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Beijing has unveiled 10 major infrastructure construction projects for the coming five years to address some of the challenges faced by the overcrowded metropolitan area.北京市日前公示了未来五年的10个大型基础设施建设项目,以此来解决北京人口过度拥挤地区所面临的部分问题。The projects cover transportation, water supply, sewage, the environment and green energy, according to a plan on Beijing#39;s major infrastructure development for the 13th Five-Year Plan, released by the municipal commission of development and reform Friday.由北京市发改委发布的一份北京市大型基础设施发展“十三五”计划显示,这些基础设施建设项目涵盖了交通、供水、污水排放、环境以及绿色能源等。From now until 2020, Beijing will improve and develop public and green transportation: subway and light rail track will exceed 900 km kilometers.从今年起到2020年,北京将会改善和发展公共绿色交通,地铁和轻轨的长度将会增加到900公里。In 90 percent of downtown locations, a subway station will be available within a radius of 750 meters.中心城轨道交通站点750米半径覆盖率达到90%。Meanwhile, a network of 3,200 km of bike lanes will be built.与此同时,一条长达3200公里的自行车道网络也将被建设起来。By 2020, 75 percent of commuters in the city proper will take green transportation.等到2020年,75%在市区上班的人将会使用绿色交通。To ensure adequate water supply for its fast growing population, Beijing will build or renovate 1,000 km of water pipes in the city proper.为确保快速增长的人口能够得到充足的水资源供应,北京将会在市区新建或翻修1000公里长的供水管道。In the meantime, the city will continue to promote water saving. By 2020, Beijing#39;s consumption of recycled water will reach 1.2 billion cubic meters.与此同时,北京市将会继续倡导节约用水。到2020年的时候,北京市循环水的消费量将达到12亿立方米。To improve the city environment, Beijing has plans for more parks and green belts, and will clean up major rivers.为改善环境,北京计划建设更多的公园和绿化带,并将清理一些主要的河流。It will also replace coal with clean, low-carbon energy. Next year, fossil coal will be phased out in all six urban districts.北京市还将用清洁、低碳能源来代替煤炭。明年,所有六个城区将逐步淘汰、不再使用煤炭。 /201609/465934

Is this the most terrifying job in theworld? Brave workers batter the floor of a glass bridge with hammers and a CARas they test how strong it is 这是世界上最可怕的工作吗?勇敢的工人用锤子砸和车碾来测试玻璃桥的强度Brave workers in China tested the strengthof a new glass-bottom bridge by smashing it with hammers and driving over itwith a car.勇敢的中国工人为了测试新建玻璃桥的强度,于是采用锤子砸和车碾的方式。The 430-metre-long bridge hangs at anincredible 300 metres above ground and is claimed to be the highest and longestglass-bottomed bridge in the world.这个430米高的桥梁横跨在300米的高空上,据称是世界上最高和最长的玻璃地板桥。The volunteers were testing whether the newattraction is safe to be opened to the public.测试的目的是为了评估这个新的景点是否可以向公众安全开放。The group of volunteers were all fittedwith safety harnesses but thankfully none broke through the thick glasspanes.这些志愿者都绑了安全带,但是幸运的是玻璃板并没有被打破。The U-shaped platform was attached to a cliff face on Yuntai Mountain, HenanProvince, and opened to the public on September 20.这个U形的平台安装在河南云台山的悬崖面上,并于去年9月20号向公众开放。 /201606/451484

A highway that is expected to further integrate Beijing and neighboring Hebei province is close to completion, China#39;s top economic planner said.据中国最高经济规划部门表示,一条有望进一步连接北京和河北的高速公路即将完工。According to the National Development and Reform Commission, the feasibility study of a section of the highway has been approved, which means the road is one step closer to completion.据国家发展和改革委员会表示,该高速公路其中一段的可行性报告已经通过,这意味着这条道路离完工又近了一步。The ring-shaped road, with a total length of 940 kilometers, will connect suburban Beijing with cities in Hebei province, including Zhangjiakou, a co-host city of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.这条环形道路全长940公里,将把北京郊区和河北省多个城市连接起来,其中还包括联合举办2022年冬奥会的城市张家口。Experts say the road will promote the joint development of Beijing, Tianjin – a port city close to Beijing – and Hebei province, and will also help ease traffic congestion and improve air quality of China#39;s capital city.专家表示,这条公路将促进京津冀地区的共同发展,同时也将有助于缓解北京的交通拥堵和空气质量问题。Nicknamed the ;seventh ring road; after the six ring roads that aly encircle Beijing, the highway is to connect the new airport of Beijing which is currently under construction.目前北京已有6条环形高速,而这条“七环”路将会连通北京正在建设中的新机场。This is a public-private partnership (PPP) project with a total investment of 12.18 billion yuan (.77 billion).据悉,这是一个公私合营项目,总投资达到了121.8亿人民币(约合17.7亿美元)。 /201704/503495

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