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洋话连篇之新洋话1000句 Lesson 47Is this perfume safe for all skin types?Do you have an immense clone?What shades of lips do you sell?I am looking for nail polish remover.Can you show me how to apply this make up correctly?Will a facial mask help my complexion?Can I spray a little on my rift?Can I see your selection of perfumes?What shade do you recommend for me?What brand do you want? 推荐专题:英语九百句英音版英语会话800句新东方英语900句 /200711/20581根据20年来英语的变化及英语教学理论的变化,为中国英语初学习者度身定做的一套全面、实用的英语学习教材。目录Book 1 第一册 [1] Greetings 问候语 [2] Classroom expressions 课堂用语 [3] Identifying objects 辨别物品 [4] Identifying objects.辨别物品 [5] Identifying people by occupation 辨别身份 [6] Introductions and courtesies 介绍和礼节 [7] Days and months of the calenday 年历的周日和月份 [8] Talking about objects 谈论事物 [9] Telling time 述说时间 [10] Talking about dates 谈论日期 Book 2 第二册 [1] Talking about objects and people 谈论物品和人 [2] Talking about languages 谈论语言 [3] Talking about activities 谈论活动 [4] Asking about age 询问年龄 [5] Talking about daily activities 谈论日常活动 [6] Talking about yesterday’s activities 谈论昨天的活动 [7] Meeting a friend 访友 [8] Talking about last year’s activities 谈论去年的活动 [9] Asking about addresses 询问地址 [10] Asking questions 提问题 Book 3 第三册 [1] Describing objects 形容物品 [2] Asking people to do things. 请人办事 [3] Getting information and directions 打听情况和问路 [4] Talking about family and relatives 谈论家庭和亲属 [5] Talking about neighbors and friends 谈论邻居和朋友 [6] Talking about future activities. 谈论未来的活动。 [7] Talking about the weather 谈论天气 [8] Talking about sickness and health 谈论疾病和健康 [9] Talking about daily habits 谈论日常生活习惯 [10] Getting other people’s opinions and ideas 征求别人的意见和想法 Book 4 第四册 [1] Making plans 订计划 [2] Making decisions 作决定 [3] Going places 旅游 [4] Going shopping 购物 [5] Eating in a restaurant 餐馆进膳 [6] Going out for the evening 参加晚会 [7] Making appointments 约会 [8] Visiting the doctor 看病 [9] Making telephone calls 打电话 [10] Writing letters 写信 Book 5 第五册 [1] Telling about past experiences 叙谈体验 [2] Asking about furniture and places to live 寻找家具和住房 [3] Talking about things to wear 谈论衣着 [4] Discussing different points of view 讨论不同观点 [5] Thinking about possible future activities. 考虑将来可能从事的活动 [6] Talking about past possibilities 谈论过去可能发生的事 [7] Asking about likes and dislikes 询问喜欢和不喜欢做的事。 [8] Giving advice and opinions 劝说并提出意见 [9] Asking favors of other people 请别人帮忙 [10] Making preparations to travel 做旅行准备 Book 6 第六册 [1] Countries and nationalities 国家与国籍 [2] Geography and land features 地理与地貌 [3] Schools and education 学校和教育 [4] Work and careers 工作与职业 [5] Farms and factories 农场与工厂 [6] Hobbies and interests 爱好和兴趣 [7] Recreation and sports 文体活动 [8] Newspapers and magazines 报章杂志 [9] Radio and telephone 收音机和电视机 [10] Music and literature 音乐与文学  /200604/6092

Beijing is consuming so much water it#39;s causing the city to sink at an extreme rate.北京正在大量消耗地下水资源,导致城市以极端的速度下沉。A new study using satellite imagery and radar technology confirmed the ground level is sinking each year by roughly 4 inches. 一项使用卫星影像和雷达技术的新研究实,地平面每年正在下沉约4英寸。Beijing doesn#39;t have enough water to begin with. It#39;s the fifth most water stressed city in the world. Meanwhile, two-thirds of the water the city uses comes from the ground. 首先,北京没有足够的水资源。它是世界第五大用水紧张城市。同时,三分之二的城市用水来自地面。According to The Guardian, more than 10,000 wells have been drilled in the Beijing area, and when water is used from them, the nearby soil condenses and hardens. 据卫报报道,在北京地区已开凿一万多口水井,当使用水时附近的土壤凝结硬化。The study#39;s authors warned if ground water continues to be pumped at excessive rates, the city#39;s 20 million citizens could be in danger. The central business district is sinking particularly fast, and the researchers predict trains could be affected. 该研究的作者警告称,如果地下水继续过量抽取,城市的2,000万公民可能处于危险之中。中央商业区下沉的特别快,研究人员预测火车可能会受到影响。More than 40 other Chinese cities have been found to be sinking as well. Shanghai, China#39;s most populated city, has dropped more than 6 feet since 1921. 同样,超过40个其它中国城市也被发现在下沉。在中国人口最多的城市上海,自1921以来已经下降超过6英尺。The huge expansion of skyscrapers and other heavy buildings in China has made the sinking worse. 中国天大楼和其它重型建筑的大量扩建使下沉更为严重。Beyond China, Mexico City has sunk 32 feet in the last 60 years because of similar water consumption. 除中国之外,墨西哥市在过去的60年里因类似的水消耗下沉32英尺。Both Mexico City and Jakarta, Indonesia, are sinking at a rate of roughly 11 inches per year. 墨西哥和印度尼西亚的雅加达每年都以大约11英寸的速度下沉。译文属。 Article/201606/451337

Conversation A : In the Locker Room?MARTIN: Coach Havranek, thanks for meeting with me. May I ask you some questions?COACH: Yes. I have about ten minutes now.?MARTIN: The team looks very good. Are you happyCOACH: Yes, I'm very happy. The game is too slow. I want to see more action, but I'm happy.?MARTIN: I don't want to talk only about this game. I want to talk about coaching.COACH: OK.?MARTIN: Did you want to be a university football coachCOACH: First, I wanted to be a professional football player.?MARTIN: Did you play professional footballCOACH: I played for two years.?MARTIN: What happenedCOACH: I broke my leg.?MARTIN: In a football gameCOACH: No, in an accident. I fell out of a tree.?MARTIN: A tree?!?COACH: It's funny now. But it wasn't funny then. I was playing with my children. I wanted to get a ball in the tree. I went up the tree. And the limb broke. I broke my leg in three places.?MARTIN: And no more football.?COACH: That's right. I wanted to play, but my wife didn't want me to play. My leg wasn't good.?MARTIN: Now you're a coach.?COACH: It's funny. I played football for ten years. I never had an accident.?MARTIN: Do you like coachingCOACH: Very much. I wanted to play football. But I like coaching very much. I'm very happy.?MARTIN: You played professional football. You coach university football. Did you want to coach professional footballCOACH: No. I wanted to work with younger men. First. I wanted to coach high school football. I like to work with young men and women.?MARTIN: Did you want to teachCOACH: Coaching is teaching. I wanted to see the young men and women grow. I liked to watch my children grow, and I wanted to watch other children grow.?MARTIN: Do girls play footballCOACH: My girls did. They were very good. Some schools have football for boys and girls.?MARTIN: You wanted to coach high school, but you are coaching university men now.COACH: That's right. The university wanted me. They asked me.?MARTIN: What do you want to see this yearCOACH: I want to see my men grow. We're going to work very hard.?MARTIN: What do you mean “grow”COACH: They were good last year. I want them to learn. I want them to become better.Practice 1:want 除了用来表示想要某物外,还表示可以做某事,即:want to do (sth.)Examples: MARTIN: I want to talk about coaching. I want to talk.?COACH: I want to get a ball. I want to get.?COACH: I want to play football. I want to play.?COACH: I wanted to work with younger men. I wanted to work.?会话A : 在更衣室?马 丁:赫弗拉尼克教练,谢谢你和我见面,我可以问你些问题吗教 练:可以,我现在大约有10分钟时间。?马 丁:球队看来不错,你高兴吗教 练:是的,我很高兴。比赛的节奏太慢,我想看到更多的攻势,但我仍感高兴。?马 丁:我不想把谈话仅局限于这场比赛,我想谈谈训练。?教 练:可以。?马 丁:你当初就想当大学橄榄球队教练吗教 练:最初,我想当名职业橄榄球运动员。?马 丁:你进过职业球队吗教 练:我在专业队打过两年球。?马 丁:出了什么事教 练:我摔断了腿。?马 丁:是在橄榄球赛中吗教 练:不是,在一次意外事故中,我从树上摔了下来。?马 丁:树上教 练:现在听起来很滑稽,但那时并不可笑。当时我和孩子一起玩,我想从树上取个球,但树枝断了,把腿摔断了3处。?马 丁:因此就不能打橄榄球了。?教 练:对,我还想打球,但我妻子不让我打球,我腿不好。?马 丁:现在你当上了教练。?教 练:很有趣,我打了10年橄榄球,从未出过事故。?马 丁:你喜欢教练工作吗教 练:非常喜欢,我原来想打橄榄球,但现在我非常喜欢教练工作,我很高兴。马 丁:你过去是打职业橄榄球的,你现在训练大学橄榄球队,你想训练职业橄榄球队吗?教 练:不,我想和年龄比我小的人在一起,起初,我想训练中学橄榄球队,我喜欢和年轻的男女在一起。?马 丁:你想过要教学吗教 练:训练就是教学,我想看着年轻人长大。我喜欢看着我孩子长大,我也想看着其他孩子长大。?马 丁:女孩也打橄榄球吗教 练:我队里的女孩打,他们打得很好。有些学校有男子橄榄球队和女子橄榄球队。?马 丁:你原想当中学教练,但你现在训练的是大学生。?教 练:对,大学需要我,他们请的我。?马 丁:你今年对你的球队有什么期望呢教 练:我想看到我的队员有更大长进,我们要刻苦训练。?马 丁:你说的长进是指什么教 练:他们去年打得很好,我想让他们多学习,我想让他们打得更好。 /200602/3397The most ambitious map in history史上最宏伟的星图is taking shape before our eyes.将在我们眼前展开And scientists are heading for the edge.科学家正驶向宇宙的尽头It may be the strangest map you#39;ll ever see.这可能是你见过的最神奇的星图And it#39;s bigger than you can believe.大到超乎想象It#39;s a map of the entire universe.它描绘了整个宇宙There#39;s this whole pattern to the universe我们准备绘制出we#39;re starting to map out.宇宙的完整形态Seeing it really brought home这张星图能让我们the way the universe actually behaved,更加了解宇宙运行的规律in a way that all the numbers and equations never quite could.这是任何数字和方程都无法做到的Cosmologists are making sense of startling discoveries.宇宙学家正在解读这些惊人的发现Medieval maps would say, ;Here be monsters.;中世纪地图将未知地域看作怪物出没地带They weren#39;t entirely wrong.他们不完全是错的They#39;re even building pictures宇宙学家甚至准备绘制出of the invisible.肉眼无法观测到的部分重点解释:1.map out 详细制定; 筹划例句:We spent weeks mapping out our holiday.我们花了好几个星期筹划如何度假。2.make sense of 了解 ... 的意义例句:Can you make sense of what I say?你能领会我说的意思吗?3.in a way 在某种程度上例句:In a way good service sells our products.良好的售后务在某种程度上促进了我们产品的销路。 Article/201705/510140A 7-year-old boy#39;s parents left him in the woods as a punishment. And now, they can#39;t find him. 一名七岁男孩的父母为了惩罚孩子将其留在深林,现在他们找不到孩子了。Yamato Tanooka and his family went to a mountain range in northern Japan on Saturday. His parents told police they left him in the woods to punish him for throwing rocks at cars and people.周六,田野冈大和与家人来到日本北部的山脉。他的父母告诉警方,他们将孩子留在森林以惩罚他向汽车和行人扔石头。Tanooka#39;s parents originally told police their son went missing while picking wild vegetables with the family. Later, they admitted they made the boy get out of the car at the bottom of the mountain, according to NHK World. 田野冈大和的父母起初告诉警方,他们的儿子是在与家人一起摘野菜时走失的。据NHK国际台报道,随后他们承认在山脚下是他们让男孩下车的。More than 100 people have been searching for the boy since Saturday afternoon and have had no luck finding him. 自周六下午以来,已有100多人一直在寻找这个男孩,但没有找到。It#39;s well documented that bears live in the area. In 2010, two people were mauled to death by bears on the island where the boy went missing, The Telegraph reported. 有据可查熊生活在该地区。电讯报报道,2010年在男孩失踪的岛上两人被熊重创致死。And in 2013, a man was attacked by a bear on a different mountain range on the island. He defended himself using pruning shears. 2013年,一人在岛上的不同山脉被熊袭击。他用修枝剪保护自己。译文属。 Article/201606/447062

Invertebrates dominate these upper reaches.无脊椎动物统治着上游河段The hellgrammite, its body flattened to reduce drag,这是鱼蛉,其扁平的身体能减少水的冲击力has bushy gills to extract oxygen from the current.并依靠浓密的鳃从水中过滤氧气Black fly larvae anchor themselves with a ring of hooks.蚋的幼虫靠钩环固定自己But if these become unstuck, they#39;re still held by a silken safety line.即使不小心松脱了,它们还有一根坚韧的“安全索”There are advantages to life in the fast stream.这些动物拥有在急流中生存的先天优势Bamboo shrimps can just sit and sift out passing particles with their fan-like forearms.拟匙指虾只需趴在河底,用它们的扇形前臂从流水中过滤出食物颗粒Usually these mountain streams only provide enough food for small animals to survive,通常,山涧提供的食物只能维持小型动物生存but with the spring melt here in japan, monsters stir in their dens.可是在日本,每当春雪消融之际,一种怪物便在巢窟中苏醒。 Article/201705/507821One Harvard medical school professor believes that there are five simple things to do everyday in order to live a longer life. 哈佛医学院的一位教授认为,每天做简单的五件事能延年益寿。In his new book, The Big Five, Sanjiv Chopra outlines five habits that have decades of research to back them up. Dr. Chopra says the first thing is to drink coffee. 在他的新书《The Big Five》中,乔普拉概述五种习惯, 有数十年的研究持。乔普拉士说第一件事就是喝咖啡。He claims that ;it really is a miracle drug.; 他声称“咖啡真是一种神奇的药物。”Then there are the more obvious beneficial habits, such as exercising daily and making sure you have enough Vitamin D in your diet. 然后是更明显的有益习惯,例如每天坚持锻炼,确保饮食有足够的维生素D。He also believes that a handful of nuts a day can prevent many diseases. 他还认为,每天一把坚果可以预防很多疾病。And lastly, meditation for stress reduction is essential.最后,通过冥想来减压是必不可少的。译文属。 /201606/449635At number 15,it#39;s a magic moment with creating fire.第15名 是我钻木取火的魔法时刻Chihuahuan Desert, Western Texas,I was setting up camp for the night.在德克萨斯州西部的奇瓦瓦沙漠里 我当时在搭晚上睡觉的帐篷Look, there#39;s a whole cave up here.看呐 这有一个大洞窟My plan was to build a fire using an ancient survival technique,the hand drill.我计划用一种古老的方式 来生一个火堆 钻木取火No matches, no flints.Just two bits of wood.没有火柴 没有打火石 只有两条小木棍To start a fire in any environment without matches is a tough undertaking.在任何没有火柴的情况下生火 是个很艰难的过程Okay, that#39;s the rough shape of it,and then what you want is just a tiny, little pinch of sand.好的 雏形出来了 接下来要做的就是要加一点点沙子And that#39;s gonna add a little bit more friction.这样一来就能增加一点擦力It does take, you know,a good level of skill and craftsmanship.那的确很... 考验一个人的手艺 是技术活And what you want is a continuous plume of smoke coming from the ember pan,我们想要的效果呢 就是这个灰烬堆里 冒出缕缕青烟and then you know you got the potential to make fire.Come on.那个时候 你离生火 就不远了 给点力啊You do see it happening. You do the right techniques.真的能见到的 只要你手法正确It#39;s - it#39;s wonderful, wonderful to watch.Super gently with this, just tip that in.就能见到那个美好而神奇的场面 一定要慢慢来 小心地把它倒进来And what you want to do is tip it like this so it stays as one ember.接下来要做的就是 这样把它堆起来 弄成一团灰尽Okay, there we go.However many times you do it,nothing beats that feeling of creating fire.好了 成功了 无论你经历过多少次 成功生火的那种愉悦是无可替代的 Article/201612/482751

英语900句(英音附字幕版) 第52课:Geography and land features 地理与地貌[00:00.00](GEOGRAPHY AND LAND FEATURES)[00:07.78]766. Geographioally, this country is located in the southern hemisphere.[00:12.26]在地理上,这个国家位于南半球。[00:16.74]767. It's a beautiful country with many large lakes.[00:21.07]这是一个美丽的国家,它有许多大湖泊。[00:25.39]768. This part of the country is very mountainous.[00:28.51]这个国家的这部分是多山地区。[00:31.63]769. The land in this region is dry and parched.[00:36.47]这个地区的土地很干燥。[00:41.30]770. Along the northern coast there are many high cliffs.[00:45.48]沿着北部海岸有许多悬崖峭壁。[00:49.66]771. There are forests here, and lumbering is important.[00:54.28]这里有许多森林,因而伐木业很重要。[00:58.91]772. The scenery is beautiful near the Pacific Ocean.[01:03.33]靠近太平洋的地区,风景很美丽。[01:07.76]773. This mountain range has many high peaks and deep canyons.[01:12.03]这条山脉有许多高峰和深谷。[01:16.30]774. What kind of climate do you have? Is it mild?[01:20.13]你们这里属于哪种气候?温和吗?[01:23.96]775. How far is it from the shore of the Atlantic to the mountains?[01:28.99]从大西洋沿岸到山区有多远?[01:34.01]776. Is the coastal plain good for farming?[01:37.40]沿岸平原适宜耕种吗?[01:40.78]777. What's the longest river in the ed States?[01:45.10]美国最长的河流是哪条?[01:49.43]778. Are most of the lakes locared in the north central region?[01:53.52]大部分湖泊都在北部中心地区吗?[01:57.60]779. As you travel westward, does the land get higher?[02:02.78]当你向西旅行时,地势是否变得越来越高?[02:07.95]780. The weather is warm and sunny here. Do you get much rain?[02:12.52]这里气候温和,阳光充足。你们这儿雨水多吗? /200604/6145TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201609/466621By not drinking the fluid,you bypass the gag reflex,通过不直接饮用海水 你不会感觉到咽反射rehydrating without the risk of vomiting,but it#39;s not pleasant.再水化的水不会让你想呕吐 不过也不会是多舒的事儿Yeah, I won#39;t deny it sort of made me cringe slightly,you know, when he did it.看他这么做的时候 我承认我有点畏缩I guess all you can do is lie back,and think of England.你能做的就是躺着 然后尽可能想着美好的事情Good of him, you konw, he went for it and did it.很好 他努力做到了In extreme survival situations,you#39;ve got to be prepared to do anything to stay alive.在恶劣的环境中 为了求生必须做足充分准备And one of the biggest battles is keeping warm at night.最大的困难来自夜晚保暖的问题We were filming in Ireland,and Bear came across a sheep that had died我们在爱尔兰拍摄时 贝尔找到了一只死羊and eventually pulled off the whole skin in one,you know, which he then turnedinto a ;sheeping; bag.最后把整张皮都扒下来了 给他自己弄了个羊皮睡袋nice and snug,even thoughit looks pretty disgusting.温暖又舒适 虽然看着有点恶心And It really did work,he used it as a ;sheeping; bag.You know, it was fantastic.这玩意的确保暖有效 他把它当做羊皮睡袋来使 很妙的Making good use of whatever you come across,however unpleasant,is at the heart of surviving in the wild.无论多不舒 都要充分利用能使你渡过难关的东西 这就是荒野求生的宗旨A berber had given me this camel.But, you know, they#39;ll use every single bit of this animal,一个柏柏尔人送我了这头骆驼 每一只骆驼都会被物尽其用not only, though, for food,also for water and, in extremity, for shelter.不仅是当做食物 还可以当做水源 甚至还可以用于遮阳It#39;s just as well that the viewer doesn#39;t get smell the carcasses and animalsthat Bear eats.观众闻不到 贝尔吃的动物的味道Any animal kill is not pleasant the smell of death.There we go.每次杀动物 那股子味道很不好闻 切开了 Article/201611/476145

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