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Afghan President Escapes Assassination Attempt 塔利班袭击阿富汗检阅式总统无恙 Afghan President Hamid Karzai has survived an assault by Taliban militants on a military parade in Kabul. At least three people were killed, including a parliament member, and eight others were wounded in the attack.  阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊在咯布尔的一次军事检阅仪式上遭到塔利班武装分子的袭击,他安全脱险,躲过一劫。在袭击中有至少一人被杀,另外还有至少九人受伤,包括两名阿富汗议会议员。Officials and witnesses say the gunfire erupted as the national anthem was ending and guests were about take their seats at the ceremony in central Kabul. 官员们和目击者说, 在咯布尔市中心举行的仪式上,击发生在国歌演奏结束,站立的来宾即将落座的时刻。Hundreds of people, including senior government officials and politicians attending the event were seen ducking for cover as shots rang out.  人们看到,当声大作时,参加仪式的数百名政府高级官员和政治家纷纷弯腰寻找藏身之地。President Hamid Karzai, cabinet ministers, parliamentarians, foreign diplomats as well as military commanders were evacuated from the scene after the gunfire broke out. 在击发生后,总统卡尔扎伊、内阁成员、议会议员、外国外交官和军队指挥官被转移出现场。Mr. Karzai later appeared on the national television to appeal for calm.  事件发生后不久,卡尔扎伊总统出现在电视台上,呼吁人们镇静。The Afghan president described the attackers as enemies of Afghanistan's security and progress. He said that military forces surrounded them quickly and arrested some of the suspects. 卡尔扎伊总统把这次的袭击者形容为是阿富汗安全与进步的敌人。他说,军队很快包围了袭击者,逮捕了几名嫌疑人。Taliban insurgents claimed responsibility for carrying the attack, saying Mr. Karzai was their target. A spokesman for the group says three of the six fighters involved in the attack were killed. The rest escaped.  塔利班反叛分子声称对这次袭击负责,并说卡尔扎伊是他们袭击的目标。塔利班组织的一名发言人说,参加袭击的六名武装分子中有三人被杀死,其他人逃走。The assassination attempt came despite unprecedented tight security for the military parade, which marked the fall of the Soviet-backed government to the Afghan mujahideen 16 years ago.  这次军事检阅为的是纪念前苏联持的阿富汗纳吉布拉政府倒台16周年。尽管保安措施前所未有地严密,但是仍然发生了刺杀袭击。A defense ministry spokesman says that all cabinet members and foreign diplomats, including the U.S ambassador to Kabul and the U.S commander of the international forces in Afghanistan, were safe and well.  一名国防部发言人说,所有的议会成员和外交官都平安无事,其中包括美国驻阿富汗大使和驻阿富汗国际安全部队的美军指挥官。President Karzai has survived several assassination attempts since he came to power after U.S-led international coalition and Afghan forces ousted the Taliban from power in late 2001.  自从美国领导的国际安全部队和阿富汗军队在2001年底把塔利班赶下台,卡尔扎伊出任总统以来,他已经躲过了好几次暗杀行动。Taliban insurgents have carried out frequent attacks on local and foreign security forces and have vowed to intensify their attacks this year in a bid to overthrow President Karzai's government and drive foreign forces out of Afghanistan. 塔利班反叛分子频繁向阿富汗部队和国际安全部队发动袭击,并誓言要在今年加强攻势,以推翻卡尔扎伊总统的政府,把外国军队赶出阿富汗。200804/36784Antarctic Ocean CreatureScientists investigating the icy waters of Antarctic said on Tuesday they collected mysterious creatures including giant sea spiders and huge worms from the murky depths. Australian experts taking part in an international program to take a census of marine life in the southern ocean collected specimens from up to 6,500 feet beneath the surface. Some of the animals far under the sea grow to unusually large sizes, a phenomenon called "gigantism" that scientists still don't fully understand. Voyage leader Dr. Martin Riddle said during twenty days of actual sampling, they collected many samples of marine life, up to twenty-five percent of them previously unknown. We saw giant worms, giant crustaceans, giant sea spiders, glass-like tunicates, enormously diverse areas in some places, in other places things scraped bare and barren by iceberg/ scour. So huge diversity of life, very colorful, very rich, far exceeding any of our expectations. Among the bizarre looking creatures the scientists spotted, was a species of tunicates, plankton-eating animals that resemble slender glass structures up to three feet tall, other animals were equally baffling. They had, they had fins in various places. They had funny dangly bits around their mouths. They, most of all we were working on the bottom, so they were all bottom dwellers. So they were all evolved in different ways to live, to hang on the seabed in the dark, so many of them had very large eyes, so that what they are gonna use them for there where there's no life? I couldn't tell you. But yeah, they are very strange-looking fish. The specimens have been sent to universities and museums around the world for identification, tissue sampling and DNA studies. The expedition was part of an ambitious international effort to map life forms in the Antarctic Ocean, also known as the "Southern Ocean''. Scientists are studying the impact of climate change and monitoring how increased ocean acidification affects coral gardens. Increased acidification will make it harder for marine organisms to grow and sustain calcium carbonate skeletons. Scientists are planning a follow-up expedition in ten years to examine the effects of climate changes on the environment.200810/52232Female Anchor: "Run, Forrest, run!" Do you remember when Forrest Gump just started running? He ran from coast to coast, getting hairier and hairier every day. Well, look out, Forrest, because 26-year old Jonathon Williams is just weeks away from his goal of running across country from Newport Beach, California to Newport, Rhode Island, and the man known as Willy, joins us from his latest stop, Monroeville, Pennsylvania. Good morning.Jonathon Williams: Hey, how's it going?Female Anchor: Oh , pretty good. How's it going with you?Jonathon Williams: Yeah! That ain't bad. It's, you know, it's a beautiful morning out here in Pennsylvania, so it's ur, it's great.Female Anchor: Now is it true that the movie Forrest Gump is what inspired you to set across the country on foot?Jonathon Williams: That's right. I mean, you know, I saw that movie in high school, and I just kinda filmed over with the idea, it is kinda of amazing to me, it was an amazing display of just freedom and athleticism , and willpower that he can just kinda pick up and do that. So I just said to myself, "Man, that's some(thing ) that I wanna do someday."Female Anchor: Alright, you set out on this journey three months ago, what is your average day like? How many miles are you running?Jonathon Williams: Yeah, um, good question, I mean, basically I wake up sometime, you know, around six, between six and seven, I try to leave between eight and nine, I average about probably 30 miles a day. My longest day is uh 56, though actually. That was in Missouri somewhere. That was, that was a pretty killer.Female Anchor: And are you running everyday, Willy?Jonathon Williams: No, no, I'm not running every day. I am actually, I'll take days off, like when I get to a city sometimes, I'll take a day off, and I say my longest day, my longest stretch has been 9 days on and sometimes I'll take two days off here, a day off there, something like that.Female Anchor: Now, tell, tell us about the baby stroller, that is part of your journey. Jonathon Williams: Yeah, well, this is a great idea, actually I got this idea from two guys who did the cross- the-country-run from New Jersey to Oregon, David and Scott. And they used a baby jogger. So that's what I decide to use it as well. And basically it's got my tent in it, which is like right here, which is the yellow thin. I've got a spare tyre, my backpack. I got, you know, just a sleeping bag in there, a little blown mattress, it's kind of a stack of basically everything I need.Female Anchor: Well, Willy, we wish you luck as you approach Newport Rhode Island, good luck to you. I am sure we are gonna check again with you at the finish line. Jonathon Willy Williams, thanks.200807/43861

Top American Envoys Meet Pakistani Officials as New Prime Minister is Installed美国特使与巴基斯坦高官举行会谈  Pakistan's president has sworn in a political enemy as prime minister. Meanwhile, two top U.S. State Department officials arrived in the country and held talks with the embattled president and the new government leaders.  巴基斯坦总统穆沙拉夫主持了他的政敌宣誓就任总理的仪式。与此同时,美国国务院两名高级官员抵达巴基斯坦,与陷于困境的穆沙拉夫总统以及巴基斯坦政府新领导人进行会谈。At exactly noon, a stone-faced President Pervez Musharraf administered the oath of office to new Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, who spent more than four years in jail under Mr. Musharraf's rule. 星期二正午,表情凝重的穆沙拉夫总统主持了新总理吉拉尼的宣誓就职仪式。在穆沙拉夫执政期间,吉拉尼度过了4年多的铁窗生涯。"May Allah Almighty help and guide me, Amen," Mr. Musharraf said. 穆沙拉夫说:“愿万能的安拉帮助和指引我。”"May Allah Almighty help and guide me, Amen," Mr. Gilani repeated. 吉拉尼说:“愿万能的安拉帮助和指引我。”Some supporters of the prime minister then began chanting "Long Live Bhutto." 随后,吉拉尼的一些持者开始高呼“布托万岁”。If she had not been assassinated on December 27, it is possible former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto would have been the one taking the oath of office. 如果前总理贝纳齐尔.布托没有在去年12月27号被暗杀,宣誓就任总理的可能就是她。Her Pakistan Peoples Party swept to victory, on a wave of sympathy, in last month's elections. The runner-up party, led by former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, has joined the party of his rival, the late Ms. Bhutto, to form an anti-Musharraf coalition. 在上个月举行的选举中,贝.布托的巴基斯坦人民党得到大量民众的同情,获得的议会席位最多。前总理谢里夫领导的党派在选举中名列第二。他的党与已故对手布托的党联手,组成了一个反对穆沙拉夫的联盟。Pakistan's evolving political framework throws into doubt the level of the country's future cooperation with the ed States on confronting terrorism. Mr. Musharraf has been a staunch ally of Washington in the global anti-terrorism campaign.  巴基斯坦仍在发展的政治框架让人们怀疑巴基斯坦未来在反对恐怖主义问题上与美国进行合作的程度。穆沙拉夫是华盛顿全球反恐战争的坚定盟友。Pakistani officials say two top American envoys, John Negroponte, deputy secretary of state, and Richard Boucher, assistant secretary for South and Central Asian affairs, spent 90 minutes with President Musharraf.  巴基斯坦官员说,两名美国高级特使、副国务卿内格罗蓬特以及负责南亚和中亚事务的助理国务卿包润石与穆沙拉夫总统举行了90分钟的会谈。The American envoys also scheduled talks with Prime Minister Gilani.  这两名美国特使还和总理吉拉尼预定了会谈时间。They earlier met Mr. Sharif, a key player in the new coalition. He says he told the American diplomats President Musharraf can no longer make guarantees to Washington on Pakistan's behalf, because the era of one-man rule has ended. 美国特使早些时候会见了新联合政府的重要人物谢里夫。谢里夫说,他告诉这两位美国外交官,穆沙拉夫总统不能再代表巴基斯坦向华盛顿作出保,因为寡头统治的时代已经结束了。"I told them very frankly, I said, Musharraf is a man whom we consider an unconstitutional president, an illegal president and who does not enjoy the support of the people of Pakistan," Sharif said. 谢里夫说:“我很坦诚地告诉他们。我说,我们认为穆沙拉夫是一位不合宪法的总统,一个非法的总统和不受巴基斯坦人民持的人。”The former prime minister says Musharraf's decisions of the past eight years were meant to promote the former army chief's personal interests and national policy will now be formulated by the parliament.  这位巴基斯坦前总理说,穆沙拉夫在过去8年里所作的决定,是为了扩大这位前陆军参谋长的私利。现在,国家政策将由议会来决定。A showdown is looming between the new government and the president concerning the judiciary. The coalition has pledged to restore to the bench judges removed last year by the president. But the replacement Supreme Court has ruled the dismissals of their predecessors to be constitutional. 新政府和总统在司法问题上的摊牌迫在眉睫。联合政府准备要恢复去年被总统罢免的大法官的职务。但是取代了这些法官的最高法院法官们判定,这些大法官被解职符合宪法。After his selection by parliament, the new prime minister immediately freed the ousted judges, who had been under house arrest for more than four months. 在吉拉尼被议会选为总理之后,这位新总理立即释放了被免职的法官。这些法官已经被软禁了4个多月。200803/32190

Republicans Seek To Attract Young Voters共和党加紧吸引年轻选民投票持   Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has drawn wide support from college students and other youthful voters, many of whom have volunteered for his campaign. But Republicans, now holding their convention in St. Paul, Minnesota, are also trying to attract young voters. 民主党总统候选人奥巴马吸引了大量大学生和年轻选民的持,许多人为他义务助选。但是,目前正在圣保罗召开大会的共和党,也试图吸引年轻选民。At a rally with members of the Young Republicans from around the country at the Minneapolis Hard Rock Cafe, former presidential candidate and Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee addressed the importance of attracting young voters to the Republican presidential ticket this year. He called candidate John McCain a man of character and a model for all Americans, and he hailed his chosen running mate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, as a champion of reform and an opponent of abortion. 在明尼阿波利斯热门音乐餐厅里来自全国各地年轻的共和党人的一场聚会上,前总统参选人哈克比谈到吸引年轻选民对今年共和党总统候选人的重要性。哈克比说,麦凯恩品格高尚,是全体美国人的榜样。他并且赞扬麦凯恩选择阿拉斯加州长佩林作为竞选夥伴,因为佩林是改革的旗手而且反对堕胎。Huckabee referred to Hurricane Gustav battering the Gulf Coast, in emphasizing the importance of human life.  哈克比在谈及古斯塔夫飓风侵袭墨西哥湾沿岸的时候,强调了人的生命的重要性。"Whether it is a life in the womb or whether it is a life on the Gulf coast that is being threatened by a natural disaster, we as a society and as a civilization separate ourselves from the rest of the world in our commitment to human life," said Mike Huckabee. 他说:“不论是子宫里育的生命,还是在墨西哥湾沿岸受到自然灾害威胁的生命,作为一个社会和一个文明,我们以对生命的承诺将自己区分于世界其他地区。”Huckabee told reporters that his party will work to attract youthful voters because they represent the future of the party and the country. 哈克比告诉记者说,共和党将致力吸引年轻选民,因为他们代表党和国家的未来。"Obviously, the youth vote is the critical vote, because they are the ones most affected by how this thing turns out, far more so than people my age," he said. "I think a lot of them understand that , they get it, and they need somebody who is not so much young, but who understands the future of this country and that is why John McCain is the best pick." “很显然,年轻人的选票是关键的选票,因为选举的结果对他们的影响最大,远远大于对我这个年纪的人的影响。我想,他们很多人了解这点,他们知道这点,而且他们需要一个不那么年轻、但是了解国家未来的人,而这就是为什么麦凯恩是最佳选择。”Among the youthful members of the audience at the Hard Rock Cafe gathering was Luke Orlando from Manville, Texas. He cannot vote since he is only 14-years-old, but he plans to work for the party as a volunteer. Although his state is a pretty safe bet for John McCain, he says there are other races that are also important. 在热门音乐餐厅聚会的年轻听众中,有位来自德克萨斯州的叫奥兰多的只有14岁的少年。他还不能投票,但是他计划做共和党的义工。他说,虽然麦凯恩在他的州稳赢,但是其他的选举也很重要。"We have to remember that Republicans are not just competing in the presidential election, we have statewide elections, which are very important, especially for our senator, Senator John Cornyn, and I will be supporting his efforts," said Luke Orlando. 奥兰多说:“我们必须记得共和党人不只是竞选总统,我们州里的其他选举,特别是对参议员科宁来说,我将持他的竞选努力。”Political analysts say Republicans are not likely to match the appeal to youth that Barack Obama has generated. The Democrat is expected to win around 60 percent of the vote in the 18-30-year-old age category. But he is not the only candidate who has excited interest among young voters. There is also Dr. Ron Paul, a physician and congressman from a South Texas district, who failed to even come close to winning the Republican nomination this year, but still holds sway over millions of supporters, many of them younger than 30. 政治分析家人士说,共和党人在吸引年轻选民方面可能比不上奥巴马。预计在18岁到30岁的选民中,民主党会赢得大约百分之60的选票。但是奥巴马不是激起年轻选民热情的唯一候选人。德克萨斯州南部一个选区的罗恩.保罗医生虽然在共和党的提名中远远落后,但是仍然有100万以上的人持他,其中很多人不到30岁。Paul is holding a rally at the Target Center auditorium in Minneapolis Tuesday, and 17-year-old Kevin Duewel from Sacramento, California plans to be there. 保罗星期二将在明尼阿波利斯的目标中心大礼堂举行一场集会,来自加州萨克拉门托现年17岁的杜维尔计划参加。"Doctor Paul cured my apathy," said Kevin Duewel. "I was feeling disenfranchised not only by the Democratic Party, but more specifically by the Republican Party. When I found Dr Paul, I suddenly realized he was different from the other bunch of politicians." 杜维尔说:“保罗医生治愈了我的失落感。我的失落感不仅仅因为民主党,更主要因为共和党。我看到保罗医生后,我突然发现他不同于其他的政治人物。”Duewel says Ron Paul represents libertarian ideals of small government and non-intervention in foreign affairs that appeal to many young people. But, he says, the people who rally behind Paul support his ideals, not necessarily his failed candidacy. 杜维尔表示,保罗代表了自由主义理想,主张小政府,不干预外国事务,这吸引了许多年轻人。他说,人们聚集起来持的是他的理念,而不一定是他失败的候选人提名。"It is not him, it's the movement, and that is the use of him holding a rally tomorrow, the Campaign for Liberty, that is what it is for," he said. "It is not to put Ron Paul in the presidency, we are quite aware that he is not going to get the nomination." 他说:“不是他,而是这个运动,明天是利用他而举行这项集会,是为了自由的运动,这就是目的。不是要把保罗当成总统候选人,我们非常了解他不会获得提名。”Duewel says he hopes the limited government movement will gain force in the years ahead and take hold among both Democrats and Republicans. 杜维尔希望,小政府运动将在未来几年不断壮大,并且在民主党人和共和党人中都得到持。200809/47297

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