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栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201602/425610

What strikes me about how I and other people drink最令我吃惊的是is how much that reveals about us.饮酒习惯也是我们生活的写照It seems to me we can chart our lives in relation to alcohol.它似乎决定我们的生活轨迹And alcohol in a sense has a sort of life cycle.饮酒似乎 也有一定的生命周期And maybe the reasons that we can think of也许饮酒的原因for drinking changed as we change.会随着人们的变化而变化But if you just picked somebody randomly off the street但是如果你从大街上随意挑出几个人and said to them ;OK tell me your drinking...style ;并要他们谈谈各自的饮酒习惯you would learn a lot about their life.你也会多少了解他们The interesting thing about this relationship这种联系的有趣之处在于is that its not universal.每个人饮酒的原因都不同But I know from my work with other drugs that very often不过根据我研究其他成瘾品的经验来看patterns emerge that define the type of user you are.确实会出现不同类别的用者So can each of us be defined as a particular type of drinker?那么会有不同类别的饮酒者吗Do we fit into different tribes?饮酒者可以被分类吗The most compelling evidence has come not from humans最好的据并非来自于人类but from some of our nearest relatives.而是我们的近亲201506/382407

The first distant planet was discovered in 1995.第一个遥远的行星发现于1995年Since then, hundreds more have been found.从那以后,又发现了上百个This, I think, is a pretty exciting discovery.我认为这些都是相当令人兴奋的发现It could be an coverage of a major break through.这可能会是一个重大的突破One that will both redefine our view of life in the universe这会让我们重新界定我们的宇宙生命观and be a real triumph for science itself.也会是科学真正的成功Somewhere out there, perhaps not so far away,在外太空的某处,或许并不远is a rocky planet a bit like earth,有一颗类似于地球的岩态行星a planet with liquid water,一颗拥有液态水的行星where life has begun.而生命就在那里起源Due to the power of evolution,由于适者生存的进化作用aliens here might be surprisingly familiar,这里的外星人可能看上去非常的熟悉even if, at first, they seem anything but.即便它们最初看起来很不一样Aliens that eat, for example, need an input orifice,例如,外星人需要一个进食口进食or, as most people say, a mouth.或者,也就是我们所说的,一张嘴Likewise, if they live on a solid surface,同样,如果他们生活在固态地表的话theyll probably have legs.他们很可能是有下肢的The detail might be different,下肢的具体情况可能会有所不同but legs are good things to have on land,但在陆地上行动,下肢还是非常有用的especially if the animal is clinging to the side of a cliff.特别是在动物攀爬峭壁的时候If the planet is well-lit,如果行星上光线较好 eyes are almost guaranteed.那么拥有眼睛就几乎是肯定的They let a creature accurately sense its environment.眼睛使生物能够准确地觉察所处的环境Even the position of the eyes will follow the same rules as on earth.就连眼睛的位置也会遵循与地球上一样的规则Prey animals tend to have eyes on either side of their head,被捕食类动物的眼睛倾向于长在头的两侧allowing them to look out for predators.使得它们能够防备食肉动物的袭击Predators, even alien ones,食肉动物,即使是外星食肉动物need forward-facing eyes to accurately judge distance也需要前视的眼睛以精确的判断距离an essential skill when hunting.这是捕猎时的一种重要技能201506/378763

There’s no wrong way to make a snowman, but there are a few tips to prevent him from looking like a snow monster.堆雪人没有什么方法是错误的,但是遵循下面的建议,可以防止雪人看上去像雪怪。You Will Need你需要Snow雪Warm winter clothes温暖的冬季装Sticks and branches棍子和树枝A carrot一根胡萝卜Buttons or charcoal纽扣或碳条A little imagination一点想像力Steps步骤STEP 1 Let snow settle1.让雪沉淀Wait for the snow to settle. It should be packing snow, not fresh powder.等到雪沉淀的时候,看上去应该是填充物一样的雪,而不是粉末一样。If you can make a decent snowball that stays intact in flight, the snow is y.如果你制作的雪球丢出去都能保持完整,说明雪已经适合用来堆雪人了。STEP 2 Form snow into ball2.制作成雪球Using gloved hands, gather snow and form it into a ball. Continue adding snow to the ball until it is too large to hold.双手戴上手套,收集雪,制作成雪球。不断加雪,直到太大了握不住为止。STEP 3 Roll snowball3.滚雪球Slowly roll the snowball away from you, letting snow accumulate on the outside of the ball. Continue packing the new snow onto the ball with your hands.缓慢地把雪球向前推,让雪逐渐在雪球累积。继续用双手向雪球上加雪。STEP 4 Position base4.放置底座When the ball reaches the size that you want for the base, move the ball to wherever you want your snowman to stand.当雪球到达你想要的底座的尺寸,把雪球移动到目标位置。STEP 5 Make smaller ball5.制作一个较小的雪球Make another ball of snow and build it up like you did the first. This ball should end up slightly smaller than the first one.按照刚才的方法再制作一个雪球。这个雪球应该比第一个稍小一点。STEP 6 Place 2nd ball on 1st6.把第二个雪球放在第一个上Place the second ball on top of the first.把第二个雪球放在第一个上。If the second ball won’t stay on top, pack snow between the two balls—or push a long stick into the first snowball and slide the second one onto the stick.如果第二个雪球不能在第一个雪球上放稳,在两个雪球之间塞一点雪,或者在第一个雪球上插一根棍子,把第二个雪球插在棍子上。STEP 7 Create 3rd ball7.制作第三个雪球Create a third ball and place it on top of the first two. Now you have your basic snowman.制作第三个雪球,放在前两个上。现在,雪人的雏形已经形成了。STEP 8 Give snowman arms8.制作手臂Give your snowman arms with sticks or branches.用棍子和树枝给雪人制作手臂。STEP 9 Make a face9.制作面部Make a face using a carrot for a nose and buttons or charcoal for the eyes and mouth.用胡萝卜作鼻子,纽扣或碳条作眼睛和嘴巴。STEP 10 Customize10.装饰Customize with whatever you choose to give your snowman personality.用你选择的任何物品来赋予雪人个性。According to the song, Frosty the Snowman had a button nose, but many depictions of him show a carrot.根据歌曲《雪人》,雪人的鼻子是用纽扣做的,但是许多雪人的形象都是用胡萝卜做鼻子。201501/354126

The pistol and mantis shrimps are both crustaceans that snap their claws and perform magic.the jet of water squeezed out from between their claws travels at such speeds that it cavitates that is the liquid water under negative pressure is literally pulled apart into bubbles of water vapor.When the bubbles collapse in on themselves,they give off a loud;snap;,and amazingly,a small flash of light.鼓虾和虾蛄都是甲壳类动物 它们夹紧钳子表演魔术。两钳之间喷出一股急流,速度如此快,甚至打出了空穴,也就是说 处于负压下的液态水,字面上说,被割裂成水蒸气气泡。当气泡向自身内部塌陷时,它们发出“啪”的一声 更惊人的是 还发出了一道光。The shrimp use the sonic shock wave to stun or kill prey,but physicists are far more interested in the flash,because we still dont exactly know how it happens.Collapsing bubbles can also be created in a laboratory simply by using sound since sound,as we know,is basically just molecules repeatedly pushing aganist each other,and then pulling apart,if the sound waves are intense enough,the low pressure will again be low enough to pull the liquid apart into vapor and cause cavitation bubbles.The bubbles then collapse,and under certain circumstances,they produce light even brighter than the shrimp.虾用这种声震荡波来击昏或者杀死猎物,但是物理学家对那道光的兴趣更浓,因为我们仍不完全清楚这是怎么发生的。在实验室中,通过声波也可以做出气泡崩塌的效果,因为正如我们所知,从本质上说声音也只是分子不断地相互推远,而后拉近对方,如果声波足够强,低压会再次达到最低要求,将液体拉成水蒸气 制造出空穴气泡。气泡再次崩塌 并在一定的环境下,它们能产生比虾蛄还要闪亮的光。This phenomenon of turning sound into light is called;sonoluminescence,;We know that the light flashes are incredibly short lasting only about 100 picoseconds-and are surprisingly high energy,meaning the collapsing bubbles may be up to 10 times hotter than the surface of the sun.We dont know for sure,though,how the inside of the bubble gets that hot,or what exactly is giving off the light.这种将声音转化成光的现象称为“声光现象”。我们知道 这么一道极光其短暂 持续时间仅100皮秒 同时又是如此地高能,意味着气泡崩塌时的温度比太阳表面高出至少10倍。但是 我们还不太确定,气泡内部是如何达到高温的,以及是什么发出的这道光。The bubble collapses so quickly that the gases inside are heated by compression,but the increased pressure might also cause water vapor in the bubble to rapidly condense back to a liquid,releasing large amounts of latent heat.And the flash itself might come from glowing red-hot Argon or Xenon gas in the air bubble,Or from heat tearing water vapor apart into hydroxide and hydrogen ions which then recombine and give off light,Or from then whole interior of the bubble getting hot enough to become a glowing plasma,OR it might be a combination the all above.气泡崩塌的极快,内部的气体受压缩而被加热,但是压强上升又造成了气泡内部水分蒸发 而后再度压缩成液态 释放大量的潜伏热。这道光可能是气泡中炽热的氩气和氙气燃烧的结果,或来源于将水蒸气撕裂成氢气和氢离子的热能,之后气体重新结合并发光,或者是由于整个气泡内部温度足够高 因而成为了发光的等离子体 或者是以上现象的共同结果。Either way,the cool thing about sonoluminescence is that its still not fully understood despite being fairly simple to create.I mean,you can buy a basic sonoluminescence kit off the Internet!Or just get a pet mantis shrimp.无论怎样 声光现象酷酷的地方在于,它尚未被完全理解,但是制作起来却十分简单。我的意思是,你都可以在网上买一个声光现象的发生套件!或者买只虾蛄当宠物。201502/358718

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