命的地方之一,生命就存在在恩克拉多斯行星的大洋之下。For those who have never seen this story,对于那些从未看过这个故事的人来说,Jim Cameron produced a really wonderful IMAX movie couple of years ago, called ;Aliens of the Deep.;几年前卡梅隆拍出过精的IMAX(巨幕)电影名叫《深海异形》。There was a brief clip.这是片中的一个小片段。A mission to explore under the ice of Europa would be the ultimate robotic challenge.探索木卫二冰底的任务将会成为机器人的终极挑战。Europa is so far away that even at the speed of light,木卫二很远,即使用光速,it would take more than an hour for the command just to reach the vehicle.指令到达飞行器也要花一个多小时。It has to be smart enough to avoid terrain hazards and to find a good landing site on the ice.必须非常聪明才能避免各种冒险找到一个好的冰面降落Now we have to get through the ice.现在我们还得穿过冰层。You need a melt probe.需要一个融化器。Its basically a nuclear-heated torpedo.它基本上就是一个核能加热鱼雷。The ice could be anywhere from three to 16 miles deep.冰层可能有3至16英里 (5到26公里)深。Week after week, the melt probe will sink of its own weight through the ancient ice, until finally...Now, what are you going to do when you reach the surface of that ocean?一周接一周,融化探头靠着自身重量下沉穿过远古的冰层,直至最后…当你到达洋面你将要做什么?201512/413634

Hi, everybody. This week, there was a big birthday you might have missed. Medicare and Medicaid turned 50 years old. And thats something worth celebrating.大家好!本周,大家可能错过了一个重大的节日。医疗保险和医疗补助制度已经50岁了。这是一件值得纪念的事情。If one of the best measures of a country is how it treats its more vulnerable citizens-seniors, the poor, the sick-then America has a lot to be proud of. Think about it. Before Social Security, too many seniors lived in poverty. Before Medicare, only half had some form of health insurance. Before Medicaid, parents often had no help covering the cost of care for a child with a disability.如果说衡量一个国家优秀与否的最好标准就是他如何对待老人、穷人、病人等弱势公民的话,美国在这一点上可以相当自豪。大家回想一下。社会保险实施之前,有太多的老人生活在贫困之中。医疗保险实施之前,全国仅有一半的人有某种形式的医疗保险。医疗补助实施以前,残疾儿童的父母需要自己承担照顾孩子的花费。But as Americans, we declared that our citizens deserve a basic measure of security and dignity. And today, the poverty rate for seniors is less than half of what it was fifty years ago. Every American over 65 has access to affordable health care. And today, were finally finishing the job-since I signed the Affordable Care Act into law, the uninsured rate for all Americans has fallen by about one-third.但作为美国人,我们宣布我们的公民应该享有基本的安宁与尊严。今天,生活在贫困之中的老人比例已经下降到50年前的一半以下。每个65岁以上的美国人都可以享受平价医疗保险。今天,我们最终完成了这一任务,自从我签署《平价医保法》以后,未参保人数比例已经下降了约三分之一。These promises we made as a nation have saved millions of our own people from poverty and hardship, allowing us new freedom, new independence, and the chance to live longer, better lives. Thats something to be proud of. Its heroic. These endeavors-these American endeavors-they didnt just make us a better country. They reaffirmed that we are a great country.在国家层面我们做出这样的承诺,让数百万人民脱离了贫困,让我们享有新的自由和自主,有机会享受更长久、更优质的生活。这是值得我们骄傲的。这是我们的英雄们,开拓者们,筚路蓝缕开创出来的局面,他们不仅仅让我们生活在一个优秀的国家,更定义了一个伟大国家的标准。And a great country keeps the promises it makes. Today, were often told that Medicare and Medicaid are in crisis. But thats usually a political excuse to cut their funding, privatize them, or phase them out entirely-all of which would undermine their core guarantee. The truth is, these programs arent in crisis. Nor have they kept us from cutting our deficits by two-thirds since I took office. What is true is that every month, another 250,000 Americans turn 65 years old, and become eligible for Medicare. And we all deserve a health care system that delivers efficient, high-quality care. So to keep these programs strong, well have to make smart changes over time, just like we always have.一个伟大的国家总是坚守她的承诺。今天,我们经常听到医疗保险和医疗补助制度危机重重。但这通常都是某些人想要减少对其的资金投入、对其私有化、甚至是完全推翻这一体系的政治借口而已,所有这些企图都是要削弱这些政策的核心保障能力。事实上,这些制度并非处在危机之中。更别提自我主政以来,在这些政策推动下,我们将财政赤字削减了三分之二。事实是,每个月都有25万美国人步入65岁,成为医疗保险的受益者。我们都应该享有医疗保险,享受优质的务。因此,让这些政策更稳固,我们需要经受时间的考验,像以往一样,做出明智的选择。Today, were actually proving thats possible. The Affordable Care Act has aly helped secure Medicares funding for another 13 years. The Affordable Care Act has saved more than nine million folks on Medicare 15 billion dollars on their prescription medicine. It has expanded Medicaid to help cover 12.8 million more Americans, and to help more seniors live independently. And were moving our health care system toward models that reward the quality of the care you receive, not the quantity of care you receive. That means healthier Americans and a healthier federal budget.今天,我们正在明这么做是可行的。《平价医保法》已经为今后13年的医疗保险资金来源提供了保障。《平价医保法》让900多万人利用医疗保险在处方药出上节约了150亿美元。同时,该法还新增1280万人享受医疗补助,让更多的老人可以享有独立的生活。我们正在改革医疗保险体系,从你享受到的医疗务的数量评价体系向你享受到的医疗务的质量的评价体系转变。这意味着未来美国人会更健康,我们的联邦预算也会更稳健。Today, these programs are so fundamental to our way of life that its easy to forget how hard people fought against them at the time. When FDR created Social Security, critics called it socialism. When JFK and LBJ worked to create Medicare, the cynics said it would take away our freedom. But ultimately, we came to see these programs for what they truly are-a promise that if we work hard, and play by the rules, well be rewarded with a basic measure of dignity, security, and the freedom to live our lives as we want.今天,这些制度已经成为我们生活方式的基本组成部分,我们很容易忘记,曾今的人们是如何强烈反对的这些制度的。富兰克林·德兰诺·罗斯福总统创立社会保险制度时,批评人士称他是社会主义者。当约翰·菲茨杰拉德·肯尼迪总统和林登·贝恩斯·约翰逊总统致力建立医疗保险制度时,攻击者称其会破坏我们的自由价值。但最终,我们都看到了,这些制度的真正力量。这是国家的承诺,只要你努力工作,遵纪守法,我们就可以享受到我们想要的体面、安全、自由的生活。Its a promise that previous generations made to us, and a promise that our generation has to keep.这是先辈为我们许下的承诺,而我们应该把这项承诺传承下去。Thanks, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家,祝周末愉快! 201508/391461

Thank you, President Cowan, Mrs. President Cowen; distinguished guests, undistinguished guests--you know who you are, honored faculty and creepy Spanish teacher. So and thank you to all the graduating class of , I realize most of you are hungover and have splitting headaches and havent slept since Fat Tuesday, but you cant graduate till I finish, so listen up.尊敬的考恩校长,校长夫人,尊贵的嘉宾,不知名的嘉宾——你们知道自己是谁,不用介绍了,老师们还有令人害怕的西班牙语老师,感谢你们!感谢所有杜兰大学届毕业生们!我知道你们绝大多数还因为宿醉而头痛欲裂,狂欢到今天都还没有睡觉。但没听完我演讲不能毕业,所以要注意听了。When I was asked to make the commencement speech, I immediately said yes. Then I went to look up what commencement meant. Which would have been easy if I had a dictionary, but most of the books in our house are Portias, and theyre all written in Australian. So I had to break the word down myself, to find out the meaning.当我应邀来发表毕业演讲时,我毫不犹豫就答应了,然后我才去查毕业典礼是什么意思。如果我有字典的话就轻松多了,但我家里有的书大多都是波西亚的,而且都是澳式英语,所以我得自己拆分单词,摸索它的意思。Commencement: common, and cement. Common cement. You commonly see cement on sidewalks. Sidewalks have cracks, and if you step on a crack, you break your mothers back. So theres that. But Im honored that youve asked me here to speak at your common cement.Commencement由common和cement构成,意思是“常见的水泥”。在人行道上你常看见水泥。人行道上有裂缝,你踩到了裂缝,撞伤了你妈妈的背。意思就是这样。但是我很荣幸应邀给你们做“常见的水泥”的演讲。I thought that you had to be a famous alumnus-alumini-aluminum-alumis-you had to graduate from this school. And I didnt go to college here, and I dont know if President Cowen know, I didnt go to college at all. Any collge. And Im not saying you wasted your time, or money, but look at me, Im a huge celebrity.我原以为要够有名,并且必须是贵校的校友才能来这里演讲。我没在这儿上过大学,而且,不知道考恩校长是否知道,我根本没念过大学,没上过任何大学。我不是说你们在浪费时间和金钱。看看我,我可是超级成功的名人。201404/290794

Thank you! Thank you all so much.Its great to be here with all of you. Im looking out at the audience and seeing so many familiar faces, as well as those here up on the dais.I want to thank Kevin for his introduction and his leadership of this organization.Mayor Lee, thanks for having us in your beautiful city.It is for me a great treat to come back to address a group that, as you just heard, I spent a lot of time as senator working with#8202;–#8202;in great measure because of the need for buttressing Homeland Security, as well as other challenges within our cities during the eight years I served in the Senate.And it was always refreshing to come here because despite whatever was going on in Congress or Washington with respect to partisanship, a conference of mayors was truly like an oasis in the desert. I could come here and be reminded of what Mayor LaGuardia said, ;Theres no Republican or Democratic way to pick up the garbage. You pick it up, or you dont pick it up.; And I loved being with people who understood that.Ive learned over the years how important it is to work with city hall, to try to make sure we are connected up as partners and to get whatever the priorities of your people happen to be accomplished.So it pays. It pays to work with you, and I am grateful to have this opportunity to come back and see you.When I was Senator from New York, I not only worked with the mayor of New York City, of course, I worked with creative and committed mayors from Buffalo to Rochester to Syracuse to Albany and so many other places.And I was particularly happy to do so because they were always full of ideas and eager to work together to attract more high-paying jobs, to revitalize downtowns, to support our first responders, to try to close that skills gap.And I want you to be sure of this, whether you are a Democrat, a Republican or an Independent: If I am president, Americas mayors will always have a friend in the White House.Now, as I was preparing to come here, I couldnt help but think of some of those who arent with us today.Tom Menino was a dear friend to me, and to many in this room, and I certainly feel his loss.Today, our thoughts are also with our friend Joe Riley and the people of Charleston. Joes a good man and a great mayor, and his leadership has been a bright light during such a dark time.You know, the passing of days has not dulled the pain or the shock of this crime. Indeed, as we have gotten to know the faces and names and stories of the victims, the pain has only deepened.Nine faithful women and men, with families and passions and so much left to do.As a mother, a grandmother, a fellow human being, my heart is bursting for them. For these victims and their families. For a wounded community and a wounded church. For our country struggling once again to make sense of violence that is fundamentally senseless, and history we desperately want to leave behind.Yesterday was Juneteenth, a day of liberation and deliverance. One-hundred and fifty years ago, as news of President Lincolns Emancipation Proclamation sp from town to town across the South, free men and women lifted their voices in song and prayer.Congregations long forced to worship underground, like the first Christians, joyfully resurrected their churches.In Charleston, the African Methodist Episcopal Church took a new name: Emanuel. ;God is with us.;Faith has always seen this community through, and I know it will again.Just as earlier generations threw off the chains of slavery and then segregation and Jim Crow, this generation will not be shackled by fear and hate.On Friday, one by one, grieving parents and siblings stood up in court and looked at that young man, who had taken so much from them, and said: ;I forgive you.;In its way, their act of mercy was more stunning than his act of cruelty.201508/392993

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